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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Scary Stories: A Collection of Horror- Vol. 4
by Billy Wells

A coolection of thirteen stories in the horror genre with surprise endings..  
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Featured Book
Hell Train
by Tony Bertot

Ever wonder what it would be like to die or be in a coma? Will you be forgiven of your sins?..  
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Featured Book
The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five
by Nickolaus Pacione

Featuring some of the most talented small press authors in the realms of horror, science fiction, and Non-fiction. Houses a creative nonfiction breakaway by the publi..  
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All Horror Short Stories

25 Most Recent Horror Short Stories

The Burning. (Part Two) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
"What were these kids thinking? Did they enjoy torturing a helpless child?" A little boy continues to fight for his life after being set on fire by some kids...
The Burning. ...(Part Eight) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Dareen Culver feels frustrated that the Bollinger family won't have much of a Christmas, thanks in part to their oldest child's burns; but she is determined to change things as best as she can...
The Burning. (Part Five) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Caden Bollinger continues to survive despite incredible odds stacked against him...
The Burning. (Part One) (Warning: Disturbing Content) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
"I couldn't believe what I read in the paper yesterday. It was tucked somewhere in the local news section, but it screamed for attention." A young disabled boy is set ablaze by some teenaged punks; he is now fighting for his life at an area hospital...
The Burning. ... (Part Seven) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Young Caden Drew Bollinger continues to fight with every ounce of strength he has, much to the amazement of people who have heard his story...
The Burning. ...(Part Nine) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Little Caden Bollinger continues his brave, valiant fight for life, several months after being horribly set ablaze by some teenaged punks. He is only 11 years old and is severely disabled with cerebral palsy...
The Burning. ...(Part Ten) by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
Things continue to go on an uncertain pace for young Caden Drew Bollinger, who is recovering from severe burns...
The Call by Sayan Lahiri
I clasped her cold hands in mine, and that was when it hit me. She was dead!..
The Call of a Bridal Moon by Jen Bay
One woman heeds the call of the Bridal Moon and is destined to birth a goddess. Another embarks upon a pilgrimmage to test her beliefs. The Bridal Moon sparks an event that occurs only once every ten years; and one that promises the ultimate fulfillment ... in death. Horror/Fantasy/Metaphysical, thi..
The Caller by Peggy Boone
In the apartment, the phone rang, jarring the inhabitants awake. Barbara yawned as she answered it. She didn't hear anyone on the other end. She was getting ready to hang up, when she heard a voice say, "We want your husband, Barbara." Her eyes filled with fear. She hung up the phone and wen..
The Camel by Lily Alex
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View Photo of The Camper's Lottery Read excerpt from The Camper's Lottery The Camper's Lottery by Michael Carnevale
The Camper’s Lottery is a campy, horror-story (think ‘Tales from the Crypt’)..
The Capgras Shift by Sam Vaknin
She was a mousy, inconsequential thing with an excruciatingly bad sartorial taste. She stared at me through a pair of dead, black, enormous pools that passed for eyes. ..
The Cat by Lily Alex
If something looks scary should we terminate it? ..
The Cat Lover by G. Wells Taylor
Detective Wildclown is on vacation, but he can't avoid being drawn into a case of Feline ill temper. Read more about Detective Wildclown in the novel 'When Graveyards Yawn.' Click the link to read the complete story...
The Cellar by Mayra Calvani
THE CELLAR Steve uttered a curse of relief when he saw the pension in the distance. It didn’t have any sign, any name, but he was sure it was a pension because after staying in so many of them for the past three years he knew damn well what a pension looked like. He slowed do..
The Cemetery by John Swithen
Dugald Ryan becomes obsessed with the local cemetery..
The Change (Excerpt) by Joseph McGee
What if the unthinkable happened? What if something came from the stars so long ago? For Matt Connelly and this small, quiet town, a mass destruction is happening. His family has been slaughtered, and his only means of escaping his own death is to make it to the military post on the border o..
The Check-Out Line by Jream Writer
Flash Fiction Challenge: I successfully wrote a short-short, within one, long, grammatically correct sentence...
The Chieftain by J.L. Day
What manner of beast is this? We know not, yet he prowls amongst our fallen warriors and he feasts upon their flesh. The honor of the sword, the horror of the night, tis not a good time to die...
The Children of Nibel by Bronwen Winter Phoenix
