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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The case of the missing claus
by Frank Eberhart,CEP®,RFC®,Author

2 stories for the price of 1-second book is "scooze my snoozle, for early readers.....  
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Featured Book
Mystery of the Attic
by TJ Perkins

Melissa is just an average thirteen year old with a semi average life until she moves into an eighteenth century farmhouse. There she discovers that the house is haunted..  
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Featured Book
The Lady of the Canyon
by Gerald Grantham

The citizens of the Jonas Valley do not realize what the fog is hiding, until the Lady appears. Who is the Lady, and what does she want?..  
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All Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mystery/Suspense Short Stories

An Open Letter From Audrey Jackson to all of her friends by Sarah Tagert
Audrey Jackson writes a letter of thanks to all the people who were involved her attempt at freedom, Louisa Mason, Naomi Cohen, Kendra Williams, Lousiana Sandusky...
AndTheNeverAfter by Vinit Kumar
The stories are of a genre I refer to as "screenplay of the mind"..
Angel by Hijab Minahil
Just something I wrote. Feedback welcomed..
Antiquey, Mermaid Beneath the Sea by c lea harris
Jon said he would not love again. Then, Tracey comes into his life and he almost loses her, till Antiquey comes thunking into their lives. ..
Anton's Trap by Sam Vaknin
"A corpse, you know." - She elucidated patiently - "There's no corpse." ..
Atilano's Blues by Bill Ectric
The mystery of a child guitarist locked in a room, with supernatural overtones...
Audrey Jackson writes Kendra Williams by Sarah Tagert
Audrey Jackson responds to Kendra's powerful letter..
Audrey Jackson writes Louie by Sarah Tagert
I hope you are able to get your life back in order. I won't bother you with my problems ever again. ..
Audrey Jackson Writes Louie Sandusky by Sarah Tagert
I wish I could tell you about the night I was attacked, but the truth is I don’t remember...
Aurora Holmes Boss Hog by LEON EARWOOD
A State Senator is missing. He is the most powerful man in North Carolina. Aurora Holmes must find him. Dead or Alive..
Author/Reader Review by Jeannie Walker
Award Winning Author - John W. Huffman gave5 STARS to "Fighting the Devil". This is what award winning author John W. Huffman had to say about "Fighting the Devil"..
Author/Reader Review by Jeannie Walker
Author Al Boudreau gave "Fighting the Devil" a 4 Star Rating...
Bait Drop by E. Farrand
This is a work of fiction based on fact. Some of the towns are real, and I'll let you guess which characters are actual. I began writing this 2 nights ago, and although it is in need of editing, it is only the beginning. My thought process is taking this beyond a short story. ..
Bait Drop -- Part 2 by E. Farrand
As it says, here is the continuation of Bait Drop..
Available Now! Love Among The Thorns by Empress LaBlaQue
Celeste Vincent is an admirable wife and mother. When she comes home early she finds her husband in the very act of making love--to his best friend, Clint. Jeff has always been a family first man and feels he has brought shame upon his family. Now, he is tormented and there is no way out. When Je..
Bait Drop -- Prologue by E. Farrand
As I wrote this, I realized that it worked better as a prologue rather than following the other 2 parts. Oh well...
Bait Drop Chap.2 Pt.2 by E. Farrand
It's been awhile since I could devote some brain cells to another installment, but here it is. ..
Bait Drop Chap2;Pt1 by E. Farrand
developing characters is difficult...
Bait Drop: Chap. 3 by E. Farrand
Building characters, I have learned, is the most difficult part of writing. ..
Ballad of Henry Morgan by Peter Hills
The situation appears grim for Henry as he ponders his fate...
Barmuda Triangle (Meeting with Evils) by Deep Rajvansh
This story is a part of my mystery fiction for teens named 'Krolin Group in Mysteries World'....................
Bats In The Belfry by Janice Scott
When the tower captain is found hanging in the bell rope, the DCI is called in. But is it murder or suicide?..
View Photo of Beating Victim Found Read excerpt from Beating Victim Found Beating Victim Found by m j hollingshead
Beating victim is found on little traveled road just outside Arlington, Virginia city limits..
Because by Z McClure
At first, Lucy was mystified by the water puddle just outside her apartment door every other day, but now after several weeks, it has turned her into a reluctant, but determined detective...she's going to get to the bottom of this, or by jeepers, DIE trying!..
Best Friends by Sandra Ceren
A young judge is blackmailed. Conflicted with indecision, she seeks support of her best friend. ..
Betraying Scents by Richelle Putnam
