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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Second Predaxian War
by Karl Morgan

Book 2 in the Dave Brewster Series. The Predaxians have invaded Greater Gallia, and Dave and his friends must find new allies to push them back...  
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Featured Book
The Palomar Paradox: A SETI Mystery (Paperback)
by Richard Rydon

‘The Palomar Paradox’ sees Luper back in an astronomical observatory searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. He finds himself working with Leila, a young gi..  
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Featured Book
Showdown Over Neptune
by Karl Morgan

Showdown begins the Dave Brewster Series. Follow Dave as he travels into the future and restarts mankind's reach into the stars...  
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All Science Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Science Fiction Short Stories

SWFF: Last of the Jedi Episode 13 by Marie Wadsworth
C3PO has to check up on Master Luke and Luke has a vision that Jedi Trisha Summers is on danger aboard Naboo. ..
SWFF: Last of the Jedi Episode 14 by Marie Wadsworth
Luke goes to Naboo but Trisha makes mince meat of IG88 and begins to try to figure out who wants her dead...
SWFF: Last of the Jedi Episode 15 by Marie Wadsworth
How Luke Skywalker and Trisha Summer met and fell in love...
SWFF: Last of the Jedi Episode 16 by Marie Wadsworth
Luke and Trisha volunteer to see if the Alliance should go to Corscucant...
SWFF: Last of the Jedi Episode II by Marie Wadsworth
Princess Leia and Han Solo return from Endor as the princess volunteered herself to welcome delegates from the Tion Cluster. Leia commits Luke to attending the event...
SWFF: Last of the Jedi Episode IV by Marie Wadsworth
Queen Everon of the Tion Cluster wants to see Luke's skills as a Jedi. Luke establishes a unspoken connection between him and Leia...
SWFF: Last of the Jedi Episode IX by Marie Wadsworth
Leia comes to ask Luke to help teach her a Jedi skill that will help her with Queen Everon. Luke learns about his mother...
SWFF: Last of the Jedi Episode VI by Marie Wadsworth
Luke goes flying and decides to take a run through Beggar's Canyon on his home planet of Tatooine...
SWFF: Last of the Jedi Episode VII by Marie Wadsworth
Luke runs into some Imperial trouble when he departs from Tatooine; Han and Wedge come to his aide...
SWFF: Last of the Jedi Episode VIII by Marie Wadsworth
Leia spends the night worrying about Han and Luke. Han reports he found Luke and they were involved in an Imperial attack off Tatooine. Luke and his friend, Wedge have a drink. A tribute to Episode II in this episode...
SWFF: Last of the Jedi Episode X by Marie Wadsworth
Luke has another nightmarish vision and has no answers about what to do about them...
Synthetically Yours by Brian Gordon
A man wakes up in the distant future where the nature of reality is man made. And the reality he remembers can only be simulated...
Tailor Made by John Frochio
Genetically redesigned creatures are used to combat our enemy...
Tales of Wonder/ The Fall of Man by Edmund Plummer
The second installment of the tale that chronicles the story of the war between good and evil, this chapter tells how an angel's failure costs humanity its share of paradise. Told from the perspective of a young angel named Seraphim, this part of the tale chronicles how his own failure resulted in h..
Talking Libra by J.A. Aarntzen
"Talking Libra" is something I concocted about twenty years ago. It is a trip into the absurd using science fiction as the vehicle. It is a story about the rise and fall of a new god. ..
Tarizon: Swarm 6222 by William Manchee
The State of Merria v. Sgt. Hirah Zahn, appeal of conviction for the supreme capital offense of genocide. Hall of Interpretors, Shisk, Turvin, Planet Tarizon...
Taxbell by Zvi Zaks
When the bureaucrats make 'pleasuretax' a literal reality, some people go insane. ..
Terminal by Michael Gibbs
Sick or not, we are all terminal...
Terms of Surrender by Lee Garrett
You can never tell what will happen when alien cultures clash...
Terra by Richard Kallao
Terra part 2 : Bounce Back by Richard Kallao
Terra or Bust by Richard Kallao
Terra: Beyond 2014 by Jackie Anton
Erica is sure the world will end in 2012, but eleven years pass before her world is upended...
View Photo of That Ole Black Magic! Read excerpt from That Ole Black Magic! That Ole Black Magic! by Bradley Fralick
Here is a sort of funny little story I just wrote for y'all!..
TEMPUS NON FUGIT by Alex Drinkwater, Jr.
Everyone would like to live longer, right? MUCH longer, most likely. What,however, would be the psychological and sociological effects on society if people lived, say, three or four hundreds? Effects on population, for instance. The science fiction story "Tempus Non Fugit" (Latin for "Time Does Not ..
