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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Passport To HELL
by Terry Vinson

Pray your passport isn't stamped..'PERMANENT ReSiDeNt'.....  
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Featured Book
Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror- Vol. 2
by Billy Wells

Ten Tales of Terror If You Dare.....  
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Featured Book
Damned Grounds
by Terry Vinson

Craving a good, creepy scarefest that cuts straight to the the terrifying bone, so to speak? DAMNED GROUNDS is a masterpiece of unrelenting terror covering six deca..  
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All Horror Short Stories

25 Most Recent Horror Short Stories

Lhiannan Shee by Lee Cushing
An assignment takes Carolyn Eilerson to the Isle Of Man..
Library of Bones by Nickolaus Pacione
div align="justify">font face="times new roman" size="2">It would come to my mind as it countines to race and the dream that would project that I will begin to record this homely narrative. As I would sit here with the blank pages staring back, the thoughts that would come as in the welcoming slee..
Lid by Randall Barfield
Life and Death in the Tongue by Adam Powers
Short Horror peice that just came to me one day, hope you like it...
Lifebook by Garrett Peck
A young writer loses his mind from huffing inhalents. Appears in the Dream Unlimited CD-ROM anthology BRAINBOX: THE REAL HORROR, edited by Steve Eller. It is followed by "Breathing Deeply," an essay on how "Lifebook" came to be written. The anthology was later brought out in trade paperback by Ir..
Read excerpt from Lightning Rod Lightning Rod by Ronald Dondiego
I was trying to imagine what the last victim of "The Electric Chair" would be like. How would he meet his end? This is what I came up with - and the end is indeed a jolt!..
Lights, Camera, Action by Mark Scantlebury
A Mafia hit with an unusual, and very grisly, twist.....
Like the Moon in That Movie with Cher by Randall Barfield
I began to feel somewhat was too quiet to suit me. If only.....
Lilly by C Freire
Lilly is a woman who suffers the consequences of ignoring a point of destiny...
Lily (horror) by Chanti Niven
I thought I'd try my hand at writing a short story in a genre I have never considered writing - horror...
Ling-The Unknown Bloodsucker by Richard Kallao
original one shot story ..
Little girls kept in Fruits as Prisoners by Deep Rajvansh
This story goes around the little school girls who were caught by the ghosts to apply different tricks for their enjoyment.The girls were kept in the fruits with help of magic................
Little Horses by Dave Field
It's a short trip from happiness to devastation...
Live Burial by Sam Vaknin
Sometimes the only way to conquer our fears is to confront them head on..
Living Doll by katie senior
About Halloween!..
Looney Tunes Lunacy by Odin Roark
With so little to take one’s mind off insanity’s headlines, flash-fiction dreams have their advantage…once in a while...
Lost by david byron
Two siblings have a bad dream..
Lost in the Suburbs by Philip Roberts
He never made it to the party...
Lost Mind by A. Wallace
Man obsessed with aliens...
Mother and Daughter by Lily Alex
FANFICTION Based on the characters created by David Seltzer, Joseph Howard, Gordon McGill and Olivia Adams Smith p align="right">a href="" target="_top">The Demon Dictionary/a> Identifies Satan's Primary Demons By Name And Discusses..
Movieland Murder by G. Wells Taylor
A writer is murdered on the set of Killzone Picture's latest creature feature. Detective Wildclown is called in to find a murderer who has sunk to a new low. Click the link to read the complete short story...
Read excerpt from Lost Soul Of Once Greatness Lost Soul Of Once Greatness by Maharet H
This is actuually just something I started writing down from pure thoughts, and mental images, also heart filled with my own emotions, as people say I am deep into myself in alot of my writings. it's about a girl and her life as she has hope and peace love, kindness, then changes from her surroundin..
Louisiana's Thoughts And Musings: Mock Disaster Drill! (June 25, 2009) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Louisiana is going to be among the thousands taking part in a mock disaster drill. This time, there has been a terrorist attack that has killed hundreds and injured thousands of people. She has to keep reminding herself: "Remember. This is ONLY a drill!" Image (C) 2008, Karla Dor..
View Photo of Love Flowers From Hell Read excerpt from Love Flowers From Hell Love Flowers From Hell by Rayanda Books
A spooky treat for ghost lovers and wallpaper haters. Thinking of removing that ghastly floral wallpaper with your hubby? Think again...
Love Nest by ** Oli Hille **
A farily short (six pages) story written much like a short Stephen King Sceince Fiction/Horror story. I still enjoy readiung it and I hope you do too!..
Luck Be A Lady by James Watts
This is a rough draft. I only post final drafts after publication. Roughs are samples...
Macabre. by Michael Kersting
I still can't believe it!..
