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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Weird and Wonderful Adventures of Tim Wessurp 'TWERP'
by Derek Flower

A teenager suddenly finds he is blessed with the gift of Ubiquity and, as a result, gets involved in a series of stange and at moments hair-raising adventures...  
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Featured Book
The Wolf's Torment
by S Cardin

In this spine-tingling novel, the crown prince of Moldavia must fight demons that haunt his family and his country when a werewolf bites his best friend...  
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Featured Book
The Weird and Wonderful Advenfures of Tim Wessurp 'TWERP'
by Derek Flower

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All Fantasy Short Stories

25 Most Recent Fantasy Short Stories

A Letter to Richard Branson by Kenny Baez
Derelict mansion going to waste...
A Little Adventure by Janeen Robichaud
Reminder - you have agreed to view this article which has been marked as "mature", meaning it contains adult content. If you find it's content objectionable please do not continue reading. A little adventure By Janeen Robichaud Section ~ Fiction - Fantasy b..
A Lonely Elf by J.A. Aarntzen
Four young elves at the North Pole have to contend with their cranky uncle visiting from Woodhaven. "A Lonely Elf" is a children story and is a part of the "Elves of Woodhaven" series of short stories that can also be found at NiceStories.Com..
A Lucky Fox by J.A. Aarntzen
A fox steals upon the endless night of the North Pole and snatches an unsuspecting elf from his bed. As the fox scrambles away with his prize, the elf's three brothers awaken and make pursuit. "A Lucky Fox" is a children story and is a part of the "Elves of Woodhaven" series of short sto..
A Meeting in the Flesh by J.A. Aarntzen
After we die there is some reconciliation that has to take place in order to rectify the things that we might have done in our lives. ..
A Memorable Night Journey by Nishnat Biswas
I reach a place after midnight and board a taxi. Then something memorable happens...
A Memory of Dragons by Walker Powell
A man has amnesia and tries to get his memory back. ..
A new Adventure: The Foutain of Youth part l by Richard Kallao
A Peaceful Solution by James Wilson
Two enemies discover an excellent reason to join forces against supernatural creatures...
A Piecemeal Kingdom by Joseph Langen
A ten year old boy recounts fantastic adventures beginning in his room...
a pink balloon by Katie Gabrielle
pink always has a kind word, a kind thought, a sweet gift to bring home.....
A Pirate Story-My true Destiny ...... by Richard Kallao
This is what I'd think what happened to Will Turner after the movie Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End..
A Pirate we Were by Richard Kallao
Read excerpt from A Prince's Beginning A Prince's Beginning by SARA QUEST
A woman loved and abandoned by a king gives birth in the wilderness to his son, then dies...
A Rose By Any Other Name - A Serial Novel by Charlene Leatherman
Zna Mentia is a Lioness from Dyad, a moon in the Twin Planet System. She is forced to participate in The Hunt to protect her daugter. Lovac is the Hunter that seeks her and grows to love her...
A Short History of the Dream Library by Elizabeth Hopkinson
The last dream to be loaned from Great Thornham Dream Library is due back, and Milton Bisset is not going to return it without a fight (or at least a cup of tea). Winner of the 2005 James White Award. Appeared in Interzone issue 204. ..
A Soochow Story by Lucille
Lao is a corpse-mover (he works cheap, by ordering the bodies to stand up and follow him to their home villages for burial). He and a village maiden love each other but his dread profession prevents them from marrying. Read it on
A Sorcerer By Any Other Name by S. Reisner
Only Gazell, the renowned Sorcerer, could save the city from the dreadful plague. When Gazell sent an apprentice instead, Davin Vore feared that all hope was lost...
A Spider's Tale by Gail Ylitalo
Beauty and Vanity by Katie Gabrielle
a fractured fairy tale..
Read excerpt from Beck Beck by Rob Hayes
Arbiter Beck finds herself coerced into a job working with a treacherous crew of pirates. Can she survive the adventure long enough for them to betray her?..
A Stalker's Game (Short Story) by John Hennessy
The first day of winter approaches, and with it the dwarven celebration of Nypha. Included in the celebration is a Stalker's Game: a search and destroy for the highest bidders. Six dwarves pit themselves against eight well-armed and hostile human slaves, out on the brutal mountain slopes, where the ..
A STORY IS BORN - by: Linda Law by Linda Law
Dreams are often seeds in a creative mind that are disguised as fantasy during sleep. Dreams are often GIFTS!..
A Study of Shade and Shadow - Part 1 of 5 - Twinned by Sara Cunningham
a story of twin sisters, magic, and religion...
A Study of Shade and Shadow - Part 2 of 5 - Magic by Sara Cunningham
A story about twins, magic, and religion. continued from last week's post entitled Twinned..
A Study of Shade and Shadow - Part 3 of 5 - Shadow by Sara Cunningham
