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Sept 11, 2001
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A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon and Other Ravings from t
by Edward Patterson

A Reader's Guide to Author's Jargon: a cure for short attention spans..  
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Lucifer's Dictionary of the American Language
by Burton Wolfe

Lucifer's Dictionary presents, with nasty satire, the true meanings of words as butchered by Americans of all kinds...  
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Idiots and Children
by Diana Estill

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All Humor Short Stories

25 Most Recent Humor Short Stories

A Creature of Habit by Henry Lefevre
Habits keep me from meandering like a drunken derelict .....
A Dawn by Any other Name by Richard Kallao
thankyou Dawn Wells wherever you are....................... idea and story mine..............
Read excerpt from A Day at Church A Day at Church by Nikki Ruffin
A group of ladies draw straws to decide the church they would attend that Sunday. They end up attending the southern baptist church of their youth. Readers will be highly entertained. Some will take a short trip down memory lane...
A Day at Work by Randy Stensaas
A humorous day at work in my home town. We are laid back, way back...
A Day in the Life of a Non-worker by Micki Peluso
This is a funny, tougue-in-cheek story about a writer balancing her life-based on true life...
A Day in the Life of the Princess of Chaos by R Pope
A short, but true, story about a doctor's visit I took my father to, that turned into an adventure of sorts. These things happen to all of us at one time or another, or at least I hope so. Read this for a laugh and know that when you are having one of those days, you are not alone in the world...
A Day in the Strife (of a tenderfoot scawler) by Terry Sako
Short Story..
A Day Like Any Other Day by Katie Gabrielle
A silly little flash fiction about a couple of "suits" trying to sell encyclopedias to a computer literate Henry. This was part of a creative writing exercise. I included the words parrot, wings, canoe, ocean, dog, remote and orangatans. Okay, its a silly story! ..
A Dog Named Angie by Barbara Sue
Family life with our beloved dog, Angie..
A Family Christmas by Antony May
Another of my 'Tall Tales' depicting a typical Christmas at my house.. HA HA..
A Family Christmas In Cozamel by shawn underwood
Traveling with extended family can sometimes be a trial......
A Fish Tale by Stacy Mantle
How do you get a humor story out of buying a new fish tank? Not easy.. But definitely possible if you live here!..
A Flower for Thee I sing-Flowers off the Wall-The End by Richard Kallao
original idea and humor..
A Fractured Fairy Tale by Katie Gabrielle
This is a fairy tale. It is meant to be silly. It is about two unicorns of course one is good and the other bad. Its part of a writing exercise...
A frog by Jack Kuperman
Just a story about a frog. That's it. Don't look for something else. ..
A Funny Name For a Cat (Humor) by Paul Kogel
So I named him 'Donald Duck' - so what...
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Coronation... by Edward Phillips
[image: Elizabeth Warren] ..
A Gnome isn't a Gnome by Richard Kallao
A Golfing I Will Go by Eugene Williams
Except from Uncommon notions" A country bumkin from Iowa gets a chance to impress his wifes father in Scotland playing golf at Greywalls and completely makes a fool out of himself, in the process wrecks the country club...
A GOOD HUSBAND'S GUIDE by Miller Caldwell
First Read Sandra A. Mushi's Good Wife's Guide circa 1955 Now the reply 2006.......
A Hairy Story! by Chanti Niven
An insight into the funnier aspects of my old job in the decorating industry. An eccentric client and a strange dilemma...
A Hotdog Stand In An Avalanche by Rodd Jokre
Thought up: 5.3.02 – 1:40pm Written: 5.12.02 – 5:20pm #9..
A House with so Many Doors by Richard Kallao
not an original idea been done before but can you too imagine a man being pregnant ?......I'd hope the creators of House don't mind .But this idea is mind.............
A Jar Of Cockroaches For The Council by Martin Rogers
A visit to the local council office with a coffee jar full of cockroaches !..
A Language of Black and Red by Sam Vaknin
Eli and I sit on ladder-backs next to a luxurious roulette in a casino in Spain. I can almost pick glitters from the heavy, lowered chandeliers. ..
A Lasting Impression by Chuckie Finn
The women in high school all remembered me but not for the right reasons...
