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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
North Star (ebook)
by Kim Glassman

“North Star" (ebook version) is about Wayne, who is thrown into prison, for a murder he did not commit, and the prison computer, Janet, who falls in love with Wayne, and ..  
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Featured Book
The Last Seminarian
by RM DAmato

A dystopian future, ancient pandemic virus and alien visitation merge within a virtual world of four reunited friends. Time is running out!..  
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The Cemetery of Hearts
by R David Fulcher

R. David Fulcher returns to the realm of the macabre, the strange and the fantastic with his new collection of short stories, The Cemetery of Hearts. Using his signatur..  
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All Science Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Science Fiction Short Stories

SilaS by Tobias Roote
I wrote this as an element of a larger book I'm writing. As such it belongs nowhere, but is still an interesting flash fiction story...
Silent Invasion by Neil Ostroff
They are here! They are hidden among us! They will stop at nothing to destroy us! ..
SILENT INVASION (book 1 - The Imagination Series) by Neil Ostroff
They are here! They are hidden among us! They will stop at nothing to destroy us! Are we doomed? Or can a teenage boy and his friends save us from a terrible fate?..
Six by Richard Kallao
Sixth Planet by Martin Ingham
A young psychic tries to win the heart of his tutor by solving the riddle behind the formation of the Asteroid belt in Earth's solar system. Originally posted at the now defunct, this short story won 2nd place in their June 2004 contest...
Skinwalkers by Richard Kallao
original,all we need is love and just a bit of understanding now is that too much to ask ?..
Skinwalkers lll: Sety and his Child by Richard Kallao
Skinwalkers-The birth of Sety-part ll by Richard Kallao
Skybridge 95 by Sarah Mankowski
Two teenage girls, from very different backgrounds, are trapped upon a transparent Skybridge suspended some 400 meters above ground...
Sleeping Beauty by Lee Garrett
A dream can be a sword devestating all time and space, or our greatest prison. ..
Slow Passage by Victoria Randall
Alice, an inventor who is ahead of her time, has been manipulating time itself, with possible unforeseen results...
Smarties. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A man tries to make his child smarter, not realizing the repercussions it will soon bring...
Smash Team #1 by Carter Burke
Terminator Fan Fiction. A small team hunts Terminator robots...
Smash Team #2 by Carter Burke
Terminator Fan fiction..
Smoke Filled Room by George Anderson
What if man did have a natural enemy...and it was smarter than he was?..
Society by Joanie Dark
In a society where men and women are determined by a set way of growing up, Stacey always knew she wanted to be a man. But when he falls in love with a boy at her school that causes her to question Society, things start to change. An example of my original fiction...
Solar Flare! (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A powerful solar flare wreaks havoc across a good part of the United States...
Solar Flare! (Part Three) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman deals with implications caused by a powerful solar flare which has struck the earth...
Solar Flare! (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman (and millions of others) discovers just how powerful the sun can really be...
Solar Wind by Richard Kallao
original in some countries some people are scared by the solar esclipse.......
Something Missi g by Isabelle
Charlotte wakes to a world she doesn't remember. Strange dreams keep recurring, pressing her to dig deeper into her past. Who are the people that she keeps dreaming about? Why do they seem so real?..
Soul Searching by Chuckie Finn
I didn't believe him at first, so please forgive my rambling sentences. I mean his devilish claim was absolutely ludicrous and frightening beyond anyones wildest imagination. Yet, on that one particular overcast frigid morning, with the entire research team assembled within the cloistered ..
Southern Extinction by Terry Vinson
Death of a heritage...a short tale of cultural extinction taken from the 2007 novel 'THE DEAD EFFECT' ..
Sowing the Seeds (Excerpt) by R David Fulcher
