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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Fractured Future
by Nicholas Coe

Fractured Future takes you to a future where a genetic mutation has enhanced humanity, but that success is threatened when Shade,the first to have the mutation, learns ho..  
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Featured Book
Bugstompers of The 21st Century
by Terry Vinson

What’s that crawling up your leg? Not to worry…it’s not half as deadly, or ravenous, as the slimy mutation slithering into your ear canal! Fear not, despisers of all thi..  
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Featured Book
Tales From The Universe
by Peter Jessop

An anthology of short stories...  
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All Science Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Science Fiction Short Stories

Ambrosia Is Waiting - chapter 4 by Jimmy Holder
I may write one more chapter sometime in the near future ... --- I hope U all are enjoying this project as much as I am enjoying writing it!..
An Amber Storm From Hell by Paul Day
A dramatic scene from my upcoming book, Children of Mars...
An Arrow for Coyote by Brandon Whitehead
This is an "Alternite Universe" type poem suggested to me long ago, by my grandfather, whom rumor has it had some Cherokee in him...
An Excerpt from The Days and Months We Were FIrst Born- The Unraveling by Christopher Hunter
Chapter One of "The Days and Months We Were First Born- The Unraveling"..
An Unfamiliar Element by Chris Parsons
so...i wrote this short story in the summer of 2008 after reading some H.P. Lovecraft. I don't want to give the whole thing away, but....the story's supposed to sort of cryptically/symbolically describe a thunderstorm but never actually mentions the aspects of the storm (i.e. rain, lightning, etc...
ANCIENT RIGHTS by John Townsend
A field and a strange tale..
Ancient Visitors FromThe Timeless World by Paul Mc Cann
Strange Beings Journey To Earth Between The Begining Of Time To Our Present ..
and the home of the brave by Nicholas Stember
This was my first piece published back in 1990, by "StarSong" Magazine. It's labeled "Science Fiction" it's more of a fictional Sociology piece, written in that "Twilight Zone" style. You can tell it was written before the Berlin wall came down ~smile~. It is approximately 1400 wor..
And their eyes were watching G.O.D by Andre Infante
The Optics Division of the Global mind (Otherwise known as ‘Robert’) was behaving oddly again. It was spending an alarming amount of time working on one of it’s little projects, and it’s fellows were getting worried about it... ..
ANDROID: EARTH (Prologue) by Paul Ward
The ANDROID saga begins.....
Another Day by Thomas Watson
In the early 1970's price of gas in the U.S. had jumped to over $1.20 a gallon! Fortelling a time of environmental disastors and needed lifestyle changes.....
Another Mission by Tony Nerone
Time can be relevant...
Apex 7 by James Otos
Women's science fiction: The common person versus the ruling few..
Apex 2 by James Otos
The childhood..
Apex 3 by James Otos
A woman who has lost her parents to the army of a dictator leads a rebel force against the government and it's leaders...
Apex 4 by James Otos
The woman, Jsuixio Mullany, plots against the King, Nujim and his ministers...
Apex 8 by James Otos
Futuristic struggle between the commmon people and the ruling elite..
Apogee by Roland Allnach
In Apogee, a young researcher is mesmerized by a space probe's profound discovery. In his rush to relay the find, he discovers something of greater meaning. More in the sphere of speculative fiction than science fiction, Apogee is nevertheless a very human tale. The story appears in the Fall 2010..
Aquatic Destiny by Shane Ward
The Adventure Begins..
Artemis by Sara Cunningham
a little while after the apocolypse... See also my story Coffee Companion ES-245 which is related, but not directly connected...
Read excerpt from As the Angels in Heaven As the Angels in Heaven by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
A fan wrote: "It was erotic in a wholesome sort of way." Which may be why I sold it to both Analog magazine and Circlet Press' Sex Crime anthology...
Ascension Salad by William Ledbetter
She had died in his arms twenty years before...or had she?..
Assassination of Fate by Martin Ingham
A thousand years in his past, Thomas Cooper must hunt down a time-traveling randomite who threatens to erase the future from existence...
Asteroid 6 (Excerpt) by R David Fulcher
Summary: An ancient temple is discovered on a small planet...
Asteroid Part l:Discovery by Richard Kallao
Asteroids part 2:Rocks are in your Head by Richard Kallao
Asteroids part 3:Fizz by Richard Kallao
Asteroids part 4:Boombox by Richard Kallao
Augustulus by D. Major
AUGUSTULUS Unseasonable winds shift among the buildings. In the library, students sit quietly at long rows of desks. It is the last day of a long weekend, the ideal time to get overdue essays written.     On the floor beside her desk sits a pile of books, into which ..
