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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
by Amy Zajac

A story about destruction of the earth and the pockets of survivors who are part of the long term recovery...  
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Featured Book
Lord Eaglebeak
by Regina Pounds

Betrothed for the sake of convenience, Richard Darby thinks he has one year to win Lady Hetty's heart. She thinks she has one year to discourage him -- and lays a wager u..  
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Featured Book
What he said then, and what he tells us today- Obama In His
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

A one of a kind commemorative issue. A 60 page booklet of the words, affirmations, promises and quotes used by Barack Obama to win the votes of 54% of The Americ..  
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All Mainstream Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mainstream Short Stories

Read excerpt from Gardening Without Gloves (Short Story) Gardening Without Gloves (Short Story) by Roger Memmott
"Gardening Without Gloves" is one of 12 stories included in the collection GARDENING WITHOUT GLOVES. If marriage, to be successful, is simply a matter of forgiveness, then the commitment to love should be greater and is more important than love itself. A confusing realization for two divorcees who l..
Geriatric Romance 1&2 by Mark Lichterman
Nadine? Nadine is one of those older women that maintains the shadow of her youthful beauty while her elder beauty, at least to me, shines through the wrinkles on her face and the thickening of her body as one that, easily to see, Nadine was a raving beauty in her earlier years. ..
Ghost at the Wheel by Nickolaus Pacione
we all gathered in oceans of silence.....
Gifts #1 by S Cardin
This short is about a family and the Gifts they plan on giving and recieving at Christmas time. Part 1 is told by "Tyler". ..
Gifts #3 by S Cardin
Eight-year-old Terri Masterson has a secret.....
Gifts #4 by S Cardin
The oldest Masterson boy, Trevor, goes out on a date with his girlfriend, Amy. ..
Gifts #5 by S Cardin
Hope Masterson gets so caught up with work she almost forgets Christmas...
Gifts #6 by S Cardin
Cameron and Katrina share Christmas with their children, giving them a special gift...
Girl Around the Block by Carvin Wallson
Not all I would have liked it to be, but enjoyable at parts...
Girl Scouts Shrink Cookies by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Hey, Wall Street can go right down the ole tube. General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford can hitch a ride with Toyota. But, when the economic downturn messes with my Girl Scout cookies, we gotta fix this mess!!! This was sent to me by Marcia Miller-Twiford, Hostess and Webmaster of The Writing F..
Girl With Green Teeth: 1 of 6; Caution, Language by Mark Lichterman
As the streetcar traveled south he was surprised at the change and deterioration of each following neighborhood. Well-maintained apartment buildings changed to hulking, dirty tenements. Once thriving neighborhood storefront businesses give way to dirty, steel-barred storefront windows and doors. Whi..
Girl With Green Teeth: 2 of 6, Caution, Language by Mark Lichterman
“Mitch,” kneeling in front of him, “God, Mitchie!” Frank put his hand on his shoulder, “I’m sorry! So sorry this happened! Those pricks!” His eyes moistened. “It’s my fault! Goddamn it! I shouldn’t’a left ya alone! I should’a known somethin’ like this would happen in this neighborhood. Shit!” ..
Healing Spirits by Rosalie Heart
Moving form Maine to New Mexico as a single mom was an adventure. A loud knock on my door at 5AM was a wake up call to healing...
Read excerpt from Heart of Coal Heart of Coal by Gray Jones
An entertaining descent into the Appalachians and the heart of coal country...
Heaven Forbid by H Mielke
A story about the dangers of hanging on to too much psychological baggage, confusion of what exactly are God's commands to believers, and a little "Twilight Zone" mixed in. I had not returned to the school in 20 years. When I did, its shabbiness shocked and discouraged me. I ..
Heavy Petting by Pamela Richmond
An excerpt from California Girl, the new online novel by Pamela Richmond..
Her Daddy's Hand by Bobbi Duffy
Sometimes we learn things about our loved ones that inspire us to be better people..
Girl With Green Teeth: 3 of 6; Caution, Language by Mark Lichterman
