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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror- Vol. 4
by Billy Wells

A coolection of thirteen stories in the horror genre with surprise endings..  
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Featured Book
Cluck: Murder Most Fowl
by Eric Knapp

For the lover of comedy with a twist, Cluck: Murder Most Fowl is a veritable Indian burn of mystery, adventure, horror, and humor. Cluck is a multiple award winner, incl..  
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Featured Book
Something in the Dark and Other Nightmares
by Billy Wells

A collection of fourteen of my best scary stories beginning with the title Something in the Ö. form my five books plus a new unpublished story...  
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All Horror Short Stories

25 Most Recent Horror Short Stories

Tempted Fate by Jane Eaton
A story that decides the fate of one teenage girl forever and maybe the rest of her life...
Terror Bear by E Detetcheverrie
Ghosts of the past are released with the death of innocence...
Terror Girls by Lee Cushing
One of the stories available in my FROM THE DARKNESS collection..
Terror In The Woods by Edna Sweetlove
A very short story about an horrific event in the woods...
Test of Faith by Lee Garrett
An ex-soldier visits a vampire bar for some liquid faith...
Thai Food by Edward Saint-Ivan
A psychiatrist wants to control dreams and gets nightmares!..
That Black-Topped Road by Dale Hudgins
This book is my first attempt at writing a book, I began it in mid-1997 while living with Jane and Steph and Amy and Kim at my house in Temple, Ga. The premise of the black top road and the two brothers going fishing, was thought of when I was playing hooky from school with a friend of mine by ..
That Night (Part 1) by Lakshmi Sharma
That Night (Part 2) by Lakshmi Sharma
That old House ll-A New Version by Richard Kallao
The Execution. by Michael Kersting
Revenge is best served on a guillotine...
The Abortion by John Cooley
What might happen if you are a school dropout, pregnant, and live in certain places. ..
The Accordion Man by Greg Verdino
Coming April 2003 in THE FEAR WITHIN, a new horror anthology from 3FPublications. From THE ACCORDION MAN: Was this guy actually getting closer? How was that possible? He was already practically on top of me. Where does he want me to go? I tried to shrink back against the d..
The Adulterous Literary Agent by James Larson
Literary Agent Warren Radell meets the man from hell..
The Albino Boy/ Blood Cabin by Sifah Ishshita
If I tell you anything it will give it away...
The Arrival by Justin Murphy
Nick and Jake Reardon enter a haunted house..
The Art Of J. Sands. by Ian Stephenson
A story of discovery and mankind's desire for knowledge...
The Asylum by Marie Wadsworth
This story is based on a dream I had a couple weeks ago. It is my first stab at writing horror, and it is in response to a Halloween challenge at another Web site where I post. Samuel Beckett is a writer whose family has him committed to a mental institution. His family claims he lives in his li..
The Attic by Patricia Guthrie
A little girl abuses her toys, and the toys get even. Published in Skyline Literary Magazine ..
The Baby-Sitter. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A mother suspects that her child may be getting abused from a so-called "trusted" babysitter...
The Babylon Visits by Leslie Garcia
Evil exists in the world...what to do when it comes?.....
The Barber House by lawrence bear
I entered the house, and then I heard the kidís giggles upstairs. I crept towards the stairs, my hand slowly lifted to the banister as I leaned to look up...
The Barrier by Terry McGhee
What do you think about when the power goes out?..
The Bathroom by Sayword Eller
Abby hears something in her bathroom. Someone has broken into her apartment. But how? She lives on the third floor! Will the police arrive in time? Or will she have to face the horror that awaits on the other side? ..
The Bear by Lily Alex
Lisa suddenly noticed a big dark spot not far away that she first thought was just a bit of shade. It was no shadow but a real black bear!..
View Photo of The Beast of Willowbend Read excerpt from The Beast of Willowbend The Beast of Willowbend by J. Starmer
"There! See it?" whispered Sam. "A light's coming from the old Bradshaw place." ..
View Photo of The Belly-Ring Read excerpt from The Belly-Ring The Belly-Ring by bhavna khemlani
What is your favourite type of Belly Ring? Imagine if your favourite Belly Ring was only with you for revenge!..
The Big Question by Edward Saint-Ivan
Two unrelated real life events shaped this scary story!..
The Big Sister by Raymond Mayotte
A sisters love for her younger brother even after death...
The Black Box by Wendy Laing
He was in a black box. A coffin? Was he buried alive?..
The Black Bug by Michael Spitzkoff
A black Volkswagen Beetle terrorizes a desert neighborhood during the summer of 1984. ..
The Black Market Project by Chisto
