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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Y.O.U. & The Ultimate Life Tool
by Zannah Hackett

Winner of the 2010 Los Angeles Book Festival! What if you could understand a person by just looking at them? What if you knew what to expect from them in terms of perform..  
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Featured Book
Toxic Relationships - Abuse and its Aftermath
by Sam Vaknin

How to identify abuse, cope with it, survive it, and deal with your abuser. ..  
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Featured Book
Oprah In Her Words Our American Princess
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

Oprah's words bring inspiration and help to many people. Tuchy adds suggested affirmations and actions and you have a powerful workbook that can become life altering and ..  
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All Relationships Short Stories

25 Most Recent Relationships Short Stories

A Lifetime of Love by Sandy Skipper
If only it could talk.....
A Little Robin Came Along by Alexandra Midnight
A story of true friendship and new beginnings...
A Love All My Own by Mocha Sistah
September, an alumni of ASU, bumps into her ex-boyfriend, Raymond Thomas, whos now a jazz musician twelve years later. She realizes that he was the love that got a way.....
A Love Of My Own, Part II by Mocha Sistah
September is enthralled by having to see her ex-boyfriend Raymond play a jazz set at her favorite local joint in Jackson, Mississippi. What will happen? Love or will she lose a love that was never hers to begin with. ..
A Love So Great by Mary Elshaday
My story portrays a mother's love for a child...
A Lovely Boy by Janice Scott
An elderly lady receives a gift from her only son...
A Man's Feelings (excerpt three) by Michael Eads
How do we process our feelings?..
A Man's Feelings (excerpt two) by Michael Eads
Although it was only one dollar, my father showed me at a young age how to treat ďa manís feelings.Ē ..
A Manís Feelings (excerpt one) by Michael Eads
Until you been beside a man you donít know how he feels...
A Midsummer Night Shift by Wendy Peterson
Jenny worked in a grim, dark world until that magical midsummer night when the ethereal Peter Lawson appeared in her department. ***************************** On the 20th floor of the dark as night Telecom skyscraper, was the prestigious International Exchange. ..
A New Beginning by April Smith
This is the prelude to my short story, Choices..."Brooke could barely breathe. His concern was sweet and touching and it clutched at her heart, not to mention the effect that his touch seemed to have on her." ..
A New Dad by Aimee Ley
I was just three years old when my father walked out on my mom and me. He said he found somebody new, walked out the door and never looked back. It took about two years for her to even attempt to try and find somebody new. Heíd shattered her heart into a million pieces, but she slowly p..
View Photo of A New Dawning Read excerpt from A New Dawning A New Dawning by Sussie Due
Portion of a book in progress. The story of a woman readjusting to society, and the man that helps her in her journey. Update 5/10/03: Book close to being completed and going to print. ..
A Path to Self-Esteem - True Love by Jaci Rae
Bad self-talk will lead to self-hate and toxic relationships. Learn to love yourself and attract your soul mate...
A Quite Life... by Stephen Paul
Have trust.....
a reluctant letter (because I care) by richard cederberg
You've forced our hands because you won't disclose where you're living.....
A Ringing Phone by J Howard
Lynnie knew that all daughters need a dad. She wanted her daughter to have a dad... the dad she never had...
A Rocking Chairs Story by Lew Duffey
Have you ever wondered what your furniture would say if it could talk? I know it sounds stupid but I have an old rocking chair that has been with my wife and I since we were married. It has helped raise three kids. This little fairy tale will be fun to read if nothing else...
A Sexy Spinster and the Bishop by E T Waldron
a spinster full of surprises ..
A short, not so sweet love story. by Sandi Schraut
Both lived under that tie dyed t-shirt. ..
A simple act of kindness by Katie Gabrielle
How a simple act of kindness can turn a life around..
Read excerpt from A Sip of Guilt A Sip of Guilt by Josh Jenks
A couple meets again after a messy divorce at a social event...
a small safe vessel... by richard cederberg
For Alex and Jill ... congratulations on your recent art exhibition! ..
A Small Sunday Visitor by Connie Faust
We always said Hi, and she'd run to hug me when she'd see me in the vestibule of the church. But this Sunday, she wanted to sit with me! It was so long since I had a little girl to sit with.......
