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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Forbidden Fruit
by Billy Wells

A father buys purple fruit at a roadside stand that turns his youngest son into a ravenous ghoul...  
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Featured Book
HORIZONS: The 2005 Speculative Fiction Centre Anthology
by Terry Vinson

The Speculative Fiction Centre presents the best Sci-Fi/Horror Collection of 2005..'HORIZONS'......  
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Featured Book
What's In A Name?
by Kit Kingdom

College dropout Cain K. Abel wandered the countryside searching for a purpose and found it in the small town of Sweethill, Montana, where he met the woman with mounting b..  
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All Horror Short Stories

25 Most Recent Horror Short Stories

A horror story for Christmas...
Silent Night (Chapter 1) by Wyatt Bolton
The coaches are coming home from a coaches convention when they recieve a phone call from a mysterious person. then they hit a ditch and turned down a ominous, foggy, and bumpy road. A return trip home just turned into a survival of the fiddest as they are stalked by a monster that lives in that swa..
Silent Night (Chapter 2) by Wyatt Bolton
Stuck... In the middle of nowhere...recieving threatening phone badly injured chanting a survival speech...What are they giong to do?..
Simpatico of three by Oisín Breen
Silence. Nothing visible, nothing not. No windows, no cold, no warmth. Walls, close, soft, not padded and a padded floor. This is how you live perhaps he and I do also. Every… at a certainly uncertain time there’s a sound, perhaps a whisper and then a scrape on the outside. It seems to cry,..
Read excerpt from Simple Things Simple Things by Marcel Admiraal
Short story - On a nice Sunday morning, quietly reading his book, the man was disturbed by the sound of playing children outside. Soon, though, there play turns into something more serious, more bloody... For more news and updates
Six Minutes of Your Time, Please by A Brown
2nd person POV. Experimental...
Skeleton of the Onondaga by J Erwine
A camping trip in the mountains of New York turns into a nightmare for two Yuppie couples from the Big Apple when they're terrorized by an ancient Native American evil...
Skin by Richard Kallao
for my 60th story a story with a message .original idea ...
Skin Deep by Garrett Peck
A male model has his face slashed by his girlfriend's stalker and begins a descent into madness. This story was originally written for an anthology that died before being published. It's set to appear in an as-yet untitled anthology being sponsored by The Horror Writers Network. More informatio..
Sleep with one eye Open by Lori Maynard
This horror story is based on many truths. Happy Halloween :)..
Sleep Wouldn't Come by Jennifer Amlie
A short story about things that go bump in the night..
Sleeping Through the Storm by Erin Elder
A family reunion becomes a nightmare....or was it? ..
Slice of Life by M. B.
Beware: This is dark adult fiction rife with risque' content, both sexual and gruesome...
Slither by Paul Johnson
A man moves into his dream house ... a house full of nightmares. ..
Slots-a-Pain by C Saunders
A hopeless gambler discovers a new game... ..
Slugfest by Richard Kallao
Slugger by Richard Kallao
in tribute to the B movies of yesteryear.original idea and story..
Small Packages by Lee Garrett
A good old-fashioned monster story...
Smileys war face by Legion 860
Soldiers might leave the war behind but it will catch you up some day...
Read excerpt from Smoke & Mirrors Smoke & Mirrors by Bayden Hammond
A silent terror unravels for unsuspecting couples at a Vegas magic show...
Snake In The House by David Beckham
Snake in the house..
Snake Pit by Richard Kallao
Sober by Nickolaus Pacione
why can't we be sober --- TOOL..
Social Disease by Garrett Cook
A tale of existential horror...
Solidity by LaMonte Henderson
A short horror/sci-fi story - not yet complete.....
Solitude of Suffering by Mark Grinage
Revenge takes course even after years have passed...
Read excerpt from Solomon Chapters Solomon Chapters by Michael O'Neal
These are a selection of chapters from my horror/dark fantasy novel Solomon...
Something Horrid by Raven Winters
Can one story change your life as you once knew it?..
Something In the Attic by Billy Wells
Norma goes to the attic for her Halloween costume and is strangely affected after reading an old book that belonged to her grandmother...
