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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Black Pathway
by Mark Sutton

In Howard Trenton's case, he may be the first truly 'inhuman' serial killer to ever walk the Earth.....  
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Featured Book
Archaeology 501/The Field Trip
by Jacamo Peterson

Dr. Johannes Petermann professor of archaeology at ASU Tempe is leading a group of Grad Students on a field trip to the jungles of Cambodia. In search of an ancient templ..  
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Featured Book
Creeping Dread
by Terry Vinson

Grab those side-irons, saddle up and join former Civil War sharpshooter Luther Henry for a ride into pure terror, western-style…think ‘Wild Wild West’ meets ‘The X-Files’..  
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All Horror Short Stories

25 Most Recent Horror Short Stories

A String for You-part ll-Ado by Richard Kallao
since my first was popular thought I do a sequel..... original idea and story......
A String for You-part lll-I'll Never Say Ah Again by Richard Kallao
original idea and story..
A String for You-Teller-A Seven Year Old's Point of View by Richard Kallao
original idea and story...
A String for You-The End ? by Richard Kallao
crazy people are honest. we just never believe them original idea and story.......
Read excerpt from A Tale of Deceit A Tale of Deceit by Sonya Henderson
Sit back with something warm to drink and enjoy an old time ghost story for Halloween...
A Task at Hand by Richard Kallao
original this is how a slasher movie should be done ...
A Taste Of Your Own Medicine by Charlotte Gledson
A bloody nasty experience...
A Tear shed in Blood by Richard Kallao
A Thing of Dread by Dana Reed
This isn't a short story. Rather it's the first chapter of a full length novel...
Read excerpt from A Time To Feed A Time To Feed by Edward Honaker
All Things have to eat... eventually...
What you are about to read is exactly the way it happened, as was related to me. Dates may be slightly out or hazy etc, but everything I am going to write down is as 100% true as I can remember it. It's immaterial to me if you believe any of this or not, but I'll share it with you in any event, b..
A Vampire is Worth Four Cents Less by Richard Kallao
who can you trust if you can't even trust a vampire ? sequel to A Vampire is Worth Three Cents.. just to let readers know original idea and story ...
A Vampire is Worth How Much ? by Richard Kallao
a vampire is thrown out of his own time .original idea ...
A Vampire is Worth not Even a Nickle More by Richard Kallao
vampires can never be trusted no matter how old they are ...
A Vampire is worth Six Cents even Less-Betrayal by Richard Kallao
all in the family indeed ...
A Vampire Is Worth Three Cents More by Richard Kallao
sequel to A Vampire Is Worth Two Cents. original idea and story . ..
A Vampire is Worth Two Cents by Richard Kallao
original story and idea..
A Victim of Jack by Tom Schafer
A little short story video I just made to scare you all with...
A Victim's Revenge- the devil in details by James Marry
Sometimes the door swings botth ways and sometimes it doesn't. Marcus Talbot needs a way to close this door before the Victim's Revenge ravages humanity...
A Visitor in the Darkness by James Watts
This is a rough and again a sample. Needs a lot of work I know...hell didn't take but an hour to write...30 to write 30 to transfer from notepad to computer...
A Walk in the Park by Carl Alves
Shawna and her husband take advantage of beautiful winter day to got to the park. What could possibly go wrong? Everything...
A White Christmas by Karen Newman
This story is published on the website DemonMinds...
A Wolven Beast by Kitty Hamagochy
Werewolfs are amoung us we just don't know where. Listen to one girls story about an encounter with one...
Abdel the Vampire by Richard Kallao
Acetone Enema by Nicholas Tillemans
A man obsesses about his headless fantasy lover. The story appeared in the Jan/Feb 2003 edition of The House of Pain ezine. ..
After the Silence by Jeremy DeVaughn
A man makes a deal with God at a funeral. Does it work?..
Afterlife by Mary Quire
Thought dying was it? So did Vay Gerard.....
Against my religion by Nicai Zollar
A man. A Muslim. A werewolf. ..
Aliens Vs. Predator Revelations In Texas by JACK
Aliens versus Predator in the Texas Hill Country invlving the Sawyer Family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre as cult members. A Lovecraftian approach...
Alive by Kai (Donna Wilson)
About a woman....Will upload the complete copy when the function comes back online :)..
All in a Days Work by Paul Hamm
Charley Meek is just your average, everyday working guy - over weight, works long hours, and ignores his body Working for UPS, Charley is on his way home after a long, hard day - or so he thinks. After relizing he has missed a delivery, Charley must head into downtown Miami for one final sto..
