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Featured Book
White Elephants
by Chynna Laird

Elephant in the middle of the living room. That is one way of explaining how a family walks around the invisible presence of huge problems. Hindsight is what brings the e..  
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Featured Book
What Day Is It? A Family's Journey Through Traumatic Brain
by Rebekah Vandergriff

This is not your usual story of recovery, that presents a crushing blow endured by one more car accident. Becky Dyer a professional model travels from the runway of a fas..  
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Featured Book
Recipes for Survival: Stories of Hope and Healing.
by Karen Wilson

This book is about surviving some of the most difficult childhood experiences imaginable...  
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All Memoir Short Stories

25 Most Recent Memoir Short Stories

Rolling Wheels by David Delaney
G'day all, yes it's been a while, I have been very busy with performances, writing my poetry & now working on 3 short memoirs, here is one for you all to read, the other 2 I won't post yet as I am entering them in a competition. I will also post one of my latest poems as well, I have been receiving ..
Ronald Reagan...A Tribute by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Johnny writes of the fortieth President, Ronald Reagan, who died last week from Alzheimer's disease...
View Photo of Ronnie Read excerpt from Ronnie Ronnie by Gerard St. John
At 21-years of age, Ronnie was an outgoing, happy young lady in the seashore town of Margate, New Jersey. Then came her trip to Paris, and the shrine of her namesake saint, St. Veronica. There are no guarantees. ..
Rooting for Number Two in the Scripps National Spelling Bee by Drake Lumina
Based loosely on real events...
Running Away by Jack Roberts
I can clearly recall the summer day that my friend Bobby wanted me to come to his house to play. It wasn’t very often that I could go to Bobby’s house because it was outside of the boundaries that were in my neighborhood, layed down by my mother. These boundaries were for me to stay inside of and ..
View Photo of Sam Clemente Read excerpt from Sam Clemente Sam Clemente by Gerard St. John
San Clemente, California was once an outstanding place for Marine Corps officers and Sam was one of the most memorable characters that I ever met...
Sandy's Secret by Ann Baker
Childhood loves are forever as is the pain of inablity to help those we love the most. This excerpt is from a semi-autobiographical novel I avoided working on for many years because it was too painful. I dedicate this work to my beloved "Sandy" who will forever be in my heart as the child I knew so..
Saved By A Fireman! by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Childhood Memories of growing up in Uptown New Orleans with siblings and parents, including a time of getting caught in the bathroom and being saved by a fireman...
Say Hello To My Little Friend... by Jami woods
This is a piece out of my autobiography that I am working on. It goes back to a very turbulent time in my life when I did not know what to do or where to turn. I really wasn't even sure if I wanted to live or die. I was leaning towards death...
Saying Goodbye To A Special Ambassador: Remembering Mattie J.T. Stepanek, aged 13 (By Johnny, aged 11) :( by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Johnny has just found out that young poet, Matthew (Mattie) Stepanek, has died. He was only a young teenager who has had to struggle his entire life with a very rare form of muscular dystrophy. He was only 13 years old...
Saying Goodbye To Hammy. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A boy says goodbye to his pet hamster. He is obviously devasted about the loss of his pet...
Read excerpt from Scenes From His Life Scenes From His Life by Lauren Roche
In memory of children who have died at the hands of their parents..
Screwed.. by Rebecca Harris
Like A metal fastener going in straight. Are the people who take advantage of our hearts. ..
View Photo of Sea World Redux Read excerpt from Sea World Redux Sea World Redux by Gerard St. John
A drive to San Diego's SeaWorld brings back memories of Thanksgiving Day, more than fifty years earlier...
Self-titled Fairytale by niki croxson
This is a draft.. I think..
Seroconversion; A memoir. by Nderitu Gikumba
Seroconversion: A Memoir is a story written in an everyday tone and language. It captures my moments from the day I get diagnosed towards the realization of my hidden writting talent. It’s a journey of fear, confusion, denial, struggle, shame, withdrawal, love, renewal, acceptance and hope. ..
Seroconversion; A Memoir. by Nderitu Gikumba
‘Seroconversion: A Memoir’ is my story. Written in an everyday tone and language, the story captures my moments from the day I get diagnosed towards the realization of a new hidden talent; writing and a new love; reading! It’s a journey of fear; despair, confusion, denial, struggle, shame, withdrawa..
Sexually availability by Deborah Richards
Shabbas Mincha with Reb Isser by Alan Busch
Advice Sought But When Given Not Followed ...?..
Shabbat at My Parents’Home by Emile Tubiana
Written in loving memory, for the thirty second anniversary of my father’s passing. This was at a time, some seventy years ago, when we lived in my home town, Beja, in Tunisia, North Africa, where the population was composed of a majority of Tunisian Muslims, Bedouins and a few minorities of Italia..
View Photo of Shark Tooth Music Read excerpt from Shark Tooth Music Shark Tooth Music by John Mayer
