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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The House of Stones
by Carole Holt

The Earth tired of being ripped apart by humans which are killing many of the other life forms on the planet by their actions and way of life. Call on one of the most pow..  
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Featured Book
Choices Meant for Gods
by Sandy Lender

Choices Meant for Gods is a tale of prophecy twisting out of control in the captivating realm of Onweald--where even the gods have to turn to an unlikely fugitive for hel..  
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Featured Book
The Third Peregrination
by Edward Patterson

Book Two of The Jade Owl Legacy Series..  
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All Fantasy Short Stories

25 Most Recent Fantasy Short Stories

Larry's Shrine by Kim McDougall
"Larry's Shrine" is a surreal fantasy in which the power of a shrine is used for selfish ends. Look for it this fall from Albedo One Magazine. ..
Last Flight of the Griffon Rider by Ralph Nicholls
an excerpt from another novella which is to appear in the anthology of novellas and short stories based on the science fiction/fantasy role-playing game Legacies of the Artificer..
Last Guard by john zimmerman
For the last few months I have been working on a fantasy novel -- I now at about chapter 12 and 40,000 words or so. Here is an excerpt beginning at chapter one, page one enjoy.....
Le Prete Rosso" by Sherry Hall
The beginning of the life of one of the very finest composers who ever lived, and most definitly of the baroque era.....
Legend of Drunken Sorceress: An Early Adventure in Sorcery by Jeanne Owens
Riss Cobalt, sorceress supreme, recounts a story of being drunk in this short adventure taking place before the novel Kismet and Tell. ..
Legend of Legend: a disallusioned knight seeks the Truth by Ralph Nicholls
Sir Tobius Arliss Diantes is a paladin. He left his home early in life to go out and make his own fortune and gain to himself glory. But his God, the Mogen David, had other plans for the self-centered and self-righteous chevalier. Diantes is destined to expose the hypocrisies and false teachings,..
Lemon Tree by Richard Kallao
Lemon Tree part ll :Cherry Blossom by Richard Kallao
Les Biflides se souviennent by Guy Boulianne
Voici l'extrait d'un texte publié dans Le petit canard illustré, No.5, février-mars 1994, Belgique :..
Lesson Learned :Broken Kindness by Richard Kallao
Let the Adventure Begin by Richard Kallao
original in tribute too Indiana Jones ..
Let The Blood Flow.. by Broccoli Man
Story about Khârn the Betrayer...
Let's make A Deal by Rick Magers
Danny Cuamo had plans for his twenty-ninth, and last New Years Eve. He had been thinking about it for quite awhile and now that it was only hours away he was glad. One big bang, he thought, and it’ll all be over. Danny was born normal—healthy—happy—and high spirited. He was a child that got..
Lies in The Mirror by M McBryar
What happens when your reflection comes to life?..
Life's Remix by Jade Kovac
Life’s Remix, Track One: Techno Suicide By Jade Kovac Rain. Endless, unmerciful rain. Its counterparts in the wet seduction of the mind, thunder and lightening, were as equally merciless. For the past three weeks the residents of the town had rarely seen anything but rain. It sl..
Lighting God by Shirley Caruth
Rondo's wife gives birth to twin boys one is strike by lightening in the nursery. His wife is strike by lightening during the same storm. Rondo's remaining son grows up to be the Lightening God and marrys the Lightening Goddess...
Like Mother, Like Twins: An Adventure in Sorcery by Jeanne Owens
Riss Cobalt, sorceress supreme, and her family go on a little outing into the city...
Lilac Memories by Tami Parrington
Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My by Yvonne Hadley
“Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My… Lions, Tigers, and Bears Oh My” is the song three young female teens sang as they energetically and happily skipped through a heavily wooded path...
Little Mouse Has A Party by Janice Engle(rainbows)
A Party for a mouse, but something is missing! ..
Little One's First Christmas by Ann Marquette
Earlier in Little One’s journey with her traveling companions, Angel Mary told her about Thanksgiving and Christmas. Little One is now on her way to a special place where she will have a special surprise during her first Christmas celebration. ..
Loiusiana's Journalings (Entry #9) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Louisiana Sandusky writes in her journal for the second time today...
