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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Rocking Chair
by Jeff Ovall

Find a well lit room and keep a friend nearby. This story will have you peeking out the window from under your blanket...  
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Featured Book
P O D (The Pattern Universe Book 2)
by Tobias Roote

POD is the second instalment of The Pattern Universe..  
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Featured Book
Book 6: The Nublis Chronicles: The Artemesian Mandate
by Kate Saundby

Vice of men consuming greed, the defense awakens near too late. Hell hound and full moon, what price a demon to defend the light? Book VI in the Chronicles of Nublis ..  
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All Science Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Science Fiction Short Stories

The Gap into Heaven by P. B. Dillon
5000 word story about a scientist striving to invent teleportation, but who may have inadvertantly discovered something far greater. ..
View Photo of The Garden on the Edge of Time Read excerpt from The Garden on the Edge of Time The Garden on the Edge of Time by Francis Eaden
Brilliant scientist, Thomas Cormac learns an astounding truth about the Time-Space Continuum that makes up the universe and creates a special world to protect his beloved daughter from the growing baseness of humankind...
The Gathering by Helen Downey
John went camping, but he didn't know that he was being observed by others...
The God Factor by Chuck Finn
Try and try again.......
the golden dragon boy by Albert Megraw
A youth seeks answers to his existance, travelling the universe on a dragon in his quest to find and know himself...
The Heart of Atlantis by Michael Ault
A parallel universe story, with my usual twist, and of course shaken, not stirred...
The Heart of Lucy by Loren Presley
Author Reuel created Lucy, an artificial human being. But something is wrong with her.....
The Hitman by Michael Ault
A story with a twist, shaken, not stirred..
The Ice Planet by Rod Glenn
The Ice Planet by Rod Glenn is a short science fiction story in the form of a journal...
The Ideal War by Paul Mc Cann
This story is an abstract glimpse of art for arts sake and the constant battle between the haves and the have nots . The story highlights an ideal future where we can have lasting peace ...
The Incident by Regis Auffray
It happens all the time. It could happen to you... ...perhaps it has and you just don't realize it...
The Interview by Robert Pielke
There's a place where "religious faith" is blasphemy. "Certainty" is the only acceptable mode of thought -- the penalty for non-compliance is death...
The Key by Jeanne Owens
a young girl learns she is to decide the fate of the world in this scifi (or fantasy?) story someone started and gave me permission to finish. ..
The Kingdom of Heaven by Asia Wicht
it's about this girl who goes to her home kingdom after a death in her family and reunites with her old friends...
The Last App:Smartphone Zombies by Michael Eads
TO THE YOUNGER generation giving up anything seems inconceivable, especially their precious gadgets. ..
The Last Book. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A boy cherishes his favorite possession: a book. It's the only thing left after Martians attacked his village...
The last man on Earth. by Jack Kuperman
473 words...
The Last Person On Earth. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A boy struggles to survive after a nuclear holocaust. Image (c) 2005, by Karla Dorman...
The Last Terran by Victoria Randall
Rory may have been the last member of the human race And they were not very popular any more...
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part Five by Peter Jessop
The fifth part of the Intergalactic Assassin story. (I suggest reading parts 1 to 4 first}..
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part Eight by Peter Jessop
Part Eight of the Intergalactic Assassiin tale. (Suggest reading parts 1 to 7 first)...
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part Eleven by Peter Jessop
Part eleven of the Galactic Assassin story. Suggest reading part one to ten first)..
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part Four by Peter Jessop
Part four of the intergalactic assassin story (I recommend reading parts 1 to 3 first)...
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part Nine by Peter Jessop
Part Nine of the intergalactic assassin story. (Suggest reading part one to part eight first)..
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part One by Peter Jessop
First part of a new story..
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part Seven by Peter Jessop
Part Seven of the galactic assassin story (suggest reading parts 1 to 6 first)...
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part Six by Peter Jessop