View Photo of The A-Men Read excerpt from The A-Men The A-Men by John Trevillian
In an unnamed future metropolis, known only as Dead City, the lives of five renegades weave together in the pursuit of dreams of being special. Mixing dark future, noir and faerie tale, this is a story of ultra-violence, love and death set in a hard-boiled mirror of our future. This is an e..
The Ad Agency by Zvi Zaks
What would advertisements look like if the government required them to be truthful and not misleading? ..
The age of the pearl by Albert Russo
little girl and grandfather survive in the age of the pearl..
The Alien Covenant Unveiled by brenda munday gifford
A dauhter must find the courage to tell her military father that she believes there is an alien conspiracy...
The Aliens Have Landed by Paul Aronson
After years of anticipating the first alien contact, is Lt. Keck really prepared for the extraterrestrial seated in front of him?..
The Ancient Ones by J Erwine
Did humanity originate on Earth or somewhere else, or possibly did some ancient culture reach the stars long ago? This story appears in Issue 1-4 of Tales of the Talisman..
The Antecedent (Part One) by J.A. Aarntzen
In a future not too far away, a man is forced to donate his genes into the creation of a hybrid creature that becomes the world's new messiah...
The Antecedent (Part Two) by J.A. Aarntzen
In the conclusion to "The Antecedent", Wade Gifford details the metamorphosis of The Wasp...
The Arelis Complex by Louis DeGrado
Threatened in their past by a war-like race, the Aurelians have now taken it upon themselves to rid the Universe of any potential threat...
The Attic Looking Glass by Marian Ghilea
Sometimes, the connections to other places in the Univers happen in the most unexpected places and in most unexpected ways...
The Big Green Rat by TONY NERONE
A trip to Dublin...
The Birthing Ritual by Susanne Bridenbaugh
War torn couple wait across centuries for yet another chance to make things right...
The Birthing Ritual by Susanne Bridenbaugh
Historic Sci-Fi tale about Civil War enemies who wait for one another across time. Reprint to appear in the Halloween Issue of Black Petals Magazine...
The Black Hole-my version by Richard Kallao
The Book by Randolph Giles
Science fiction? I will leave that up to the reader of how much is fiction and how much is truth . . ...
The Book 2 (Babel Revisited) by Randolph Giles
Part 2 of the Book...
The Boxer House by Mary Quire
Think all homes for troubled youth are the same? Then you've never heard of The Boxer House.....
The Boy in the Green Dungarees (An Easter Tale) by J. Means
Waking up as a Golden Retriever is something a 9 year old boy might enjoy...
The Boy in the Moon,part lll-Katnipped by Richard Kallao
original idea and story ...
The Boy in the Moon-part 4-Unwanted by Richard Kallao
original idea and story ...........
The Boy Who Got Locked Inside The CD Rom by Paul Mc Cann
Sometimes we get so involved with a plastic existence that it can becoame like a virtual reality . ..
The Bridge of Escaton by John Adams
The Omega Point is reached. The Technological Singularity has been born inside a simulated reality. His sole objective; to bridge the gap between Pre-Thought (Pre- Big Bang) and Post-Thought (Death) to bring forth the ultimate destiny, the end of reality as we know it, and usher in mankind's reuni..
The Call box by John Townsend
Ever had a cross line when making a call?..
THE CALL BOX--2 by John Townsend
Harry Greenback, may have been disturbed by the call box incident on Friday but? Harry is Harry...
The Calling by Gary Starta
A blues singer finds she has the power to heal with her voice. Read the details in the fictitious Cranburytown Journal...
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Science Fiction Stories
1. Southern Extinction
2. Growing Young
3. The Music Portal
4. It's in the Cards
5. Resurrection Hill
6. Honor killing -NOT DONE
7. Part 3: Poison Earth
8. The Specimen. (Part Three)
9. The Sludge (Part 5)
10. An Amber Storm From Hell
11. The Sludge (Part 3)
12. Lost Identity
13. Happy Christmas Charles
14. Terra: Beyond 2014
15. Maybe the Universe isn't Rational After Al
16. Doing Bristol
17. The WatchTower
18. Children of Mars
19. Part 1: Poison Earth
20. Part 1: Last Man Standing

Featured Book
Book 5: The Nublis Chronicles: Dark Angel
by Kate Saundby

Sanctuary of peace in the grasp of demon spawn, love is forbidden to the one leashed between the realms. What price will he pay for tasting the forbidden?..  
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Featured Book
Spiders and Gliders
by Sara Russell

An adult satirical sci fi story set in a future unified European super state..  
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