A Lesson Learned by Richard Kallao
original,teaching someone a lesson can be hard sometimes ..
A Letter From Your Deity by Elizabeth Mills
All you need to know about your life and your god...
A Life And Death Experience by Margo Maris
So pleased to meet you, Ms. Dethdor. Thank you for choosing “Way To Go” funeral planning. Your decision to purchase a pre-need funeral plan is a wise one indeed. My name is Justin Case, and I’ll be taking your order today. Before we start, would you care for some coffee, a soft drink perha..
A Little Bit of Duct Tape by Kathryn Perry
Just let me put a little duct tape on that........
A Little Jimmy in the Corner, Eatin’ Cheese by Kimmy Van Kooten
The Cave Creek Poetry Recital might be cancelled. . ...
A Little Problem by Tim Hein
Chicken Little at the Psychiatrist's Office..
A living, breathing abstract art…- (Satire) by Peter Oszmann
The story is based on an actual observation during a train journey to Central London…..
A long drive..... by Qamar Abbasi
"Did you put the stuff in the trunk?", I asked Faisal. "Yeah nigga, I am all done.", Faisal's answer. "Lets go.", I said to him. Me and Faisal were on our way to Boston. We live in Washington DC. The trip was supposed to be 10 hrs each way. We left on a Saturday night right afte..
A Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name Stop Teasing and Kiss Me Dick Cheney! by Lady Westerfield
Dick Cheney and me forever!..
A Mammography Report by Margo Maris
MAMMOTH MAMMOGRAPHY CENTER Deep Canyon Drive...Suites 30-AA to 44-DD...Two Buttes, Colorado Phone...1-800-GET-FLAT "We Want To Be Your Main Squeeze" Dear Ms. Flatly, The results of your recent mammography examination are as fol..
A Mixed Blessing by Richard Kallao
original idea and story ........
A Mushroom Grows Everywhere by Richard Kallao
a little humor relief ...
A nasty, rainy Christmas parade...... by Janeen Robichaud
A comical spoof about the Christmas parade...
A Natural History of Myself, as told to the writer by her cat by Anne Quintal
NATURAL HISTORY OF MYSELF I was rescued from the MSPCA in Methuen, Massachusetts in June of 1992, as a graduation present for Anne's younger brother Mike when he graduated eighth grade. It was either me or cable in his room. Am I glad they decided to take their chances with me! The shelte..
A Newspaper Valentine Crush / Valentine's Day by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Newspaper, Valentine's Day, Teenager, Crush..
A Night in the Turkey Hill Parking Lot by Marlin Bressi
Reprinted from Crimson Mango Magazine, July, 2007. ..
A Normal Family by Danae Wilkin
Welcome to my functioning family asylum...
A page from Cindy Smith's diary. by Kate Loveday
Cindy is in BIG trouble. And she tells her diary all about it!..
A Pumpkin I Am by Richard Kallao
no idea where I came up with this one hope you enjoy readers. original idea. my addition to Halloween...............
A rat's tail by Alexandra Riera
a very very short story..
A Really "Poor" Night by Dave LeGates
That next person you meet could turn the next few hours upside down!..
A really Funny Security Story for You. by Michael Oden
This is an example of how Security Guards have fun n the job...
A Recipe for SUSHI by Miller Caldwell
Need a quick recipe?..
A Reluctant Father Christmas by Derrick Bickley
A young manager is pressed into playing Santa Claus at a party for his company employees' children Christmas party with amusing and unexpected results...
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Humor Stories
1. Better Late Than Never. ...
2. Nude-Night-Naughty 6
3. Island Santa, by Owen Thomas (an excerpt)
4. The DMV Funnies
5. Looking For Mr. Golfball
6. A Reluctant Father Christmas
7. Nothing to Worry About, by Owen Thomas
8. Big Bird & the fish pond
9. Duped Net: The Interrogation
10. Celestine, the cat who helped Galileo...
11. Rose is dead
12. A Normal Family
13. Wrong Route
14. The Truth About Zombies. ...
15. Squirrels
16. Molly and The Beast
17. Ireland: It's a wee bit of Heaven, and th
18. Chapter 3 The Parrot's Tale
19. True story from Bong Son Vietnam 1968
20. Gone Fishin?

Featured Book
Fractured Frazzled Folk Fables & Fairy Farces, Part II
by Jay Dubya

Farctured Frazzled Folk Fables and Fairy Farces, Part II satirizes popular children's stories into adult-oriented renditions. FFFF &FF, Part II is also available in Amazo..  
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Featured Book
Quirks / Eclats - photography & texts by Albert Russo
by Albert Russo

the world upside down..  
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