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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Farrago: More Stories
by Lucille

Second literary collection since Pastiche: Stories and Such..  
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Featured Book
A Cafe In Arcadia
by Steve Kerr

Allan Krokkos arrives in a remote insular town in southern Greece.He encountres a group of jaded ex pats at odds with the locals who in turn are at odds with themselves...  
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Featured Book
by Odin Roark

What causes America's mainstream media to fear and try to destroy a group of artists and their work? What happens when such a creative movement grows in strength and thr..  
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All Literary Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Short Stories

Mirage by Muhammad Al Mahdi
Short Story..
MIRIAM'S LIFE by Miranda Pope
Offering everything..
Mirror Lake by Joseph Van Nurden
Short story segment from a larger work on the life of a kayak bum..
Misconstrued Dreams by Sandra Mushi
Miss Joan Mowat by Randall Barfield
NOTE: I've always loved Christie's Miss Marple, so, here is a humble, brief attempt to recreate some of that spirit we feel when reading her...
Read excerpt from Miss Josie and Dubie Miss Josie and Dubie by Bonnie Torrente
This heart-hugging story is based on a true one. One with a happy ending!..
Read excerpt from Mistaken Assumptions Mistaken Assumptions by
A father as a murderer and your mother taken away from you, your life going to hell, nobody believes anything you say. Everyone is terrified of the scar on your face and the history of your past, how long will it last before people realize that you're not your father and never will be? This is the s..
Molly by Sandy Brown
Cleve Sylcox - this one is for you. Thanks for the encouragement. ..
Moloka'i Boy by Kirby Wright
A boy encounters life and death on his grandmother's remote island ranch. ..
Moments of Awakening Chapter Five by Jack Daley
Jack takes us through a series of dreams that lead to a moment of awakening in the next chapter...
Mommy, it's Snowing!! by Mark Lichterman
Standing just outside the open door, speaking softly, “Ma‑me.” Whispering, so he thought. “It snowed last night an’ it’s still snowin’ now an’ I wanna go outside! Ma‑me! Wake up, Ma‑me!” ..
Monday by Toby Russell
I don't want to put a summary in here, it's very short and hopefully worth the time...
Monsoon Sonata by Amit Saha
This story has a setting of rural, coastal Bengal. It is inspired by Satyajit Ray and Amitav Ghosh...
Moon Song by Cristina Van Dyck
Short Short: All Melissa wants in life is a family. Her newest foster family is everything she ever dreamed of, but do they feel the same? ..
View Photo of Mooney Read excerpt from Mooney Mooney by James Marry
Take a little trip down a nice neatly trimmed garden path. Oh yeah? Life imitates what??? A new beginning starts off with an old man's scream and ends with a day of school. Short and sensitive. Are you up to it?..
Morning News by Damaa --
Damn it! Raymond kicked the door with the worn steel toe of his Doc Martin boots in frustration. Jiggling the lock impatiently, white billows of breath occupied the space separating him and the rigid door. The clouds of air became thicker with his rising frustration. His hold on the key tighten..
Morning Song - a Child's Story for Adults on CD by Timothy Richardson
"Morning Song" by Timothy Victor Richardson explores the funny and frightening initiation rites of childhood through the eyes of a six year old boy's first camp experience. The strong rhythms of this early, coming-of-age story reveal the author's real vocation which is poetry. W..
Mother's a Whore by Mark Lichterman
“The bastards always tried to get rid of me!” Marsha went on. “And when I was ten ‘good old Morrie’ handed me ten bucks and told me to ‘go out and buy myself a present’. But I got stubborn and told him ‘no’ and wouldn’t budge. So mother and ‘good old Morrie’ had to go someplace else. Later, when sh..
Mr. Julius Flanagan, Novelist by Randall Barfield
“You always say that, Bixby. How many times have I protested one of your selections?” ..
Mr. Kim by Stephen Kata
Short Story..
Mr. Melvin Brownstone by J. Higgins
The story of a violinist that meets Death and strikes a deal to save his life...
Mr. Sen by Amit Saha
Short story..
Mrs. Macon's cemetery by Jerry Engler
Based on a true discovery about what the legacy of slavery did in a family...
Ms. Jackson, An Excerpt from Love Lessons by Terren Grimble
Ms. Jackson, Ms. Jackson, An Excerpt from Love Lessons..
Musings in a Virginia Graveyard by Gene Williamson
Runaway Slave and the Headless Pirate...
