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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Under the Coolabah Tree
by Wendy Laing

Fun, sometimes rowdy and always delightfully full of Australian colour. a collection of Australian Bush poems...  
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Harmony and contrast (poems)
by Antoine Raphael

It's a compilation of various poems expressing exciting topics...  
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Worlds Inside The Head
by Sara Russell

Exciting new multimedia poetry book, with videos, 3D illustrations, PDFs & animations!..  
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25 Most Recent Poetry Short Stories

Dear Daddy by Minolta White
Deep With-in Me by Osamuyi Okpame
Sometimes I look deeply within me and I wonder what this life is all about... ..
Deepest Reaches of Hell by Sabreen Wolf
I believe we all feel this way at times, when our lives take a downward turn and it feels as if there are demons chasing us; causing all of the bad things to happen. But fortunately they do not last forever...
Delilah by Mr. Shannon Clements
A poem about a man that fell in love with a woman that takes after Delilah, a biblical figure...
Do We Perhaps Fear The Darkness May Never Subside? by Lance Gargus
Inspirational poem to reflect on...
end scene by andre dsouza
ending a relationship when you're still in love...because you have to..
Epitomes - Thought Provoking by Addie Williams Katie Fairchild
I wanted to try something new with my mothers words and poetry and prose. These are just short statements, yet, I hope they go as far as Epitomes go as she speaks, that I have thus far so submitted. I swore I would stop when 100 of her poems were placed on this site, (yet, forgive me if my swearing..
Evil, Innocence and Human by Lonnie Hicks
Three to be..
Family by Mr. Shannon Clements
A poem about family..
Fire-Time by Lonnie Hicks
For You by Fred McNeill
A little love poem..
FreeVersing: Inside The Unknown Photographs by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
in conception's inception are perceiving perceptions ...oh the delectation's rue!! ..
Front Cover of Global Influence Magazine by Annette Jackson
Pickup A Copy and read about this Author ..
Ghost by Shauna Hayes McShane
An experiment in the mirrored refrain style...
Gifts Of Muse and Pagan Mother's Tongue by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
mother tongue.....
Give Them A Hand! - Celebrating Success by J. Joy Matthews Alford - Sistah Joy
Congratulations to the teens ofthe "2012 Expressions Talk Up/Not Down" Poetry Residency Camp who performed at the Bowie Performing Arts Center (BPAC) at the 6th Annual Hip Hop Poetry Choir. A big THANK YOU also for the hundreds who came out to support and celebrate the teens' success. ..
Gossamer Truths by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
into the gossamer truths disclosing.....
Half A Man by Prentis Goodwin
Life & Love..
Happenstance by Marvin Kirsh
What's in a name-is the word science a name-or the name of a science?-or is the world just and only a place of names-known sometimes, spoken or not sometimes? Is The name of the name the name, and are any two the same? Am I always able to and do I always want to define any name...
Happy Birthday by Jodie Simpson
This is a poem that i worte for my step mums birthday who has unfortunatley passed away...
Happy Mardi Gras by Mary Lynn Plaisance
Happy Mardi Gras from The Land of Sha Bebe Bagasse Man ---------------------> center>img src="
Have You Ever Had Issues? by Peg Salmon
All of us have issues, but I've never had issues with plug-ins!..
Heaven's Best by carol weyler
about our heavenly father, and the fatherless..
Help Me Through by Amy Bertoncini
Just a story of an aspiring love that just happens to rhyme..... I wrote this as an adolescence before I knew what love was. At a time when I just imagined how beautiful it could and should be. Like most young ladies, I had a vivid, precious dream of true LOVE. Hope you enjoy.....
Hey Saturn - where are you returning to? (prosepoem) by Nicky Goodman
*proseypoem type journal style. im on a poem diet! But this goes with the other poem -microcosms,eggs,'s Spring here...
A White CEO has been living with a secret. That he is really Black...
HIM by Cynthia Glass
This is a Poem from my upcoming book..
How Sad It Is But True Becareful What You Wish For It Might Come True It Is by Richard Kallao
did not know if this was story or poem. my idea and story original,,,,,,,,,,,,,..
Hunkered Down With Memories by Lonnie Hicks
For the Survivors..
Hurled with Help by Linnea Larsen
Poem about self-talk..
I Am His Poetry by Eroica Mendoza
Another Love Poem story. Valentine's Day is coming. Oh well. ;)..
I am the Aquifer by Lonnie Hicks
From the larger collection "Politics, Poetry and Love in the Obama Age"..
I Am Thy Beloved ... by Alan Busch
Jewish Wedding Vows..
I Know What You Are by Ronald Malfi
Originally published in "Blood Offerings for Dracula."..
I'm Toying With The Idea Of Getting a Boat, It'll Be Fun For Us All...Just by Theresa Bush
A young man longs for the sea, reality sets in, a wife, kids put a kink in his plans......
Indelible Stain by Toni Davis
Fall is one of those times where you can alternate between those incredible highs and heart-stopping lows. Winter is a bit worse (I loathe the cold with a passion most unholy) but Fall tends to make me feel sort of bipolar. I love warmth and colour and all of that what-not. Fall here in Virginia ten..
Independence Day by Mr. Shannon Clements
A poem about Paul Revere..
It looked like a simple butcher knife by Autumn Sims
Well it started out only for the "It looked like a simple butcher knife" contest own another website. But has taken on a life of it's own...
Le paysan et l'ange de la mort by Emile Tubiana
The Poor Man and the Angel of Death..
Read excerpt from Learning to Say Farewell to a Friend Learning to Say Farewell to a Friend by Jennifer Park
I wrote these poems while visiting a town where a friend lives. We were "on a break" from each other, and apparently I had a lot of feelings to process about that...
Letter. by Little Miss Aki
div align="right">another letter that will never be sent./div>..
Live in the Moment by Santosh Kalwar
I am sorry, this is not story but i think this would be poem...
Love at War by Priscilla Love
This is a story of being defeated by Love yet learning how to conquer it. ..
Love is not only for the is two hearts totally devoted by Karen McKeever
The stages of Love.....
Love Way by Dianne Joyner Barnes
Its a major trip. When the one you love; betrays your trust. Than brush you off like dusk. Insulting your intelligence. Like you're nothing but a fool. Than shouting out loud, like James Brown might do. Id never do anything to hurt you, my love is true."..
LOVING MY TIME by Belden Wimbush
Have you ever felt so wrong?but at the same time you felt so right I'm a unbalance young man, some people gather around my life, please people dress warm, my time here is cold, I'm a beautiful fashion, I have a passion with time, my heart plays a young guitar, but my soul grows old with..
Male Review by Twisted Words
twisted story with poems within..
Margaretspoetrykorner will take your information and do a personalized poem by Marg High
Uneducated , never read Books as a Child , only School Books , Both my Parents were uneducated , But that didn't stop me from writing a book of Poems .I'm proud of what I have learned , and continue to learn every day ...
Megan's Song by Bonnie Torrente
A farming family. In a day when the pace was slower, work was harder, and happiness came from the simpler things in life...
MERRY CHRISTMAS by Janice Beaty Hamilton
Christmas Greeting... ..
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Poetry Stories
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Featured Book
Diary of a Crush
by Lena Kovadlo

A must-have book for those that ever had a crush, fallen in love, or had their heart broken.....  
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Featured Book
The Goddess and The Skylark, Dancing Through the Word Labyri
by Nordette Adams

What is the world of goddesses and skylarks? Nordette Adams releases her new CD with critically-acclaimed poet Aberjhani, The Goddess and The Skylark, Dancing Th..  
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