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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Alantis The Deep
by Jace Watkins

Story of Alantis ,Shape shifters ,Aliens,Time Travel. A REAL GOOD STORY..PLEASE READ IT AND LEAVE A REVIEW ..THE MAGIC OF MY STORIES IS THE TALE ITSELF qand not how its w..  
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Featured Book
by Steven Marini

A serial killer is loose on Cape Cod. Are the killings random or is there method to his madness?..  
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Featured Book
by Arthur Jackson

Ever wander who the people are behind the world of corporate finance?? Travel with James Ellis and the crew of DEVCON as they become entangled in the world of corporate g..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Bound For The Dark Side, Chapter Three by Brian Cross
Barbara Blandford is a happy and powerful young woman, but events are beginning to turn against her, reviving memories of an unhappy childhood...
Bound For The Dark Side, Chapter Two by Brian Cross
Chapter two of my completed thriller about a woman with a dark side..
Bounty by Oliver Willis
Four hours. That’s how long Anna Steale had been sitting in the car, waiting for Adolpho to show up at the townhouse just outside of Burbank. The building was plain and brown, fading right into the background of suburb on top of suburb that made up LA’s San Fernando Valley. Just down the st..
Bourbon by Nancy Hannah
Nothing could ever pollute more fully..
Bowie woman first published while homeless by Patricia Yarbrough
Bowie woman first published while homeless..
Box Car Harry-short story by Lonnie Hicks
Box Car Harry..
Box Car Harry: Chapters One Two and Three by Lonnie Hicks
The Hobo Way..
Boys Night Out by Paul Mc Cann
A few friends who go out looking for fun in town meet some tricky situations ...
Brand by Keith Rowley
As we move into the age of the Thought Police, those who would command the technology of tyranny do battle in life's sewers, the natural home of all politicians.....
Read excerpt from Breach Breach by J. Quantaman
At an exclusive business summit, Jen has climbed a skyscraper and is about to attack the CEOs...
Break Through Me by Tia Walker
A girl falls in love with a musician ..
Breaking Dawn by Lonnie Hicks
Careening by Lonnie Hicks
Ethos of the Young..
Caretakers From The Past by William Rogers
Graveyards are not as lifeless as one may think...
Carmyn II by Helen Downey
In her own words Carmyn speaks her mind about her sister...
Carnival Nights PART 2 by Lori Maynard
Part 2 of the horror story "Carnival Nights"..
Carnival Nights PART 3 by Lori Maynard
Part 3 of the horror story "Carnival Nights" ..
American girl visits relatives in Romania, falls in love with a Romnanian man. They get married, the communist would not let him leave. She is pregnant, her Visa expires, she must leave. Robert in desperation swims across the Danube, crosses Yugo-Slavia, find a tunnel in an old castel in ruins. The ..
Brian A Henry's novels now as ebooks. by Brian Henry
Soon The Cottage and Blue Water will be available as ebooks...
Bring me the head of Nessie Chapter 3 by Hank Salvacion
Our hero explains his position and his opinions to the mysterious Ms. cypher..
Bring me the head of Nessie Chapter 4 by Hank Salvacion
Over dinner Seeker and Cypher learn more about each other and Cryptozoology...
Broken by John Eds
Broken Family Ties by PC Marks
A brief synopsis into the introduction of the Brooks-Grover family..
Broken Hearts by Lonnie Hicks
Broken Meldings..
Brother Burnburger's Pedigree by Patricia Backora
Preachers love to tell tall tales to keep their audience in a good (and giving) mood. But Brother Burnburger's buffoonery shows him up as a fraud. ..
Brown.... by Yvette Davis
This is a profile of Brown. He worships Satan and hates George Thomas. These two men are in the closest orbit of the Antichrist, the ruler of the Earth at the End of times. ..
Bruses From with in :Karla Reeves by Karla Reeves
The books about getting out of abuse being homeless with my daughter ...
Build Ah Man by Renee Gusta
Single African American women learn how to use what they got to build a prefect relationship with men they thought was imposible...
Bullies – Excerpt from the novel Johnny Oops by Arthur Levine
I can't take any more. The pain is killing me. Get off of me you big bully...
Burning at Both Ends by Debra Kraft
a message to a friend about the Power of Friendship ..
Burns theory of intellectual and motor development by Jay Burns
Holictic health and preventive measures to help protect ones health from aliments...
Burt Reynolds Is In Town by James Samdavid1
Burt Reynolds is in Town. Some names used are fictitious in this true story The Telephone rings at the Winnetka Police Department; “Ring..
Read excerpt from But my roommate is a nerd But my roommate is a nerd by Jennifer Park
A monologue about living in the city with another woman...
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Buying Dolls by Lonnie Hicks
Buying Dolls And More..
By Your Side part 2 by Nicola Ward
Continuing my Tokio Hotel fan story, I make a confession to Bill...
C2H by Patrick Corcoran Sr.
Charlie Two Hearts a western Book One Empty Boots..
Cajun's Story by Sarah Tagert
Her hope fading Cajun felt herself being sucked under again. As she slipped under again she heard the dreaded sound of footsteps approaching. ..
Calm & Heroism by Selena Dobbin-Gillis
One should always stay calm,especially when it can save lives. And yes, we still have HERO'S in our daily lives...
CALM & HEROISM by Selena Dobbin-Gillis
One should always stay calm, especially when it can save lives. And yes, we still have HERO'S among us...
Camelot Dimension 360 by Daton Fluker
A Dimension 360 story about another world that holds dear to the famous Camelot story. This is an entirely different story based on a different reality. ..
Camelot Dimension 360 Chapter 3 by Daton Fluker
If you love Camelot stories about king Author then you might like this one. But this is an entirely different story in a 360 universe. ..
Can anyone else hear that? by Dickon Springate
A perfectly normal Friday afternoon turned into my own private nightmare..
Can Eminent Domain Laws Help Homeowners Who Are Underwater-New Idea-9/12/13 by Lonnie Hicks
This is a debate about this going on now-what are the pros and cons? Updated: 2/21/15 New Precedent Might Help Homeowners keep their homes. Updated: 2/8/15 Self Defense tactics in Foreclosures Updated: 11/16/13 New Jersey City looking at eminent domain. Updated: 9/12/13 Jud..
Can You Clone It? by E T Waldron
A vision into the past..
Can'tlive without it by diana flori
Can't live without coffee..
View Photo of Canadaville: The Beginning Read excerpt from Canadaville: The Beginning Canadaville: The Beginning by shirley patterson
This is a story about a woman who overcame obstacles, pain, setbacks and found another new life and home in a small town under a different success...
Candle of Love by Kathleen McDonald
A young girl wants to know how her mom and dad fell in love. ..
Candy Canes-The Story by Lonnie Hicks
Candy Canes..
Candy's Going Out Tonight by P-M Terry Lamar
Modern Life, with all it's technical marvels, cannot hold back some basic, ancient fears - or the reasons for those fears...
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Featured Book
Black Leather and Blue Denim, A '50s Novel
by Jay Dubya

Black Leather and Blue Denim, A '50s Novel is adult literature for anyone who likes 1950s' teen culture. BL&BD has been given a 5 Star Rating by and by M..  
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Featured Book
Peace Corpse
by Charles Neff

It’s summer in Stockholm where international youth gather to plan peace, while opponents in their midst threaten them with disruptions and with murder. Ghada Shafi from ..  
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