A husband and lover is murdered, but who did it. The wife? The mistress? This story is filled with twists and curves. BETRAYING SCENTS Night’s breath tapped against the window, and though it failed to reach her, shivers froze the blood running in her veins. Wispy clou..
Beware, The Glass Hangman Part 1 by Joel Young
Once there was a gallows I made from shallow glass And everywhere detectives went I always kicked their ass! The Hangman It was a hard case. The hardest I ever had before I went legit. Legit that is as a friend of the common man. The private h..
Beware, The Glass Hangman 2 by Joel Young
Yellowstone Beware the glass gallows Blown by hand and ash Sand is made from bones And the blood of English fellows. The Hangman The rhyme wasn't the worst of it. John Michael Collins and his wife Adrian were English professors at Wyoming University. The locals..
Beware, The Glass Hangman 3 by Joel Young
Once there was a hangman Who always dressed in black Now he sleeps in silence Inprisoned without a sentence. Karl Glass Endings Two weeks later, Mary Jane and I were getting used to our new surroundings in a Pennsylvan..
Beyond Reasonable Doubt by Dennis Gelbaum by Dennis Gelbaum
Chapter One..
Big Money by Jack Getze
A New Jersey stockbroker battles local and imported mobsters, a hit man called The Creeper, and a naked woman with a shotgun...
Bill's Journal: Crisis!! :( by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Bill Sandusky is worried about some friends who are going through some incredibly hard times...
View Photo of Blond Bullets Read excerpt from Blond Bullets Blond Bullets by James Marry
Predictably Gritty and a real HOOT! A short ride on a street that most of us have never seen- the other side of NYC. ..
Blood on the Moon part 1 by Richard Kallao
Blue Eyes by Birgitte Heuschkel
You never know who -- or what -- you meet on the night train...
Bold Mount by Lily Alex
For this girl he would go through water and fire; for her he would happily die...
Bone Fracture ll: Never a Flatliner by Richard Kallao
Boo by Donald Roberts
QJ. Rouge takes a journey into the Devils Den on Halloween...
Booby Trap by Michael Ault
Generated from a noise in the dark of the night..
BOTFLIES & PRISON SEX by The Grim Reverend Steven Rage
sneek preview of The Grim One's full-length novel: 'PHARMACIDE'..
Breaking Laws by D. P. Roseberry
There's a story behind the story here! I was asked to write a short-short story for a contest for one of my day-job associate's business. I rattled this out over a lunch break. The reason I'm putting it here is because I actually won a prize for it! But I can't tell you until the end of the ..
Bring me the head of Nessie Chapter's 1 & 2 by Hank Salvacion
A visitor out of the blue propositions our hero with a once in a lifetime chance, to prove existence (or not) of some of Cryptozoology's most infamous creatures. ..
Broken Apart by Richard Kallao
original ..
Calling All Ears,part l by Richard Kallao
original,what if two of the worlds best detectives needed help from two of the best worlds detectives . characters are not my own,so forgive me,but I wanted to see what would happen ...
Candy Apple Red Corvette by Patrice Lauren
Getting revenge on an old boyfriend is the best. . . ..
Car Jack by Richard Kallao
Career Moves by Debra Purdy Kong
This story's inspired by one of my volunteer experiences inside a BC medium-security, men's prison. The piece first appeared in Shred of Evidence in August 2003...
Cassandra and Dominck Hopkins from The Body Hunters by Raven Newcastle
Here's a backstory of Cassandra and Dominick Hopkins, supporting character's from The Body Hunters...
Chapter 3 of A Trial of One, the third in The Osgoode Trilogy by Mary Martin
So now you've met Dr. Robert Hawke,who gives the title "A Trial of One" a new and sinister meaning. Back to Harry Jenkins as he leaves the Mercer after seeing Norma Dinnick. He is consumed with thoughts of Natasha, the love of his life. But what's with her? She combines warmth and intimacy but there..
Chapter One by Bob Liter
A mystery novel with a lot of sexy stuff...
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3. Fisher of Men, Chapter Nine
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6. Mengele's Double, Chapter 9
7. Honest Thief, Tender Murderer, Chapter Nin
8. Soldier's Gap, Chapter Three
9. The Mark Twain Robbery, Part II
10. The Underside of Ice
11. The Day Mark Twain was Robbed by Masked Gu
12. Curse of Nilofer
13. Darkness Three
14. Hitch Bitch
15. Secrets of Stonehenge
16. Chinese Checkers
17. Karma is a B

Featured Book
Aces and Knaves
by Alan Cook

Karl Patterson is surprised when his father, founder of a successful software company comes to him for help, and he doesn't realize what he's getting into...  
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Featured Book
Adrenaline Junkies 2 1101 Club Murders
by Craig Hartpence

In Jason Holt’s previous fictional adventure, “Adrenaline Junkies” A Paramedic Nightmare, he discovers one of the largest serial killings ever conceived and was shot beca..  
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