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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Jeremy and the Winter of the World-Wide Stalker
by Mark Sutton

Britain's strangest pervert and stalker is back, weirder, filthier, and sexier than ever before! 'Jeremy and the Winter of the World-Wide Stalker' sees the retu..  
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Featured Book
Poisoned By Yew
by Janice Scott

A collection of all the short stories featured on my pages here at Authors' Den...  
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Featured Book
Whatever! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age
by Beverly Mahone

Whatever! is an inspirational and humorous look at growing older through the eyes of a self-proclaimed diva and baby boomer. Topics include weight gain and menopause, mi..  
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All Humor Short Stories

25 Most Recent Humor Short Stories

FLAHSBACK INTO POVERTY by George Liebermann, M.D.
When he was a small child, they were very poor,but had a rich landlord. He was always hungry. He got up at night, crawled into the landlord's chicken empire and stole an egg from the hen that sat under an old Singer sawing machine...
Flashmob in Space by Richard Kallao
original idea just a short story about hav ing fun ..
Read excerpt from Flight Risks Flight Risks by Mary Lou Connolly
Ever get on the wrong plane? Read this to see what happens when two women swap gate and plane numbers in Hawaii...
Flipper by wayne Carlan
Another true story by Dr. Philbilly...
Flowers Make Wonderful Pets by Henry Lefevre
Some pets are compliant...
Flowers off the Wall ll : Picking Roses by Richard Kallao
original idea and story ...
Flowers off the Wall lll:Did you See that Pink Hippo ? by Richard Kallao
original idea and story..
Flu Season by D. Kelly
Now, where did I put that snake?..
Fluffy The Gangbuster. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A cat knows how to wrap her furry paws areound people, even when they are being less than kind. Fluffy also knows what to do if her family is in danger, as this story shows...
Flushed Away II by Ron Karcz
This is what happens when my Boston Red Sox lose and I've had one too many Crown Royal Cask #16 shots on the rocks...
Fly Sex by leigh leigh
My loneliness goes too far...
Flying Down to Rio by Lucille
Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire eat your hearts out..
Food for Seconds Thoughts by Richard Kallao
original idea ...
Food for Thought by Richard Kallao
a little reminder here if our own population keeps growing we might end up eating each other ..........
Football Terms for Dummies by Diana Estill
Football terminology defined by a frustrated wife..
Footballing shark by Garry Ansell
tale about a shark playing footy..
Forbidden Fruit: Chapter I by Ruby Marlowe
Eden, population 2,500. It's about as far from L.A. as the UFO Pictures team could get. But when the accountant only greenlights the budget for yet another documentary/hack in this backwater town, director Charlotte Stratemeyer chases more than 50-year-old ghosts...
Forbidden Fruit: Chapter II by Ruby Marlowe
The saga continues in Eden for Charlotte and Team UFO. The town council meeting exposes friends, enemies and a wet T-shirt contest!..
Forever Unread by Carla Sarett
A professor discovers the joy of reading romance. This one's for fun...
FORREST GUMP goes to Heaven by Paul Berube
Ya gotta love Forrest...
Forward or Die by Laura MacRae
All chain mail must be forwarded, or our very fates will be in the hands of the email ninjas...
Foul Creatures of the Night by Larry Lounsbury
A little account written by my wife concerning some night visitors...
Fowl Play by Debra Purdy Kong
To celebrate Canadian thanksgiving, I wrote a humor/horror/ghost story with an unusual slant. Fowl Play first appeared in Futures Magazine in July 2004...
Fractured Ribs by Richard Kallao
Frank and Ernest by Miller Caldwell
Oh to be perfect.........
Frank and Rudy Camping Out by Arnold Snyder
Two boys in 1960s Detroit set off firecrackers at night under the window of a concentration camp survivor...
Freakhouse ! by Michael Kersting
Mac the repair guy was in for a special treat...
Freddy Fletcher’s Flatulence by Michael Hogan
