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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Zulu Zapy wins the Rainbow Nation, the hilarious sequel
by Albert Russo

“Zapy and her unky Berky win a ‘humanitarian’ journey to South Africa, a journey promising to be full of surprises and adventures. When they realize that this trip will ..  
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Featured Book
Nine New Novellas
by Jay Dubya

Nine New Novellas is a collection of nine short fiction sci-fi/paranormal works...  
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Featured Book
Philly Style and Philly Profile
by JE Thompson

In Philly Style and Philly Profile, the reader follows Andy Michael Pilgrim from Brooklyn, New York to Philadelphia where he works as a sportswriter in the seventies watc..  
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25 Most Recent Mainstream Short Stories

Discrimination::: Walmart's Furball:: aka Sam's Club TRUE STORY by Karen Dunn
True Story UPDATE: 5-15-12 Would you believe SAM'S Club is taking me to court for the charge card I was unable to pay because of the permanent Social Security Disability they caused. Court date is 5-21-12 -- I am flabbergasted over this. WalMart / Sams should be punished for the pain ..
Dissecting Beowulf by David Schwinghammer
A young man goes out on his student teaching assignment in a suburb of a large city. ..
DJ Suicide by Lou Mougin
At the end of his career, a disk jockey who's been let go finds a unique method of revenge...
Do Me...Do Me by Amy Zajac
A story about a New Year's Eve...
Do Not Sleep Forever, Beauty by anne cunningham
... retelling of a grimm tale..
Read excerpt from Does She Have A Name? Does She Have A Name? by Priscilla Maine
Faced with a life-altering situation Nikki isn't sure she can find her way back...
Donal's Application by Trisha FitzGerald-Petri
From "Making Tracks", due to be released in paperback in October 2007 (Wings ePress)..
Dr. Abby’s Story (part 3) by Sarah Tagert
Dr. Abby talks about the good experiences she has had as a dr in this final installment of her story, at least for now...
View Photo of Drew's Denial Read excerpt from Drew's Denial Drew's Denial by James Marry
A man discovers that he isn't the man he thought he was. The world can be a simple place until the real world catches up and changes reality. The story leads to some interesting conclusions of a Shut Up nature...
Druidic Bards: Gallow Bird by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
atrocious is the sound of ignorance.....
Dying Day by Alain Gracio
“You will die March 3rd of this year.” The squeaky child-like voice said from behind the lattice window screen, as he squeezed the pudgy hand it held and let go. The corpulent man inside pulled his hand from the open slot, as if he had touched a hot iron. He trembled and swallowed hard aski..
E-Commerce - The Bermuda Triangle - Baptism By Fire - Perseverance or Insanity -- BEWARE !! by Karen Dunn
East Shore Babe by Karen Cino
The complete prologue of my novel East Shore Babe...
Read excerpt from Echoes - Chapter 1 Echoes - Chapter 1 by William Darke
Read the first chapter of my debut novel for free!..
Elegant Elora by AJ Taylor
Flash Fiction. The hidden beauty of deformity...
Elsa: 1 of 3: PG Rated by Mark Lichterman
Savoring their kiss, her lips warm, her tongue still tingling, standing, Elsa pulled the elastic bands of her two-piece bathing suit over the lower swells of her buttocks and the upper swells of her breasts. ..
Elsa: 2 of 3: R rated... Careful by Mark Lichterman
Their kisses became longer, and in the water, with their bodies hidden from the eyes of those on the now-crowded beach, Elsa did allow his hand to linger on her breast and, completely impassioned by the romantic day, the tepid water, and especially Mitchell;..
Elsa: 3 of 3: R rated... CAREFUL!!! by Mark Lichterman
“Oh, Jesus!” she said aloud as she felt, and realized what he was doing, for this was mystical stuff, spoken only in whispers, only between the absolute very best of friends, girlfriend to girlfriend, and, “Ummmm!” Elsa kicked her panties off to somewhere in the sand. ..
Elysium Addendum by Mark Lichterman
For those of you that have followed the Elysium series, I sincerely want to thank you and, of course – hoping that you were not offended by anything I wrote – that you enjoyed “Elysium Fields”. ..
