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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
L'harmonie et le contraste, l'atout féminin (livre I)
by Antoine Raphael

C'est la version française de l'ouvrage publié par "Harmony and Contrast, the female impact". C'est la première édition française..  
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Featured Book
by Nickolaus Pacione

Featuring the Gothic Horror story Media Darling in an alternate edit from the original Pacione wrote in 2008.
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Featured Book
A New Possibility for This is the Place and Harkening
by Carolyn HowardJohnson

Carolyn's Books Reissued in Inexpensive E-Book Format..  
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All Literary Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Short Stories

Payback Time' for Mean Dean by Jerry Engler
This is a story born of a hope that all the mean guys get what's coming to them without necessarily killing them...
Peach's Journey by Debbie Walker
Peaches enjoys raising an eyebrow at times..
People flocked to see rodeo dog by Jerry Engler
Genetics and human-animal roles are given new twists with romantic humor...
Peaches and Rosenberg by Mark Lichterman
The loose, unbuttoned sleeve having worked its way to his elbow, looking at the motioning arm, beneath the white hair there he saw the faded blue numbers of a German concentration camp and though he did not like Rosenberg, Mitchell gained a respect for the man that he did not have moments ago...
People Watching! by Steve Scrivens
An opening scene.......
Performance Anxiety by Marjorie Davis
"Performance Anxiety" was first published in Issue Six, Storyglossia. Read the introduction below. ..
Perilous Query by D. Kenneth Ross
An angry older writer resorts to deception to try and get published. His guilt takes the enjoyment out of his temporary success...
Personals Are Funny by Sherry Hoffman
A man is reading the personals ads. He has had a rough experience or two but decides to answer one, just for fun!..
Phoenix by Jamie Gola
Phoenix The smooth surfaces of her eyes reflect the white paint pulling itself away from the wall behind a nightstand containing a present from the Gideons. She is eighteen and running on empty in the middle of Phoenix, Arizona. The old meltdown and explosion of a nuclear family covers he..
Pieces by Mike Hedrick
Pieces of a young man lost and found..
Pillowcase by Sherry Bryan
Fay's broken heart is held together by the small, albeit stained, piece of him she keeps...
Pittsburgh (1983) by Guy Hogan
Mitchell's / Logan's Pub / Chief's Cafe / The Luna / Pather Hollow Inn / Union Grille / Peter's Pub / Joe Mama's / Fuel & Fuddle / Mad Mex / Primanti Brothers / Original Hot Dog Shop in Oakland Pittsburgh / Hemingway's Cafe / Upstage..
Pittsburgh Snow by Guy Hogan
This is a new story written after the publication of CTPS...
Pity the Wounded Animal by B.R. Jones
When Jerrilyn goes into the forest... ..
Poetic Coup Part I by HB Clayton
Poetic Coup Part I (Inspired by Espada's Republic of Poetry)..
Poetic Coup Part II by HB Clayton
Poetic Coup Part II The Enlistment..
Point Tragedy by polycarp kusch
I. Definition: The collapsing of sadness into visionless ignorance. For Victoria Um, everyday is a cluster burst of joy in being herself. Cars that whistle by, whistle for her. Cures for mankind’s ills are invented and packaged with Victoria Um solely in mind. Diamonds are mined and ..
Poison by Susannah Carlson
POISON The helicopters came in early spring, raining malathion in yellow clouds. They came to poison the med-flies who had hidden in the backs of fruit trucks to cross the border into California from Mexico. They came to poison the med-flies, but they poisoned everything. That spring was the ..
Police Aware by Stuart Mark
I was inspired to write this when I saw a homeless guy begging for money and a Salvation Army lady rattling a collection box within yards of each other on Princess Street in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was struck by the irony and started writing the story which quickly turned into a study of political mo..
Poor Daddy by Randall Barfield
Arriving at the Ritchie family plot, Carl saw the freshly-dug hole and broke into tears...
Poor Hemingway by Jerry Engler
Jerry Engler was challenged to write a pun using certain words, so he chose poor Ernest Hemingway's book, The Snows of Kilimanjaro, to come up with this questionable masterpiece...
Poor Man's Strawberry by Kim McDougall
Nicolette has learned all the lessons her mother, taught. Some of them too well. Available as a free pdf download from Twisted Tongue Magazine, or in print. ..
Possession by Robert Amoroso
I’m currently working on my third novel, entitled Possession. It’s an adult erotic and dramatic tale of two writers who meet on a message board, and fall in love. However there obsession for one another leads to an unsolved 30 year old murder, it’s a tale of a mirrored past, and of a dead girl and a..
Post of Ice by Adam Cole