Read excerpt from Mad Dogs And Englishmen Mad Dogs And Englishmen by Ken Kupstis
Take a BYTE out of crime...(NEW!)..
Maggot by Arnold Wolf
Two teens kill a girl's uncle in order to steal his money and buy crack during a New York City heatwave, with only the ever-present flies as witnesses...
Mambo - The 1st Three Chapters by Lee Cushing
The first three chapters of my novel, MAMBO..
Man in Fog by Kevin Ward
(Short story excerpt) A man and his dad take a boating trip but have to stop because of a fog...
Maneater! (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A shark is attacking people off the Hawai'ian coast...
Master of The School by Autumn Sims
Just the first few chapters. But I want to make sure it is going well. Because my story has flashback in it. And I don't want a Lous Lamour incident. I'm no where near done. ..
Maurice Makes a Mistake by Susan Nig Carthaugh
Maurice is a very careful vampire. He never leaves anything undone. Right up until he is...
Maybe What We Need Are More Trolls Under the Bridge by B. Scully
What happens when the darkness fights back?..
Meeting Angel by J.L. Day
A beast that prowls the night in search of prey stumbles onto the pourest of pure creatures; an angel crumpled in the depths of the forest, helpless and alone...
Melissa by Carin Spirit
This is a true story, it happened not 20 minutes ago.....
Merry Christmas by Perry McGee
Merry Christmas By Perry McGee As Santa lit on Polly’s rooftop, he felt a tinge of fear. He remembered last year’s little episode and really didn’t look forward to this stop. Polly was scary. He called the reindeers to a halt and jumped from the sleigh. ..
Merryll Manning: Mind Candy by John Howard Reid
Commencing with "Merryll Manning: Trapped on Mystery Island", Miami-based police sergeant, Merryll Manning, is the detective hero of twelve mystery/suspense novels, plus two short stories. "Mind Candy", the final installment of Merryll's adventures, is hard to categorize. Not really horror, not real..
Messages by Erin Elder
A ghostly love story...
Meth Man by Robert Barlow
A horrible curse with a twist on the midas touch befalls a drug dealer...
MIAMI RUNS RED: Vampire/Horror Drama - Completed Treatment. An evil cloud descends over Florida and the descendants of Count Dracula set up shop in Downtown Miami Beach. While engaged in spell and incantation at Miami's National Museum to resurrect their infamous father, the vampire..
Michael Myers' Knife, Pumpkin by Michael St. John
A college assignment - tell a story through the eyes of a famous inanimate object.....
Read excerpt from Mind Trap Mind Trap by Bayden Hammond
Your Mind. Its Playground...
Mirror World by Paul Mc Cann
Can you see there could be life in the mirror world ? ..
Misfortune Smiles Too by Nicholas Tillemans
Misfortune Smiles Too appears in Chimeraworld 3 and in Acetone Enema: A Morbid Collection of Short Stories and Poetry. From editor Mike Philbin: "Yeah, it's true, Chimeraworld #3 can be used to gain your inheritance early. Just leave it lying around. Oops, granny picks up the book..
Misty part l by Richard Kallao
View Photo of Misunderstood/The Big Welcome Read excerpt from Misunderstood/The Big Welcome Misunderstood/The Big Welcome by Ken Kupstis
For a while I've been receiving FLASHSHOT: Daily Flash Fiction by G.W. Thomas, which are ULTRA-short stories, less than HALF a page! The form intrigued me so I tried my hand at it. (You can get FLASHSHOT emailed to you daily by emailing G.W. at maybe it's genrenews@aol..
Moo by Rick Magers
This was told to me in 1955 when I was in Bavaria and traveling to the surrounding countries regularly. Delivering my goods put me in contact with some people who had lived through many nightmares...
Moonshine by A. Warner
Something evil is suspected of multiple fires at the church of two friends. Curiosity gets the better of them and the two girls go check it out for themselves. Something happens though. Something one of them will never forget...
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Horror Stories
1. Something In the Attic
2. Surprise! Surprise!
3. The Clown At Midnight
4. Bitter Ingredients, Bitter Pizza
5. Blood Seeker
6. WHAT Goes There?
7. Blood Work
8. Passing the Torch
9. Spiders
10. Day Of The Dead
11. Blood Tide
12. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 5 -Humpty Dumpt
13. What the Cat Dragged In
14. The Love Room
15. Scarecrows. (Part Two)
16. All Right, Good Night
17. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 7 - Prince Char
18. Reign of Goblins
19. Gor
20. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 3 - The Big Bad

Featured Book
Forbidden Fruit
by Billy Wells

A father buys purple fruit at a roadside stand that turns his youngest son into a ravenous ghoul...  
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Featured Book
Macabre; A Journey through Australia's Darkest Fears
by Marty Young

Explore Australia's dark literature past, present, and future all in one landmark anthology! From the very earliest colonial ghost stories through to grim tales of modern..  
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