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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Dragon Rider's Gift - A Portal's of Destiny Tale
by KH LeMoyne

Adult Fantasy Romance - One dragon, one rider, and princess bound by destiny...  
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Featured Book
Fate's Monolith (The MacLomain Series- Book 1)
by Sky Purington

Highlander romance! There's always been a connection between the Brouns and MacLomains. Travel through time and witness the love that blooms...  
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Featured Book
The Wager: A Humorous Novel About Dog Parks, Seniors and Gam
by Rosemary Patterson

Six wealthy ladies in a Seniors dog walking club make a wager to get a new boyfriend.The result is a hilarious romp through the unknown territory of senior sexuality...  
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All Romance Short Stories

25 Most Recent Romance Short Stories

Read excerpt from Sins of Love--Prologue Sins of Love--Prologue by Dena Moore
Married to a vicious, greedy man, Allyse Newbury can't help but sigh with relief when her abusive husband drowns in a shipwreck. Enton Newbury had left Allyse bedridden and pregnant to chase after a dream, a dream of earning his knighthood no matter the cost. As Allyse finds herself falling in l..
Sleepless Nights by Liana Margiva
Short stories..
Sleepy & Sleepless by Peter Jessop
A true story about love...
Small Price to Pay by Yvonne Eve Walus
An unconventional romance in Melbourne..
Small Space Photo Seduction by Lonnie Hicks
Small Spaces..
Snowbird by Brian Cross
She was striding out now, away from the city confines towards a spot in the normally lush , sweeping countryside which lay between Lichfield and Burntwood. Today though, freshly fallen snow crunched softly beneath her sturdy leather boots. The cold air of the morning was warmed only slightly by the ..
So sad to watch good love go bad. by Storyheart -
Was she jealous of her friend of her friend love?..
Social Media Heaven or Hell - My Blunder by denise greenwood
This is a true story..
Solitude by Nicola Ward
Tokio Hotel fan fic in which Bill has a secret admirer. Based on the song Solitude by Evanescence...
Sometimes by Stacy Mantle
This was written BEFORE I met my husband - just so there is no confusion! ;)..
Sometimes I by jinndal Davis
How difficul love is when not returned....
Read excerpt from Song of a Mariner Song of a Mariner by H Cruz
Mideval Romance..
View Photo of Soul Mates Read excerpt from Soul Mates Soul Mates by m w
"Are you a good man?" she said. How could I have known that with those five words my entire life would change course? Looking up from my beer my eyes found a petite redhead woman, mascara running down soft white cheeks. Sad this journey into night Lonely heart..
Soul Mates by Walid Sowaidan
In 1901, John Crawford decided to pay his first visit to Russia. After 66 years in this World, he was hopeless to see the entire World before he died. Anyway, it seemed sufficient to visit just a few Countries. Russia was always on top of his list. John Crawford believed that he had but little t..
Soul Mates by Benjamin Blue
Follow on story to my previous Live, Love, Laugh, Cry short story. ..
Southern Sweets by Sheena Bandy
Southern Sweets Silvia looked at the rows of candy sitting on the shelf in the entrance of the local gift shop; the various sweets sitting deliciously untidy on their shelves, wrapped in fancy colored plastic with metallic ribbons tied in bows. The tantalizing berries, pecans, pretzels, and..
Soy Beer by Guy Jacobs
Too short for a short..
Speaking from the Heart - Chapter 1 by L. Zampelli
This is the begining of a story I wrote a few years back about a girl who discovers that her best friend, a Marine, is in love with her. She's torn between her life, her feelings for him, and the fact that he's about to leave for a two year tour in Japan...
Read excerpt from Spirit Swamp Spirit Swamp by Margaret Marr
Lisa Mulligan needs Methos Dewitt to lead her through the swamp to a witch named Luna, but not for the reasons Methos thinks...
Spliced Excerpt by Robin Leigh Miller
A quick excerpt of Spliced..
About two illusions of life...
Spot of Gold by Celia Kyle
When a leprechaun loses his spot of gold, he finds a sweet bed with a lovely woman in its place...
Spot of Heart by Celia Kyle
When a leprechaun loses his bit of gold, he finds a spot of heart in its place...
Stephanie et Alexandre by Pea Jean
This is about a man who've longed to get a woman, his neighbour, to notice him. He've fallen in love with her and has gotten to the point of where he can no longer keep it in because he wants to make her happy...
Still in Love by Miranda Pope
Stilletos, Brie and a Bottle of Zinfandel by Anniemoh Ohio
This is the "start" to a story I've been writing for about 2 years! It will probably go through 100 rewrites before I am happy with it! Feel free to comment...
Stillshot by Charlie
This began as an assigment to choose a famous poem and use it's structure to create our own poem. I began with one image-- dust in light. Can you guess which famous poem's structure I used?..