Alone with his short wave at the Molikuk PO during a blizzard, John Weaver enters into a strange relationship with a dying woman who cannot see or hear him...
Pot Man by Mark Lichterman
Having to walk sideways, the width of the sample cases barely ‘scraping by’, he followed her into a hot, cluttered kitchen that had the near nauseating, commingled odors of boiled cabbage, rancid oil, fried fish and burnt meat. ..
Read excerpt from Power Sliced Power Sliced by
His life was never great in the beginning, it was the reason why he became who is now. A demon, crimson red eyes in flames, but cold blooded inside. Revenge and power was how he was the strive, until one day his immortality was cut short when love was shown to him. Without his power or immortality, ..
Powerful Women by Storyteller Danny Turner
A brief encounter between two strangers yields an lighthearted experience that will be a fond memory for both ..
Presenting: Open MIC Night by David Grant
Sometimes the laughs are all about the presentation...
Pretty and Nowhere to Go by Paul Cuenco
pages 205-06, an excerpt of the novel..
Pretty and Nowhere to Go - pgs. 30-31 by Paul Cuenco
Excerpt from the novel...
Preview of Home Schooling: A Siren's Tale by Anne Carlisle
Book II of Anne Carlisle's HOME SCHOOLING trilogy..
Professor Somersault knows it all. by Peter Oszmann
Satire about experts, who know it all… ..
Prowling for Kitty Cat Barbe-coon by Jerry Engler
A Ricky and Roland comedy where Ricky tries to return to his roots with a raccoon hunt, only it throws him a twist in the end...
Puppy Love by Carol Rzadkiewicz
A story for Valentine's Day and all lovers, young and old. ..
Queen of the Air by Marjorie Davis
Orignally published in Drexel Online Journal, October 2001. ..
Queen's Grill Bar by A. Colin Wright
"I’m a librarian, and I kissed a film star once. I touched her nipples too. At least I think I did." ..
Quite Harmless You See by Randall Barfield
Then Peter had the oddest feeling. He'd never been afraid of the dark before. To him, danger was posed by...Author's note: (This story is supposed to "tie in" with the real short story, "The Monkey's Paw", by W.W. Jacobs. It is one of the most famous short stories in the English language. It ..
R Rated: Huh? by Mark Lichterman
Now? Now! What he’d wanted, what he’d waited all his life for. Foreplay is nice… wonderful, in fact, but really, foreplay was all he’d ever had. Oh, God! Not wanting to wait. Anxious, so anxious! “Yes, baby, yes!” ..
R Rated: Sally, 1951 by Mark Lichterman
“So you think because I’m a girl I’m not supposed to? It’s just that I’m not as, uh…” searching for a word, “as coy about it as other girls. Go on! I dare you, Mitchell! I double dare you!” Still somewhat shy, the thought, though, of being wholly nude in front of Sally becoming more and mor..
Radio Spots: Hook and Worm. by Mark Lichterman
Assuming, rightfully, that a man that sells worms for a living would not mind being addressed by his first name, “Good to meet you Jim.” Looking about the double storefront shop, “Nice place you have here.” ..
Rafting the White Water by Jack Daley
A high school student goes on a white water rafting adventure on the American River...
Rainy Day by Mike Bayles
A college-aged girl meets with her older cousin to get his support. As an only child, I believe in cousins...
Reading Between the Lines by Ruan Wright
First published in ART TIMES..
Reading The Ceiling by Kilian Betlach
He much prefered to keep that snarling dog hindsight on a short leash..
Redemption by Colin Linder
A junkie recounts his descent into addiction ..
REHAB by David Grant
If living in a city is a drug, then New York is the heroin of cities...
Remote Control by Susannah Carlson
This story first appeared in the literary e-journal, Ken*Again...
The tragic tale of a destitute remembered...
Resuscitation Annie by Corey Cook
Short story inspired by a childhood experience. ..
Rethinking Max by Rachelle
Rethinking Max is from my collection of contemporary short stories, entitled, POSSOONS. "The delicately crafted and often sassy stories in Possoons examine the mystery and magic of the heart, the courage to love, the willingness, if necessary, to fail, and the ultimate triumph of taking the..
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Literary Fiction Stories
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8. Take Me, I'm Free (Flash Fiction)
9. Fortune and Men's Eyes
10. It Ain't Brain Surgery
11. The Predator
12. Hunger Pangs
13. Not Much Time
14. Closed
15. Empty Airports
16. The Nap
17. Iron Roses 34
18. Bui Doi (The dust of life)
19. Final Sky, Chapter 5
20. Final Sky, sample chapters

Featured Book
Dirty Fracking Business
by Peter Ralph

Faction about the insiduous coal seam gas industry in Australia...  
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Featured Book
Sang Mêlé ou ton fils Léopold, Ginkgo éditeur, Paris
by Albert Russo

see MIXED BLOOD (in English) included in the African trilogy 'The benevolent American in the heart of darkness'..  
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