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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Cock of the Walk - Ebook, print & audio download
by Wendy Laing

A retired MP is found dead in his spa. Is it an accident, or murder? This intriguing mystery is set in Wendy's home town of Sunbury, Victoria, Australia, amongst the surr..  
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Featured Book
The case of the missing claus
by Frank Eberhart,CEP®,RFC®,Author

2 stories for the price of 1-second book is "scooze my snoozle, for early readers.....  
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Featured Book
Murder Down Under
by Nancy Curteman

Now in paperback and ebook format. When Lysi Weston attends a conference in Australia, g’day turns into a very bad day after her Harlem-born colleague, Grace Wri..  
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All Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

Strangers are from Zeus, Chapter One by David Schwinghammer
Arnie Vogel arrives in town, having inherited the local newspaper, THE INQUISITOR, from his grandmother. Weird stuff begins to happen. ..
Strangers are from Zeus, Prologue by David Schwinghammer
A stranger shows up in East Embarrass, a small mining town in Northern Minnesota; he has no recollection of who he is...
Street Echoes by Paul Mc Cann
An out of the world experience changes the life of a homeless kid ...
Summer Nights by Lou Gallio
Excerpt of a story: A town bully in Southeast Texas, a car accident, teen romance and capers while growing up in the late '50s. © Louis A. Gallio, 2002 ================================================== “Hi Frankie.” Marcy got into the car and slid across the seat next to me. ..
Summer Nights - II by Lou Gallio
Excerpt from a story about growing up in Southeast Texas and driving an ambulance. A town bully, a car accident, teenage love and pranksters are pivotal to intense conflicts. © Louis A. Gallio, 2002 ================================================== Bizarre is the only way to ..
Sunday Terror by Janice Scott
My heart is filled with terror when James fails to arrive.....
Susan Tepes' Lost Relative by Raven Newcastle
Short story of Susan Tepes a lost relative of Lucius Johnson. Channel flipping changes everything...
Suspense in Suburbia: Chapter One by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Why is it that I seem to know so little about my own family? I feel as if I am living my life away from them, and now they are not home, and there’s blood. ..
Table For One by Paul Mc Cann
One night in a restaurant can change the course of many lives . ..
Take a Chance by Tim Baker
A man and his partner scam an unwitting town with a fake raffle. The offer of big prize money brings big crowds. What could possibly go wrong?..
Taxed to Death, Chapter One by Debra Purdy Kong
Here's the opening chapter of Taxed to Death, which is now out on Kindle!..
Taxed to Death, Chapter Two by Debra Purdy Kong
Chapter two introduces Jillian Scott, a woman who has a big impact on Alex's life whether she wants to or not...
Taxi: part l:Never trust Anyone by Richard Kallao
original ..
Teacher's Pet by Chuckie Finn
New Meaning to Hurried Romance, Low Rent Rendezvous.....
tears in the darkness of rain by Deborah Richards
That Invaluable Tiffany Lamp by Kianna Alexander
Natasha McGee, a young nurse with a big problem, visits a local PI in the hopes that he can uncover the secret of who is stalking her...
The Abyss of Jacob Lucas' by xavier burton
Synopsis The abyss of Jacob Lucas is a short story based in Africa about the nine tribes of cowries. There are some visual mystic characters that help to bring together lore, legend, and fiction questioning the readers’ view of time and place inviting you into tribe and ..
The Amethyst Twist Part One by Katie Gabrielle
Natalee and Corinne have been best friends for years. A fashion contest sets one against the other and Natalee wants to win more than play fair.....
The Amethyst Twist Part Two--The Quick Switch by Katie Gabrielle
Natalee switches the labels in hope to win the fashion design contest..
The Asphyxiation Caper by D. Wayne Dworsky
Meanwhile, half a dozen police cars had assembled in front of the store. I observed that several uniformed men emerge from their vehicles with guns drawn just as I pulled off the road and drove into the parking lot. Within a very short time I saw Doctor Payneless drive in, right behind me. Now, m..
The Awakening by Helen Downey
A young woman struggling to live a somewhat normal life finally realizes that she is a vitim of abuse and that her husband is a gangster. This is a chapter from a novel I am working on...
Read excerpt from The Batty Katty from Cincinnati The Batty Katty from Cincinnati by Joseph Michael
A true story (almost) about a lost kitten who gets rescued only with cold calculating logic! ..
The Black Wall by Lowell Bergeron
Writer's Digest Contest #29..
Read excerpt from The Blanket  .......... Stories from Molly The Blanket .......... Stories from Molly by m j hollingshead
Mary Jo discovers the man she married is not the sweetheart she thought he was...
The Blind Date by Helen Downey
Sometimes you just doen't know an individual until you are completely alone with them...
The Blueberry Lager by L Hippler
What are you missing when you go to bed and leave the TV on? ..
The Body and The Tea Party by Cynthia Rainfrette-Barlow
