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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Dark, Deadly, Deranged.
by Mark Sutton

'Dark, Deadly, Deranged' is a collection of darkly humorous novels and short books by Mark C Sutton..  
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Featured Book
Bingo and Bullets - The Killer Wrinklies
by Mark Sutton

The 'killer wrinklies of Crabley-on-Sea' are introduced in this short prequel to the 'Bingo and Bullets' saga.....  
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Featured Book
Driving on the Wrong Side of the Road
by Diana Estill

Fifty-five hilarious tales that'll make you want to keep your partner, claim your kin, and hug your dog...  
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All Humor Short Stories

25 Most Recent Humor Short Stories

Gutterball-It only takes One Strike by Richard Kallao
original idea and story . humor...
Gutterballs by Lynn Barry
Like bowling for talent.....
H-bomb and trick riding by Randy Stensaas
we learned to do trick riding like they did in the movies. we decided to show off at the next rodeo. did not go as planned. ..
H-bomb the beginning by Randy Stensaas
H-bomb, the horse had to start someplace and this explains how I ended up with him...
H-bomb The End by Randy Stensaas
I know it is not humorous but this is where this horse always ended up. This is the final chapter about H-bomb. You have seen the beginning, now see the end. There will be other stories but now you know the ending. ..
H-Bomb the horse and the rodeo by Randy Stensaas
I take H-bomb to the local rodeo. we get more laughts than the clowns did. what can I say the horse has turned into a comedian...
Ha Ha by Richard Kallao
Hair-raising” Haircut Memories by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Previous memories of haircut aversion days from youth juxtaposed with adult years interspersed with fun stories of going to the barber, going from hippie to shorter hair styles, self-hair cutting, a "make-over" and being treated to a salon experience...
Halloween & the DKEs by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
High School and College Halloween Memories tied in with the DKEs. Published in Baton Rouge Advocate, Sunday, October 21, 2012, Magazine Section, "Human Condition" column, p. 2E (attached)...
Halloween Did that to Me by Richard Kallao
Halloween Hoochies by Diana Estill
Halloween brings out the latent "hoochie mamma" in too many...
Halloween-Not by Richard Kallao
Hamster 911 by Cynth'ya
This is the first part of a story that is completed in my July newsletter, (and leaves folks in stitches), courtesy of my cousin Audrey in Pennsylvania...
Handyman Snafu by Dickon Springate
When a simple spot of DIY ended up with me feeling very red faced and stupid...
Hangin' Out! by Linda Bergman-Althouse
Enjoy simple pleasures by awakening your inner child...
Hanging onto the Cow's Foot by Richard Ball
HAPPY WHATEVER by Kathryn Perry
I knew that......
Hartford PGA Tour: Going to the Dogs? by Mel Hathorn
The Hartford PGA Tour was almost a non-event. Maybe after this experience it should have been...
Hats, Ties, Long Hair, Mustaches and Beards by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Fun Memories and Reflections about Hats, Ties, Long Hair, Mustaches and Beards...
Have a Nice Day! by
When I was younger, I stumbled upon a large walkway. Suddenly, with a loud creaking noise it started to sway back and forth. I looked at the place where it once sat on the ground and there was now a hole just big enough for me to slide into. Something nagged at me till I put my foot inside. Then som..
Have a nice day! by Katie Gabrielle
Adventures of getting caught in traffic and being late for work..
Have you ever noticed? by Tony May Sr.
more to come and edited ... had to get it done while I could (sorry)..
Have you noticed part 2 by Tony May Sr.
He said She said/She said He said by Richard Kallao
original.this is for all the women in the world have fun reading it...
He Was Tricked By Others Thoughts by La Wanda Sharriese
He was tricked by the thoughts of others...
He's a Marine? by Mark Lichterman
Anyway, Melvin had never seen Dolly without her partial, and she got so drunk at our wedding that she had to go into the toilet to puke and while she was puking she flushed the toilet and...” “Uh, oh!” Mitchell said. ..