A Son Raised on Alcohol and Drugs Gets His Life Back by Gregory Hammonds
Inspiration and Motivation for the Alcohol and Crack User From the Eyes of an Abuser ..
Broken Promises by Lena Kovadlo
It's like you don't exist and I don't matter.....
By The Fireplace by KAREN PITCHFORD
It's a local coffee shop. Sitting at a table is an observer of the unusual behavior of a couple at a nearby table. What can the reader surmise from his observations?..
California Susie by Ron (sketchman) Axelson
True story. Art by me....
Call it Rape!(Challenge)non-fiction by E T Waldron
A friends betrayal..
Can a heart really break? by Myne Whitman
A Girl's heart is broken when she is rejected by her love...
Can Women and Men Really Be Just Friends? by Glenda Wallace
Do platonic relationships between men and women actually exist?..
A Story Whose End is Not Known by uppalapati Prasanthi
A fantacized story. How come the story has no end!! Read it very interesting. You can't guess what it is, until it is revealed. You also can give your own ending. I wish you give your own thoughts to end the story in your comments.(Full of Grammatical mistakes. Consider only the theme. T..
A Tale Of Exile by the black poet
A loving tribute to Alicia Alonso..
A Teacher's Mirage by Patrice Lauren
A teacher of sixth graders faces more responsibilities than she'd imagined. Submitted to Writer's Digest short story competition June, 2005..
A Vision of Mom by Richard Dedeaux
She carried me from a seed to a son her name is mom. (Draft)..
Aboard the Edward L. Moore by Deborah Russell
about knee-deep.....
About That by Emily Grace
Nature versus nurture...
Abuse---Part Five by Janice Parker
Ongoing story of abuse of women and children..
Abuse---Part Four by Janice Parker
The fourth part of the continuing story of abuse ..
Abuse---Part One by Janice Parker
A story about a man who abuses his wife and children without any guilt..
Abuse---Part Three by Janice Parker
Part three of the continuing Abuse story ..
Abuse---Part Two by Janice Parker
A story about a man who abuses his wife and children without regret..
Across the Mecca Bridge by Nana Awere Damoah
A love story set on the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology campus...
Adam's Transgression, or, The Honorable One Night Man by Tova Gabrielle
Divorcees have a way of throwing themselves at men.... ..
affe-X-tion? by Cynth'ya
Some people will do anything for money....acting as if money is 'God.'..
Affectionately Yours by Chuckie Finn
Never under estimate the power of a woman..
Read excerpt from AFW, Chapters 1 - 26, Draft 1 AFW, Chapters 1 - 26, Draft 1 by Ken Connelly
Chapters one through twenty six. I was asked to modify my book from 70,000 words to 48,000. This is manuscript is now in proposal stage with a possible publisher. ..
Age Difference in Russian-American Marriages. Ukrainian Woman Ideas by Michael Mordinson
Age gap marriages can work. My husband is 20 years older than me and we have been married for many years. Age is only a barrier if you make it so - sometimes as an excuse for other problems...
Alexandria by David Knight
A knock at the door leads me to a relationship that changed my life and made me review my idea of beauty..
alis reply by seher saddozai
mountains, over trees, over oceans, over seas. across the deserts, i'll be there. on the edge of the waking dream, over rivers, over streams, through wind and rain, i'll be there. in the whisper on the wind, on the smile of a new ..
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Relationships Stories
1. Penelope and Peter bond; she enjoys a Cuba
2. Instead of...
3. Striptease at The Conference
4. a small safe vessel...
5. Surreal Dummy--Still Here
6. Make Love Like A Poor Man
7. Lightening Bug Nights
8. a reluctant letter (because I care)
9. Roar of the Blender
10. You Never Meant What You Said
11. Broken Promises
12. How the Russians came here (Novel) Forewor
13. The Weight On Women Hearts
14. Anniversary
16. deaf and blind...
17. He was my First, I was his Last
18. Nomadic Heart
19. Cement Dancer
20. Kisses sweeter than wine

Featured Book
Pathological Narcissism FAQs
by Sam Vaknin

Dozens of Frequently Asked Questions regarding Pathological Narcissism, relationships with abusive narcissists, and the Narcissistic Personality Disorder. ..  
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Featured Book
Relationship Magic--- God only Knows
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

No man is an island. What is life without relationships? It is often the case that relationships cause us the most pain. Relationship magic helps increase joy and minimiz..  
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