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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Clinical Research Trials and Triumphs
by Elizabeth Weeks-Rowe

A captivating medical fiction novel that tells the heart warming story of an inexperienced nurse, learning the challenging, exciting field of clinical trials and patient ..  
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Featured Book
When Horses Had Wings
by Diana Estill

A young mother tries to escape her rural Texas environment and her violent, garbage-collecting husband...  
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Featured Book
Van Gogh's Peasant
by Steven Ulmen

I refer to Vincent Van Gogh's nameless, faceless image simply as "Van Gogh's Peasant." Like a ghostly specter he centers Van Gogh's canvas, locked forever in the endless ..  
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All Literary Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Short Stories

Snowflakes on the Pond by J.E. Seanachaí
Not all snowflakes are made of ice crystals...
Snowstorms and Lawn Chairs by T.R. Braxton
This short story chronicles the struggles of an under employed couple during a harsh stretch of winter...
Softball by Mark Lichterman
Almost fifteen, Sharon was a pretty Jewish girl with the unlikely last name of Duffy. She and her divorced mother lived in a second floor apartment, in the two-story building on the southwest side of the bisected alley. "Yo, Mitch! You wanna play baseball?" ..
solitary value by Jen Knox
A woman who has been mute for years speaks, but what is she saying? No one agrees...
Some Chapter by Oisín Breen
I just threw on some chapter from my second book because it felt right to do. Enjoy. Peace. ..
Some like it hot, but not Julius by Jerry Engler
One more father learns that he never understood his daughter, and not as much of the world as he thought either...
Some of the Reasons you Should Read the Novel The Mango Tree Cafe by Taryn Simpson
What Some of the Reader are saying: Along With Trailer one for "The Mango Tree Cafe"..
Something to Hold Onto by Kathy Kubik
Flash fiction about love lost.....
Sometimes a Great Lotion by Peter Cooper
She works in the steam baths in Istanbul, has never had her own man, but when an odd woman arrives for a massage, it looks like the gods have smiled in her direction at last...
Sorry Sir by Ashwini Ahuja
‘Sorry Sir’ is an amazing malady of a victimised, sloppy habits college teacher. ..
Sotto Voce by Lisa Adams
Souls Forsaken - Part I by Chantay Leonard
Marielle Ramirez-Evans at 24 has suffered more heartbreak than any young woman should have to experience. Left numb from the deaths of her grandmother and fiance she is left to face yet another unspeakable trial. Here is her story......
Southern Comfort And Rosa Parks by Mark Lichterman
“You believe in God?” One third of the quart bottle of Southern Comfort empty, the second side of the second record of The Brave Bulls nearing completion... for the third time. The tone of the evening having turned from drunken jovial to drunken seriousness, still sitting on the floor, the..
Spontaneous Combustion by Rae Spencer
How to achieve spontaneous combustion!..
Springs Here by Sherry Hoffman
This is about young hopefulls and a management person who gets them going. What happens for James and ANTHONY? Who or what is YAT? Jumpin Joe? Is it Mr. or MS. Fore? The lost is found and then? SURPRISE!..
Stand by for an important news bulletin!” by Richard Huffman
A fictional story of Americans at work...
Stand Up Now Get On Your Knees by Emerson Miller
Standing Mountain (Reverse City) by Maria Ioannou
one of the winner stories in the SEA OF WORDS short story Competition (2008), organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation and the IEmed..
Stanley by R. Burrow
This is taken from the upcoming 'In Handcuffs.' Just a short preview. No more of the manuscript will be shown. This is a complete chapter, given as a glimpse to any interested readers. The manuscript is still being worked on. This section was, at one time, a short standalone story...
Still Life by Carol Rzadkiewicz
Beyond its oasis of shade, the lazy drone of the cicadas played on while the South Georgia sun danced and sparkled and flashed...
Stones Cry Out by John Borowski
It's the Mid 90's. There is change in the air but we don't know it...
Stones in Her Pockets by Carol Rzadkiewicz
What was once love often becomes something far, far less...
Story Of A Golden Camel by Jaazijaz EL
Mysteries are the histories that may hold more than the eyes can see.....
Stranger in My homeland by J.C. Tabler
A scene from the Kentucky Derby, as observed by a native. Commentary on tourist society, the image of the South, and perception in general. Strong language/themes are present...
Streamers: USCGC Halfmoon by Mark Lichterman
The frustration of, once again, being cheated out of intercourse, even though he was married, even though it was justifiably and legally right had been on his mind since the start of this patrol and highly negative thoughts had festered and filled his heart with doubts about Marsha, himself and, mos..
