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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Whispers at Ghost Point
by Deanna Jewel

This romantic suspense takes place in Wilmington NC at an abandoned lighthouse and as a remodel is attempted, the spirits rebel against those from the past!..  
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Featured Book
Remedies of Choice
by Frank Whyte

Forensic pathologist Greg Stevens MD is caught in the middle of a bitter struggle between two of his closest friends. Sean Merrick, an attorney specializing in malpractic..  
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Featured Book
The Madonna Ghost
by Linda Frank

Do you love a Mystery? How about a Ghost Story? Grab some pure entertainment! Enter the world of “Nancy Drew Meets CSI”. Follow the new girl detective, Annie Tillery, as ..  
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All Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

The Black Wall by Lowell Bergeron
Writer's Digest Contest #29..
Read excerpt from The Blanket  .......... Stories from Molly The Blanket .......... Stories from Molly by m j hollingshead
Mary Jo discovers the man she married is not the sweetheart she thought he was...
The Blind Date by Helen Downey
Sometimes you just doen't know an individual until you are completely alone with them...
The Blueberry Lager by L Hippler
What are you missing when you go to bed and leave the TV on? ..
The Body and The Tea Party by Cynthia Rainfrette-Barlow
Who killed Mr. Humphreys? For Wilkes and Dr. Vinal, an autopsy on the kitchen table might find the answer...
The Boot by Terry Burns
P class=MsoNormal>B>FONT face="CG Times (W1)">The Boot/FONT>/B>/P> P class=MsoNormal>FONT face="CG Times (W1)">"What in the world is that?"/FONT>/P> P class=MsoNormal>FONT face="CG Times (W1)">Mike Collins raised sweat coated goggles to see more clearly.  It was a boot, a single b..
The Car by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
I'm looking scary right now, with my leftover eye-makeup smeared under my eyes. The seams of the saggy bags under them betray my lack of sleep. I didn't get to slip away into a peaceful sleep like the rest of you probably did last night. Instead I got to call 911. Twice. ..
The Case of the Disappearing Family by Richard Kallao
The Case Of The Perfect Alibi by D.J. Ludlow
Peter thought he had an open and shut case on his hands. But it turned out his prime suspect had the perfect alibi - Peter gave it to him. (This is another hopefully tantalising taste of my growing collection of short stories that bravely explores the "lighter" side of disability. Something only a d..
Read excerpt from The Case of the Reverse Adoption The Case of the Reverse Adoption by Michael Pickard
A college student's parents are killed in a car crash after his father and godfather go public with their company. The student smells foul play and works with a detective to solve the mystery...
The Case of the Tom Cat by Cherie Reich
When a female journalist is threatened, can Detective Liam O'Hare solve the case before her death becomes headline news? Previously published with Mystic Moon Press...
The Chameleons Chapter 2 by Helen Downey
Here we get a glimpse of Brian's past. ..
The Chest by Helen Downey
Was this a dream or was it true?..
The Christmas Season by Lawrance Lux
Not your common garden-variety Christmas story. Put off reading this One until after Christmas, if you still wait for Santa (By the By, this is not indicative of my own state of mind, as I am already cursing that life is too short.)..
THE CLIENT by Charles Coker
A mystery short story. I like the main character and will probably either expand this story to novella or write a complete novel around him...
The Con Game by Bob Liter
Things are'nt always as they seem...
Read excerpt from The Confession The Confession by Jean Mervine
How does an angry wife get even?..
Read excerpt from The Covered Bridge (R) The Covered Bridge (R) by Kim Glassman
{Free Complete Story!) Biker Luke Chaney seeks shelter from a hailstorm on an old covered bridge. After he hears a scream for help, he sees woman clinging for life in the raging flooded creek. After he rescues Mary from certain dead, he finds himself falling in love Mary, or is it her ghost?..
The Critique Group by Patricia Gulley
A critique group searches for the murderer in a floating home community...
The Daddy Long-Back Letters by J. Allen Wilson
The Daddy Long-Back Letters John Ansell is a successful attorney who has the world beating down his door. He has twice headed the police commissioner’s taskforce on violence and voted man of the year by the New York Insider. However, just when he thought his past was forgotten, it reap..
The Daddy Long-Back Letters Continued by J. Allen Wilson
The Darkest Moment by Alice Donatelli
this is a short story about a girl named Gail who finds out that life isn't what it really seems. when she meets Kelly. her whole life changes into the darkest moment...
The Day Mark Twain was Robbed by Masked Gunmen by Edward Phillips
It happened in 1863 outside Virginia City, Nevada...
The Dead Call by Angela Lantzy