What if the vampires were the victims and the humans were the monsters? What if they were considered no more than exotic animals fit for a zoo? This story is meant to deliver a new perspective on some classic folklore...
The Blessings by Richard Kallao
The Blue Berry Pie Man by Robert Kasch
Winning is everything! Really...
The Bohemian Witch Flies Again by Richard Kallao
Read excerpt from The Boy In The Mask The Boy In The Mask by Sonny Fernandez
A story I wrote in one feverish night. So powerful I've seen people driven to tears. Not your typical horror story, it's very character driven. It's the closest I've ever gotten to an actual love story...
The Boy With The Pigs Face by Paul Mc Cann
The Victims Of Man Inhumanity To Man Are Often Treated Like Social Disease ..
The Boys Night Out by Charlotte Gledson
How your past can catch up on you, when you least expect it...
The Boys Upstairs by Shannon Rouchelle
A haunted story for all ages!..
The Blackest Death: Volume II by Erik Tomblin
The Blackest Death Volume II is a horror house of twisting corridors and encroaching shadows, and our family is full of soul-eating succubi, demonic executioners, earthbound angels, hellish cowboys, and private demons. Take a walk down our halls and peek into vast rooms full of walking nightmares an..
Read excerpt from The Blanket The Blanket by Raymond Proseus
This is actually two stories. The second one explains the first. This is one of my first forays into horror, I hope I got it right. I actually posted it on another site, and it seemed to get overall high marks, don't be afraid to let me know what you think, I appreciated brutal honesty, as long as i..
The Brownstone Staircase by James Marry
A boy becomes a man with the ache of his grandmother's death and a visitor to guide him through it...
The Burning. (Part Four) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
"It's been over two weeks since he got burned; yet he continues to fight valiantly for his very life." Caden Bollinger continues to fight for life after being burned over 90% of his body after purposely being set on fire. The horror of this tale is the fact that the people who d..
The Burning. (Part Six) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Young burn victim Caden Drew Bollinger continues to fight for his life...
The Burning. (Part Three) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
"The little burned boy continues to fight for every square inch of his life. I am surprised that he's made it this far..." A little boy who was burned over most of his body continues to hang on by a precious thread, much to everyone's surprise...
The Burning. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
"What were these kids thinking? Did they enjoy torturing a helpless child?" A little boy continues to fight for his life after being set on fire by some kids...
The Burning. ...(Part Eight) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Dareen Culver feels frustrated that the Bollinger family won't have much of a Christmas, thanks in part to their oldest child's burns; but she is determined to change things as best as she can...
The Burning. (Part Five) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Caden Bollinger continues to survive despite incredible odds stacked against him...
The Burning. (Part One) (Warning: Disturbing Content) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
"I couldn't believe what I read in the paper yesterday. It was tucked somewhere in the local news section, but it screamed for attention." A young disabled boy is set ablaze by some teenaged punks; he is now fighting for his life at an area hospital...
The Burning. ... (Part Seven) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Young Caden Drew Bollinger continues to fight with every ounce of strength he has, much to the amazement of people who have heard his story...
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Horror Stories
1. Surprise! Surprise!
2. Someone To Kill
3. Doobie Jack & The Hitchhiker
4. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 2 - Hansel & Gr
5. Blood Seeker
6. Something In the House
7. Day Of The Dead
8. Under The Soft Moss Covered Ground
9. Reign of Goblins
10. Revelations in Hell's Break room
11. The Clown At Midnight
12. Bitter Ingredients, Bitter Pizza
13. WHAT Goes There?
14. Passing the Torch
15. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 6 - Prince Char
16. Fractured Fairy Tales part 4 - the Three L
17. Something In the Attic
18. Blood Work
19. The Shredder
20. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 5 -Humpty Dumpt

Featured Book
Passports to Hell
by Terry Vinson

Next stop: the fiery pits via a collection of unrelenting terror tales that explore the unspeakable horrors of eternal damnation.....  
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Featured Book
HORIZONS: The 2005 Speculative Fiction Centre Anthology
by Terry Vinson

The Speculative Fiction Centre presents the best Sci-Fi/Horror Collection of 2005..'HORIZONS'......  
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