All Right, Good Night by Ronald Hull
This story was written by a high school friend and writing collaborator, Douglas W. Boucher. I asked him if I could post it here...
All-Consuming Hunger of Love by Araminta Matthews
When introverted libarian, Maggie, loses the love of her life, Robert, to a car accident, she will stop at nothing, not even necromancy, to bring him back to her...
Allana by Christina Davidson
It was a world made up of power. Knowledge was thirsted after almost as much as blood was. There were signs of war all over, the cries of the starving and tortured, the silver of the swords that even petty farmers carried, and the fear in everyone's eyes as the dusk settled and shadows came to ru..
americas most proclaimed haunted places by london knight
after 7 long years only now has the truth of what took placs in some of americas most haunted places has come to light. it is the only book that comes with a dvd of EVPS ..
Among Shadows by Nickolaus Pacione
div align=justify>font face="book antiqua" size="3">img src="" height="184" width="262" alt="photo by attendant in the sleeper lounge, March 27, 2002. Author was sick with a cold." align="right">My physical body appeared ext..
Among The Dolls. (Part One) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A teenager is horrified to discover that she has become a Cabbage Patch doll...
Among The Dolls. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Carrie Jo is a doll. She has had a spell put upon her and she is not happy...
Read excerpt from Amy Amy by MentalKayse
I've thought about suicide, many times. I could easily open my mouth, place the cold, nickle-plated barrel against the back of my throat, and release. I could but I won't. I have to know the truth. They say curiousity killed the cat. Will it also kill me? Or am I imagining it all? Could I be so over..
An Encounter With Vampires by Lena Kovadlo
Short story about an encounter with vampires - written in 1999...
An Illness Revisited.... by Nickolaus Pacione
a passage from a horror writer's journal......
an observation of the raven by Nickolaus Pacione
DIV align=justify>FONT face="franklin gothic book" size=2>IMG style="WIDTH: 206px; HEIGHT: 91px" src="" align=right> From the weary eyes that stand between the hours of the waking and the sleep,  I come to see as they become before the dreams.  T..
Angels of Death by Melissa Kesead
When lonely Genevieve goes to the park Saturday night, she gets ravished by a group of vampires that help her let go of reality...
Animal Chain Atrocities by Odin Roark
Having just read a book of startling facts associated with the manufacture of the meat supply, purging was the only remedy for depression. Hardly poetic, but perhaps informative. Finding the right category for posting is difficult for this, as it is a mixture of journalistic/poetic/an..
Annebell by Natalie Conrad
A gothic romance that proves to a young girl that maybe you should listen to your friends...
Another by Richard Kallao
Answering Service by Carl Alves
Very loosely based on a true story, all kinds of craziness can happen when you're working alone at night taking in some weird phone calls...
ants by Mark Oberhauser
ants how small the may all see or are they?..
Anything for love. by Johan Van Niekerk
Paul is desperate to save his wife, Lidia.(Edited) My very first attempt at fiction, so please take the time to comment...
Apocalyptica by Ian Stephenson
A short story of an accident at a nuclear facility and the following consequenses...
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Horror Stories
1. The Tunnel
2. Surprise! Surprise!
3. Someone To Kill
4. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 9 - The Brute S
5. Spiders
6. Looney Tunes Lunacy
7. The Clown At Midnight
8. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 2 - Hansel & Gr
9. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 5 -Humpty Dumpt
10. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 3 - The Big Bad
11. Day Of The Dead
12. Blood Work
13. Animal Chain Atrocities
14. WHAT Goes There?
15. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 6 - Prince Char
16. Fractured Fairy Tales part 4 - the Three L
17. Something In the House
18. The Love Room
19. Passing the Torch
20. The Z B A

Featured Book
Dr Iain Ropner's Casebook of Strange Events and Unusual Phen
by Dave Brooks

Dr Iain Ropner's Casebook of Strange Events and Unusual Phenomena is the first instalment from the parapsychologist, Dr Iain Ropner. This casebook comprises..  
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Featured Book
Dirty Black Winter
by Nickolaus Pacione

The book that Nickolaus Pacione arranged of his work from his storied career since he was 20 years of age. Some of the works are fiction, some are nonfiction. 33 stories ..  
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