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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Somewhere the Bells Ring
by Beth Trissel

Banishment to the old ancestral home is dismal until a ghost appears requesting her help...  
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Featured Book
The Georgian Embrace (Calum's Curse: Book Two)
by Sky Purington

Is it present day or three hundred years ago? Time hop with Devin and Isabel in a house unlike any other...  
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Featured Book
Desert Dreams
by Gracie McKeever

"Old World Evil vs New Age Passion" ... A centuries old djinni betrayed...A modern career woman and wife bereft...Can this thoroughly mismatched couple find com..  
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All Romance Short Stories

25 Most Recent Romance Short Stories

That Certain Summer - Author Mary Verdick by Mary Verdick
Romantic novel available THIS FALL!..
The Kiss by John Roof
just a memory from my youth..
The Storming of Madeoc by S Cardin
This is an outtake of the "Bastian/Edana" family saga - an alternate take on Edana storming Madeoc. In the real story, Bastian took Somerland. Enjoy!. Steph..
The Affair (excerpt from the book The Cemetery of Hearts) by R David Fulcher
Summary: Two star-struck lovers attempt to deal with their emotions...
The Ancient House by Tricia McGill
The cottage had always held some special magic. Now she was to find out why; and why she had always been drawn to this humble dwelling on Dartmoor since she'd first seen it as a child...
The Anniversary Gift by Desirée Lee
This was a bit of flash fiction sparked to mind by one of the photos posted on Stacy Dawn's "Escape the Mondayn" game a few weeks ago. ..
The Art of Serendipity by Becky Crist
For all of us whose hearts belong to someone far away...
The Assistant: Meet Angie by James Taylor
A chance meeting in an elevator turns the author's world upside down...
The Baby Maker by Angela Amos
An old school friend approaches a successful lawyer with a proposition to father her child...
The Balcony From Journeys Of The She by laura botsford
The metaphysical transmissions of Jeylin and Moorea the magnificent man of fidelity have drawn them into a future sphere to be together...
The Bandit by Sandee Watkins
Synopsys of my upcoming book The Bandit, due out 2011...
The Beach House by Joyce Tres
A house holds a lifetime of memories. ..
The Beginning by Tatiana Polivanova
Paranormal romance novel. Contains: nudity, sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language. (13+) Download and read for FREE (PDF)..
The Best Christmas Ever! by Myne Whitman
He goes to meet his girlfriend's family for the best Christmas lunch of his life...
The BlackBerry by bhavna khemlani
A Teenage Romantic and Drama based story embraced by the new age of technology..
The bond of love by Lalita Vasu
The bond of love, or the love of bondage?..
The bordello in the building C by Lily Alex
When the young athletic orphan meets the successful businessman, she can't even imagine him being the son of the Devil, and that he murdered her parents.....
The Brahmin's Way by Sohan Koonar
A ribaldry short story, The Brahmin's Way was originally written for publication in Playboy. The story is set in the Punjab in India. ..
The Break Up - A romantic short story by John Marion Francis
They have been together for three years. They have had fights before, but this one would tear them apart or would it?..
The Broken Writer by W. Hayes
Hopelessly in love...hopelessly broken. Edited by Dennis De Rose. ..
The Bus Ride Home by Lois Bonde
Lori does her best to raise her small daughter alone. An envelope she finds left on the bus leads her to a brighter future for both of them...
The Call by Marcia Miller-Twiford
It's been said that 85% of today's relationship begin via the Internet. Technology or fate?..
Read excerpt from The Colorless Love The Colorless Love by Toris Okotie
Enjoy these piece of work that can change how you think about your love life. a href=""> img src="" border=1>/a> ..
The Competition by Robin Bayne
A dance teacher's new student turns out to be the daughter of her former sweetheart. She finds herself falling for the charming Irishman all over again, but will he want her after she reveals the secret she's kept from him all this time? Before she finds the answer, just like years before, she's fac..
The Conductor by Carole Piller
The story depicts a woman named Michele, a daily computer on the Metro rail line who has an obsessive desire to develop a romantic relationship with a train conductor whom she finds appealing. This is her first awkward attempt to find a companion, since her divorce...
The Contingency of Power by Tracy Kiewel Sutterer