I was no different than most musicians in the seventies. All I wanted was to change the world with my words and music. From broken down taverns to Holiday Inns, my guitar and harmonica echoed the dreams of a generation. All I needed was a t-shirt, a jean jacket, patched Levi's, and wheels. This c..
A sad state of affairs...the places in which we have to live...
She by Yuukon Michigan
She was a Texas Navy War bride by Lois Wauson
My Aunt Ellen tells her story of her courtship and marriage in 1940, 1941 and 1942. Then in 1942 her husband joined the Navy. She went on the train to live with him in Providence. R. I., then in San Diego CA. Her experiences on the train and when getting into New York City, a Texas girl who never ha..
Sheena Queen of the Jungle by Lois Wauson
She was my aunt, cousin, sister, and best friend all in one person. Clare was really my aunt, who was 1 year older than me. We grew up in South Texas, both born on a farm in the depression days, a mile from each other. Clare's family moved to San Antonio when she was 6 years old, but we had many a..
Shipyards and Last Ships by Jansen Estrup
Memories of shipyards and ships prompted by Sting's new Broadway musical, The Last Ship..
Shoe Shine by Pamela Wiedenbeck
What did your role models teach you?..
Shoes by Connie Stevens
A memory of my father polishing his shoes and what I learn from his Sunday evening rituals...
Silent Samaritans: Sor Joaquina, O.S.A., Builder of Men by Regino Gonzales, Jr.
A tribute to Sor Joaquina of the Order of Saint Augustine. She built men...
Simhat Torah in Tunis before WWII by Emile Tubiana
This memoir symbolizes the coexistence and respect between various communities that lived in the same city and at the same time, Tunis 1939 ..
Sitcom Wisdom by Pamela Wiedenbeck
During the sitcom craze of the 50s, 60s and 70s, people invariably thought some things funny and others not...
Sitting on the Twelfth Step by Virginia Tolles
i>It's odd how present-day sensations bring the past home to us./i>..
Six Months by April Smith
Repost...I've been thinking about Dad a lot lately...four years later...I still miss you, Daddy...
Six Summers Ago. ... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A father remembers his son, who died six years ago from a swimming accident...
Six Word Memoirs by Pamela Wiedenbeck
What can you say in 6 words that expresses some defining moments with your sister?..
Skellig Stones by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
My photography scavenger hunt this morning was amazing revealing "Skellig Stones".....
Skinny's Memoir's by D. Kenneth Ross
growing up skinny and tall...
Skunk Oil, Jackrabbits, and Red Roosters by Lois Wauson
My Aunt Fay tells about skunk oil used to cure the flu and other tales from her past. ..
Small Compensations by R. Burrow
Impossible...Justice/revenge... (revised 6-28-09)..
Soap Operas on the radio in the olden days by Lois Wauson
Soap Operas have been around for as long as there has been radio. In the olden days they were the way of escape for my mother and sisters and me from a hard life on the farm...
Solitary Confinement by Jayne Dough
A peek into a woman's experience with incarceration...
Solving Episodes by Donnatella Thompson
This is much ado about nothing but it is what came out tonight. Ya never know which facet will shine at one time or another. We just learn to adjust to the rhythms of the ideas flowing out and in the end, hopefully found a hint of a smirk, or laughter about the little things, we forget so easily to ..
Slash One Tanker by Allen Murray (AKA Allen Hall)
Splash one Tanker! We are facing into the setting sun as we line up on the runway. By looking to my right, I see my colleague Danny Martin. I know that it is Danny because we walked out to our aircraft together. Because of the silver helmet and the tinted visor his face is not visible an..
Something of Value by Alan Abrams
what we value, and what we don't..
Something Old, Something New by Pamela Wiedenbeck
What do your shoes think of you and your life?..
Sometimes It Is Best To Do Nothing by Walt Hardester
A hospital memior..
Son by Alan Busch
The closing chapter of Snapshots In Memory of Ben..
Sorry Assed Mule by Walt Hardester
A story I heard at the Big Pig Jig
Sounds of Safety by Rob Feller
Sat., Jan 11th , I'll be doing a Book Signing at Old Capitol Books, 559 Tyler St, Monterey, 2:30 to 4:30pm(across from Trader Joe's)..
Souvenirs de Jérusalem by Emile Tubiana
Memories from Jerusalem 1949..
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Memoir Stories
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2. The Flaming Fondue
3. Dealing With Vicious Dogs
4. Tarzan, Jane and Boy
5. She was a Texas Navy War bride
6. Lamentation
7. Innocents Abroad in Tasmania
8. Les belles journées à Hammam-Lif (Memoire
9. My Escape from the Psychiatric Unit
10. Crazy is Normal, a classroom exposé, Scene
11. Le mariage de Fatma
12. Crazy is Normal, a classroom exposé, Scene
13. Dad's Hat.
14. Crazy is Normal, a classroom exposé, Scene
15. Crazy is Normal, a classroom exposé, Scene
16. Kimberly Reagan Sanchez Immigrates
17. The old Terrell wells Swimming Pool
18. The Smokehouse on the farm
19. Crazy is Normal, a classroom exposé, Scene
20. Out of Darkness: The Song of My Heart

Featured Book
Life goes out of style
by Joe Bueno

A first generation American, who overcame the poverty and tragedy of childhood to forge a brighter path for himself and his three daughters...  
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Featured Book
All Alone, Washington to Rome, A '60s Memoir
by Patricia Daly-Lipe

Join me in a time and place from the past, my past. Beginning with the death of my mother when I was 18 until I was 23. From Washington to Rome, Paris, and London with a ..  
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