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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The MacLomain Series- Early Years Boxed Set (Books 1-3)
by Sky Purington

Rolling back the clock to when it all began. Join the MacLomain Highlanders on more sweeping romantic time-travel adventures...  
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Featured Book
The Endowed
by Tianna Xander

The Endowed Book 1 - Can one strong woman accept the fact that her two alpha men require an unconventional liquid diet?..  
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Featured Book
Alaska Now: A Novel About Alaskan Oil, Native Corporations,
by Rosemary Patterson

Alaska Now is an update to James Michener's classic saga. Lovely Native Corporation CEO and talented son of oil executive team up to save the National Petroleum Reserve,..  
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All Romance Short Stories

25 Most Recent Romance Short Stories

Ruby Red by Debra Stiles, The Original Mister
The women scuffed and the men Whistled. ..
Ruckus and Chick by Wilhelmina Rush
Ruckus and Chick spent every moment together as children, running wild, climbing trees, and gigging frogs in the lake country of Northern Wisconsin. Now adults, nothing much has changed. However, each finds that the childhood bond of friendship no longer satisfies. On a hot, humid morning, knee-deep..
Runway Girl - Romantic Short Story by John Marion Francis
She's the new hottest runway model in Milan, Paris and New York. He's the most saught after photographer in Italy. Victor Sheldon her agent hires him for the spring Italy fashion week show. Both of them are single and looking for someone to make their hectic lives complete. Can they work together..
Sailor's Romance: Julie by Mark Lichterman
When not deluged by spring rains, they went to a park bench, that Julie well knew, where, able to be alone, they would spend an hour kissing passionately, as Mitchell, in a continuous state of arousal, continuously attempted to fondle Julie’s breasts, as Julie continually moved one, or the other, or..
Salome and the Lens by hannah james
Sample Chapter - The Deception by Marina Martindale
Please note that while this excerpt is suitable for readers of all ages, "The Deception," is intended for mature readers...
Sample Chapter from The Reunion by Marina Martindale
Please enjoy this sample chapter from The Reunion. Please note that this is copyrighted material, and it may not be reused or republished without the express written consent of the publisher. Thank you...
Sand and Soul by dan Rosenhagen
What we can become from love..
Sandy by Farrell Winter
An ultimately upbeat memoir of falling in love and getting my heart broken repeatedly -- until I met Sandy. Since this story was written we became officially married and more in love than ever...
Sara de Melo nee Taylor by Randall Barfield
Sara de Melo nee Taylor (2) by Randall Barfield
Sara Joins The Mile High Club by Geltab
Sara Joins The Mile high Club. What else needs to be said?..
Sarah by Richard Howell
The pain of a lost love put into words ..
Saturday Night by Patricia Crossley
It's dangerous to jump to conclusions. Just when you think you've got it all figured out, love can take you by surprise...
Savannah by R Beeman
I have this novel nearly two thirds finished and just thought I would share a few chapters today. ..
Savuti Love Story by Chanti Niven
A true story. Something related to me that struck a chord deep within. I felt compelled to record it...
Say Goodbye by Audrey Snead
For Amanda Carrington, the structure before her loomed like an ominous creature, crouched and ready to steal away her life. But in all reality, hadn't it already? Her hands trembled as she gripped the handles of the double doors. How could she go in here? How- when doing so would o..
Scales of Love by Kim Watters
A reptile enthusiast finds true love with a herptologist...
Scent of Shadows by Laurie Gonzalez
That she steal away from her husband, in the night, to meet her lover, would be cause enough for fear... But the lover she meets, is also her inhuman enemy...
Schoolyard Love: Flash Fiction by Allie Boniface
A flash fiction piece that originated from a writing prompt.....
Searching4U by Wanda Harrell
© 1999, Wanda L. Harrell Revised 2003 ..
Second Chance by Ginger Laroy
A couple's second chance at love...
Second Chance (repost) by Storyheart -
Sometimes emails you receive lead to follow ups, just as you think your writing is going nowhere, this story is a result of one such email, and a story based on what the person told me..
Second Chance Rose by Terry Odell
Rose has had her chance at her one true love. Widowed, her home destroyed by a hurricane, she relocates across the country and discovers the special garden of the bedtime stories her mother told her as a child. When she meets Richard there, friendship blooms. But can there be second chances for true..
Read excerpt from Second Chances Second Chances by Michele Bardsley
A small-town girl returns home ... will she rekindle love with the boy she left behind?..
Second First Impression by Cheryl Bruder
A new Author just starting out has but one chance to make their first impression. Or do they?..