Look Out part l by Richard Kallao
Loose Rabbit: Roman and Javier, the Early Years by Ellen Maze
Elder Roman and his young proselyte Javier play a large role in the smash vampire novel, Rabbit: Chasing Beth Rider. This is a short tale of how the two met...(Read more at, Loose Rabbits)..
Lost - Part 1 by Misti Beaver
A story about a lost Fairy and her new friends. ..
Lost and Found by Richard Kallao
Lost in Space : Lost on Gilligan's Island . by Richard Kallao
This one I needed to tell it's....... original but characters are not mine . idea had had been stuck in my head for awhile.........
Lost in Space : My Reboot by Richard Kallao
not original but my take on the subject enjoy ...
Lost in Space : My Reboot part ll : Enter the Villian by Richard Kallao
Lost in Space: Part 4: Lost on Gilligan's Island:Around the Marbary Bush We by Richard Kallao
i try to finish all my stories..
Lost Shot by Louise Kay
A photographer finds that capturing mythic animals is no easy task...
Love is Myth - Alienation is Real by * Starman * *
A short story about fear and trembling in one's own head...
Love, Death, and Loneliness by Douglas Brown
A free short story from my Epertase world. Rasi remembers a time during the war with the Heathens...
Love, Myths, and Monsters by JoAnne Myers
11 tales of fantasy, intrigue, and mystery entwined within the human world..
Lover's Hands Part 1 by G. Roscoe
Can you truly buy love?..
Read excerpt from Lulea or The Magic Cloak (Epilogue) Lulea or The Magic Cloak (Epilogue) by Robert Brown
Readers of Children's Fantasy may recall Frank L. Baum's (of i>The Wizard of Oz/i> fame) book: i>Queen Zixi of Ix or The Story of the Magic Cloak/i>. In it, the fairy queen Lulea decrees that a magic cloak that grants wishes to its owner be woven and given to mortals, with the usual predictab..
Luncheon Mystery by John Banasiewicz Jr
dream i had one day on a lake..
Lustivia by Christina Davidson
Prologue The cold, that was the first thing I remembered, laying on the damp ground, the moisture seeping through my torn and bloodied clothing making me shiver violently with the cold. Suddenly he was there, wrapping me in a warm cloak and carrying me to safety and warmth. A stranger, m..
Lux's Death by Mark Coveny
Dark - An abused child looks for a way out of his life...
Mad Max :Anger Management by Richard Kallao
Mad Max:From The Ashes A Hero will Rise Again by Richard Kallao
original I hope someone tells Hollywood I wrote a story for Mad Max,my reboot of it, I think its time...
Mad Max:Part 2: Reborn. by Richard Kallao
Mad Max:Part 4:Chicken by Richard Kallao
Mad Max:part 5:Overcome by Richard Kallao
Mad Max:Unfamiliar Ground.part lll by Richard Kallao
Magical Love by Wendy Willett
A writer goes into a haunted decrepit mansion to feed her muse. Her wizard husband is against it and tries to convince her it is unsafe. While inside, she encounters a young ghost who hasn't crossed over...
Make Believe This. by Richard Kallao
original,heres an idea, the old west meets the land of make believe ...
Man & Woman by Deborah Richards
March of Decades by Daniel McTaggart
What happens when an old lady finds the Philosopher's Stone in a Pennsylvania field? ..
Marine Sixteen by Sunayna Prasad
A girl gets out on a boat trip for her sixteenth birthday. She then gets separated by a storm and ends up with a talking whale..
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Fantasy Stories
1. Lover's Hands Part 1
2. Family Brew: a tale of witchery and weddin
3. The Old Man and the Daring Kids
4. Shadow's Daughter: Flight of the Fox
5. A Goddess Awakens Chapter 14
6. Out of the Sun
7. The Phantom Library
8. An Unlikely Hero (full version)
9. Kingdoms All part part 11:Brothers and Sis
10. FREE AudioBook Fantasy Short Story
11. Games of the Gods
12. Secrets in Sulsut - Episode I (full versio
13. Crayon Message
14. The Last Sunset on Gilligan's Island
15. Surreal Dummy
16. An Adventure in my own Back Yard.
17. Tales of the Amomancer: Jennai's Ode
18. Reality Becoming...
19. Sha'Mung and the Great He and She
20. Robin Hood and Marion:A Kiss Unbound

Featured Book
Embraced by Darkness BOOK ONE Sacrifices
by Tarah Wolff

Three women with the power of will show their strength when the very survival of humans is threatened...  
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Featured Book
The Gospel According to Lilith: Fantasy (10) free audio chap
by Lonnie Hicks

This is an historical fiction novel re-telling the story of the bible from the point of view of Lilith--God's wife, who as bewitched by Lucifer in heaven, conceived a chi..  
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