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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Reality Check
by Terry Vinson

Grab that remote and prepare for a grisly homage to the 'Reality TV' craze currently dominating the Nielsen's.....  
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Featured Book
Forbidden Fruit
by Billy Wells

A father buys purple fruit at a roadside stand that turns his youngest son into a ravenous ghoul...  
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Featured Book
Black As Night
by Billy Wells

A compilation of 32 short stories, most in the horror genre and most with surprise endings. Not for the faint of heart and those prone to nightmares...  
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All Horror Short Stories

25 Most Recent Horror Short Stories

In the Walls by Philip Roberts
Inside the walls of his complex Tom found a way of secretly looking into the apartments. Unfortunately, someone else is also watching him...
Incubation by Tom Schafer
A virus has been released, turning 99% of the world's population insane...
Incubation-revised by Tom Schafer
I can't tell you. You have to read it...
Indian Chief by E Detetcheverrie
A police detective investigates a particularly gruesome murder in one of the most haunted towns in America. ..
Indian Chief Part 4 by E Detetcheverrie
Multiple murders in the most haunted city in the U.S.!..
Indian Chief Pt. 2 by E Detetcheverrie
A locked-room murder with a completely bizarre twist...
Indian Chief Pt. 3 by E Detetcheverrie
Another death in the haunted hotel?..
Read excerpt from Inner Enemies Inner Enemies by H Blalock
Never look for excitement where evil lives...
Innocent Trespass by Elizabeth Stember
If you think a Clive Barker freak of nature is gonna jump out in this...go away, especially if young blood spilt turns your stomach. Writen sometime in 2006 in class...
Inquistion Revisted by Nickolaus Pacione
font face="tahoma" size="1">This is about a period in my life where it was pure hell, leading into my first nervous breakdown. It previously appears on listed under transgressive...
Insect by Nickolaus Pacione
Wheaton revisited but by the plagues, in the visitation becomes the stranger aeons. A tale of the Cthulhu Mythos. The short story opening the dark collection of short stories titled i>Collectives In A Foresaken Landscape/i>. Nicholas Grabowsky gave this story new life on his website. ..
Intercom by Carl Alves
When Mel Tesauro finds a house intercom at a store, he thinks it will be the perfect present for his wife. Little does he know that it is about to poison his mind and destroy his life..
Io Saturnalia by Cherie Reich
As a Greek slave for the Roman Lucius Valerius Corvinus, Hermes has always longed to be free. During the festival of Saturnalia, his master grants him his wish with a price. Hermes, a scribe, has to come up with 700 sestertii for his freedom. When the slave travels to the sigillaria or special marke..
It Turned Around by Ronald Malfi
Originally published in "Earwig's Flesh Factory."..
It was a Graveyard Smash by Marcus Dino
Hollywood horror adventures of Fifi Larouche is baaaaaaaaaacccckkkkk..
It was snowin' & blowin' by Ed Matlack
Jack The Horror of it All. by Richard Kallao
Jam Session by Terry Vinson
Rock 'n Roll over and play...dead. Question many dead rockers can you name? ..
Jaws 2:my version by Richard Kallao
my version on how the sequel to the movie Jaws should had worked ...
Read excerpt from Jerry Jerry by mark dirschel
Bugs have come from space. Our time is limited...
Jessica's Intrusion by Genevieve Vesta
Jessica is lost in the woods and meets up with an unexpected visitor who is not there to help her...
Jimmy's Prayer by Philip Roberts
A short story about a young boy and the secrets behind the ritual his mother has made him repeat every day of his life...
Jingle BONES by Terry Vinson
Christmas Eve. A snowed-in bus-stop. Two strangers swap yuletide stories. Only one will survive to greet the dawn. Happy Horror-Days. ..
John Flynn's Banshee by Steven Burt
Excerpt from Steve Burt's July 2003 release, Even Odder: More Stories to Chill the Heart. (sequel to Odd Lot: Stories to Chill the Heart, which was Writer's Digest Best Genre Fiction hon. mention, ForeWord Mag's Best Horror Book hon. mention, Ben Franklin silver medalist for Best Myst/Suspense Book,..
Johnson Grass by Larry Winfield
An early 90's story, noodled on during long commutes on the bus... ..
Joseph's Favorite Game by Brian Barnett
Always beware of who you are playing Russian Roulette with. ..
Josie's Swim by Jackie Brooks
I don't consider this to be a 'horror' story but as the category I was looking for does not exist as yet, it will have to do!..
Jubokko by Lee Cushing
Six friends head out on a camping trip to the Scottish Highlands..
Jumping Jesus and the Catholic Block by Mike Purfield
Jumping Jesus is back and out of the pickle jar, dealing with 2 sisters. Can be found in the Summer 2003 issue of The House of Pain...