Muumuus and Budweiser by Lisa Adams
Taste of "Sun Dance Season"..
My Adara by Chris Canuel
This isn't really a complete story, but more of an exploration of either a book or a completed short story. Would love some feedback...
My Aunt Sitha by Marge Fulton
Written just prior to a local herb festival just for fun!..
My Eyes by Lisa Adams
What we see..
My Girl by Lisa Adams
You'll be ok..
My Hedges by Linda Nelson
My fictional neighbors who live next door are always bringing home exotic pets. Now what have they brought home?..
My Hero the Villain by Anne Whitaker
An award winning short story on the theme of Growing Up ..
My Magnum Opus - by Arifa Khan - Publishing Offers Welcome by Arifa Khan
Description of a village fair in a quaint Indian town..
My Name is Darla by L Hippler
“My Name is Darla” is an excerpt from chapter 17 of my novel, Cathedral Street a story of three brothers who have only extraordinary courage in common. The novel follows them through the factories, boardrooms and neighborhoods of Baltimore in the last quarter of the 20th century. It’s a story of ..
My Name is David by Barry Eysman
lonely boys must die now and then, for no particular reason..
My Presuming Heart by Richard Strachan
Throughout my life I have excised those things that cause me pain. People especially. If they hurt me, through indifference or malice, or through being too painful to be with, then they are gone from me. Forever. I remove myself entirely from their company; contacts are broken, calls are left unansw..
My Shorts (Introduction) by Paul Kogel
I hope you will enjoy my shorts. Please comment...
My Street Philosophy by David Arthur Walters
From Confessions of the Runaway Kid. What is The Loop?..
Mysterious Cellphone by Linda Nelson
Jada takes time out of her busy schedule to do a bit of housecleaning. While she is vacuuming her couch, she finds a cellphone which does not belong to her...
NAME by liaquat razvi
Read excerpt from Nannie's Cat Nannie's Cat by Joseph Rinaldo
Nannie does not want to move in with her children just because she is old now. She does the best she can to fend off their forceful invitations, but she knows that sooner or later she will become her worst fear: a burden on her family...
Nausea by David Arthur Walters
Thank g-d for KKK girls..
Nee, A Hallow's Eve Tale by Kimberley Sher
Discover the truth about the ghost and the famous Tulip staircase..
Nessun dorma, The Opera by Dominic Caruso
An oriental Princess who would rather die than love and a oriental Prince who would rather love than die. Puchini's famous Nessun Dorma in story form.....
New Book Coming by Mary Verdick
Finally, of course, "That Certain Summer" is the love story of Sally and Ricardo, who come from vastly different backgrounds and experiences, but are kindred souls who find each other. Theirs is not an easy journey, and they must go through many twists and turns and suffer heartbreaking doubt and su..
Nicolo's Tragedy by D. Kenneth Ross
The story of lives enmeshed in a tragic love story as seen from the eyes of one of the characters who is now dead...
Night Owl by Kathleen Clauson
This powerful story recants the fate of the Romani gypsies, forced out of Berlin in 1936 in preparation for the Olympic games and the power of a dying grandmother to save her granddaughter. ..
Night Train to Cologne by A. Colin Wright
A man returns to Germany and meets the woman he once was in love with. But now he must decide whether to go back to England with his wife.....
Nightmare By Enlightenment by B. B. Riefner
Teeing it up with the Almighty or what handicap does one get when God is on one's team? ..
Nightmare Por Locos by B. B. Riefner
Travelers and tourists are very different animals. ..
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7. Beer Neck Flower
8. Man Tasting Pain
9. Take Me, I'm Free (Flash Fiction)
10. The Walls Come a'Tumblin'
11. Self Defense
12. 2012: Verge of Destiny
13. Eva Makes a Decision
14. Iron Rose - 27
15. IT
16. The Messenger
17. Italian Tale
18. Bui Doi (The dust of life)
19. Home
20. Mr. Kim

Featured Book
The Comb in the Urinal and Other Perplexities of Life
by Thomas Neviaser

"The Comb in the Urinal" is sixteen short stories recounting scenarios about inanimate objects that I have come upon in my travels and what human circumstances occurred t..  
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Featured Book
The Comb in the Urinal and Other Perplexities of Life
by Thomas Neviaser

"The Comb in the Urinal" is sixteen short stories recounting scenarios about inanimate objects that I have come upon in my travels and what human circumstances occurred t..  
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