From Chapter 8 - Kincade was finishing the salads when he heard her approach. She had on the soft light blue fleece sweat suit that he had swept off of her two hours earlier. Her tresses were freshly brushed, but were still damp from their wonderful interlude in the shower. He made a menta..
The Couple by Virginia Tolles
Only when they dared to reveal their deepest wounds did they free themselves to gain the deep love for which they had yearned...
The Custodian Cared... by Glenda Bixler
Once in a while I enjoy writing in response to challenges...this was my first attempt for a new group calling for the creation of a story from a first line (at Gather.Com)..
The Dance by Tory Richards
A short story where two strangers meet at a bar and the emotions running through them as their attraction to each other overwhelms them on the dance floor...
The Dance Hall Girl by Jo Janoski
"Is this seat taken, madam?" "No! Please, be seated!" "Thank you." Edward sat on the hard wooden seat and placed his hat on his lap, shooting a slight smile to the lady next to him who had offered the cordial invitation. She was dressed in dark brown clothing suitable for the d..
The date with the Devil's Son by Lily Alex
When the young athletic orphan meets the successful businessman, she can't even imagine him being the son of the devil, and that he murdered her parents Martha and Robert fall in love with each other almost instantly. One of Noirson's guards, Jerry, finds himself under her charm too. This..
The Devil's Playground by Verdi Mathis
Can a widow find love again? On the internet??..
The Doctor From The Harbor by Tom Brosman
One time, one person chaged your life forever and with out that person, it is pointless to find another...
This is a short story from my upcoming book ..
The Dried Drop of Paint by Avinash Vasu
"My hopes of seeing her again, had dried for sometime like the brushes on that canvas."..
The Earl's Enchantment Summary by Sara Freeze
Brief description of my forthcoming paranormal/historical story from The Wild Rose Press...
The Early Years Chapter 1 by Marie Wadsworth
New and improved Lathal is injured in an accident...
The Early Years Chapter 2 by Marie Wadsworth
Malan rushes to the hospital to be by Lathal's side. Only she's on her way into surgery...
The Early Years Chapter 3 by Marie Wadsworth
Malan has a rough night and morning by himself while Lathal is in the hospital,..
The Early Years Chapter 4 by Marie Wadsworth
Malan visits Lathal in the hospital..
The Earth and the Sky by Mark Rockeymoore
Earth, Sun, 1968, Collograph Printed with intaglio process..
The Edge of Darkness by Jynell Hull
This is the prequel to my first novel Into the darkness. This story takes place in Michael's life before he becomes a vampire and the events that lead to his change...
The Elder's Angel by Budd Nelson
how do you know when the love is forever June 20, 2013..
The Elopement by Sue Swift
A wickedly funny satire of the Regency romance genre...
The empty box. by Glen Schulz
When only a special gift will do...
The End of the Affair by Frank Parker
The opening episode for a longer piece set in ww2 England...
The Eyes of a Cinderalla Story by Deborah Richards
The Final Chapter by Debra Stiles, The Original Mister
In a world where little girls grow up believing in their prince charming and find none exist. A continuation of Debra J Stiles first book “He Called Her Mister” This is, “The Final Chapter” ..
The Fine Art of Massage by Elizabeth Galvez
"Our Massages are strictly non-sexual. Please report any misconduct to the supervisor." That's what the sign said as I entered the room for my monthly massage. My treat to myself, my one luxury. I had never noticed the sign before, just the small room, well heated with one brick wall...tasteful ..
The Fire Still Burns, alternate beginning by Crystal-Rain Love
While going through the editing process for my upcoming release, The Fire Still Burns, this chapter was omitted. Only here can you read it in full and get a little more insight into the characters!..
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Romance Stories
1. Romance on the Moondeck
2. Whispers
3. Poetry Recitation: Dried Rose Petals
4. The bordello in the building C
5. no face
6. Entwined Destinies
7. The Newlyweds Chapter 1
8. Unfinished Masterpiece
9. Love is no accident
10. The Elder's Angel
11. Anastasis
12. Trilling Dalliances
13. Whispers of love, shouts of doubt
14. Morning Reflections
15. In Defence of Love
16. The Language of Love
17. Maid of Maidstone
18. The Sapphire Ring
19. Love Letters in Flower
20. The Punishment

Featured Book
La main invisible (le grincheux), un roman
by Antoine Raphael

Un hymne à la transcendance, à l'amour et la charité...  
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Featured Book
Highland Muse
by Sky Purington

Through tragedy comes love.....  
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