Who killed Mr. Humphreys? For Wilkes and Dr. Vinal, an autopsy on the kitchen table might find the answer...
The Boot by Terry Burns
P class=MsoNormal>B>FONT face="CG Times (W1)">The Boot/FONT>/B>/P> P class=MsoNormal>FONT face="CG Times (W1)">"What in the world is that?"/FONT>/P> P class=MsoNormal>FONT face="CG Times (W1)">Mike Collins raised sweat coated goggles to see more clearly.  It was a boot, a single b..
The Car by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
I'm looking scary right now, with my leftover eye-makeup smeared under my eyes. The seams of the saggy bags under them betray my lack of sleep. I didn't get to slip away into a peaceful sleep like the rest of you probably did last night. Instead I got to call 911. Twice. ..
The Case of the Disappearing Family by Richard Kallao
The Case Of The Perfect Alibi by D.J. Ludlow
Peter thought he had an open and shut case on his hands. But it turned out his prime suspect had the perfect alibi - Peter gave it to him. (This is another hopefully tantalising taste of my growing collection of short stories that bravely explores the "lighter" side of disability. Something only a d..
Read excerpt from The Case of the Reverse Adoption The Case of the Reverse Adoption by Michael Pickard
A college student's parents are killed in a car crash after his father and godfather go public with their company. The student smells foul play and works with a detective to solve the mystery...
The Case of the Tom Cat by Cherie Reich
When a female journalist is threatened, can Detective Liam O'Hare solve the case before her death becomes headline news? Previously published with Mystic Moon Press...
The Chameleons Chapter 2 by Helen Downey
Here we get a glimpse of Brian's past. ..
The Chest by Helen Downey
Was this a dream or was it true?..
The Christmas Season by Lawrance Lux
Not your common garden-variety Christmas story. Put off reading this One until after Christmas, if you still wait for Santa (By the By, this is not indicative of my own state of mind, as I am already cursing that life is too short.)..
THE CLIENT by Charles Coker
A mystery short story. I like the main character and will probably either expand this story to novella or write a complete novel around him...
The Con Game by Bob Liter
Things are'nt always as they seem...
Read excerpt from The Confession The Confession by Jean Mervine
How does an angry wife get even?..
The Critique Group by Patricia Gulley
A critique group searches for the murderer in a floating home community...
The Daddy Long-Back Letters Continued by J. Allen Wilson
The Darkest Moment by Alice Donatelli
this is a short story about a girl named Gail who finds out that life isn't what it really seems. when she meets Kelly. her whole life changes into the darkest moment...
Read excerpt from The Covered Bridge (R) The Covered Bridge (R) by Kim Glassman
{Free Complete Story!) Biker Luke Chaney seeks shelter from a hailstorm on an old covered bridge. After he hears a scream for help, he sees woman clinging for life in the raging flooded creek. After he rescues Mary from certain dead, he finds himself falling in love Mary, or is it her ghost?..
The Daddy Long-Back Letters by J. Allen Wilson
The Daddy Long-Back Letters John Ansell is a successful attorney who has the world beating down his door. He has twice headed the police commissioner’s taskforce on violence and voted man of the year by the New York Insider. However, just when he thought his past was forgotten, it reap..
The Day Mark Twain was Robbed by Masked Gunmen by Edward Phillips
It happened in 1863 outside Virginia City, Nevada...
The Dead Call by Angela Lantzy
A man, tortured by the horrors of his mind, struggles with his unspeakable actions...
The Desert P.I. by Guy Belleranti
Published August 24, 2013 in Kings River Life Magazine...
The Doll by Amy Potts
Watch what you open when you get a surprise birthday present! This short story is a bit spooky! ..
The Dragon Twin by Sandy Skipper
Murder at an outside cafe' in New Orleans, Louisiana..
The Dream by Gracie Wilson
I wrote this for an English Journal entry, pardon any gramatical errors and such ^_^ ..
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Mystery/Suspense Stories
1. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Nin
2. The Price I Pay Chapter Twelve
3. Mengele's Double, Chapter 9
4. The Underside of Ice
5. The Ghosts of Yesterday
6. The Dream of Foggy Creek
7. The Forgotten Memory Part One
8. If Tomorrow Comes (A Mystery Novel) Chapte
9. Someone In the Shadows (Suspense)
10. Chinese Checkers
11. One Dark Night Part Five
12. Hitch Bitch
13. Fisher of Men, Chapter Nine
14. Mengele's Double, Chapter Eight
16. Secrets of Stonehenge
17. The Mark Twain Robbery, Part II
18. One Dark Night Part Six
19. Soldier's Gap, Chapter Three
20. Broken Apart

Featured Book
Honeymoon for Three
by Alan Cook

Winner Silver Quill award from American Author's Association and Best Mountain West book from Readers Views. It is 1964, 10 years after Gary Blanchard’s high school adven..  
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Featured Book
Yellow Fever
by Terry Vinson

Meet Asian temptress Lei Park: Silky-haired, slim-bodied seductress….queen of espionage….cold-hearted assassin. The girl of many a man’s wildest dreams…or perhaps their ..  
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