He did little to enlarge the hole in the ozone and can't be blamed for global warming, but Freddy Fletcher did contribute to climate change...
Free Write A Humans Adventure Towards Evolution Story by Nolan Hargrove
Mindset Revolution Part One Personal Log: July 7th 2002AD It was just another Sunday and I was on a walk along the Nooksack River near the tall trees of Washington State. It was a bright sunny day, and a bit hotter then I liked, yet I can’t complain sense most of the yea..
Free-T-Bone-Thursday by Rodd Jokre
Thought up: 2.6.04 – 8:01am Written: 2.7.04 - 4:29 pm #28..
Freeze Dry Fido? by J.C. Reese
Why bury or cremate your pet when you have another option?..
Fresh Milk 1968 by Carolyn Matherne
A tale of simple amusement on the farm..
Fried Matzos and Ham, Sam, I Am! by Mark Lichterman
The Walter Lipenskys had never kept Kosher. As a matter of fact their apartment on the west side of Chicago and their home in Skokie had been the ‘free zone’ for any relative or friend with a Kosher zealot for a mate who might be in need of a pork fix. ..
Friends and Lovers by Dean Michaels
Sometimes the best lovers are right under your nose...
Friggin' Maricella! by Anthony Miller
This is a piece of flash fiction written for an in-house contest at Author's Ink. It was based on a picture prompt and won that week...
Frog Spit and Snail Trails by Cynthia Borris
What's an author to do when a character won't stay between the pages?..
Frolicking 4 Leggers by Rodd Jokre
Thought up: 5.4.02 – 8:41am Written: 5.11.02 – 12:13am #8..
From Theale by Bella Lusago
A short exert from working as a temp..
Frou-Frou, the cat who supported the French Revolution by Douglas Skopp
Another in my series, "Little Known Cats Who Have Helped Humankind." I wrote these to relieve the darkness of writing my dark novel, Shadows Walking, about a Nazi doctor.....
Fukawees by Mark Lichterman
Her eyes seemingly focused on some faraway point to the west, reflected in the golden rays of the setting sun, Phyllis’ face had a shining glow. Her dishwater-blond hair hanging in straight, wet strands down her back, her head held high, her neck arched, her youthful, pink-nippled breasts pointed ou..
Fukawees 3: A Cigarette by Mark Lichterman
“Norm, all the cool kids in high school smoke! Come on, stop acting like a baby!” Taking a deep drag, Ronald held the smoke in his lungs a moment, then with an enjoyable, “Ahhh!” exhaled through his nostrils. “Come on!” he coaxed. “You don’t want to be kid all your life! It’s real adult to smoke!” ..
Full Moon by Edita Petrick
A promise is a all costs...
Fun at North Pole by Miller Caldwell
Laugh with me!..
Funny for Writers by Divinity 11
Something funny happened that all writers can relate to. ..
Funny Humiliation by Jacquelynne Haycook this really is pretty humiliating for me, but after telling my best friend and her damn near wrecking her car from laughter, she told me that I just HAD to write this for others to laugh at too! So here goes.......
FutureNow by Farrell Winter
With throngs wildly cheering Sarah Palin's every lame remark, perhaps "FutureNow" is not so much fiction as prediction. A day in the life of a government agent, on the lookout for terrorists; and a complacent, even cooperative public. Caution: Contains profanity and violence...
GAA Channel by Paul Mc Cann
A radio broadcast of the All Ireland Hurling Final gets out of control ...
Garage Sale Junkies by Emma Willey
This is a story about garage sales shopping as a hobby after retirement. ..
GARMIN, SHOW ME THE WAY by Donna Chandler
Do you think you can't get lost while using a GPS? Think again...
Garry Trotter and the Portal of Pleasure #3 (Adult Humour) by Ian Thorpe
Chapter 3 - continuing our serialised Garry Trotter - Boy Wizard adventure...
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20. All's Well That Ends Well

Featured Book
Jeremy and the Winter of the World-Wide Stalker
by Mark Sutton

Britain's strangest pervert and stalker is back, weirder, filthier, and sexier than ever before! 'Jeremy and the Winter of the World-Wide Stalker' sees the retu..  
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Featured Book
Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics
by Jay Dubya

Thirteen Sick Tasteless Classics satirizes and lampoons thirteen famous short fiction works that are given new adult spins...  
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