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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Wholly Book of Exodus
by Jay Dubya

The Wholly Book of Exodus is humorous adult literature that features adult language, situations and content. It is the companion book of Jay Dubya's The Wholly Book of Ge..  
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Featured Book
What he said then, and what he tells us today- Obama In His
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

A one of a kind commemorative issue. A 60 page booklet of the words, affirmations, promises and quotes used by Barack Obama to win the votes of 54% of The Americ..  
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Featured Book
Obama's World: Secrets and Deceptions
by Will Clark

America may be at a Biblical turning point in our history. We must be very careful, and have full knowledge of the person we choose to lead America in the next years...  
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All Mainstream Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mainstream Short Stories

Home Again 12: Sunset by Mark Lichterman
Their table faced south, towards the prestigious Chicago Yacht Club where everyone in the dining room was properly dressed for dinner. “My, God, Mitchell, it’s so beautiful!” Tickled that she was enjoying this as much as he, “Yeah, you sure are.” He ordered prime rib, and Marsh..
Home Again 13: Hot Dogs by Mark Lichterman
But, as the urge to touch and hold her breast had been all but over- powering the night before and earlier today, now, oddly, the feel of Marsha’s bare breast within the palm of his hand was…? To Mitchell Lipensky, the feel of Marsha Goldman’s breast, at least at that moment, was holy and the thum..
Home Again 2: Marsha by Mark Lichterman
Turning in the booth, looking over her shoulder… Deeply tanned from the spring patrol and hours of shirtless work parties in the hot, Atlantic sun, he wore a white sport shirt opened three buttons down, worn Levi’s, and his old, white-buck shoes. …Mitchell! Snapping her body for..
Home Again 3: Marsha by Mark Lichterman
Goodman, Goldstein, Goldman, or Golden. God, do you have any idea of how many Goodmans, Goldsteins, Goldmans, or Goldens there are in the Chicago telephone book?” Attempting to hide her pleasure, “You tried calling me, huh, really?” ..
Home Again 4: Marsha by Mark Lichterman
Walking back to the street, purposely falling behind again, “Marcie, I’m sailing to Michigan City with my dad and Larry tomorrow and won’t be back till Saturday evening and I’ve been thinking that, if you don’t mind being picked up by three really scroungey guys, what if we pick you up on our way ..
Home Again 5: Friendship by Mark Lichterman
“You’ll call me when you get in on Saturday, so I’ll know when to expect you? Any idea when?” “Depends on the wind. Probably about… oh, no later than two or three. But I’ll tell you something, Marcie; I won’t need a phone because as soon as I see Chicago’s skyline I’ll stand on the bow and y..
Home Again 7: The Call by Mark Lichterman
Disappointed because Mitchell hadn’t called yesterday; having no positive idea of when he might call today, Marsha planned on going to work, then, at about one o’clock, telling her boss that she had cramps… Being a shop that catered to women, and was managed by a woman, even though it was Saturda..
Home Again 8: Family by Mark Lichterman
A part of Walter, though—an ever growing part of Walter—was secretly glad that Myra spent so little time on the boat because Friendship had become his domain, where he could be exactly what, and who he wanted to be: Skipper. ..
Home Again 9: Hands by Mark Lichterman
“Company?” Looking about, “Who’s company?” “Marsha!” Going along with him, pointing to her, “Your son brought a girl home… Remember?” “You’re not company, are you?” “Well, Mister Lipensky, I sure don’t feel like company.” ..
Home Again1: Marsha by Mark Lichterman
Standing, she unhooked her bra, pushed down and stepped out of her panties and, using the toes of her right foot, lifted them off the carpeted floor and dropped her underpants, along with her socks, into the hamper...
Homecoming by Ames Swartsfager
Jackson, an old man, returns to the place where he was raised. Things have changed, but not his memories...
Hoodlums by Mark Lichterman
Careful, rough Language here ______________________________ Outside, standing a moment, he stretched. Noticing a nail and staple-studded telephone pole, he walked to it, leaned against it a moment, then, with his feet in the gutter, sitting on the curb, Mitchell rested his back against th..
