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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
by Andrew Feder

Then what would you think? if you could leave your physical body and astral project yourself finding yourself in someone else’s body who had..  
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Featured Book
Telepathy Will Change Your Life
by D.E.Z. Butler

A way to use your mind for silent communication. I have used the methods in the book and they work...  
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Featured Book
Harvest of Illusion, A Spiritual Adventure
by George Wallach

This is a novel about how spirituality wins. It's your chance to think about why you're here, where you were before you got here and where you're going when you leave -- ..  
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All Vision/Metaphysical Short Stories

25 Most Recent Vision/Metaphysical Short Stories

Is Graceland Haunted? by Bryon Smith
Is Elvis still at Graceland keeping an eye on his visitors? A Night Vision may be a clue. After all it is October, a time for Ghosts...
Is Your Life Still Your Friend: Excerpt 2 by Aberjhani
This is the second excerpt from my novel, Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World, which every day grows fatter, more demanding, and, I hope, more beautiful. ..
Isolation by Sam Ingrams
Primarily a tale of corruption, loneliness and lies, it's about a journey undertaken to find exactly what is at the heart of what we know. This is a strange novel, and certainly isn't one of the best things I have written. It is however one of the most complete. Enjoy...
It Began With the North Star by David Grebow
Just a Start by Bob Sanchez
A short story about family tensions...
Just when you think you're all alone. by robert millette
Christ was rejected by his people. They didn't believe he was the Messiah. I tell you the truth, even today, there walks amongst us, the Heavan sent.....
Kin-ship Readers by Jane VerDow
A story in honor and memory of my Aunt on her birthday..
Knowing thy Self-A Gift from the Light by Renee Pisarz
Once the spirit soars, miracles happen. Wisdom to be found...
Lazarus by Judith Bailey
To all Robert Heinlein fans... ..
Life with Karen by Michelle Mills
A True Story.....
Lights by M.A. Witters
Observations from a 10 year old mind in the Everglades...
Lost in a Fog by Ed Matlack
Not many stories do I write, I could have made this into a poem or two, but the thought would not have gotten through.....
Lost in Iquity by Ruan Mills Burke
A bizarre little story..
Make It Up Until You Get It Right by Ola Joseph
to make something up” has a kind of negative connotation. But in real sense, it is the best thing that can happen to us as individuals. Making things is up is another way of expressing creativity or putting your creative mind to work. ..
Mask Society by J.A. Aarntzen
I don't know if this is a poem or a short story or something different all together...
The Other Side of Light (Part 7) by Keith Rowley
Not all is at it seems through the lies of deception and truth.....
The Other Side of Light (Part 8) by Keith Rowley
The angel Lucifer begins unravelling the truth...painting of Lucifer by Hettie Rowley...
The Other Side of Light (Part 9) by Keith Rowley
The physics of eternity unfolds from the mind of the Angel of the Morning... Painting: "The Divided God" by Hettie Rowley (oils)...
Mental Telepathy? by Nadine May
In my first awakening novel The Awakening Clan Ingrid, one of Annelies students, writes how her reality changes due to her own desire to awaken her soul purpose. Annelies’ ascension workshop teaches types of decoding exercises in order to activate the genetic cellular memory of her students. b..
Metamorphosis. by Jack Kuperman
1877 words. ..
Mexico by Peter Gardner
This story tries to capture a moment of spiritual awakening in a foreign, timeless environment...
My Dreams by Lorraine Watkins
Do you understand your dreams and what they mean to you? Do you have recurrent dreams? How do you interpret your dreams. Is there a message for you? Do they explain your emotions or what your are experiencing in real life?..
My Name is Space by J.A. Aarntzen
This is a tale of a man trying to make sense out of his life in the latter half of the Twentieth Century...
My Spirit Sisters Celebrating With Me. by Judith Pleasant
This is a story I wrote about two of my sisters who are in the Spirit World...
My Unusual Experiences With Spirits by Judith Pleasant