Summary: A spaceship carries the seeds of new life...
Space by Richard Kallao
Space :1999:Season Three:part l:Terra Cho by Richard Kallao
original have no idea how to write for a tv show or go about doing it, i had this idea in my head so forgive me if i write it......
Space Pioneers by Adam Collings
One and a half thousand years ago, an alien race known as the Kreyl, were seeding the galaxy with hidden technology. Burying their starships beneath the ground so that one day, when the primitive inhabitants had advanced to the point of understanding the technology, they could make the jurney to the..
Space:1999: My Reboot by Richard Kallao
my attempt to Hollywood to reboot this series now. its been too long. one of the best ever..............
Spectra's Masterpiece (Excerpt) by R David Fulcher
Summary: A digital artist redefines the boundary between art and reality...
Spidorcan by Paul Mc Cann
On a dark winter night a young boy has a strange experience ...
Spikebreaker by Gareth Lewis
Futuristic pulp adventure..
Spring Heeled Jack by Peter Jessop
The mysterious story of a strange creature that terrified London throughout history. ..
Read excerpt from Squatters Squatters by Kathryn Flatt
Alien invasion with a twist. Who is right and who is wrong?..
Stagate : Happy Halloween:The End by Richard Kallao
my writing might not be perfect but at least I finish what I write.......
Stalin's Organ by D. Major
i>Kazakstan, 1947/i> The wind bit into their flesh like piranha.     Without goggles, films of ice would have formed over their eyes in a few seconds. With the goggles, the world was a procession of ghosts and phantoms on a stage of frozen white.   &n..
Star Boom by Richard Kallao
Star Escape :Part lll:Blast Off by Richard Kallao
Star Escape part 4: Arrival by Richard Kallao
original ..
Star Escape part 5:No way Out by Richard Kallao
Star Escape,part l by Richard Kallao
original sci fiction and drama some comedy ..
Star Escape:Part ll:Two,updated) by Richard Kallao
Star Hopper by Richard Kallao
View Photo of STAR HR8799, Planet 1:Things Are Bad All Over! Read excerpt from STAR HR8799, Planet 1:Things Are Bad All Over! STAR HR8799, Planet 1:Things Are Bad All Over! by Ann Gray
In the year 2100 A. D., a NASA Astronaut describes his mission to save Earth's population from starvation by seeking a similar planet in our Orion Arm of the Milky Way...
Star Quality by Melanie Fletcher
An up-and-coming actor wrestles with the seamier side of stardom. Published in _Selling Venus_ (Circlet Press, 1995)...
Star Trek (vs) Battlestar Galactica-Almost the End by Richard Kallao
original idea...
Star Trek ( vs ) Battlestar Galactica part 4-Confrontation part l by Richard Kallao
original idea...
Star Trek ( vs ) Battlestar Galactica-part 9-Around We Go by Richard Kallao
I love it when McCoy rescues Spock . original idea and story.............
Star Trek ( vs) Battlestar Galactica -part ll-Course Collision by Richard Kallao
idea and story mine ...
Star Trek ( vs) Battlestar Galactica-part 10-Apollo Up and Apollo Down by Richard Kallao
sorry for the lame ending I'm about to use here, but the story here has become even to long for me to keep track of, so here goes for my 300th...
Star Trek ( vs) Battlestar Galactica-part 6-Under the Rainbow by Richard Kallao
suppose to end here but I decded to add a couple more chapters original idea ,written by me..
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Science Fiction Stories
1. Growing Young
2. The Table Drawer
3. It's in the Cards
4. The Sludge (Part 11)
5. Living On Mars: Our Story. (Part One)
6. Recruiter - An Army of None
7. Winter Solstice, 2012
8. Don’t Mess with God
9. Lost Identity
10. The Sludge (Part 8)
11. Can One Eat Dark Matter?
12. The Sludge (Part 1)
13. Doing Bristol
14. The Music Portal
15. Part 3: Poison Earth
16. Happy Christmas Charles
17. An Amber Storm From Hell
18. Rich Man, Poor Soul
19. Terra: Beyond 2014
20. Tomorrow Town.

Featured Book
Starlight On Stone NORTH
by Jansen Estrup

Desperate to shore up the southern boundary of his crumbling empire, the Emperor sends his slave, the disgraced Hurrian prince, Attili, on a peace mission through utter c..  
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Featured Book
Solar Lullaby
by T.W. Fendley

Dr. Flare Haich offers the only hope for diverting a solar flare that will dwarf the 2012 Mayan Event, which killed her parents and a half-billion others. She must overco..  
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