Another story from another dream.....
The Choice by C.A. Salstrom
An unusual choice. ..
The Cinder Slut by Anne Marie La Porte
This is a twisted take on the Cinderella story. I hope that you enjoy :)..
The Closet. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A girl is forced by her stepfather to remain locked in a closet; her stepfather doesn't want anything to do with her...
The Clown At Midnight by Billy Wells
I was experiencing “horror overload” when I began gasping for breath. My whole body was convulsing in utter fear as I looked into the darkness beyond the door. ..
The Companion by Pamela Kimmell
Just a little something for Halloween! Don't turn out the lights while reading this........
The Confession. by Michael Kersting
A stranger walked into the Cathedral and made a startling confession...
The Corpse - Adventures of a Long Dead Detective by G. Wells Taylor
The Corpse's first case. The Secret of the Severed Head. Click the link to read the complete story...
The Crawling Mist Comes by Christene Britton Jones
"Another in our ongoing series of Lovecraftian chapbooks. Here we have interlinked stories set in and around ancient Egypt........."..
The Creeps by Richard Kallao
Children disappear suddenly ..
The Cup of Dracula by Richard Kallao
The Cure to All Troubles by Philip Roberts
A strange teen leaving a trail of dead bodies behind him might be exactly what Roy is looking for...
The Curse (At Your Service) by Darryl Dawson
How far will a baseball fan go to help his team win...or his rivals lose?..
The Curse of the Uptown C-Train by Michael Spitzkoff
A business woman finds herself trapped on a subway train with a dark past. ..
The Cyclist by shan kissdani
A cyclist finds himself lost in the mountains and has an experience that he just can't get out of...
The Dark by Kathleen Mescall
Kate Jackson, a twenty three year old Estate Agent from London, is visiting Turkey to attend her cousin's wedding. In the aftermath of a massive earthquake that caused her apartment block to collapse, she has been trapped under tons of concrete and rubble for thirty-seven hours. Slipping in and out..
The Dark Shoulder of the Road (Excerpt) by R David Fulcher
Summary: A man pines for his lost love...
The Dark Side Of The Moon by Madhavi Ghare
A young girl's dreams are shattered, and then she meets a charming stranger. What will this encounter lead to?..
The Dark Temptation of the Soul by Steve French
A Vampire Tale and Series, written as journal entries, originally written in 2001. (c) Steve French, 2001..
The Darklings by Mark Taylor
A short horror story, chronicling the day the end begins... ..
The Daughters of Fire and Jade by Ken Kupstis
You would probably give up your wife for the DAUGHTERS OF FIRE AND JADE...but you wouldn't kill her, right? But they will, if you just think about them long enough.....
The Day After by Heather Payer-Smith
(Short Story: A young woman does her best to ignore the company of her recently deceased friend...)..
The Dead Kid. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman dreams that her son has died. When she wakes up, she is stricken to discover that her child is, as a matter of fact, dead. Image (c) 2007, by Karla Dorman...
The Dead War Series: Transcript From Vampire Journal by George Cook III
The Dead War Series: Transcript From Vampire Journal..
The Deep End by Richard Kallao
original ..
The Delivery. by Michael Kersting
What happened in the delivery room was quite unexpected...
The dinner with Damien by Lily Alex
FANFICTION Based on the characters created by David Seltzer, Joseph Howard, Gordon McGill and Olivia Adams Smith p align="right">a href="" target="_top">The Demon Dictionary/a> Identifies Satan's Primary Demons By Name And Discusses..
The Dog by Steven Fisher
Obnoxious salesman Paul Moresby has a date with a woman he considers a "dog". Life will not be good after an evening with Carlene Krugal...
Read excerpt from The Dog The Dog by Mick Grant
do not tease your dog. originally published in junior high school newspaper in 1971..
The Doodler by Harlan Goldberg
An eigth-grade artist discovers a strange and deadly power...
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Horror Stories
1. The Tunnel
2. Surprise! Surprise!
3. Someone To Kill
4. Looney Tunes Lunacy
5. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 9 - The Brute S
6. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 2 - Hansel & Gr
7. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 3 - The Big Bad
8. The Clown At Midnight
9. What the Cat Dragged In
10. Spiders
11. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 5 -Humpty Dumpt
12. Blood Work
13. Animal Chain Atrocities
14. Doobie Jack & The Hitchhiker
15. The Love Room
16. WHAT Goes There?
17. Day Of The Dead
18. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 6 - Prince Char
19. Fractured Fairy Tales Part 7 - Prince Char
20. Reign of Goblins

Featured Book
by Terry Vinson

Only a select few have the power to 'DEFLECT' the Reaper's sharp-edged blade.....  
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Featured Book
Bone Chills
by Terry Vinson

A cordial invitation to be CHILLED to the BONE by this terrifying collection of horror/suspense/mystery tales...  
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