“Yeah, no shit! Ya know, if they know you’re a J… uh, Jewish, you’re gonna be a target for all the guys in the neighborhood, an’ I can’t fight ’em all off, so while you’re here, what if I call you, uh… Mario. You bein’ so dark an’ all you could easily pass for a wop, an’ if I introduce ya as my paes..
Girl With Green Teeth: 4 of 6; Caution, Sex and Language by Mark Lichterman
But… the swaying motion of her hips sliding the coarser material of her skirt minutely back and forth over her rayon slip, feeling Gina’s skirt slithering beneath the palm of his hand, what else could he do… but let his left hand drop onto her outer thigh. So now he had one hand on the outside of he..
Girl With Green Teeth: 5 of 6; Caution, Vivid Sexual Scene by Mark Lichterman
Mitchell felt the warmth of Gina’s completely nude body against his completely nude body and, once again, “now” was so totally surreal that he had to remind himself, I’m really here! Now! Naked, with a girl! A real live naked girl!..
Girl With Green Teeth: 6 of 6; Caution, vivid sexual scenes. by Mark Lichterman
When we’re alone I kiss her an’ she kisses me an’ before you know it my hand’s under her blouse an’ I’m touching her an’ her hand’s in my pants touchin’ me, an’ we can’t seem to stop.” Taking a deep breath, Frank smiled. “An’ that ain’t all! You Jews think you got it tough? Lisa’n’me, we gotta go to..
Girls Got Nothin' 2 by Mark Lichterman
“You think I got an ugly pisser?” Frank couldn’t believe he’d say this. “You’re the guy with the ugly pisser! Don’t you know Jewish guys always get the ends of their pissers whacked off when they’re babies?” He’d heard some of the older guys on the street talking about this once, too. “My pisser’s j..
Girls got nothin' 3: Guttural Explanation by Mark Lichterman
Her back to the room again, “Class dismissed!” she repeated as, wiping the blackboard with an eraser in one hand, Eunice Stoldig wiped her moist forehead with the tails of her neckerchief with the other. Rising hesitantly, the boys file out of the room. “See,” Frank said, “like I tol..
Girls Got Nothin'! by Mark Lichterman
Once a month, the boys from each of the four decks were given the opportunity to see a movie at the local theater, if Captain Whyet approved the film. This day it was the turn of Eisenhower Dormitory, deck two, and Mitchell was looking forward to seeing that week’s double feature of “Tarzan Trium..
God is Always Watching! by John Coppolella
A close call that could have cost her everything, but God was watching over her and had everything under control...
Read excerpt from God's Promise ..... God's Promise ..... by Paul Nipperess BMin
:) A simple view of God's Promise to man ..... :) ..
Going on #1 : Ina by Mark Lichterman
Careful, some suggestive language here. _______________________________________ As the girls came closer, as though on cue, the boys stopped talking and, as boys do, appraised them. One girl, the blonde, was short and dumpy and beyond all consideration. The other, a familiar, deepl..
Going on #3: ‘50 Pontiac by Mark Lichterman
Careful! If you are offended or embarrass easily, do not read this!____________________________________ In the unflattering light of day Ina Dorfmann’s thighs were thick, dimpled and heavy. But in romantic moonlight, even in bug-splattered romantic moonlight, Ina Dorfmann’s thighs were..
Going on #4: Ice Cream?? by Mark Lichterman
A very funny sexual situation here, however, CAREFUL! If you are offended or embarrass easily, do not read this! ____________________________________ Mitchell looked at Ina through the light of the bug-splattered windshield: at her sloping, milk-white breasts; at the areolae of her large, da..
Going on#2:Babysitting by Mark Lichterman
Careful! If you are offended or embarrass easily, do not read this!____________________________________ Concurrently, as if having the same thought at the same time, each tried, single-handedly, to unbutton the impossible to unbutton—especially in that position—steel buttons of the other’s Levi’..
Grand Fenwick, Massachusetts and the Business World by Wilfried Voss
In my mind I worked on a strategy to repair the hot tub myself. Over the years I had watched repairmen coming and going and charging for work that they couldn’t explain and didn’t solve the problem at hand. ..
Grand Fenwick, Massachusetts and the Last Farewell by Wilfried Voss
Living in Grand Fenwick involves maintaining a love-hate relationship, but that is a story that shall be told another time. During the last four years we had received, accepted and then rejected numerous offers for our house, wasted seven real estate agents on the way, until, finally, we had enough...
