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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
My First Forty Years A Soldier's Story
by G M (Jerry) Roberts

The stories take the reader from South Florida in the late 1940's to Viet Nam in the 1960's. It then takes you to the Jungles of Panama and then to Fort Benning Ga as a d..  
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Featured Book
Out of the Loop
by Morgan McFinn

The books consists of humorous pieces and essays chronicling the author's life and times on a so-called 'tropical island paradise'...  
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Featured Book
Soldier to Civilian The Best of My Stories
by G M (Jerry) Roberts

This book is both humorous and poignant at the same time. Jerry tells of his life after his retirement from the army in 1987 to the present. He brings the reader up to sp..  
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25 Most Recent Memoir Short Stories

The King of the Fearful by Emile Tubiana
The author describes how the fear can capture any person and paralyze his ability to react in a predictive way...
The Kitchen by Chriss Hill
Even a room need of remodeling can remain a favorite..
The Kitchen with a Character by Frieda Groffy
Another room in the 'House that smiled at me'!..
The Lamb Cake by David Thompson
There was a time when birthdays were just that...birthdays. No fuss was made, and we, as children, accepted it without being hurt. We didn't know any different. It's just the way things were back then. Dedicated to John because he asked me to write it...
The Last Time (excerpted from my book Snapshots In Memory of Ben) by Alan Busch
Dear Readers, I have posted the following piece at some risk. It is the second chapter of my book SNAPSHOTS IN MEMORY OF BEN. Please read it with care as it embodies my personally profound tribute to Ben, my child, my son, my first-born son. If after you have read this chapter and think it ..
The laughing woman in the glass box. by Ron (sketchman) Axelson
A true story. Everyone have a great 2007...
The litte black notebook by Lois Wauson
After my husband passed away in 2009, I ran across a little black notebook that he had carried with him on the ship in the Navy in WWII. It had notations and addresses of people, and notes, and I could follow his life those years, just by reading the little black book. ..
The Little Box by Franklin Mallory
This is a true story of my childhood and some of the wonderful people who I am forever grateful to have known...
The Little Knightingale by Shirley Kirsten
It sang like a nightingale the morning I stroked its keys, yet it has always been relatively unknown in the world of big name, hyped pianos such as Steinway, Baldwin, and Yamaha. From an innocuous three line ad posted on, I discovered that this very Knight piano was for sale, housed in nor..
The Locked Room by Laura Via
I thought I'd share some of the lyrics to Control by Poe(copyright goes to her!) ... Cuz I am taking control!! Don't you mess with a little girl's dream 'Cause she's liable to grow up mean Surprised you to find that I'm laughing? You thought that you'd find m..
View Photo of The Longest Hallucination! Read excerpt from The Longest Hallucination! The Longest Hallucination! by Bradley Fralick
This is the truth, man!..
The Lost Art of Honesty by J Fraser
The last bell of the day rang as I headed for my locker. When I started to turn the combination lock and glanced down at my hands and the numbers, I realized that my rings were missing. I was in panic mode, running down the stairs and along the long basement corridor to the art room. I was ecstatic ..
The Lure Of Flying by Carl David
The Lure Of Flying By Carl David was published in Avantoure Magazine April/May 2009 issue.
The Man in Overalls by Joyce Bowling
I wrote this short story after being blessed with the dream of my grandfather, whom I miss dearly. But I also realized that I wasn't praying as much as I should for my family. I recall this dream often for the memory of my grandfather and spiritual guidance for myself...
The Mee Street Chronicles-Scotch on the Rocks by frankie lennon
Frankie Lennon's memoir of her struggle to find freedom from "the chains that bind her" is a compelling page-turner. Order it at or www. barnes & ..
The Mee Street Chronicles-Tales of Jim Crow by frankie lennon
A spellbinding memoir, a collection of stories about a Black woman's struggle to free herself from the many prisons that bound her. Order it at www. or
The Mee Street Chronicles-Woman Dreams by frankie lennon
A candid memoir of Frankie Lennon's battle to claim her own life and sexual identity. Order "The Mee Street Chronicles" at or
The Memoir of a fresh graduate by Winsala O'Seun
It is part of the first chapter of the short story which tells of the tales of Kunle Omitogun and the stress he had to go through to get his first job...
The Missed Funeral by Joseph Langen
This is a true story about the author missing his grandmother's funeral when he was a monastic student. It is included in Young Man of the Cloth. ..
The Missing Engine to the train by Lois Wauson
When we were "playing Santa" on Christmas Eve, 1959, we discovered the engine was missing to our little boy's electric train. How God miraculously provided the engine that night...I tell it in the story...
View Photo of The More She Cries Read excerpt from The More She Cries The More She Cries by Gerard St. John
Shed no tears for Liz! She was one tough lady...
The Murph by Lucille
Father Malachy Murphy in Shanghai ..
The Name Game by Pamela Wiedenbeck
What is the story of your naming?..
The Neilson BeeUpone Williams files (1-5). by NEILSON WILLIAMS
Read excerpt from The Neilson BeeUpone Williams Files (file #2). The Neilson BeeUpone Williams Files (file #2). by NEILSON WILLIAMS
This is the second page/file to my new Journal The Neilson BeeUpone Williams Files. Read at your own risk and may GOD be with you...
The Neilson BeeUpone Williams Files. (file #3). by NEILSON WILLIAMS
