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Featured Book
Curse of the Covenant
by J.S. Bradford

A beautiful CIA officer hacks a vast cache of digital files documenting years of unreported clergy abuse. ..  
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Featured Book
Severance Packages Ebook, print & audio
by Wendy Laing

The second book in the popular Inspector Jane Doe mystery/paranormal series. The story is set in Sunbury, Victoria Australia. Jane Doe is once again faced with the prospe..  
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Featured Book
Severance Packages Ebook, print & audio
by Wendy Laing

The second book in the popular Inspector Jane Doe mystery/paranormal series. The story is set in Sunbury, Victoria Australia. Jane Doe is once again faced with the prospe..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Bit by two dogs... by David Thompson
Short comment on bi-polar mood disorder...
Bitamwa The Revenge of a Captured Slave by Mark Grinage
An African Slave is in a position to teach his owner a lesson in justice and in life...
Black Moon by Tegon Maus
It had been two years and I still trembled a little inside at the sight of those knives, not to mention the men that knew how to use them. ..
Black Petticoat by Iftekhar Sayeed
This short story explores the connection between anarchy and our perception of the reality of the external world: under anarchy, prophets and philosophers alike have turned away from this world to a supra-sensible world, somehow more "real" than the world. ..
Black Prom Dresses Ideas by Louis Bernard
People used to hold a strong prejudice on black prom dresses .But today ,the situation seems to reverse. More and more women like to wear little black dresses . In this article, we will talk about the meaning, essence and trend of black dresses...
Black Smoke Chapter Teaser by Robin Leigh Miller
Samantha Wells is a black ops agent that freelances and frees those that find themselves in the hands of humanities worst. Her work is legendary but she carries a secret. Sam doesn't do her work alone, she's guided by the soft gentle voice of her spirit guide. Together they hand out mercy where othe..
Black Widow by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Like many times, I really do not know where this one came from. My muse must have been rowdy! Sometimes my muse is not content with sun-rises or sun-sets and love-n-light. Sometimes my muse has a blood-glint in her eye.....
Black Widows by William Rogers
Is one with you tonight? ..
Blackness by Jade Eckert
A haunting story of loss...
Blanks for the Memories by Heather L.
A rape victim unwittingly falls in love with the accused, ten years after her ordeal. She does not know who she is because she had her memory of him erased. The accused has a dilemma; to tell her everything and destroy her carefully rebuilt life, or, to start his life over again? ..
Read excerpt from Blast Blast by MentalKayse
"Mike," she asks, "why? why now? you could have gotten help." "Yeah? From who? Your god? Or maybe your rich ass dad would have paid for my therapy, right?" Mike says with a laugh. "I'm sure he would if he could see you now." He says while raising the uzi...
Bleedin' Like A Stuck Hawg by Steve Robertson
Bleedin’ Like A Stuck Hawg H. Steven Robertson May 7, 2006 It is a time worn saying, heard mostly in rural areas. When I was a boy, most of Florida, save Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Tallahassee was rural. Old Cecil would say, “Yep, he‘as hurt bad. He’as bleedin’ like a stuck..
Bless me Father for I have Sinned by T. Crawford-Crawford
Sometimes things just go wrong and as the song says: "You always hurt the one you love"..
BLIND COMFORTS by Miller Caldwell
The first four short chapters of a novel in progress. Should I progress?..
Blinky and Blinky: The runaway lion by Bianca Boonstra
the eighth story in the Blinky series...
Bliss Hill by Alexander Brown
Bliss Hill is based loosely on a local urban myth in Vicksburg, MS...
Blitz Flowers by Susan Phillips
Life in Coventry during the blitz was tough for little Marjorie, but it's at the most difficult times that miracles happen. (from the new book Green Living, Sacred Life by Susan M. Phillips and Tye Jamie Coxston (Capall Bann Publishing)..
