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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Mission Mururoa
by Rosemary Patterson

Young and lovely Terri'i Gagnon used as bait in French CIA plot to capture Tahitian students investigating possibility of tsunamis from French nuclear tests disintegratin..  
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Featured Book
Liliha And The Sacred Mission: A Young Adult Novel Set In H
by Rosemary Patterson

A riveting young adult novel set in Hawaii. Liliha is given a sacred mission by the Hawaiian ancients to try and save Maha'uleput, a sacred valley on Kauai from developm..  
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Featured Book
2012 Airborne Prophesy ebook
by Nina Anderson

A conspiracy story that is fiction based on fact and gives us an idea of what is to come in 2012. Lots of flying (the heroine is a pilot) and romance...  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Come the Dark by Lonnie Hicks
Comical excerpt from AND THE WHIPPOORWIIL SANG by Micki Peluso
This is a hysterical excerpt from my new book...
Commies feminism and ignorance by Linda Brooks
Life in Australia in 1973 and the adventure of leaving home for the first time...
Explanation of my community volunteer activities..
Compass Gyration by Daniel Phillips
Bob Clearson receives a letter informing him of his unexpected Inheritance. Aware of what it might be, He reluctantly looks forward to itís arrival. Now just 17. He becomes the proud owner of a biplane only To find himself in an unfamiliar land. ..
Conclusion: Bigfoot! (Dedicated To Kate Clifford) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
The boy tries to tell others what he has seen and witnessed, but nobody believes him...
Concussed by C. Turnage
Sometimes life just be's that way. Sometimes it's just a long string of todays until something comes along bringing a tomorrow...
Conduct in Question by Mary Martin
Here's part of Chapter 5 of Conduct in Question where we come to understand a bit of Harry's background and his attitude toward money. Money is a major theme in the book. How much money is enough?..
Confession III by G. Rynk
Detective Anderson is puzzled by a series of suicides...
Confessions of a Deadbeat Dad : Stageplay by Mikal-Ace Ngubani
A six act series of socio-dramatic vignettes which entail the actual experiences and mindsets of various people whose uncommon circumstances compell them into becoming deadbeat parents...
Read excerpt from Conflicting Alliances Conflicting Alliances by Stewart Myzylowskyj
Team in the Falkland Islands engage an Argentinean insurgency unit. Only survivor of insurgency unit is an American mercenary. Can he buy his life? A backstory chapter from The Meek Shall, a novel of soldiers turned vigilantes...
Congratulations to Obama by Jibril Mohamed
Conquistador by Roy Edwards
Narrates the meeting AD1560 of the Conquistador Hernando Fortez with the Comanche. The meeting did not go well for the Conquistadors...
Contours-A Short Story Beginning by Lonnie Hicks
Relationships have contours..
Conversation with Death #2 - The Ring by C.A. Dawson
#2 in a series of conversations and situations of Death in his daily routine of escorting the dead to their next destination...
Conversations with Death #1 - The Regret by C.A. Dawson
Daily conversations with Death in hisministry to escort the departed to their next destination...
Conversations with Death #3 - The Walk Home by C.A. Dawson
3rd in the series of conversations of Death in his daily routine of escorting the recently deceased...
cookies and milk by William Haynes
start of tale..
Coolest Hat Ever! by Chigger Jones
This is a story about the coolest hat ever almost worn! ..
Coping with Caring for a Challenging Elder! by Jacqueline Marcell
'Elder Rage' author, Jacqueline Marcell, makes the experience of caring for her frail mother and challenging elderly father manageable...
Corpse by Siva Ojha
Is it a ghost in the dissection table?..
Corrupt Doctors in Kansas City Missouri by steve jolinski
A story about crooked doctors. Doctors covering up malicious behavior. Research Medical Center purposely injuring patients and doing illegal actions to protect themselves from liability. ..
Cosmic Strings by Glenn Song
To please shareholders, expand the bottom line, and fill out a portfolio of acquisitions MegaMart Incorporated has gone one step beyond and behind the competition...
Could this be part of the story behind a story of the 44th United States Pr by bob Smith
Is there a hint of a mystery of why Barack Obama did not use his middle name? What and who is a 'Shiite?' Who are what is the ALID FAMILY?' Ironically this day the date this story is going on is the same date, 10-10-2012 as the defeat of the Muharram known as ASHURA.... Rea..
Crazy by Liana Margiva
Short Story by Liana Margiva On web since 05/08/2006..
crazy psycho novel by Neil Ostroff
A clairvoyant prostitute, a psychotic soldier, a broke newspaper writer, and a dismembered body; what could go wrong?..
Creativity on Vacation by DJ Kenney
