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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Sci-Fi Series 1
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

Anthology: Thirsty Work, The Acorn, Dare, Black Hole ..  
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Featured Book
The Healing Crystal, Book One, Heir to Power
by Michele Poague

What happens when a backward village discovers they hold an object of unimaginable power, a power other men covet, a power that might save or forever damn the human race?..  
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Featured Book
The Healing Crystal, Book Two, Fall of Eden
by Michele Poague

What is the Healing Crystal and who is the rightful heir? Is it a religious object or a powerful weapon? Does it belong to a fallen line of kings or to the colonists of S..  
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All Science Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Science Fiction Short Stories

Pulse: Part 1 by Kyle Amen
A machine that could destroy the world is about to be compromised..
Quasar 169 by E Detetcheverrie
Chapters 1 through 3 from the book Silver Sphere Sightings..
Quasar 200 by E Detetcheverrie
From the upcoming new book in the Quasar 169 series...
Quasar Sleep by E Detetcheverrie
The first chapter of the seventh story in the Quasar 169 sci-fi series...
Quasarmoon by E Detetcheverrie
The first chapter from the fifth story in the Quasar 169 series...
QuasarReal by E Detetcheverrie
The first chapter of the sixth story in the Quasar 169 science fiction series..
Quest for the God Particle by Ruth Welburn
Cern tries to recreate the big bang. Walter Wagner, a former nuclear safety officer, launches a "doomsday" law suit against CERN and Fermilab. CERN looses contact with three explorers they sent down a wormhole. Will the earth be sucked into a black hole?..
QZ by michael potter
An evil govenment controls a drug that will produce complete enlightenment...
R.J. DeNardo Author of The Andromeda Incident by Ronald DeNardo
The Andromeda Incident is R.J. DeNardo’s first novel..
Race Calhan by J Collins
Can a lost boy find romance on a backward low tech world? If he comes from a martial background he can!..
Raindrop,part 1:Bonding. by Richard Kallao
Rash Departure by Sheila Roy
Minutes afterwards, the rash spreads and bubbles the skin. Its acidic nature burns through layers of skin in seconds, and then gorges on the skeletal remains. *This short story is based on a dream* ..
Real Estate by Michael Wilson
There is never enough it seems *wink*..
Recruiter - An Army of None by Jansen Estrup
Child soldiers make warfare too complicated and amoral. Better to go back to a micro-tech stone age. ..
Red Dust-Prologue-To Who it May Concern by Richard Kallao
original ..
The late Redox learns what it means to be a memory..
Redox Dead Chapter 1(part two) by Aaron Perez
Redox learns exactly what it means to be a memory..
Regaining Eden by Samuel Connelly
Survival of the Fitest - This is about the day that Eden was fought for, and regained. But the question is; Who regained it? ..
Regatta in G Minor by William Ledbetter
Letting go can be a wonderful thing...
Regeneration by Rachel Summerhill
War shatters the world of Ordanya, leaving only one survivor: Mehgrath Isul the High Priest of the Darkness...
Regenesis by D. Major
1) She was giving him the eye; there was no doubt about it.     She had been sitting alone at the end of the bar, speaking to no one, just drinking water and watching him serve.     Of course, he wasn't surprised that she was watching him. He ..
Remember The Cretaceous Nights...Chapter One part two. by James Cotton
This is a continuation of the story "Remember The Cretaceous Nights." I originally wrote this while I was in College studying Geology...but after digging it up I 'cleaned it up' a little to include a little more of what has been learned about the events of the late Cretaceous and early Tertiary. I..
Remember the Cretaceous Nights? Chapter 2 by James Cotton
Dr. Johnson and Dr. Hillingsworth emerge from the safety of the cave to a scorched Earth that is well on its way to reinventing itself...and changing their views not only of science but about creation and design.....
Remember the Cretaceous Nights? Chapter five by James Cotton
The continuation of 'Remember the Cretaceous Nights?' story. Dr. Walt Johnson and Dr. Sarah Hillingsworth are the first on the scene to observe a geologic phenomenon that had never been documented in modern times, as a supersized volcano suddenly appeared in Western Africa during the early Miocene..
Remember the Cretaceous Nights? Chapter four by James Cotton
This is the fourth installment of ‘Remember the Cretaceous Nights?’ The two scientists learn of another step in modern evolution, when an unexpected meteor strike in southern Virginia sets forth a series of events that leads to extinction of half the world’s species. They also experience massive vol..
Resetting the Armageddon Clock by Matt Thomas
In a bid to impress a woman, a scientist unwittingly pushes the world to the brink of destruction when he sets the Armageddon clock at one-minute to midnight. A short story...
Resistence by Richard Kallao
original,first there was Defiance now there was Resistence...
Reunion: A Trilogy by Brittany Morgan