Blood Brothers by Jade Eckert
Do you really trust your friends?..
Blood Cabin by Zander Snow-Slaughter
If I tell you anything it will give it away...
Blood Darters by Janice Rawlins
A very compelling story of a un-solved mystery of a abusive husband. The book is a mystery and it is a page turner...
Blood River © by william cody
A story of heritage and oppression, the struggle of a proud nation...
Blood-stained Olympic Silver Coin - Part One by Donan Berg
An Olympic Coin collector jeopardizes his family in pursuit of a prized coin set...
Blood-stained Olympic Silver Coin - Part Two by Donan Berg
A mysterious woman interrupts delivery of the sought after Olympic silver coin set...
BloodLine by Mitzi Jackson
Eve sat in a booth at the far end corner of The Nile.... a little bar she had come across five years back when she had been seeing Reed. They use to meet at that bar before going over to Space a nightclub motel spot for magic. Eve had been too aware, that was the problem with most blacks, they were ..
BloodLine pt2 by Mitzi Jackson
In the blood of Caucasian there was the need and more heatedly desire for be above all...the be this very moment there was a war amongst her community all about power the so called new against old ways.....but really it was all about young whites and old whites who were co..
Bloody Memories by D. H. Brown
My nightmare...
Blue by Kim Culbertson
A young boy finds his grandfather to be a thing of unusual beauty...
Blue Dust by Robert Kasch
The trill of space travel...
Bobbing Uncertainty by Jeffrey Longstreet
A short story to challenge myself, again. This time, I was aiming for a morose poetic display of hidden emotion. I wanted the apple to be real...
Bobby Bo Bo Baria by Fred Anglin Jr.
A tribute to an old friend... ..
Bobby Joe by Sharon Rose
An eleven year old boy hides a terrible secret...
Body Love Four Chapters by Lonnie Hicks
Body Love: Four Chapters ..
Body Love: Chapter Four by Lonnie Hicks
Let's Head for the Door..
Body Love: Chapter Three by Lonnie Hicks
Body Love: Chapter Two by Lonnie Hicks
They meet..
Body Work:Part 1:Paint Job. by Richard Kallao
Bonnaroo 2006 THE THEME by R Pope
Bonnaroo 2006 THE THEME..
Bonnie and Clyde pt. 1 by Reggie Stacks
The saga between Curtis and Sincere begins ..
Read an exciting SHATTERED SILENCE scene from Trent’s point-of-view! ..
Book Marketing tips for new authors by Lucinda Crosby
Publishing a book is fairly easy these days but getting it noticed is a challenge. ..
Book of the year '- I'm not going to knock that! by Fiona Cummings
Another thrill!..
Book promotion by Mel Comley
A crime thriller that is fast-paced and will leave you begging for the sequel...
Book Review by Anna Shonk
Mystery novel "The Almond Man" connects with readers through its lovable characters. By Cindy Clark..
Book Review by Grace Reddick
Ashley's Unforgettable Summer is a hilarious book for children...
Book Review for The Anja Technique by Yvonne Perry
Becoming spiritually aware doesn't come easy for many people. In The Anja Technique, The Art of Self Love by Shayn Cutino you may learn how to take steps in your spiritual progress...
Book Review: Greetings from Jamaica Wish You were Queer by Yvonne Perry
What would happen if you took your family on vacation to Jamaica? I doubt it would be nearly as funny or as eye-opening as the vacation Mari SanGiovanni writes about in her book Greetings from Jamaica, Wish you were Queer. Here's a review of her book by Yvonne Perry...
Book Signing at the Aromas Hills Artisans Country Garden Tour by Jennifer Chase
Weekend Book Signing..
BOOKS THAT ON FIRE by Nathaniel Daley
Promote your self-published novel here...
Books, Writers and Stories I Love by Lonnie Hicks
These are my favorites. I will add to them. ..
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Featured Book
Run into Trouble
by Alan Cook

Winner of 2009 Silver Quill award from the American Authors Association and named best Pacific West book by Reader Views. Drake and Melody are one of 10 teams entered..  
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Featured Book
Two Times A Sucker
by David Snowdon

Set in Miami, New York, North Carolina and London!..  
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