This is a true story and is one of my psychic experiences I have had over the years. ..
My Writings and (Paranormal) Life by Heidi Hollis
Authors all have their reasons for writing that first book—for me it was a paranormally charged necessity...
Nine Months by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)
We often have no idea what's coming to us... ..
Nonnie by Alicia McGraw
Short folktale introducing Nonnie and her world. It is a universal tale about wisdom and common sense...
Noticing The Crows by Judith Pleasant
A story about my strange communications with crows...
Ouija Board Antics Go Terribly Wrong by Martha Jette
Jamie didn't realize what terrible things could happen just by playing with a Ouija Board with his friends...
Poetry Seer: Visor's Knowledge by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
Cromlech Rocks Megalithic Tombs Dolmen Stones Crypt Keepers Secrets ..
Predictions by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
thunderheads approach.....
Providence by Debby Rosenberg
The following scenes depict various stages of human awareness and how unique each experience is realized dependent upon the individual’s state of mind and being. ..
Quiet Please: Introverts at Work by Edward Phillips
Reflections on Life: Becoming You by Edward Phillips
Becoming who you were meant to be...
Remembering Egypt by Rosalie Heart
Lifetimes merge and Egypt is a catalyst for me...
Rest in Peace, published in FATE Magazine, February 2004 by Linda Himes-Guyan
A short true story of an encounter with a ghost dog when visiting the graves of my parents. ..
Saying Goodbye by robin buehler
this is a true account of a vision I saw one night several years ago, which I believe was of an assoicate of mine, Les Lindenbaum. The recollection will appear on
Self by J Michael Kearney
Semblance Evolves by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
perceptual individuality.....
Serialization of Sacred Vow: Tea Ceremony by CG Walters
Sacred Vow is a metaphysical novel about a man who responds to the mysterious call of a woman, opening the way to redefinition of both himself and his understanding of the world around him. He takes his first steps on a journey to accept the world around him as a place to live, not simply a place to..
Shadow by Seann Vinyasa-Billson
Recently, I was accepted to have an ongoing column titled "Dream The Answer" on My first article will be up in the middle of November. Thought to share it here too...
Shadows and Prayers and Light by Aberjhani
(Cover of 1st edition of Aberjhani's I Made My Boy Out of Poetry by Smithsonian Museum featured artist Gustave Blache III) But if only you could pause and remember as the shadows come closer that they cannot obscure the real light which is the light of the spirit... It is a hard lesson to..
She Speaks in Many Voices by Farrell Winter
I wrote down this profound and amazing story as told to me by Mother Earth...
Slightly Body-Snatched by Judith Bailey
Speculative ghost story.... but truth, not fiction...
Song of the Dove by LS Myers
Parable of the song of the dove..
Spring Rites by Judith Bailey
Quiet observation of the world around us can give much wealth.... and no, you cannot always 'take it to the Bank' but it is riches, nonetheless...
Read excerpt from Storm Storm by Steve Rylor
"What were the last days like Uncle Bret?" Tommy asked. "Well, they weren't any fun, I can tell you that," I began. "Imagine being confined to the indoors indefinitely because of constant darkness and pelting rain that becomes so loud your ears begin to ring, and your heart starts to pound...
Strange Waters by Zuhair Vazir
the story is a wet dream gone bad..
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Vision/Metaphysical Stories
1. Lost in Iquity
2. Stroll With An Artist
3. Quiet Please: Introverts at Work
4. Golden Notes
5. The Season Of Death

Featured Book
The Princess
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

A novel for young adults... or precocious teenagers. This visionary (romantic) fiction will enchant all who are young at heart. A bedtime story about a Boy Comi..  
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Featured Book
ELOHIM-Masters & Minions [Winston Trilogy Book Two] ebook
by Stan Law (aka Stanislaw Kapuscinski)

This sequel to One Just Man is now available on the Amazons in Kindle edition (as well as in paperback)...  
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