A trilogy telling of how the androids and their creators got back together...
Revenge of the Gulf by Ronald Hull
Geologically impossible, but makes for a good story... Featured in my upcoming book: Verge of Apocalypse Tales ..
Revolt by Lee Garrett
Tyril froze, holding his breath, as the invaders above kicked in the door to his shack. Angry words reached him, words without meaning. The off-worlders were sweeping the area, no longer interested in slaves for their mines, they wanted something else, badly. In the hidden space be..
Remember The Cretaceous Nights? Chapter Three by James Cotton
Continuation of the "Remember the Cretaceous Nights?" story. Our two scientists survive through a previously unknown Ice Age, only to find themselves in a period of runaway global warming. They face a catastrophic release of methane gas that ignites fires along the entire Eastern U.S. seaboard, and ..
Sammy Scarlatti by Peter Jessop
The fate of the world rests in the hands of an unlikely individual...
Sanctum Sanctorum by Alexander Wright
About the other side of a 'Golden Age of Technology' where the tech and inventions of mankind cover the world leaving only small sections of it uncovered dubbed "Sanctums"..
Scanned by Ronald Hull
Things don’t always turn out the way you think. ..
Scared Shirtless by Ronald Hull
Dreamed this the other night, .....
Scent of Death by R.A. Knowlton
Jake is new to this place. He and his wife had just recently moved in. Just a few nights before someone had come and stolen his cattle. Now they have returned and taken…..! This is story that was written for an on line contest. It did well! ..
Science Fiction Story by Lawrence Johnson
Terror on Telderan by Larry J. This story will remain free until March 15, 2011 TERROR ON TELDERAN SYNOPSIS: In 1990, after breaking away from the Planetary Alliance the planet Otar finds it’s self on the brink of ruin. In a desperate move their leader Rotart makes a ..
Se'Naren by Nix Winter
Science fiction story about a prince who recieves a *clears throat* personal body servant from a temple...
Season's Greetings by Zvi Zaks
For many families, the question of which winter holiday to celebrate is known as the December dilemma. Here is a new twist on that old problem. ..
Read excerpt from Second Coming Second Coming by Kathryn Flatt
This story was chosen for Semifinalist status in the L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest, First Quarter of 2011. ..
Read excerpt from Second Draft Second Draft by Cheryl Norman
A young girl turns to her PC when life gets too tough...
Read excerpt from Senses Senses by Dave McMillan
Paul discovered that he could do things, he didn't know how or why - he just could...
Serene by john stevenson
There are many options to end the World, but it’s always someone; someplace far away; who we as individuals cant control, that will set the stage for Armageddon. We fear that it will be us who are the cannon fodder or victims; but suppose it wasn’t politicians, but instead that each one of us was gi..
Shadows--Previously Unpublished Short Story by Steven Belanger
Previously unpublished: A man recounts the story of Sheila Cashman, who disappeared with her family (and a few guests) one night. Narration is best described as Alice meets Twilight Zone. More speculative/time warp than sci-fi...
Shall Be SOBE by David Arthur Walters
South Beach shall be the living end..
Shepard's Pack by Shawn Oetzel
This short story appeared in the August 2005 Wirter's Post Journal...
Sherman and the Bell by Ken Albertsen
Sometimes old technology is the best for the job at hand. Find out how a diving bell assists in exploring one of Saturn's ice-covered moon; Encephalitis. ..
SHFF: Holmes Returns Episode 1 by Marie Wadsworth
Kudos to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, Moriarity and the rest of the cast created by the classic British mystery writer are back in the modern day. Of course, there's a mystery to be solved. Holmes suspects his nemesis, Moriarity is involved in criminal dealings with cry..
Shiny Things by Todd Cheney
A dog-like alien on another world runs afoul of his elders, and is exiled into the unknown...
Showcase . by Michael Kersting
The near future...
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Science Fiction Stories
1. Growing Young
2. Can One Eat Dark Matter?
3. It's in the Cards
4. Living On Mars: Our Story. (Part One)
5. The Music Portal
6. The Sludge (Part 11)
7. Rich Man, Poor Soul
8. The Sludge (Part 1)
9. Winter Solstice, 2012
10. Doing Bristol
11. Don’t Mess with God
12. Part 3: Poison Earth
13. The Sludge (Part 3)
14. Lost Identity
15. The Table Drawer
16. The Sludge (Part 8)
17. Spring Heeled Jack
18. Recruiter - An Army of None
19. An Amber Storm From Hell
20. Part 1: Poison Earth

Featured Book
The Palomar Paradox: A SETI Mystery (Kindle)
by Richard Rydon

Book three in the Luper series, ‘The Palomar Paradox: A SETI Mystery’, sees Luper back in an astronomical observatory searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence..  
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Featured Book
Starlight On Stone NORTH
by Jansen Estrup

Desperate to shore up the southern boundary of his crumbling empire, the Emperor sends his slave, the disgraced Hurrian prince, Attili, on a peace mission through utter c..  
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