Second Time Lucky by Lalita Vasu
On the last day of college, he came up to her and smiled. She said, “So, when will I see you again?” He gently hugged her and said, “Hopefully soon. Till then take care.”..
Secrets by paul svendsen
Harriet Beale, self-absorbed, obsessed with her beauty and unusual vocal talent, travels a long journey from Southern privilege in Virginia to sordid motherhood in a trailer, from low self-esteem, based on a perfidious father’s love, to musical success and a fortunate marriage to a man she feels she..
Secrets From A Trunk by Jill Vincent
Historical romance suspense, fictional novels sometime offer stories with events and romance that don't usually fit our lifestyles. Secrets From A Tunk often expand our imagination with thoughts, concerns and entertainment...
See Through by Jeremy Elder
What happens when we use our imaginations?..
September Song by Chuckie Finn
You never forget your first love...
Serendipity by Don Juan Amante
A Vacation..
serendipity by Katie Gabrielle
a story that tugs at your heart, maybe a smile or tear... remember kindly always serendipity it is something special for each heart it touches.....
Serialization of Sacred Vow: Searching by CG Walters
The most significant event of your life calls to you, from barely beyond your perception…both imminent and impossible… a call of the heart, of the spirit, and of yourself to which you have not yet been introduced...
SETH by Vannie Ryanes
Romance by any means necessary...
Sex is soooo sweet by edrawrd curtis
a man has sex with a woman (with details)..
Sex Tales of a Baby Boomer Diva by Beverly Mahone
What happens when a lonely middle-aged housewife discovers her newfound freedom and hidden passions? She creates her own Sex Tales...
Sex Tales of a Baby Boomer Diva Part II by Beverly Mahone
It would be many years later before I understood my need and desire to have my own little seamstress shop...
Sex Tales of a Baby Boomer Diva Part III by Beverly Mahone
They say experience is the best teacher. But I believe it all depends on who the teacher is...
Sexual Intimacy and Lying by Beverly Mahone
When I was on the dating scene about 10 years ago, I met a man online that I thought I could get serious about. But after the fourth date he forced me to tell a LIE...
Shalom Johnny: Rebekka Rachel Writes by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Rebekka Rachel updates Johnny on her happenings and other things going on in her life.....
She (Revised) by Kathryn Carrington
A short story of a woman who is too in love with her cheating husband to leave. This is a revision with added Biblical Scriptures From the King James Version of the Bible. There is a shorter version of this in the form of a poem from my new poetry book entitled "Inner Visions from the Heart" ..
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon by S. Beres
There are many forms of battle but only one form of courage. God Bless our soldiers in harm's way...
Shifting Sideways by Jennah Sharpe
This is the beginning of my work in progress. I'd love to hear what you think.....
Shyam by Nandkishore .
short budding love story ..
Siddharth by Lalita Vasu
A murder and two arrests later, Siddharth still knew she was innocent!..
Silence Knight by Irene Estep
Excerpt from Silence Knight, a romantic suspense by Irene Estep. Losing her job. A body in her new neighbor's kitchen. Abducted at gunpoint. Can Claire's day get any worse? She can identify the killer. Now Ryce Knight must protect her until he testifies at the dirty Miami politician's trial. But,..
Silly heart by Liana Margiva
Short stories..
She left on the 17:09”. by Bianca Boonstra
The train left. And she was in that train. The 17:09 left from Charleston. He couldn’t even prevent her from going away. Just when he needed her the most. He met her somewhere in the States. He was traveling around, with hopes of getting recognized as a country musician..
Silver Proof by Paul Hamm
True love is a puzzle - it takes time to put it together, and a moment to tear it apart, but sometimes the mental image left behind can be stronger than the picture itself...
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Romance Stories
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4. no face
5. Poetry Recitation: Dried Rose Petals
6. Entwined Destinies
7. Valentine Hearts' & Kisses' Memories
8. The Newlyweds Chapter 2
9. Intoxicated by coffee
10. Morning Reflections
11. Anastasis
12. Trilling Dalliances
13. Kannan vs Kannan
14. The Newlyweds Chapter 1
15. The Punishment
16. The bordello in the building C
17. Love is no accident
18. Under a strong spell
19. The bond of love
20. In Defence of Love

Featured Book
Forsaken Brethren Series Twin Pack
by Sky Purington

Two edge-of-your-seat, sizzling hot vampire tales...  
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Featured Book
Nine Inches of Snow and the Ebony Princess
by Gracie McKeever

An empathic young nurse driven to help and heal others since childhood after watching her mother languish for months before finally succumbing to cancer, Aziza Lopez abho..  
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