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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Dragon and The Rose - Part 2: The Confrontation
by Diane Hundertmark

Richard has faced the "Turning Point" in his life, but it is yet to be seen if he will survive the "confrontations" to come. The reason for the PG rating is the same as f..  
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Featured Book
Heart of the Ninja: Water
by TJ Perkins

Book 3 in the Shadow Legacy series. Release date June 2013!..  
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Featured Book
The Underground
by Roxanne Bland

With a paranormal revolution looming on the horizon, a beleaguered werewolf trapped in a bitter love triangle with his mage ex-lover and his despised vampire master falls..  
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All Fantasy Short Stories

25 Most Recent Fantasy Short Stories

No Lucky Foot Here by Richard Kallao
No Match for Tina by R.T. Caldwell
This is a story inspired by the great Ray Bradbury, It's about a man who becomes infatuated, almost possessed by the picture of a girl twirling a parasol on the front of a matchbook! She haunts his dreams, his very existence until finally, he tracks her down and meets her and the ending i..
No Strings Attached by Richard Kallao
original, still on a diet so naturally I write about food,make sense ?..
No Thumb in my Eye by Richard Kallao
original,what if Rome had twentieth century weapon technology?..
No Voyager Here by Richard Kallao
Noah's Ark ,twist it by Richard Kallao
original I think..
Noah's Ark, my version,with a sci fi twist to it. by Richard Kallao
Not Always What They Seem" by Sherry Hall
This is one of my favorites, when the evil witch, Gliden Subrad makes a surprise visit on Pach and the rest is for you to read and discover for yourself...
Not for Sale by Richard Kallao
Not Poppy Nor Mandragora by K McAbee
His family is dead. What will he do to avenge them?..
Oasis by Richard Kallao
original What happens after a nuclear war?..
Oasis ll: This is not Bunker Hill by Richard Kallao
Oasis part 3: Lightning in a Bottle by Richard Kallao
Oathbearer by Dennis McDonald
I wrote the first book to a fantasy trilogy before I produced my collection of horror stories. It's in rough draft but the first three chapters are below for you to read and review...
Ode to Jack by Richard Kallao
original story of Jack the Ripper..
Ode to Us All by Richard Kallao
Of Bells Left Un-rung by Nathan Petrie
A girl who sneaks into a museum on a dare discovers that sometimes silly pranks can go horribly wrong... This story can be found in the short story collection, "Whispers Out of the Darkness"..
Of Fair Lahilda by Michael Ault
This is the preface to my first novel...self published!..
Of Kings and Men part l:My heart for a Throne by Richard Kallao
Of Witches and Wands - Nomadin Chapter Two by Shawn Cormier
Chapter Two of Nomadin, a young adult fantasy trilogy. The books are available at! Thanks in advance for any reviews!..
Off To See The Sorcerer: An Early Adventure in Sorcery by Jeanne Owens
An assassination job and a panty bandit are the highlights of this early adventure of the sorceress supreme, Riss Cobalt..
Ogl by Richard Kallao
Oh, God! You Buddhist! by Richard Frankfurt
Mad philosopher Anton Pesticide has a near-death experience...
Pirates of Melcontent ll:Beginnings.' by Richard Kallao
original,how Jones became..
Pirates of the Carribean : Never Wished Upon a Star Again by Richard Kallao
never wish for something you might regret it ...
Omar Blue - A Thoughtful Stroll by O Warfield
I've entered a world you'd never think existed. My dog leads two lives. Omar Blue is his name. A 120 lb. blue Doberman. He lives at home with his dad and me, part of the time. Then he goes off to a land with no name, to a town he and his fierce pack of canine followers have named K9 Town, USA. I tel..
Omar Blue - Come One Come All - I'm surrounded by Dogs! by O Warfield
Omar's K-9 Town Pack's family and friends have learned about the trip to see Omar's kin and they want to go too. They are coming faster than I can count them, see what I mean......