He's Too Fat For Me by David Schwinghammer
A young nurse goes out on a date with a grossly overweight doctor. ..
Heading for Amsterdam by Miller Caldwell
A funny story about The Netherlands where I am about to arrive...
Healthy Care in Kannada, don'tcha know by Jerelyn Craden
The truth about health care in Canada from the blog of Maybelle Morton, the feisty 80-something main character in Jerelyn Craden's award-winning comedy radio show: Fireside Stories from Lake WhaddyathinkImean...
Heartwarming by Roger Hull
Microsoft calls from a call center in India and makes my day!..
Heaven never Wears a Fig Leaf . by Richard Kallao
another story wriiten by me when I couldn't sleep, sorry readers..... original idea and story..............
Heaven-A Poem Actually . by Richard Kallao
i keep making this mistake in categorizing it................
Held Up By A Robin. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A boy tries to explain to his teacher why he was late for school...
Adults only..
Hell Found Me by Michael Kahmann
Married people fight, we know, but here is a guy who went way out on a limb and then sawed it off...
View Photo of Hello Life, I'm Max - SAMPLE Read excerpt from Hello Life, I'm Max - SAMPLE Hello Life, I'm Max - SAMPLE by Max Murdok
Hello Life the life story of a total stranger By Max Murdok 2002 Majestic Pelican/Media Hype Creative Dedicated to my Pop. Also ded..
Read excerpt from Hello, I Must Be Going... Hello, I Must Be Going... by Buster Hymen
Man endures a Halloween night...
Help! My Body is Under Attack Part III by Beverly Mahone
A Warning to All Women! ..
Help! My Body is Under Attack! by Beverly Mahone
This is an excerpt from my book: WHATEVER! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age..
Help! My Body is Under Attack! Part II by Beverly Mahone
More from chapter one of my book: WHATEVER! A Baby Boomer's Journey Into Middle Age..
Help! My life has dropped It's Cool and Can't Pick It Up! by Shea Clarke
I realized today that I am old......
Help! There's a Man Stuck in Our Septic Tank by Robert Kasch
It could happen. I guess...
Help...... by Miller Caldwell
It's dark,its after midnight, the car is on the top floor of a multi car park...I'm a woman...aged 45....I'm afraid........
Hercule Poirot and the Case of Girls Gone Wild! by Katie Gabrielle
Poirot goes a little on the wild side when he happens on a strange and sexy site...he is on the case!..
Hercule Poirot And The Case of the Pesky Dust Bunny by Katie Gabrielle
Hercule Poirot is at it again...trying to solve the case of the pesky dust bunny!!..
Hettie, the Hearse by Wendy Laing
A tongue-in-cheek journalistic story about the adventure of a hearse...
Hey Barky! by Dave LeGates
When all you want is a cheeseburger, be careful who you ask!..
Hey Little Fella by wayne Carlan
Another true story by Dr. Philbilly...
Hi-Ball ie My Garbage Disposal by Anne McKee
Hi-Ball i e My Garbage Disposal summary: Hi-Ball, our family coon dog, is much more than a garbage disposal!..
Hick From The Sticks Isn't Plum Dumb by Carolyn Dooley
True Story and it actually happened to me...
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Humor Stories
1. Better Late Than Never. ...
2. Duped Net: The Big Brawl
3. Rose is dead
4. A Man and His Dog
5. Nude-Night-Naughty 6
6. A Reluctant Father Christmas
7. Nothing to Worry About, by Owen Thomas
8. Age Retirement What it means to me
9. Armina, the cat who invented canned dog-fo
10. Looking For Mr. Golfball
11. Indigo, the cat who encouraged Christopher
12. Poetic Injustice
13. Celestine, the cat who helped Galileo...
14. The DMV Funnies
15. Top 10 Things to Avoid Doing…Now and Forev
16. Amber, the cat who opposed stir-fried brea
17. Byron Luckipaw, the cat who established th
18. A Normal Family
19. My Ubiquitous Acquaintance
20. All's Well That Ends Well

Featured Book
Bingo and Bullets - The Killer Wrinklies
by Mark Sutton

The 'killer wrinklies of Crabley-on-Sea' are introduced in this short prequel to the 'Bingo and Bullets' saga.....  
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Featured Book
Idiots and Children
by Diana Estill

Family and observational humor from award-winning author Diana Estill...  
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