A man, tortured by the horrors of his mind, struggles with his unspeakable actions...
The Desert P.I. by Guy Belleranti
Published August 24, 2013 in Kings River Life Magazine...
The Doll by Amy Potts
Watch what you open when you get a surprise birthday present! This short story is a bit spooky! ..
The Dragon Twin by Sandy Skipper
Murder at an outside cafe' in New Orleans, Louisiana..
The Dream by Gracie Wilson
I wrote this for an English Journal entry, pardon any gramatical errors and such ^_^ ..
The Dream (short story) by Stephanie Gregg
Short story I did a while back. ..
The Dream of Foggy Creek by Bryon Smith
A strange dream that turned into a story about how different people perceive what is real, and what isn't. Located in a mystery spot known as Foggy Creek...
The Dusk Cat by Mary Quire
An elderly man befriends a stray cat that holds a mystery of his own...
The Effigy of Death by Peter Hills
Denby's desire to own the Inca statue overode his good sense- he had to have it - yet little dod he know that death and disaster went hand-in-hand with the effigy...
The Enemy by Ken Kuhlken
In wartime San Diego, while Japanese people are being herded onto buses destined for the Manzanar Relocation Camp, Tom Hickey's supper club gets robbed and a trusted employee murdered. ..
The Essence (Part three of three) by Brian Cross
cyclist seeking shelter from a snowstorm encounters a village of strange people serving up an even stranger potion...
The Essence - part one of three by Brian Cross
A cyclist seeks shelter from a snow storm and encounters a strange village with a strange brew...
The Essence, (Part two of three) by Brian Cross
A cyclist seeks shelter from a snowstorm and encounters strange people and an even stranger potion..
The Evil One Is Out For Blood by Franz Kessler
I left the jungle before the storm broke loose. At home we listened to nightly jungle noises recorded during this weekend in March. The sounds on my tape sparked an eerie tale...
The Eyes of Madeline by Mary Lynn Plaisance
Did Jennifer actually see through the eyes of Madeline?..
The Fifth Deadly Sin--New Excerpt by Dana Reed
The Prologue where the mystery in this thriller begins...
The First Flag of New Hampshire by S Cardin
Two high school students are given a mystery from history to solve. __________..
The Fork Lore Tale of Caleb O'Mally by Debra Baker
Old Maddy...The Village wretch...Her screams could be heard...The Villagers thought her a bit insane.....
View Photo of The General Read excerpt from The General The General by m j hollingshead
The General must deal with tragedy..
The Girl On The Bridge by Katie Gabrielle
Maria runs from a painful past to the only place that brings her peace. A bridge where she spent many happy times with her Dad. It is now a bridge between this life and what she believes to be a better one. Or is it?..
The Glen by C. Smith-Rea
The heart of The Glen Community is broken with the violent death of one of its most loved members...
The Golden Key by Paul Mc Cann
The holder of a golden key can open many new doors in life provided the owner is honest and reliable ...
The Golden Parachute by Adam Powers
A CEO of a large company spends his last day enjoying the idea of bailing out of a failing company with a large retirement gift, his Golden Parachute. ..
View Photo of The Good Book Read excerpt from The Good Book The Good Book by Darrell Bain
Can a book save Jim Belton from execution?..
The Greatest Trick by Nolene Dougan
The story of Gabriella Smith...
The Green House Chapter I by Karen Howell
After moving into an old rental house, Karen and her young family experience paranormal activity in the form of voices and physical disturbances that cause them to flee from their home. Just one in a series of true events that the author experiences...
The Green House Chapter II by Karen Howell
Many unexplained events occur in an old house that Karen and her young family have rented. From voices, tilting pictures and now, something completely unexplainable, these true tales of life in a haunted old Green House will mystify you and defy your logical senses. ..
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Mystery/Suspense Stories
1. The Dream of Foggy Creek
2. Mengele's Double, Chapter 9
3. Soldier's Gap, Chapter Three
4. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Nin
5. The Mark Twain Robbery, Part II
6. Fisher of Men, Chapter Nine
7. The Underside of Ice
8. Broken Apart
9. Mengele's Double, Chapter Eight
10. The Ghosts of Yesterday
11. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Eig
12. Karma is a B
14. The Sticky
15. Curse of Nilofer
16. Hitch Bitch
17. Secrets of Stonehenge
18. Fred's Friends
19. Who Is This

Featured Book
Bittersweet Justice
by Victoria Burks

Colin Lambert returns to his childhood home in hopes of unearthing the killer of his grandfather, Braxton Lambert, a descendent of one of Oklahoma's early, infamous oil b..  
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Featured Book
Hit that Blot: A Carol Golden Novel
by Alan Cook

Carol Golden gets a frantic call on the crisis hotline where she volunteers, and this leads her into the seamy world of tournament backgammon...  
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