This work is no longer available..
Cries on the wind by Albert Megraw
Freedom is worth fighting for. However, should one allow one's morals to cut across attaining freedom for oneself?..
Crimson Premonition by Justin Chambers
Lucious Dante: Wealthy, Handsome, cruel, old, decrepit and Hell bound. He has lived a life of cruelty, and selfishness, and now, he doomed to a fate worse than his nightmares. Now Lucious must choose to travel to the depths of Hell and witness its terrors or realize the errors of his ways and chang..
Crippled Write Act 18 by Walter Jones
Play written in a book performed..
Crooked Fences by Dale Hudgins
Ocean Breeze, a south Georgia coastal town. Sleepy, natural place for doing little of nothing until Rex Turner moves into town at the old Aaron homeplace. Folks now had something for the last few years to do, which was gossip and talk about the mysterious, odd goings on there at that Turner fel..
Read excerpt from Crossing Water Crossing Water by J. Scott Preboy
A man goes on a holiday... and finds himself fighting giants..
Cuentos e Historias Improbables by Moises Salinas
Esritos por alguien a quie conoci, pero quien sigo buscando..
Cul-de-sac: Chapter 1 by John Coppolella
Charlie is off to discover what lies behind mysterious troubles in her quiet cul-de-sac...
Cut-Up (The Stolen Scroll) by Bill Ectric
Fictional story of a stolen Kerouac manuscript and a message that turns deadly when subjected to Burroughs-style cut-ups...
Cutting sign in the old Border Patrol by Delbert Gilbow
How it used to be done...
Cyclonette's adventures: The secret of Atlantis by Max Reno
Office of mr. Kennan, chief of the Special Affairs Dept. Cyclonette, special agent. Professor Astar, Harvard's scientist. Confidential meeting...
Daddy's Little Girl by Inspire Hope
Every boy and girl needs the love of a father, I am daddy's little girl!!!! and has grown up in my Heavenly Father's love, to love daddy in spite of!!!..
Dan Ronco Interviewed on Fascinating Authors by Dan Ronco
Get the inside story why my novels warn of a troubling future...
Curse of Solstice Springs by JR Mitchell
Deirdre was cursed to spend eternity in the water unless she could pass the curse onto somebody else. Derek was on the brink of making the biggest mistake of his life. It was fate that the two meet, and as Deirdre contemplates passing the curse onto Derek he is begging for her to do it. The problem ..
Daily Finances, Consumer Bills and Corporate Practices-Living Cheap by Lonnie Hicks
How to live cheap and get vendors out of your pocket. 1. The Cable Man is too much in my pocket-how can I get him out. 2.Wireless and Cell Phone companies changing contracts 7/5/13 Solutions offered to slamming the door on the cable guy. 2. Wall Street exploits the poor? No..
Dance With White Clouds by Mark Heber Miller
Rock climbing, mountaineering, thriller..
Dandelion Ghosts by Jen Knox
This story is included in To Begin Again. It won the 2010 Bananafish Short Story competition...
Danger In My Bed by Tony Nerone
Reflections of A Mans Past..
Dangerous Smiles by Dallas D'Angelo-Gary
Trenton Coleman III never smiled. Sometimes a void like that can build up in a person's psyche, until something breaks...
Dangerous Women, Strange Minds and Mystery Men by David Jensen
The title says a good bit. I almost feel like anything more might say too much...
Dark Justice chapter 1 (mature content) by Samuel Southwell
Rape, death, and vengeance and that's just the first chapter. This is the first of many chapter to come hope you enjoy it. READ THE REST OF THE STORY IN MY NEW BOOK "TWISTED AMERICAN FAIRY TALES" AVILABLE ONLY AT LULU.COM..
Read excerpt from Dark Love Dark Love by James Wilson
Oh what a night.....
Dark Winter nights by Albert Megraw
How one person saw dark winter nights...
Dark Woods, The Harvest by lawrence bear
Two hunters are out in the black forest for an early morning catch, only too find far more than they have bargained for. They have come face to face with something of myth and legend, it is a battle of survival. And the table has turned as they find themselves being the hunted...
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Action/Thriller Stories
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5. Evil Is In The Doing
6. Movies I Love
7. Midas
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11. The National Security State: Have We Lost
12. America's Health Care System: What are the
13. Gerunds
14. Psychopaths and Institutions
15. Einstein: How do Galaxies Work?
16. The Ferguson Chronicles-Updated 9/5/14
17. Stranger Lurking In the Shadows
18. Iron Drops
19. 17 two dollar books for self-publishing In
20. Love's Remains

Featured Book
Eternal Flame
by Robin Leigh Miller

Fantasy romance, paranormal...  
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Featured Book
The Snowmelt River
by Frank Ryan

This is the Quercus (Jo Fletcher) first edition of Frank P Ryan's epic fantasy novel. It is a top ten epic fantasty bestseller on  
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