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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
by William Pusey

A man inherits the house that he grew up in. When he and his family move in, he finds his grandfather's journal. Then his family notice a change in him...  
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Featured Book
by Terry Vinson

Between TIME and TERROR lies... 'THE WITCHING HOUR'. Twenty-eight terror tales in all. 'Night Gallery' meets 'Creepshow'...on steroids......  
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Featured Book
Bone Chills
by Terry Vinson

A cordial invitation to be CHILLED to the BONE by this terrifying collection of horror/suspense/mystery tales...  
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All Horror Short Stories

25 Most Recent Horror Short Stories

Hidden Away (Part Two) Sensitive Subject Matter by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Adeline had a high pitched squeal that she used whenever anyone got to close to her, a squeal that often led to more beatings by the hands of her abusive Father. Andrea was stronger than Adeline and would often stand in place of her sister, enduring the beatings, if there was one thing th..
Hidden Canyon by Amy Mosier
An excerpt from my horror anthology, Midnight Guests and Other Weird Stories, available at Amazon in ebook format only. ..
Hit the Right Spot by Louise Bannerman, CC
Hit the Right Spot..
Hitler & Stalin by mike morell
In 1953, thought-dead Stalin is deposed and sent to an uninhabited, active-volcanic island where Hitler has been marooned since 1945. They decide to escape and join forces in a new pact to conquer the world. Except each one has a secret plan to dispatch the other...
Holy Water Smack Down by David Donaghe
Mike Monroe, paranormal investagator, and his sexy partner Roxy fight an aging vampire on the high desert Southrn California...
Home - A 3 minute read by Charles (Carlo) Vella
How far will curiosity take you?..
Homecoming - Part 1 by Lee Cushing
Returning from an holiday in Romania after an encounter with a Strigoi responsible for the deaths of her friends, Mary Crossley begins to fear that she is becoming one of them...
Homecoming - Part 2 by Lee Cushing
The conclusion to Homecoming...
Horror 101 by Richard Kallao
Horror Dead Pulse opening by A Esmonde
Loads of news about the spin off films audio book and web show, from author A.M.Esmonde..
Horror Geek Vampire Hunters - Part 1 by Lee Cushing
A group of friends attending a horror convention come across the real thing when one of them follows one of the celebrity guests. THIS WORK IS DEDICATED TO THE QUEEN OF HORROR, INGRID PITT 21 November 1937 23 November 2010..
Horror Geek Vampire Hunters - Part 2 by Lee Cushing
Kevin Sanger and his friends return to the horror convention after the encounter with the Baobban Sith. THIS WORK IS DEDICATED TO THE QUEEN OF HORROR, INGRID PITT 21 November 1937 23 November 2010..
Horror Geek Vampire Hunters - Part 3 by Lee Cushing
Kevin has discovered that his friend, Teresa, has been turned into a Baobban Sith. THIS WORK IS DEDICATED TO THE QUEEN OF HORROR, INGRID PITT 21 November 1937 23 November 2010..
Horror Geek Vampire Hunters - Part 4 by Lee Cushing
Kevin and Shaun attempt to find a way to destroy their friends who have become Baobban Sith. THIS WORK IS DEDICATED TO THE QUEEN OF HORROR, INGRID PITT 21 November 1937 23 November 2010..
Horror Geek Vampire Hunters - Part 5 by Lee Cushing
Kevin, Shaun and Melissa head down into the basement below the hotel to stop Teresa and those she has turned into Baobban Sith. But there is something else waiting down in the darkness, something far worse. THIS WORK IS DEDICATED TO THE QUEEN OF HORROR, INGRID PITT 21 November 1937 23 No..
Horror Geek Vampire Hunters - Part 6 by Lee Cushing
Melissa realises that she and the others are trapped in the bomb shelter with a blood hungry Strigoi. THIS WORK IS DEDICATED TO THE QUEEN OF HORROR, INGRID PITT 21 November 1937 23 November 2010..
Horror Geek Vampire Hunters - Part 7 by Lee Cushing
The final part of this story. THIS WORK IS DEDICATED TO THE QUEEN OF HORROR, INGRID PITT 21 November 1937 23 November 2010..
Horror on Royal Street by Sharon Cullars
Story of Delphine LaLaurie..
Horror short entitled Rebecca's Story by Novelist Poe
The essence of fear sustains us all..
Horrorglyphics by Justin Bienvenue
A Black German Vampire travels to Egypt to resurrect a mummy for his help in tracking down a powerful tablet...
House Of Rhyme by Paul Mc Cann
A story written in poetic form about a house that has a debt to recover ...
House of Spiders by Nickolaus Pacione
div align=justify>font face="Book antiqua" size="2" color="c0c0c0">A young married couple were invited to take part in a reality television show within a hospital that had a dark history behind it, and what they see goes beyond anything they cannot explain with a rational mind. This is the second..
How Do You Do? by Glen Lovelace
{:}:(:):{:}:(:):{:}:(:):{:}:(:):{:}:(:):{:}:(:):{:}:(:):{:}:(:):{:} ..
How to Tell When the Honeymoon's Over by Karen Newman
This short story appears in Flashshot Daily Genre Flash Fiction. ..
Human Experience With Ghost by Deep Rajvansh
The story is based on a true incident in India. ..
Hunger by Tim Wilkinson
Werewolves hunger for love, and for blood...
Hunger by Elizabeth Colantuoni
A woman in an emotionally abusive relationship wonders if she can continue to live with her lovers dark secret. ..
Hunger by Cat Muldoon