This is File #3 of my new memoir The Neilson BeeUpone Williams Files. These files are "The Truth the whole truth so help me GOD. Reader beware, but do enjoy. Be sure to check out file #1 and file #2 before reading file #3. File #4 is also available...
The Neilson BeeUpone Williams Files. The Fifth and Final File. by NEILSON WILLIAMS
To US a king is born..
The Nu Pike by Bob Stockton
Remembering my Navy days in mid 1950 Long Beach, California..
The Neilson BeeUpone Williams Files. (file #1). by NEILSON WILLIAMS
This is the first page of my new journal (The Neilson BeeUpone Williams Files). This journal is based on actual events of my life (Memoir) as it applies to mysterious phenomenon occurences. I have posted the first page of these files here for your viewing purposes. If your interested in reading othe..
The Old Man And His Horse by Patsy Whyte
From my memoir, No Easy Road, published in September 2009 and available on Amazon...
The Old Neighborhood by Bob Stockton
My old blue collar neighborhood of the late 1940s is still fresh in my memory. It was a world without cell phones and high definition TV...
The old Terrell wells Swimming Pool by Lois Wauson
Memories of living on a farm and going swimming in stock tanks, rivers and the Terrell Wells Swimming Pool in San Antonio during the 30's and 40's, and 50's...
View Photo of The Old Woman And The Sea Read excerpt from The Old Woman And The Sea The Old Woman And The Sea by Glen Lovelace
Read excerpt from The Omen The Omen by Tommy Walker
This download is actually an excerpt from my beautiful book, "Monstrous: The Autobiography of a Serial Killer but for the Grace of God". I was barely eighteen and still better than two years away from the blackest stage of my life. Aside from a brief reference to a dog (horsy) that bit me when I w..
The One That Got Away by Jerry Andrews
A young boy goes fishing in the woods on a summer's day-..
The Only Masterpiece. by Scott Zachary
My creation evoked such extreme emotion that her hands began to convulse, almost to the extent that I thought she might drop it...
The Orange Pouch, Excerpted from The Immigrants' Daughter by Mary Terzian
Rebellion against tradition on coming of age...
The Outhouse by Pamela Wiedenbeck
How do you remember some of your earliest holidays?..
The People He Used (Non Fiction) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
At times I still can feel the weight of grief, but I am often in those moments taken back to the word of the Lord, and his love. I am reminded of whispering the twenty third psalm to Nonna in her last moments, feeling badly because I did not have those last moments with Mimmi, the last time we tal..
View Photo of The Piggy Bank Story Read excerpt from The Piggy Bank Story The Piggy Bank Story by Gerard St. John
Pat would give you the shirt off his back -- but would you be comfortable with that?..
The Pink Coat by Connie Faust
Mom's pink coat......Pop's shaggy sweater......such personal items left behind bring surprising comfort to those who grieve...
The Plums of Childhood by Julianza (Julie) Shavin
Folks: I have not had the most exciting of lives. Nonetheless, and perhaps foolishly, I have started a memoir many times over. I thought maybe, since AD provides feedback, it would be just the thing to motivate me. So here comes the beginning of ........... me. A while back I had had the idea to ca..
The Plums of Childhood - Chapter Six by Julianza (Julie) Shavin
I have put this in the category memoir, though I have been filing under "humor," but decided the latter might be presumptuous. Ok, so this is the continuation of the very beginning, The Plums of Childhood. ..
The Plums of Childhood Chapter Three by Julianza (Julie) Shavin
Dear Readers: You will please bear with me on this repeat: If any of you wishes to read this memoir/humor piece in order, you have to start with The Plums of Childhood and then go Chapter by Chapter. Thank you for coming along for the ride. ..
The Plums of Childhood Chapter Two by Julianza (Julie) Shavin
Hello Folks: Here is the 2nd Chapter of the memoir. I thought that if I added on to the bottom of the first, that box would fill up. Too, I didn't know if by updating, it would come in or show up as new writing. So if anyone is interested in reading The Plums of Childhood from the beginning, he/sh..
The poem of my life by Devitta Jones
my life..
The Poet Among Drunks and Derelicts by Paul Mc Cann
Story of a poet who finds a home without mercy or hope ...
The Porch by Pamela Wiedenbeck
Summers in the Midwest inspire creativity in children released from the rigors of the school year...
The Promise by b Torris
The old lady was returning to her winter resort home with her husband. She had names this place the "Waiting Room for Heaven"many years before. This is the second of a series of stories simply called "The Promise". ..
The Pumpkin Patch by Cindy Oldham
A child remembers her class field trip to the Pumpkin Patch...
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Memoir Stories
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2. Dealing With Vicious Dogs
3. The Flaming Fondue
4. French Poets
5. Lamentation
6. My Escape from the Psychiatric Unit
7. A Tribute to Jimmy Connors
8. She was a Texas Navy War bride
9. Dad's Hat.
10. Kimberly Reagan Sanchez Immigrates
11. The old Terrell wells Swimming Pool
12. Crazy is Normal, a classroom exposé, Scene
13. Crazy is Normal, a classroom exposé, Scene
14. Legends of Thailand...Jim Thompson & John
15. Tarzan, Jane and Boy
16. Out of Darkness: The Song of My Heart
17. Growing up at the shore...
18. Shipyards and Last Ships
19. Les belles journées à Hammam-Lif (Memoire
20. Francis Bacon; the painter; John Edwards,

Featured Book
An Eye In Shadows
by Nickolaus Pacione

The controversial book that had two false starts is available for purchase. Details here. The version on is expanded and includes an illustration from when the..  
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Featured Book
The Legacy
by Avraham Anouchi

THE LEGACY is a memoir inspired by the author to publish his experiences while growing up in Haifa, the city that he loves. It is written in the form of a letter from a g..  
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