On Dragons Wings by Joseph Madden
A funny thing happened to Kieran on her way to the seashore.....
On Golden Pond or World in this Case :) by Richard Kallao
Read excerpt from Once Bitten Once Bitten by Midnite Wolf
This story is about an animal spiritualist getting bitten by a beastly werewolf. The setting is modern day and it's written in first person using a journal format...
Ondine by Andie Peck
Be careful what you look for you may very well find it and have it not be what you imagined...
Read excerpt from One Day on a Full Moon One Day on a Full Moon by Leslie Thompson
A day in the life of a werewolf...
One More Adventure for All of Us by Richard Kallao
One Night at Bal's Tavern by Michael Ault
Sometimes it doesn't pay to get out of your nest.....
One-hundred and Eighty-Six Nights by Tavis Hampton
The Sun learns a valuable lesson..
Only Your Imagination 2 by Richard Kallao
Opon-Hul by Rafael Lopez
In the first short story of the series, the last of humankind is stranded around a single mountain with the rest of the world covered by an evil darkness. The Staff Keepers hold in their possession the only artifact that allows the humans to live: The Staff of Hope. Yet when The Staff is stolen t..
Our Land is ........A Hobbit Adventure by Richard Kallao
I apologize to Mr Tolkien and Peter Jackson but someone told me write that which when you have the idea before it fades away and you lose that idea,you never know who might be reading it :)..
Out of De=Orbit,part l by Richard Kallao
Out of the Frying Pan by Ralph Nicholls
Out of the Frying Pan is an excerpt of an as yet unpublished novella based on the now self-published science fiction-fantasy game Legacies of the Artificer(which i named and collaborated extensively in developing), by Legacy Games, Inc...
Out of the Sun by Gabriel Boutros
A small mining camp is reeling from the aftermath of a bad accident. In the morning two riders appear on the horizon; they are Death, and his insane sidekick, the Joker, coming to collect the souls of those who did not survive. This story originally appeared in Danse Macabre: Close Encounters Wi..
Outcast Sidhe Queen by Otilia Tena
Once upon a time... a fairytale about the sidhe fairy folk...
Outlander by Budd Nelson
a walk through lands and with peoples as yet not remembered..
OUTLANDER Reprisal by Budd Nelson
installment number 5 in the Outlander series Feb. 5 2014..
OUTLANDER Discovery by Budd Nelson
the third in the Outlander series January 15 2014..
OUTLANDER The Quarry by Budd Nelson
the second story of Dax who some call The Outlander Jan. 6 2014..
OUTLANDER Pursuit by Budd Nelson
number four in the Outlander series January 19 2014..
Outside In by Richard Kallao
Over and Out by Richard Kallao
Oxygen Breather by Richard Kallao
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Fantasy Stories
1. An Unlikely Hero (full version)
2. Secrets in Sulsut - Episode I (full versio
3. Whisper and Warnings - Nomadin Chapter Thr
4. So Juicy
5. The Phantom Library
6. Lost in Space : My Reboot
7. Tessa's Wish
8. Reality Becoming...
9. An Adventure in my own Back Yard.
10. Lover's Hands Part 1
11. FREE AudioBook Fantasy Short Story
12. Sha'Mung and the Great He and She
13. Kingdoms All part part 13:Where there is F
14. Out of the Sun
15. A Goddess Awakens: Chapter 13
16. Kingdoms All part 17:Queen of This Land h
17. Star Clash part 2 : Star Song
18. Down Below
19. Faux Companion
20. Robin Hood and Marion:A Kiss Unbound

Featured Book
The Sword and the Dragon (Revised)
by M. R. Mathias

Deemed One of the Top 10 indie Fantasy releases of 2010 by Fantasy Book Critic, and listed in the first ever Publishers Weekly Indie Select issue, the original 235k word ..  
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Featured Book
Shadows from a Time Long Past - Kindle Edition
by Brian Hill

A Fantasy novel set in the distant past. At a time when magical objects still exist and differences are settled with the sword...  
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