Grand Fenwick, Massachusetts and the Meaning of Life by Wilfried Voss
The people of Grand Fenwick are highly allergic to any changes in their lifestyle, especially when they include modern-times improvements that the rest of the United States of America already enjoys. ..
Gumbo Surprise by Mary Lynn Plaisance
The Sugar Mill Ladies make a gumbo. Lena, Mildred and Edith. img src=""> center>img src=" sink.JPG">..
Halloween in Alcona by Jerelyn Craden
Rekindling your inner pumpkin...
Happy Families by Brenda Townsend Hall
i>Based on true events/i>..
Happy Fucking Birthday by Thomas Archer
Opening chapter of my novel BURNT POPCORN AND CHEAP PERFUME...
View Photo of Hard Hat Riots of 1970’s Read excerpt from Hard Hat Riots of 1970’s Hard Hat Riots of 1970’s by Chris the Abducted Alien
Written by Chris L. Joanet, Retired Union Carpenter, Women & Human Rights Activist since 1970..
Harley Dreams by Debra Purdy Kong
A woman is desperate to escape physical and emotional encumbrances, if only for a short while. Published in NetAuthor's E2K, May 2002 and Sunpiper Press, June 2005...
Having a Smoke by C. Smith-Rea
Some things you just don't notice until you're having a smoke...
Her's? You Saw It? by Mark Lichterman
“Yeah, really! An’ guess what else.” Not waiting for Mitchell to guess, “She lets guys see her, uh, thing,” whispering, “if the guy’ll show her his thing, an’ she knows Jewish guys got different kind’s’a things then us Italian guys and she don’t know no Jewish guys so she’s never seen a Jewish, y..
Hi, My Name is Laura... by Laura Spinella
This is the first entry for my website blog...
Read excerpt from Hieroglyphs Hieroglyphs by becky norman
Thoughts and reflections upon the journey to a museum...
Hippy Ever After by Sean O'Connell
A few years ago he could have been described as a Yuppie. No, that’s not true. Harvey Glickstein would never have been called a Yuppie. Oh, yes, he was certainly upwardly mobile. His executive business style was firmly fixed in the high-rise, high-risk arena called Finance. His sights were defi..
Holding On To Glass by Drew Carpenter
This story attempts to explore the dynamics of a couple's relationship while letting the reader decide why the relationship is troubled. ..
View Photo of Hole in Her Head Read excerpt from Hole in Her Head Hole in Her Head by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Is great art a door into another universe? Or is it simply a slice of pathology? This story appeared in the October 2001 issue of Realms of Fantasy..
Holler Song by Stephen Geez
Winter in a Tennessee Holler..
Home : Seagate, N.Y. by Mark Lichterman
“…The Statue of Liberty! Oh, my God, Mitchell, she’s beautiful! I can’t believe it!” Her head turning to the right, continuing to look as they drove on. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going to drive all night? You should have woken me! At least I could have kept you company.” Quiet a moment, th..
Home Again 10: Rhea by Mark Lichterman
“Yeah, that’s true!” he said sorrowfully, “I got this, uh, rare, tropical disease, and if I don’t get my daily dose of boobie touching I just go to pieces.” “Oh,” she crooned sadly, “you poor thing!” Reaching overhead, flicking the switch to the dome light, turning it on, “Can I watch?” b..
Home Again 11: Beach by Mark Lichterman
Spending the years of her life with none but the love of her father, suddenly having not only the love of Mitchell, but of his family, too, all but overwhelming her, opening her eyes, looking at him, “Really?” “Yeah, really!” Leaning downward, he kissed her nose. “But Star of David or not, m..
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2. BK1: Becoming; 1944#5
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4. Screwed by the Skew
5. BK1:Becoming;1944#2
6. Enjoy a chapter from A Brownstone in Brook
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Featured Book
The Castlereagh Connection
by Mel Hathorn

A fast-paced adventure about globalization, murder, the Vatican, a mysterious operation known as Jericho ancient manuscripts, and an ancient feud that continues into our ..  
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Featured Book
Stone of Heaven
by Lucille

Sequel to Journey from Shanghai. Rafaella and Mai-yeen emigrate to America. This is the Place! for them. At last they come to rest. But a nasty surprise awaits them...  
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