Just One of the Herd by Brian Barnett
A woman tries to escape a herd of zombies...
Katrina's Horror (Horror with a humorous twist) by Cat Muldoon
An arrogant amateur horror author faces a terror he does not expect. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned in this humorous horror tale.!..
Kill Me, Please by Gabriel Boutros
Vengeance can be long, slow, and painful. A man is killed, and his brother makes sure that the man he holds responsible pays for it...and keeps on paying...
Killer Kindness by Mark Grinage
Susan a small town sassy chic finally meets the man of her dreams,Timothy.He is the perfect,and kind gentleman,until Susan finds two garbage bags and a rope inside of Timothy's briefcase.On their date of romance and bliss turns to violence and chaos.Will Susan make it home,or will she become the vic..
KING of The KiLL by Terry Vinson
i>In a futuristic tournament of death, the World's most merciless serial killers vie for the right to be dubbed...'King of the KILL'.../i>..
View Photo of KING OF TWILIGHT (Intro/Excerpt) Read excerpt from KING OF TWILIGHT (Intro/Excerpt) KING OF TWILIGHT (Intro/Excerpt) by Ken Kupstis
A scene from a future horror novel, tentatively titled KING OF TWILIGHT, which revolves around a horrid rest home and a murderous generation gap. Enjoy!--K.K...
Kitch by Paul Mc Cann
There is something sinister on the menu ...
Krackt by Mike Purfield
A big fan of horror writer's Norman Christ is broken by an up and coming author, sending her over the edge. Found in issue 13 of The Hacker's Source...
Kyle's Secret by Sandy Henry
Three years after recovering from a breakdown, Kyle's buried secrets resurface...along with his penchant for murder...
La Maladie Induit (Sickness Induced) by Nickolaus Pacione
French translation of i>Sickness Induced/i>. I posted it for members of Howling Syn since they are from Quebec. The english version of this Gothic tale is posted as a pdf download. ..
Labyrinth by E T Waldron
A walk through a new Maze dream or reality?..
Ladies Of The Night PT.1 by Trixie Love
center> embed src=> bgsound src= loop=-1> ..
Lair Of The Nelapsi by Lee Cushing
A specialist team track down a pack of Nelapsi bloodsuckers to their lair..
Lang by J.A. Aarntzen
A bus driver finds a child lost in the city...
View Photo of Las Vueltas de la Vida Read excerpt from Las Vueltas de la Vida Las Vueltas de la Vida by Fernando Castellano
Spanish version short story..
Last Chance by Carly Wall
All of us have had times in our lives when we've wanted a "second chance". In this story, Susan goes just a little too far.....
Legend by Garrett Peck
A young runaway overhears a local legend and sets out to prove it isn't true. Found in STORIES THAT WON'T MAKE YOUR PARENTS HURL, edited by Selina Rosen for Yard Dog Press. A graphic adaptation of the story by award-winning artist Glenn Chadbourne was published in issue 4 of the Cemtery Dance co..
Let Sleeping Gods Lie by J. L. deGarie
Scavengers hunt for treasure in an long-abandoned library and discover that some books contain more than just words...
Let Us Dance (Light Horror) by Paul Kogel
This story was entered into a contest. We were to write on a certain "subject" (I cannot state it here for the obvious reason that then you would know) but we were not allowed to include a whole list of given words that one would normally find in such a story. We were to do this and still get the ..
LETTER TO MOM by Mark Oberhauser
written by me and my sister both of others blood. raised in an adopted home and trapped inside perfections exterior glances in the mirror. ..
Letters to Aunt Sophie by Daniel Lambert
Sherlock Holmes, H.P. Lovecraft, and other luminaries try to help a couple come to terms with strange happenings in their house...
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Horror Stories
1. Something In the House
2. Surprise! Surprise!
3. Bitter Ingredients, Bitter Pizza
4. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 1 - The Easter
5. What the Cat Dragged In
6. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 3 - The Big Bad
7. Jingle BONES
8. Reign of Goblins
9. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 2 - Hansel & Gr
10. Among The Dolls. (Part Two)
11. Bugs. (Part Two)
12. The Clown At Midnight
13. Day Of The Dead
14. Real Monsters
15. Spiders
16. All Right, Good Night
17. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 5 -Humpty Dumpt
18. Looney Tunes Lunacy
19. Something In the Attic
20. Bugs. (Part Three)

Featured Book
Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror Vol. 1
by Billy Wells

A collection of horror stories with surprise endings to tickle the scary bone of most horror fans who like a good chill...  
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Featured Book
809 Jacob Street
by Marty Young

Winner of the 2013 Australian Shadows Award for Best Horror Novel, and nominated a Notable Indie Book of 2013, 809 Jacob Street is a roller coaster ride into terror and m..  
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