OK this has vampires and such but is really more humor than horror. There's a lot of fun in this tale. It is a reject from Unbelievable Stories, but I'm reworking it and expanding it into a novel. Here's a synopsis... What if you discovered not only a cave, but a dead man with a stake th..
Hunt Of The Adlet by Lee Cushing
A special team led by Jason Henderson is sent to deal with the beasts that slaughtered the inhabitants of a small town...
Hunter Green by Brianna Stoddard
It is a mind-blowing book about a young girl who turns into the ultimate werewolf hunter. (available as an ebook and kindle on Amazon)..
Hunter's Moon by Dan Shaurette
i>Preamble:/b> This short story just came to me one night. I had heard about there being a full moon on Friday, October 13, 2000. The superstitions came flooding to me and this short story was the result. Many people have suggested I run with this and I might have another novel on my han..
Hurtgen Moon by Mark Whittington
In the Battle of Hurtgen Forest in World War Two, an American rifle squad encounters an inhuman enemy...
I by Nickolaus Pacione
....told from the eyes of the children playing a 100 years or more... Gerald Grimmett was the first writer to read this story in a work of process form. This is the version as it appears in i>Collectives In A Foresaken Landscape/i>, if you have the version this will be the c..
I am a ghost. by Steve French
I may be a ghost, but I still have feelings...
I Am My Brother's Keeper by Steve Doyle
A man is faced with a brother who believes himself to be a vampire...
Read excerpt from I Drink, Therefore I Am I Drink, Therefore I Am by Dan Shaurette
Note: This short story contains sexual situations and is intended for a mature audience. (Comparable to an "R" rated movie.) Excerpt: Darkness. Silence. Peace. For me, these things are inseparable. For only when I find the first two elusive prizes can the latter be fo..
I MONSTER by Doug Davis
Appearances can be deceiving. This is a lesson that is becoming more and more prevailant. Does the serial killer look like something out of a horror movie or does he look like your neighbor? All too often, a person is judged simply by what they are wearing or by what they look like. More often than..
Icy Soul by C.A. Salstrom
A 'gift' from father to son. Which will be sorry?..
Imagination Movers or The Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste by Richard Kallao
original idea and story ..
In a Manor of Speaking by Robert Peach
A new twist..
In Death's Face (previously published) by Macey Baggett Wuesthoff
Many theories exist about the afterlife fate of those who commit suicide. Yet no one knows for sure what happens, because after all, no one who has "successfully" committed suicide has ever lived to tell about it. "In Death's Face" explores that mystery in a rather unique way...
In Dreams by Chuckie Finn
You better make sure your alarm clock works..
In Dreams by Danielle Mundy
Ok, this is a recurring dream that I've had more times than I care to have. It scares the hell out of me every time I because I have this thing about not looking in mirrors while it's dark because the image you see of yourself is freakish and distorted...and I have far too active of an imaginati..
In Glass--excerpt by George Wilhite
Preview of a short story that will appear in the upcoming Static Movement Anthology "The Shadow People"..
In The Beginning by J AG
Excerpt from the soon to be released "Teeth Bite: The Mestizo Vein"..
In the Beginning by Dyanne Davis
An excerpt of Adam..
In The Darkness by Barbara Marjanovic
A boy, not yet a man, goes to a rave and finds that even the most beautiful of creatures can be deceiving. * This is in rough draft form and was written on a whim of the moment. More work is yet to be done...
In the land of the blind, the one eyed man hath sinned. by Sam Ingrams
English Language representation piece on paranoia, limited to 600 words. Will expand on this topic in the near future. ..
Read excerpt from In The Reflection Of a Lens In The Reflection Of a Lens by Nickolaus Pacione
a work of fiction by Nickolaus A. Pacione inspired by a few ghost stories and by Reality Check. Easy one of the eeriest stories by Pacione...
In the Steppes of Central Asia by Philip Leibfried
An archaeologist makes a fatal discovery...
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Horror Stories
1. Something In the House
2. Surprise! Surprise!
3. The Clown At Midnight
4. Bitter Ingredients, Bitter Pizza
5. Spiders
6. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 7 - Prince Char
7. Blood Seeker
8. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 1 - The Easter
9. What the Cat Dragged In
10. Day Of The Dead
11. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 5 -Humpty Dumpt
12. Gor
13. Reign of Goblins
14. Passing the Torch
15. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 2 - Hansel & Gr
17. Animal Chain Atrocities
18. Scarecrows. (Part Two)
19. Looney Tunes Lunacy
20. Delusion Island

Featured Book
Damned Grounds
by Terry Vinson

Craving a good, creepy scarefest that cuts straight to the the terrifying bone, so to speak? DAMNED GROUNDS is a masterpiece of unrelenting terror covering six deca..  
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Featured Book
In Your Face Horror
by Billy Wells

A compilation of 31 horror stories for my readers who enjoy no holds barred terror before turning in at night. I have selected my most gruesome nightmares from "Black As ..  
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