Something In the Car by Billy Wells
He was convinced the woman was dead until he looked into her open eyes and did a double take...
Something In the House by Billy Wells
“Gwen, I heard something,” he whispered, nudging her under a mountain of covers. “I think someone’s in the house.”..
Sometimes, They Come Back (For Karen) by Karla Dorman, The StormSpinner
'...We'd think they were over, but sometimes, they come back. That's when they git ya. ...' Image © 2011, Karla Dorman ----------------------------------------..
Sophie - Part 1 by Lee Cushing
On the hunt for a pack of Strigoi, Sophie Addison heads to a hotel where she has arranged to meet her sister, Lucy, who has spent a week gathering information concerning the target Strigoi...
Sophie - Part 2 by Lee Cushing
Sophie's story continues..
Sophie - Part 3 by Lee Cushing
Sophie receives an explanation to what is happening from her sister, Lucy...
Sophie - Part 4 by Lee Cushing
Sophie's battle to stop her demonic double gaining control of her corpse and making it rise as a Strigoi continues..
Sophie - Part 5 by Lee Cushing
The conclusion to Sophie's final battle...
Sorcerer Beginnings by Elizabeth Stember
A more sadistic look at the begining of two of my favorite characters, Gina and Atrocit. If you are on DeviantArt then let it be advised that there is an offer to allow fanfiction and fan art if they so wish. For those that care. And please no religous flames until I have my smore..
Soul Catcher by Tony Eldridge
What happens when a person who steals souls is caught by the ultimate soul catcher? ..
Soul eater will rise by douglas carter
A man from a normal world kills for money, but finds himself betrayed by those who pay him. Evil has waited for many years for his arrival, and now he has come to become the darkest form good has ever known...
Soul Takers: Soul Mates by Robert Rootes
The soul takers, dark beautiful creatures with the appearance of humans, survive through the centuries by living off the souls of the ones they kiss. After so many years, Evil has come to Mantua, destroying everything Jordan Concland ever loved. The malevolence draws the soul takers back to the slee..
Read excerpt from SoulScape SoulScape by Audrey Snead
When a psychiatrist in an insane asylum makes a bad decision, his most feared patient is sent to death row. But some souls are too dark to be held by death. Some souls seek an escape. BLACK MOON COUNTY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY 1- Strapped securely to the gurney, Alec waited pat..
Source of Insanity by Lisa Taylor
When does reality become insanity, or insanity become real? What is the real world, if not defined by what we see, feel, hear, smell and see?..
Soured by Terry Vinson
A cautionary tale of damned grounds and the doomed souls foolish enough to tread upon them.....
Southern Comfort; Chapter 1; You're Out of Toilet Paper by Michelle O'Lary
In desperate need of help a woman begs a young mother, who also happens to be a powerful medium to help her rid her home of a vicious poltergeist...
Speak to Me by Richard Kallao
Speak to Me ll by Richard Kallao
Speak to Me lll: Deadpoint by Richard Kallao
Read excerpt from Spectral Exile Spectral Exile by Nickolaus Pacione
From Nickolaus A. Pacione, read at your own risk. Story is linked on Writings From The Grave. Warning -- this story has several nasty little surprises. Now a part of i>Dirty Black Winter/i>...
Spider Blaster by Richard Kallao
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Horror Stories
1. Something In the Attic
2. The Clown At Midnight
3. Spiders
4. Jingle BONES
5. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 5 -Humpty Dumpt
6. Surprise! Surprise!
7. What the Cat Dragged In
8. Looney Tunes Lunacy
9. Something In the House
10. The Shredder
11. Resurrection Road
12. Shivers
13. The Closet.
14. Reign of Goblins
15. A Rock 'n Roll Apocalypse
16. 'She Wanted It All. ...' (Greed) (Part On
17. The Taxidermist
18. Gor
19. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 7 - Prince Char
20. Day Of The Dead

Featured Book
Passport To HELL
by Terry Vinson

Pray your passport isn't stamped..'PERMANENT ReSiDeNt'.....  
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Featured Book
Passports to Hell
by Terry Vinson

Next stop: the fiery pits via a collection of unrelenting terror tales that explore the unspeakable horrors of eternal damnation.....  
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