Aujourd'hui by Emile Tubiana
February 20, 2015 at 11:45pm..
Azriana by Andrew Kosakowski
brief section of a revised story..
Barack Obama, the President. by Jack Kuperman
Does hystory happen this way?..
Read excerpt from Barbara Barbara by J. Scott Preboy
Barbara is a comical story about a woman's struggle, image, identity and career. She prefers to work with the lights off...
Barnaby's Traveling Galactic Circus by Sonny Meadows
A tiny creature travels with the circus through the galaxy...
Bartok and the Unicorn by Melanie Fletcher
An obsessed Russian geneticist is bent on recreating a mythical creature...
View Photo of BAT Chronicle Read excerpt from BAT Chronicle BAT Chronicle by Hanley Harding
[Original artwork copyright 1993 by Kelly Faltenmeyer] Our government doesn't quite know who or what -- from "out there" -- it's fighting, but it IS fighting... ..
View Photo of Beast and the Beauty--An Excerpt From Jawbreaker: A Cautionary Tale Read excerpt from Beast and the Beauty--An Excerpt From Jawbreaker: A Cautionary Tale Beast and the Beauty--An Excerpt From Jawbreaker: A Cautionary Tale by Ken Kupstis
Two 'brief encounters' from the upcoming 'antidrug' horror/science-fiction novel JAWBREAKER: A CAUTIONARY TALE. Meet Protagonist JOEY BARON, his most interesting Supplier SPIKE, and the beautiful but deadly rival dealer GEMINI. (Photography: Kelly Garni, Las Vegas NV)..
Bedtime story : Alien Visitors to Lost lake by David Kraus
Short science fiction account of two boys on a fishing trip in northern Minnesota who encounter two extraterrestial boys and have a day of fishing and adventure...
Before The Charon Covenant by brenda munday gifford
This is a short prequel to my book The Charon Covenant..
Beneath the Sea of Sand by K McAbee
The great city of Geb sits gingerly, for beneath it, separated only by the veriest membrane of stone and earth, arches an echoing cavern. Into and out of this cavern run three of the many tributaries, both greater and lesser, of the enormous network of waters that flow below the surface of the land…..
Beyond All Time, Beyond Even Space by Karen Cole
This genuinely old-fashioned science fiction story was originally a series of ideas by Tom Paris and was later ghost written/edited by me. It involves time travel, blonde-and-blue-eyed space romance, wars on other worlds, and the eventual making of an intergalactic peace...
Beyond Tomorrow by P. Parker
Beyond Tomorrow, sequel to Into the Savage Dawn, third in the Riley's Journey series, coming soon...
BIAlien series book 1 - What is inside of Jupiter's ice moon Europa? by Vlane Carter
Cut out scene from chapter 3, Jaden is trapped inside Spaceship/UFO and is about to explore the ocean moon Europa. BIAlien (an alien of two worlds) is a new Science fiction, space, action adventure and romance novel. "...The first volume in a science-fiction series about a young man who’s ..
Big Cat Returns by TONY NERONE
Another walk through the Phoenix wash...
Birthday-Suitcase by ** Oli Hille **
A very short (two pages) story which transfixed me as it came to me like a powerful daydream. I had to write it down immediately to try to capture the power of the feeling it engendered...
Bling Blang-part ll-Crescent Moons never Rises by Richard Kallao
Read excerpt from Blocking Crime Blocking Crime by Ken Decoteau
Telepathic Investigators work to uncover the mystery of a group of law breakers who've discovered a way of circumventing crime detection systems...
Blog on My Story by Craig Foster
I have a blog that gives a lot of information about my story...
Blood From a Stone by Nicholas Stember
Copyright 1993 - Nicholas Samuel Stember, Print and Electronic Rights Available Approx. 3700 words long..
Bodyhugger by D Cairns
Dave the Gadget Lover gets much more than he bargained for with his latest purchase...
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Science Fiction Stories
1. Resurrection Hill
2. Maybe the universe isn't rational after al
3. Doing Bristol
4. Part 3: Poison Earth
5. It's in the Cards
6. The Sludge (Part 8)
7. Happy Christmas Charles
8. Lost Identity
9. The Music Portal
10. Honor killing -NOT DONE
11. Rich Man, Poor Soul
12. The Sludge (Part 11)
13. The Spy in the Sky
14. Spring Heeled Jack
15. Living On Mars: Our Story. (Part One)
16. Part 1: Poison Earth
17. An Amber Storm From Hell
18. The WatchTower
19. Growing Young
20. Children of Mars

Featured Book
The Palomar Paradox: A SETI Mystery (iBook)
by Richard Rydon

‘The Palomar Paradox’ sees Luper back in an astronomical observatory searching for signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. He finds himself working with Leila, a young gi..  
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Featured Book
When The Angels Have Risen
by Andrew Feder

It seems with each election year, the United States becomes more and more bitterly divided, particularly when religion is thrown into the debate. When The Angels Have Ris..  
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