House Of The Nobles by NEILSON WILLIAMS
Leave your sins outside the gate...
Hunting Season by Dana Gleeson
Death is sent to collect the soul of a girl who has lost her way. (This is an excerpt) ..
Home Again6: Missed Calls by Mark Lichterman
Mitchell had spent a good part of the time on the trip to Michigan City thinking about Marsha, and was not too sure if, as he’d wishfully imagined, she liked him as much as he hoped, or if by now she had cooled off and the night before had only been a romantic night thing. The more he’d thought ab..
Hurricane Ophelia keeps up its teasing dance~ by Mary Lynn Plaisance
Dance Ophelia Dance..
Hurricane: Caution R Rated by Mark Lichterman
The woman was naked! And as she ran, bouncing up and down and from side to side, the woman’s pendulous breasts slapped against her shoulders and… Bringing the binoculars to behind her, to the man, “Holy shit! The man was naked, too, and there was nothing on him that bounced because the man had a jut..
I Wore it With Blood and Tears( Part Four Conclusion) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I often wonder what my life would have been like if I had not gotten caught up in that gang. I would probably still be walking for one, but I believe the Lord is using even this horrible thing to help me to help others. I mean despite the fact that I can no longer walk I am alive..
Ice, to Have or Have Not by Harold Hester
There are some things a guy just does not have high on his priority list... or even have thought about. Frank learned this lesson the Hard way...
Illegal Aliens Explained in English by Karen Dunn
I did not write this but I believe every word....
Imagining by Mark Lichterman
“Today, April twelfth, nineteen-hundred, forty-five, our president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, died suddenly of a massive cerebral hemorrhage in Warm Springs, Georgia.” A "Becoming" excerpt..
Important Political Announcement by Ron Karcz
I wrote a short story about "Ugly Americans" recently. I received some wonderful reviews. One came from a wonderful lady named Sherry. She said, "Hey Ron, don't hold back. Why don't you tell us what you really think?" Well, for Sherry and the rest of the world, here's the "no hold back" versio..
In between by Aleksander Mosingiewicz
The young playboy has to face his own guilt...
Read excerpt from IN BLOW IN BLOW by Karl Williams
From a planned collection of stories about a family farm...
In God We Trust by Jim Harrington
Who do you trust?..
In My Sisters Shadow Chapters 24.25 And 26 by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Jamie had put hope in the Lord and she was thankful for that. The verses of Hope she had memorized from the Bible played in her head, as she sat in the pew, thinking on the blessings of the Lord. ..
In My Sisters Shadow Chapters Eighteen and Nineteen by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I should have saw the signs earlier, but would I discover them before it was to late? ..
In My Sisters Shadow Chapters Sixteen and Seventeen by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
“We never complained, because we were afraid that if we did, we would end up like that little girl in the box.” Katelyn said. “He had us terrified for all the years we stayed there, and that was the way he liked it. The more scared we were the less likely we would talk about what..
In My Sisters Shadow Chapters Twenty and Twenty One by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
“Katelyn I love you, we are sisters, and I want to do anything I can within my power to help you.” ..
In My Sisters Shadow Chapters Twenty Four& Twenty Five (Sentive Subject) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
“You’re strong Katelyn don’t ever forget that.” I reminded my sister. “You’ve been through so much and you made it.” ..
In My Sisters Shadow Chapters Twenty Two And Twenty Three by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
“You’ve gone out of your way for me Jamie, you’ve helped me through all of this. I know I could not have gotten through this without you.” ..
In My Sisters Shadow Chapters Two and Three by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Celeste the flight was fine, I am at the hotel now, If you need me page me or send me an email. I should be back by Monday. I love you. Love Mom. ..
In The Eyes of God 1 by Mark Lichterman