Part Six of the galactic assassin story (suggest reading part 1 to 5 first)..
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part Ten by Peter Jessop
Part ten of the galactic assassin story(suggest reading parts 1-9 first)...
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part Three by Peter Jessop
Part 3 of the intergalactic assassin story. (I recommend reading parts 1 & 2 first)..
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part Twelve by Peter Jessop
The final part of the galactic assassin story. (Suggest reading part 1 to 11 first)..
The Last Testimony Of An Intergalactic Assassin Part Two by Peter Jessop
Second part of the intergalactic assassin story. (I recommend reading part one first)...
The Last Train Home by John Townsend
Imagine you step out of a train onto the station platform, but its not the same...
The Last Unemployed Man by James Nelson
(2100 words) Futuristic: Bentley Durant is in charge of computer listings of births, deaths, employment. Joe English is unemployed; there’s no designation for unemployed. This story comes from the book "Strange & Weird Stories."..
The Last Woman on Earth by LaMonte Henderson
The last human on earth kissed herself goodbye and boarded her small charter plane headed for the airport in Westhaven, San Angeles. As she waved goodbye to herself from the tiny cabin window she noticed a tear streaming down her cheek and she couldn’t help it; she cracked a smile despite ..
The LastStop Motel by Michael Gibbs
The road less traveled is less traveled for a reason...
The Legacy of Pnomos - Intro by William Rayer
Preface to the second book of Pnomos..
The Lifting of the Veil by Chris Tejeda
Thomas Hayward has survived an apocalyptic global event and must lead a small band of survivors against the forces that now populate Earth. Desperately, against a toxic land and a soulless enemy, he tries to gather the survivors and lead them toward the one location that may hold one part of the..
The Light at the End of the World by Thaddeus Howze
An impending apocalypse forces a man to confront his life's lack of meaning...
The Limit of Tolerance by J Erwine
The Lemec from A Problem in Translation have returned in a new story from J Alan Erwine, and once again they have differing views from humanity of how the universe should be run. Available in the newest issue of Hadrosaur Tales, available at The Genre Mall...
The List by Michael Gibbs
One of the stories from my book, A Fairy of Anneliese Glade...
The little gods. by michael potter
A young couple are given a flying saucer...
The Lives of Billions by J Erwine
If we find life on Mars, even microbial life, should we still colonize and terraform the planet? That's the problem facing scientists living on Mars. This story appears in Esperance, an anthology dedicated to James Baker...
The Lone Survivor (Upgraded) by Michael Kersting
A possible explanation for the "Abominable Snowman"..
The Long Run by Richard Kallao
The Longers by Joy Leftow
This is an unfinished story. I just wanted to try something different...
The Lost Boy: Chapter 3 (FREE Sample) by Mark Sheldon
Chapter 3 of "The Lost Boy" - the first installment in Mark Sheldon's 12-part series, "The Noricin Chronicles."..
The Man at the Water by Barbara Marjanovic
A beginning project of Sci Fi - very raw, but a work in progress..
The Man in the Mirror by Thomas Hay
Who is the Man in the Mirror? ..
The Man Who Fell by Duane Pesice
The Man Who Fell “I’m tired,” he said, and toppled from his stool. Myself and the other patrons were naturally taken aback somewhat by this, and hastened to help the fellow up. This was made slightly more difficult to accomplish by the gentleman being unconscious, and thereby being..
View Photo of THE MARTIAN WEB BUGS! Read excerpt from THE MARTIAN WEB BUGS! THE MARTIAN WEB BUGS! by Bradley Fralick
This is a story which could be on my web page!..
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Science Fiction Stories
1. Resurrection Hill
2. Maybe the universe isn't rational after al
3. Doing Bristol
4. Part 3: Poison Earth
5. It's in the Cards
6. The Sludge (Part 8)
7. Happy Christmas Charles
8. Lost Identity
9. The Music Portal
10. Honor killing -NOT DONE
11. Rich Man, Poor Soul
12. The Sludge (Part 11)
13. The Spy in the Sky
14. Spring Heeled Jack
15. Living On Mars: Our Story. (Part One)
16. Part 1: Poison Earth
17. An Amber Storm From Hell
18. The WatchTower
19. Growing Young
20. Children of Mars

Featured Book
Tears of Gallia
by Karl Morgan

Book 4 in the Dave Brewster Series is a tale of one man's insane thirst for revenge. Dave, his friends, and the entire galaxy are put in grave danger to satisfy Fola Unto..  
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Featured Book
Head of the Beast
by Martyn Kinsella-Jones

The first in the series of Paul Calvin novels. Special Kindle edition...  
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