Stripes by Lisa Adams
Stumping Stump by Jerry Engler
This is an entertaining look at the behavior disorders of perfection and rage. ..
Substance by Angela Rhodes
Fictional commentary on the medicalization of America.....
Summer every Thursday by Adina Pelle
The sin Allah finds hardest to forgive is a man refusing a woman invitation into her bed...
Summer Romance by Robert Miskimon
Two teenaged boys take summer jobs at a remote hotel in the mountains of western Virginia. They learn about life, love and the harsh realities of romance...
Sunday Best I by James Hall
The start of a new novel that I am working on ..
Sunday Morning Resurrection by ria takharu
Short story written in 2003. Ria Takharu...
Supply in Demand by Michael LeFevre
A supply teacher goes to a school for a day and impresses the head teacher in more ways than one. ..
Suspension by Peggy Duffy
Angela waits in the small room outside the principal’s office. This is the third time this year she’s been caught smoking on school grounds, and Mr. Ringwald is making good on his promise to call her mother. “What’s a nice girl like you from such a nice family—doesn’t your mother work so hard—doing ..
SWEET RYTHMN by william aher
more then a touch of reality..
Summer... R rated for language & one graphic scene. by Mark Lichterman
Later, consciously, Roger had tried to block the scene from his mind, but subconsciously couldn’t and after a nocturnal emission with his mother as, truly, “the girl of his dreams” – and a few emissions that were not nocturnal – that caused him a great amount of guilt that he juxtaposed as anger at ..
Swiss Francs From Heaven by B. B. Riefner
A huge fortune in gold slips from hand to hand, destroying all who touch it until it reaches an innocent couple. ..
Table Turned by Sandy Knauer
First chapter of novel in progress. Tired of being stalked and not getting the attention she deserves from the legal system, Rachel Lorn fights back on her own. ..
Take Me, I'm Free (Flash Fiction) by Odin Roark
What would we do without memory? Stop learning that everything cycles back to its origin, sooner or later. (Image by Bloogie)..
Taking Care of Business by Bill Pieper
When her mom has died and you're left with a stepdaughter who really isn't your stepdaughter because you and her mom weren't legally married, then what? (Photo credit: Louisa Stokes)..
Tales From The Tower 2: A Becoming excerpt by Mark Lichterman
Rolling the bathing suit, using it as a pillow, the lady’s breasts flattening and laying to her sides, she lay back altogether naked: wonderfully, beautifully, altogether exposed, and… ..
Talking Clocks And Ticking Hearts by Danny Manning
Our lives are stories with a million different frames of time. This life exists in two, and we, the fortunate readers, can view both simultaneously...
Tallulah by Bonnie Torrente
"Goldrush fever, whiskey and women."..
Tangled Web by Mark Lichterman
Rhea Goldman and Morris Jacobson had known each other intimately for four years. But even so, each time she touched him, there, Morrie bounced, and Rhea loved to make Morrie bounce. ..
Tartan Pajamas and a Face Jug by Ann Davis
love, not blood, makes family..
Taste his thirst by kimberly gray
Santos, our vampire, hunts again..
Tavern Of Lost Souls by Casey Oliver
Tavern Of Lost Souls is a collection of short stories involving what happens when we die. My brother Mike passed away a few years ago, and he is the common thread threw each story. ..
Taxi Driver by Doug Downie
More old men, published in Down in the Dirt (Nov. 2009)..
Tea At The Rounds by J.A. Aarntzen
A woman has a visit from her aunt whom she had not seen in fifteen years. This story was written in the early 1980's...
Tears of rain by Chanti Niven
Does deep love ever die? ..
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Literary Fiction Stories
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3. Iron Rose - 14
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5. Final Sky, sample chapters
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7. Lest We Forget To Remember
8. The Predator
9. The Nap
10. Take Me, I'm Free (Flash Fiction)
11. The Walls Come a'Tumblin'
12. It Ain't Brain Surgery
13. Little Crow
14. The Death Of Josiah Johnson/ 2nd installme
15. Bacground Material for Israela
16. The Hanging of the Greens
17. Details
18. Baggage
19. Self Defense
20. Fortune and Men's Eyes

Featured Book
La Tour Shalom / Shalom Tower Syndrome
by Albert Russo

Alexis' complex background catches up with him and appears to be at the root of his existential malaise. He was brought up a Catholic, while his father was an Italian Jew..  
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Featured Book
The Convict and the Rose
by Jan Sikes

The cold iron bars and forty foot walls of Leavenworth prison could not separate the rebel from his rose. This is a journey through words and music of two people faci..  
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