Stolen Moments by Storyheart -
While for most of this year I have been working on my childrens novel "Across the Pond" I did finally manage to write a couple of romance stories while away this last month..
Story On My Own by Ruthie Madison
It is a romance story about a soldier who returns home and finds himself on his own because his wife has divorced him and kicked him out of the house. It is a love story because he finds true love on his journey..
The bordello in the building C by Lily Alex
When the young athletic orphan meets the successful businessman, she can't even imagine him being the son of the Devil, and that he murdered her parents.....
The Brahmin's Way by Sohan Koonar
A ribaldry short story, The Brahmin's Way was originally written for publication in Playboy. The story is set in the Punjab in India. ..
The Break Up - A romantic short story by John Marion Francis
They have been together for three years. They have had fights before, but this one would tear them apart or would it?..
Stranded Heat Part 1 by Phoebe Brown
Daniel and Mary Landry was a mixed couple who finds that their marriage fails just the way everyone expected it to. However, it was the attention that Daniel got from women that disturbed Mary to the point of mistrust. Her instincts proving her right forces her to make the decision to divorce. After..
Strange Bedfellows Indeed by Richard Kallao
original , not my style of writing but I'll try anything once , let me know...
Strip Fantasy - Romance Short Story by John Marion Francis
Cindy has a strip dancer fantasy that she wants to fulfill but her husband say's no way but she will do whatever it takes to make it come true...
View Photo of Stuck on you Read excerpt from Stuck on you Stuck on you by Eirene Writer
two friend's world is turned upside down after honderous incident tears theri world apart...
Subspace by Jude Mason
When the pain becomes too great, where does a submisive go? How does he or she deal with the agony, and even enjoy it?..
Summer At Night by Lonnie Hicks
Nascent Moon..
Summer Passion in Tennessee by Jason Derringer
A Romantic Adventure – Passion and Ecstasy in Tennessee After Nicole and I decided that we needed to secretly get away together, we agreed a short stay at a peaceful resort in Eastern Tennessee near the Great Smoky Mountains would be ideal. We were both anxious to get away from Colum..
Sunset by Mark Lichterman
Marsha still felt the beat of Mitchell’s heart upon her back, and now he felt the beat of Marsha’s heart through the fathomless softness of Marsha’s breast. ..
Surrender by Rick Mizuno
Excerpt taken from romance novel 50/50 Split. A young wife is lured into the arms of another man...
Surviving: Missy and Susie in Im Form W/S/Tagert by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
SusieQ says: I bet they love you IMASURVIVER says: I hope so ..
Sweet as Honey - Romance Short Story by John Marion Francis
The balconies and patios that lined Bourbon Street were draped with beautiful fine women waving at the crowd with drinks in the hands and no bras. I couldn’t wait to come back through for the “Boobs for Beads” show that New Orleans was famous for. What a night. It was starting to get hot already. ..
Sweet Ginger by kristina philipp
Woman decides to leave her old life behind and find a new safe, happy one...
Sweet Nothings From Milan by Darryn Murphy
I am new to romance stories and would appreciate any input on this concept, as some of you would know I’m a poet by nature. Thank you Darryn..
Sweet Revenge by Don Juan Amante
Who Was The Master, Who Was The Slave?..
Sweetest Thing by Laura Fall
To me...
Sylvia by Liana Margiva
Short story by Liana Margiva..
Take Nothing for Granted by Charlene Wexler
He had always loved her more than she had loved him. She took him for granted. Then things changed...
Tammy Dark; a Love Story, a Nightmare, a Reality of Unreality by David Wilson
Love it, Lust it, don't let it Fester..
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Romance Stories
1. Whispers of love, shouts of doubt
2. Entwined Destinies
3. All the world is a stage
4. Intoxicated by coffee
5. The Newlyweds Chapter 2
6. In Defence of Love
7. The Language of Love
8. Morning Reflections
9. Poetry Recitation: Dried Rose Petals
10. Under a strong spell
11. Love is no accident
12. The Sapphire Ring
13. Whispers
14. Love Letters in Flower
15. Anastasis
16. Unfinished Masterpiece
17. Valentine Hearts' & Kisses' Memories
18. God's Hand In This ( A Love Story)
19. East meets East
20. Trilling Dalliances

Featured Book
Ingenue's Choice: Zara's Bois 2
by Gracie McKeever

Zara’s Bois: When the powers-that-be make the decision to return a selfish party-girl to Earth on three missions of redemption, can romance and mayhem be far beh..  
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Featured Book
Dream Angel- Heaven Waits
by Patricia Garber

Standing over the grave of Memphis Tennessee's most famous resident, Elvis Presley, in the conclusion of Eternal Flame (Xlibris, Corp, 2007), Samantha Lynn Bennett sheds ..  
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