Throughout the long drive from Midway Airport to downtown Chicago, he’d been waiting for Marsha to say something, but she hadn’t, so, “So where’d you make the reservation?” Turning from her place on the front seat, “Reservation?” Rhea looked at her daughter. Thinking, Oh, God! Marsh..
In The Eyes of God 2 by Mark Lichterman
“Oh, yeah!” Going to the den, returning with a camera, posing everyone around Marsha and Mitchell, Walter took a number of pictures at the table, then in the living room… “Marsha,” sitting cross-legged on the floor surrounded by Roger, a very pregnant Brenda, and Larry and Morton, “hold your hand..
In The Eyes of God 3: Discovery by Mark Lichterman
Careful! Very descriptive humanistically sexual scene here. (A "Becoming" Excerpt) ..
In The Eyes of God 4: Ultimatum by Mark Lichterman
Careful! Very descriptive humanistically sexual scene here. (A "Becoming" Excerpt)..
Like No Other by Odin Roark
Picturing unusual points of view for first person story telling brings on some interesting challenges. Thought I'd experiment a bit. Hopefully, it works. ..
Lil' Booty by CHANTLER ~
Lil’ Booty is a story that talks about how a ten year old boy named Booty Call Phillips finds the strength to overcome stereotypes coming directly from his own family. One day he decides to run away and is reported missing by his relatives. Eventually, Booty is located by the police after suffering ..
Limbo by David Schwinghammer
A fireman anticipates his new child...
Limited Visibility by Randall Barfield
(And that's when I saw him. He was sitting alone on one of the sofas...)..
In The Eyes of God 5: Ripples by Mark Lichterman
Anxious, oh, yes! Fearful, yes indeed! Wanting to, oh, yeah! Not thinking of the fact that Mitchell was not using a prophylactic, either, nor how she was going to explain a bloody sheet if she should bleed when her hymen ruptured… Positioned above her… Taking hold of him, “Mitchie, ple..
Read excerpt from In the Name of Public Health In the Name of Public Health by Patrick Sills
As the hysteria concerning the dangers of environmental tobacco smoke continues to swell, especially in light of Surgeon General Richard Carmona's claim that "there is now no question" of the health hazards, I have written a short story that suggests a dark future for those who smoke. Evidence that..
In The Whyet House by Mark Lichterman
Putting the pipe in a leather-bound ashtray, leaning forward, folding his hands on the desk, his voice taking a tone of severity, “America is a Christian country,” he’d said. “This is a Christian school, and if you do not want your son to learn the true belief and teachings of our Lord Jesus Chri..
Inspirations From Wayne County, WV by Stephanie Murray
Special people inspire simply by being who they are...
Intervention by Dennis McKay
A gifted young writer changes the lives of two of high school teachers. ..
Introducing Uncut Goodies by Aberjhani
Secrets and jewels from the editors' lounge. ..
Introducing You to Wayne County, West Virginia by Stephanie Murray
The friendliest county that brings back the fondest memories...
View Photo of Invisible Birthmarks Read excerpt from Invisible Birthmarks Invisible Birthmarks by Michael Anka
Excerpt from my third completed thriller novel..
It takes all kinds of people by Graham whittaker
An encounter while travelling.....
Jason - A Hero by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
A true story about a street hero .....
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6. BK1:Becoming;1944#3
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8. Transition © 2015 Joe Vojt
9. A U.S.O. Girl
10. BK1: Becoming; 1944#5
11. What's Up Your Kilt?
12. Love me or Leave me Chapter 1
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16. What About My Beliefs?
17. Carla's Dad (Novel Excerpt, Ch. 5)
18. Enjoy a chapter from A Brownstone in Brook
19. Talkin' to the Smoke
20. Contact High 3

Featured Book
The Women of Stormland
by Lois Santalo

How can one person bring himself to enslave another? One way is to denigrate the enslaved person as less than human. Ashley Pennington, of mixed race, knows this trauma i..  
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Featured Book
Zulu Zapy wins the Rainbow Nation, the hilarious sequel
by Albert Russo

“Zapy and her unky Berky win a ‘humanitarian’ journey to South Africa, a journey promising to be full of surprises and adventures. When they realize that this trip will ..  
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