Elysium Field 24: Morals by Mark Lichterman
“I want to tell you something.” Mitchell’s eyes touching on Ken and Sandy, Evie and Morgan. “Those tits looked like basketballs and, no shit, felt like ‘em, too.” ..
ELYSIUM FIELD 4: Jacuzzi by Mark Lichterman
“Anyway,” Ken said, apparently not caring if Sandy kissed me or brushed her naked breasts against my arm, or, because I was hidden from the chest down by the foaming, bubbling water.....
Elysium Field 8: Sexual Scenario by Mark Lichterman
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful; a grown up version of the fourteen or fifteen year old beautiful black girl that I, in my youthful imagination, saw nude and made solitary ‘hand held’ love to, that now – sometimes dreams do come true – in real life.....
ELYSIUM FIELDS 2 by Mark Lichterman
As she leaned forward, noting – by the swaying motion of her unencumbered breasts beneath the summer-weight material of the caftan – noting that Elsa was braless, shaking her hand, “I will, thank you.” I said, thinking, I can’t wait to see you naked! ..
Elysium Fields 1 by Mark Lichterman
A beautiful woman wanting to live the life of a Jewish American Princess, (J.A.P.) Marsha’s expectations of me somewhat exaggerated because, to say the least, I’d always been a very moderate income earner. ..
Elysium Fields 12: Bare Ass by Mark Lichterman
Looking at his wife as she lay flat upon her back: Black hair bound into a pony-tail, long legs and thin thighs, her dark hair trimmed to a fine triangle, Marsha had a flat stomach, moderately sized breasts with silver-dollar size, dark areola.....
Elysium Fields 15:Joining by Mark Lichterman
Oddly, the thought of being naked and actually meeting three other naked people, two of them being men, oddly, now seemed to be rather natural. ..
Elysium Fields 16: Wine by Mark Lichterman
Glancing in his direction, their eyes touching, each quickly looked away, however, slightly changing positions, Sandy purposely opened a little more of herself to Mitchell’s view. ..
Elysium Fields 17: Sex &Wine by Mark Lichterman
About seven or eight ounces of wine gone from the re-stocked ten ounce plastic glass held in her left hand, Marsha’s right hand, draped over his outer thigh, rubbing the backside inside of her husband’s thigh… ..
Elysium Fields 18: Boob Job by Mark Lichterman
in a subdued way Marsha was a sexual person but, due to her mother, she vowed to never be as her mother and found it hard, if not impossible to show emotion during those intimate times. ..
Elysium Fields 19: Exposed by Mark Lichterman
There are limits even in a nudist park, especially in this family oriented nudist park. “This is my wife!” Mitchell snarled. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” ..
Elysium Fields 20: Utopia Lost by Mark Lichterman
As old world explorers eventually brought plague to the natives of virgin lands, Nate had become the despoiler of Marsha Goldman’s paradise, and Marsha Lipensky knew that the paradise of her youth now existed only in mind and memory...
Elysium Fields 22: Cycle by Mark Lichterman
Having something akin to a hormonal epiphany, sensing a moistening in her vagina and the tightening of her nipples, and, Oh, yeah! Marsha Lipensky liked the way her husband looked… A whole lot! ..
Elysium Fields 23: Coward by Mark Lichterman
A nagging thought triggered by Clyde’s obscene gesture: Did I do enough? What did Marsha expect me to do? He thought, hit him?..
Elysium Fields 25: Orgy 1 by Mark Lichterman
The bubbling Jacuzzi containing, minimally, two dozen naked men and women; some sitting upon the coping with legs dangling in the water. But – no monitors here – most of the men and women in the water were in varying degrees of…? camaraderie. ..
Elysium Fields 21: Lizzie by Mark Lichterman
Amazing how fast extraordinary things can become ordinary because here I was: completely naked sitting with my completely naked wife having a conversation about a sexual deviate because of a sexual deviate thinking of a woman that I once loved, and still might, as all the while naked men and women ..
Elysium Fields 26: Orgy 2 by Mark Lichterman
Having no idea why; possibly a dormant, prurient gene from her mother which, possibly, might explain Marsha’s rapid acclimation to Elysium and her lack of modesty…No! At her absolute enjoyment at being nude amongst strangers and seeing strangers, especially men strangers’ nude...
