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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Wager: A Humorous Novel About Dog Parks, Seniors and Gam
by Rosemary Patterson

Six wealthy ladies in a Seniors dog walking club make a wager to get a new boyfriend.The result is a hilarious romp through the unknown territory of senior sexuality...  
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Featured Book
An End To Innocence 2nd. Edition
by Rosemary Patterson

Passion, hula, and politics in Hawaii as lovely Kelia Nimura joins Hawaiians trying to stop bombing of Kahoolawe Island off Maui and end land evictions...  
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Featured Book
The CEO and the Cowboy
by Starla Kaye

Two very special men are struggling to move forward in their lives. One is confused about his true desires; the other has been hurt by a former lover...  
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All Romance Short Stories

25 Most Recent Romance Short Stories

Inner Voice by Storyheart -
She had been hurt, now she was starting out on the road to recover.. that was until.......
Innocent Intentions by Chuckie Finn
Coming Home Can Change Things Forever..
Intoxicated by coffee by Lalita Vasu
Saheel had taken up the job as the estate manager of a coffee plantation in the small town of Coorg. He wanted to run away from his past. ..
Island Of Love by Shaye Harrison
Luxury Vacation in my heart..
Island Romance - perfect romantic escape by Tatiana Polivanova
Island Adventure Romance Novels Personalized books Tropical Romance..
It Could Have Been Love by Victoria Valentine
She stood at the airport gate, staring thru the glass at the setting sun, apprehension fluttering amidst the emptiness within. Her cheeks felt hot. She prayed they did not display the flush that was racing thru her slender body. She must be perfectly beautiful at their first meeting! Pulling fr..
It Feels So Right by Makeshia DuCre
We just met and i am so in love..
It's Never as Good as the First Time.... by Sophia Simmons
First encounters..
Janusz Courts Dinah by Sam Vaknin
"Dinah?" - Janusz's voice, astounded, invaded by its onetime stutter - "Do you hear me? Are you there?" ..
Jean by Tony Nerone
A Chapter Of My Younger Days...
Jennie and Paul, My Grandparents. by Amber Moonstone
This is the story of my Grandmother, Jennie Leonardo, and my grandfather Paul Sebastian Cianci...
Journeyman by Keith Helinski
Story of a man that decides to quit his job, his life, and walks across the country for no cause other than soul-searching. But soon we find out his cause is really to cure his heartache over the one that got away...
Jackie's Nightmare by Steve Robertson
It had been a long night and the morning sun promised only more of the tumult that was Jackie Klaus’ nightmare. She’d been riding for what felt like forever in the stiff seat of a Greyhound bus next to the others on their way to, no doubt, happy holidays. She stepped out onto the platform. I..
Jackie's Nightmare by Steve Robertson
JACKIE’S NIGHTMARE It had been a long night and the morning sun promised only more of the tumult that was Jackie Klaus’ nightmare. She’d been riding for what felt like forever in the stiff seat of a Greyhound bus next to the others on their way to, no doubt, happy holidays. She stepp..
Juliet's Prince by Chessly Nesci
Juliet had dreams of meeting her prince. One day that dream became a reality. Death couldn't keep them apart. They were together for eternity...
Just Cause by Phyllis Burton
Sarah tells Rachael, about her best friend's ruined wedding-day, with surprising consequences. ..
Justice in Love by Lalita Vasu
She knew the feelings were mutual but it needed a shake up for both of them to acknowledge it. ..
k by jing javier
Kannan vs Kannan by Lalita Vasu
What a turnaround this had been! Avantika had expected better response from Kannan this time, but this was extremely personal and she did not know how to respond. ..
Karma by Jeanne Owens
A romantic story set at New Year's in which a stray kitten plays a key role (revised)..
Katputlee - The Puppet by Lalita Vasu
There was a moment of silence and their eyes met each other. She felt a strange kind of happiness. Anish was making perfect sense or was the guy at the puppet show right, when he said we are all puppets in the hands of some divine power?..
Keeping Love Under Your Hat by Katie Gabrielle
a simple misunderstanding between a man and a woman spirals into a month of pent up pride and reflection into what should be instead of what is.....
Keeping Love Under Your Hat Part Two by Katie Gabrielle
Joe and Sally have their ups and downs just like everyone else but a new college for Sally has Joe wondering where he fits into her life...
Kenenth Poulson by Graham whittaker
This is an old story.. unfinished in a way. Unpolished... But I never quite knew what to do with it..
Kent & Kristen by Jim Howell
closed doors & candles..
Kevin and Judy by Lily Alex
Love can make you vindictive (an excerpt from novel)..
Kisses by Mr. Shannon Clements
A man runs across an old friend that he once had a crush on and everything comes flooding back to him all over again...
Read excerpt from Klutz Klutz by Arlene Paredes