Continued from last week's post chapter 2 'Magic'. Enna and Eillim have met their gods and been charged with a task.....
A Study of Shade and Shadow - Part 4 of 5 - Shade by Sara Cunningham
Enna and Eillim both suffered a tragic loss but must continue with the tasks before them.....
A Study of Shade and Shadow - Part 5 of 5 - Choice by Sara Cunningham
The conclusion of a story about religion, magic, and sisters...
A Sunset so Glorious by Rycke Foreman
When a djinn-in-a-bottle grants a man three wishes, it creates a monster. But with a little help from the djinn, the world may yet be saved.....
A Tail Spun (kindle) by joseph beekman
A tale of love and survival among earth's remaining species, centered around an ancient war in a mythical future...
a tale of envy and compassion by Katie Gabrielle
a fairy tale of illusion versus reality..
A Tear might not Be Enough part l by Richard Kallao
A Teardrop by Richard Kallao
View Photo of A Thousand Tears Read excerpt from A Thousand Tears A Thousand Tears by J.C. Martin
Miscommunication is the bane of all relationships - none more so than this one!..
A Trip to the Alternate Earth by Marcus Dino
You kids next time better think twice about 'kerplunking' by yourselves..
A Typical Goblin by Cynthia Van Auken
Didrika just wants to make the goblin kingdom a world power...
A Very Hairy Adventure by Tracey Alley
Slade and his friends are always on the lookout for adventure. A local marauding werewolf seems the perfect answer but when face to face with the beast can the teens prevail?..
A Wanderer's Tale by Lisa Sanborn
Story follows a young girl on her journey to find her way in life and become a wanderer. ..
A Warriors Tale by Curtiss Robinson
This is an exerpt from Protectors of the is a warriors tale of combat..
A Way Creepy Adventure by Steve Groll
Will a young girl who has been brought into a hostile world through a mirror, survive the evil that drew her?..
A Wee World For Wee Ones by Paul Mc Cann
Sammy was about six years old when he discovered a large hole in the school playground . He told no one about it and began to explore it . Each day he pulled out all of the rubbish that filled the hole and eventually he found a huge stone that covered an entrance to a passage way . One..
A Wolf's Tale by Steve Lazarowitz
When Carla Regan finds the notebook at the abandoned ranger's station, she has no idea that the story within was written by a wolf. As the tale unfolds, Carla can't decide whether it is reality or creative fantasy, until she comes face to face with the wolf that penned it...
A World Beyond by Paula Hopkins
A faerie story for adults: a lesbian encounter at the bottom of the garden, and a hidden portal to A World Beyond. A mysterious experience for a young girl which eventually leads to her personal fulfillment in her own world. ..
Abound Ye'Treasure Chest by Richard Kallao
original,my entry into the Pirate universe...
Read excerpt from Abuktu (Echoes From the Tower of Babel) Abuktu (Echoes From the Tower of Babel) by Porphyry Po
-In a world where cultural diversity still involves such institutions as slavery and repression- 'Abuktu' is a word with many meanings. Both in it's literial interpretations- and those which means something much deeper...
Achaeron: The Human Years, Part I by Sky Schoggins
Forgive this edit. I wrote it long ago for my friends, then repaired it as a submission for an advanced mythology class focusing on the hero. I had many stories of Achaeron, alas, most have been lost now. Maybe I'll add some more...I could use the genre practice...
Acrusia by Mark Daniels
Accesible Fantasy - developing it, and feedback would be GREAT..
Adam by Richard Kallao
Addiction by Ian Gilmour
A dream style story representing some of the aspects of addiction that a friend described to me...
Adrenaline Rush by Janice Scott
An unusual birthday in 2058 when global warming has reached frightening proportions and the race to discover eternal youth has been won...
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Fantasy Stories
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5. Faux Companion
6. Depth Charges part l
7. So Juicy
8. Kingdoms All part 17:Queen of This Land h
9. Lover's Hands Part 1
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11. Kingdoms All part 23:Little Girl Lost
12. Run Rot
13. Games of the Gods
14. Where Angels Dare,Devils Already Are ll
15. Star Clash
16. Kingdoms All part part 11:Brothers and Sis
17. The Last Sunset on Gilligan's Island
18. A Goddess Awakens: Chapter 13
19. Of Witches and Wands - Nomadin Chapter Two
20. Elephants and Donkeys: A Fable for Our Ti

Featured Book
Blood and Royalty - Dragoneer Saga Book Six
by M. R. Mathias

In this sixth, and final, episode of the Locus Poll nominated, international bestselling, Dragoneer Saga, King Richard, his Nightshade, and the legions of mudged dragons ..  
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Featured Book
The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier: To Build a Tunnel
by Deborah Frontiera

Now in its second edition, To Build a Tunnel is the first book of the trilogy, The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier. This fantasy will be enjoyed by youth ages 10 or 11 ..  
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