Elysium Fields 3: Penis Talk by Mark Lichterman
Okay, I’ll admit it! It was a bit gratifying to see that, though far from the relaxed appearance of the ‘greatly more endowed’, I was, appearance wise, in a relaxed appearance far from the ‘least endowed’ of the many men that I saw on this day. ..
Elysium Fields 5: Marsha by Mark Lichterman
Standing spread eagled with his palms held flat onto the shower wall, tepid water cascading over his body, thoughts of Sandy came to mind, along with the warm touch of her breast to his lips and her hand upon his penis... ..
Elysium Fields 6: Black Girl by Mark Lichterman
“Mister Lipensky… Mitchell, Most women will shy away from a place like this. Just keep reminding your wife that we are ‘family oriented’ and 'clothing optional' and that she doesn't have to get undressed unless she wants to."..
Elysium Fields 7: Nude Black Woman by Mark Lichterman
Oh, yeah! And I was finding it erotic as hell to be a few feet from this newly met, beautiful woman that was not only looking at my erected penis, albeit through rippling water, that actually thought it flattering that I even had an erection. ..
Elysium Fields 9: Sex Room by Mark Lichterman
Sexual intercourse, for me, was never ‘casual’. Actually, I’ve never made love to a woman that I didn’t truly feel ‘something’ for. Sexual intercourse, for me, was always deeply emotional.....
Elysium Fields13:Hugged Nude by Mark Lichterman
“Hi, Evie,” he said, “nice to know you.” While thinking, nice ass. As now – knowing how ‘things’ can become magnified in gently rippling water – stooping in the water as though to keep his shoulders from burning, attempting to hide what was absolutely no longer in hiding. ..
Elysium Fields14: Horny by Mark Lichterman
“Hey, I’ve an Idea!” Trying not to be obvious, studying Evie’s small, but noticeable breasts and her small, but noticeable dark nipples, “Yeah, what’s that?” Mitchell asked. ..
ElysiumFields 11: Naked People by Mark Lichterman
Feeling strange… No! Feeling downright weird being outside, among possibly a hundred other people walking alongside of a naked man, even if that naked man was her husband... ..
ElysiumFields10: Coaxing Marsha by Mark Lichterman
Switching the light on her nightstand on, turning onto her side, facing me, “You’re so tan!” Both of us completely nude, tracing her finger from my chest to my, now limp penis, “How come you hardly have any tan lines?” ..
Emily's Loss by Debra Purdy Kong
This flash fiction piece is based on a true incident that happened years ago, on a Toronto street in daylight. I didn't think readers would believe me if I wrote it that way. The story first appeared in flashquake in March 2002...
Energy -- Natural Traditional Asian Nutrient - Oriental Aphrodisiac - Russian's Secret for Olympic Trainees -- An Ancient Remedy - ANTI-AGING by Karen Dunn
Elk Velvet Antler - the Oriental Secret is now in the USA. Scientifically proven. LifeQuest Nutrient Capsules have received government approval for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). BR>BR>So I found the "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH" -- possibly --probably -- you be the judge! While surfing on the net one d..
Enjoy a chapter from A Brownstone in Brooklyn! by JE Thompson
"Sister Love" a character introduced in Chapter Six of A Brownstone in Brooklyn will capture your interest and then your heart!..
Enjoy a chapter from the National Award Winning The Ghost of Atlanta! by JE Thompson
In Chapter Twelve critical events increases the tension in the National Gold Medal Winning Novel!..
Enjoy the PROLOGUE to Philly Style and Philly Profile! by JE Thompson
After Reading the "Prologue" please click on the link to listen to the audio version of Philly Style and Philly Profile!..
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20. Off Ramp: Weekly Short for 12/01/2014

Featured Book
The Goatfooted Children-Excerpt 1 or Who's That Stranger in
by B. B. Riefner

The Goat Footed Children chronicles the stories of fourteen individuals who have dyslexia, their struggles and triumphs, their tragedies and successes. This except chron..  
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Featured Book
La Llorona (The Wailing Woman)
by Leslie Garcia

Evil walks the banks of the Rio Grande. Children are being sacrificed in the dark waters.....  
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