i>This was published in Chic Magazine in Manila sometime in 1999. I was 19 when I wrote this./i> Klutz/b> “Kyle is back in town for summer break!” Heidi’s sister was teasing her in her bed early in the morning. “Are you ..
Lancelot's Lady by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
When palliative care nurse Rhianna McLeod is given a dream holiday for her birthday by her dying boss, wealthy billionaire JT Lance, she has no idea that her 'holiday' would include being dumped on a private island with an angry but handsome recluse, or that she'd fall head over heels for the man..
Las Vegas Weekend - Gigolo Romance by John Marion Francis
Mary is in Vegas for a convention and decides she wants to experience a Gigolo lover. She finds one that sounds too good to be true...
Last Of The Lonely Hearts by Paul Mc Cann
A fantasy story about a lonely man who finds love in a very special way . ..
Last sight of love by Emily Serjeant
She saw her love float on his way along the horizon. He was an army officer, sailing into war. The days building up to his trip had been dreadful, neither husband nor wife spoke. And now this was it, they would be apart. She was pregnant and did not know if she could continue life in this state ..
Lava and Ice--Prologue by Dena Moore
North Atlantic Ocean 898 AD The ship lurched forward as the wind hurled into the sail. Olaf Blackfoot nudged one of the men and, motioning with his hand lest his words were not heard above the howling wind, bellowed, "Pull down the sail! Get the pole out of the socket ..
Leap of Fate by Michelle Frost
Second place prize winner, 2010, in the John Muir Trust Wild Writing competition. "Love stories usually end with a marriage proposal, but this story started with one..." ;-) ..
Leap Year at the Coffee Shop: Lusted For Her by Michael Eads
She wore a vanilla colored two-piece bikini that looked better than ice cream next to her long, wavy black hair and dark-tanned skin..
leaving into the ignored by Deborah Richards
a love lost..
Less Than Five-Minute Romance by Kelly Steed & Kelly Roberts
Childhood romances don't always go smoothly!..
Let Me Take You by Kathleen McDonald
Two lovers dance and find intimacy while holding each other. Erotic work. ..
Read excerpt from Letting Go Letting Go by Debbie Russell
Michelle lost her husband Warren and now she was learning to let go with the help of a Saint Bernard, a fur ball named Lucky and Ben...
Liberation Of A Lady by Don Juan Amante
Losing Her Inhibitions..
Life After Life by Aline de Chevigny
what would you do if you were given your choice of an afterlife?..
Read excerpt from Life is a Belly Dance Life is a Belly Dance by James Cumes
Delicia is a beautiful girl walking recklessly down the centre of a busy city street in Vienna. Is she running from one of the more acute episodes of the belly dance of life? Is she seeking a richer life of romance elsewhere or an end to it all in the ultimate emptiness of death...?..
life story (Kuwait) by Luz Bella Daughton
second page ..
Like It Or Not Chapter Two by Shalonda Williams
Grant has an issue!..
Like It Or Not Chapter 1 by Shalonda Williams
Chapter 1 gives us a glimpse inside Grant's professional world. ..
Like It or Not Prologue by Shalonda Williams
This is the prologue to the novel I am working on. If you enjoy Inspirational Romance then feel free to critique this work. I need honest assessments please. ..
Like Peanut Butter and Jelly by Marquita Siler
Have you ever experienced a love so deep it defied all reason? A passion so intense that you felt like you was addicted? A connection so strong you felt that you were looking at the other half of your soul? If you have experienced this kind of love, then you know how intoxicating it can be. If you h..
Like Rain by hannah james
Lily's Ballad by Lauren Johnson
This is my first short story. I've gone back and added some changes and placed some clarity where I think clarity should be placed. Tell me what you think. I actually really like these characters, so I'm thinking about doing another part...
Lingering Shadows by Joyce McDonald Hoskins
A young working worman must deal with the memories of her past before she can enjoy her success. ..
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Romance Stories
1. Whispers of love, shouts of doubt
2. Intoxicated by coffee
3. Poetry Recitation: Dried Rose Petals
4. Under a strong spell
5. Entwined Destinies
6. The Punishment
7. The Sapphire Ring
8. Valentine Hearts' & Kisses' Memories
10. no face
11. Trilling Dalliances
12. Reflections in a Mermaid's Den
13. All the world is a stage
14. Kannan vs Kannan
15. The bond of love
16. Love Letters in Flower
17. Morning Reflections
18. Destiny's Kiss
19. Anastasis
20. The Newlyweds Chapter 4

Featured Book
La main invisible (le grincheux), un roman
by Antoine Raphael

Un hymne à la transcendance, à l'amour et la charité...  
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Featured Book
Money Child: A Romantic Comedy Set in Orange County Califor
by Rosemary Patterson

Tibetan Buddhist Lama Tsot advises commitment-phobic folksinger and career-obsessed real estate entrepreneur about Buddhism and relationships...  
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