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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Healing Khadijah Hussein: A Humor Novel about Burqas, Naqib
by Rosemary Patterson

The stage is set as a fashionable, westernized, Malaysian, mother of two turns up at her local Mosque dressed in a Burqa complete with veil. She is unable to communicate..  
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Featured Book
Grandad Miller, Serial Killer
by Mark Sutton

You'll never feel safe on your allotment again.....  
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Featured Book
Deedee Divine's Totally Skewed Guide to Life
by Diana Estill

From holiday hazards to riffs on road trips and the decline in our nation's GNP ("Gross Needless Products"), humorist Diana Estill sets loose her alter ego Deedee to shar..  
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All Humor Short Stories

25 Most Recent Humor Short Stories

Is it a Hint or what? by Jack Kuperman
I just want to know, is everything that happened to me today some kind of Hint, or what? ..
Is it just me, or have obituaries become sad and boring? by Dennis Coleman
In one more attempt to make a living as a writer, I have improved these obits, and sent them to several newspapers for their review. Wish me luck! ..
Is it just me, or is it just too pointless and painless to write? by Dennis Coleman
Is it time to try something new?..
Island Santa, by Owen Thomas (an excerpt) by Owen Thomas
The Nelson family is spending Christmas in Hawaii, a dubious proposition for Peter and his ten-year old sister, Katie. Katie still believes in Santa Clause. Embarrassing, but true. Having finally come to grips with the tragic “extinction” of unicorns and the senseless exile of the Tooth Fai..
It All Started with the Dog Poo by Barb McClatchy
If Nothing Else, at Least Family Provides Good Fodder for the Holidays.....
It must be some kind of a wierd wierd by Marcus Dino
Was I like possessed?..
It only takes One by Richard Kallao
It Takes True Grit to Make up Family Tall Tales by Terry Spear
True story while researching family's roots...
It takes two to clap, slap and mess up by hasan khan
“Hi. Can you help me?” asked Joe Fiddlesticks. “Just a second.” Answered the librarian. It was just a few hours ago that he was between a contrast of policemen. One, a man by name of Mota, the size of an over blown balloon and the other, Skinner. Maybe he got his name because he was just ski..
It's a Baby? ? by Mark Lichterman
14th Street clear, as the convertible gained speed, the wind, coming above and over the windshield unexpectedly lifted the triangle of blanket covering the ‘baby’s’ head. Glancing at Marsha, replacing the blanket quickly, the woman held it down with her hand. ..
It's A Boy .... AGAIN!! by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A woman with four boys under the age of six finds herself pregnant with her fifth child ... and it is, much to her horror, another boy. This is her story. Image of infant boy (c) 2011, by Karla Dorman...
It's a fish's life by Liz Evans
I wrote this story a few years back in the early hours of the morning and it's nothing but a poor attempt at humour...anyway enjoy...
It's All About Food by Carol Roach
A story about the usage of food in our vernacular..
It's All Greek to Me! by Chris Joker
Giving praise to Microsftus and Googlemes the Greek gods of the computing and the internet, respectively.....
It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Stressmas by Lisa Barker
Take time to relax so Christmas doesn't become Stressmas. (Humor/Parenting/Family) _______________________________..
It's Coming! Mark My Words, It's Coming by D. Kelly
It's Date Night Saturday Night! by Chuckie Finn
We've all had a Blind Date Like this before, haven't we?..
It's Gnat Funny! by Philip Birmingham
Trying to get a gnat out of the car..
It's Gonna Be a Good Day, Boys! by Ben Kennedy
A short tale about the joys and woes of carb watching and fatherhood...
It's in The Rocks by George Thompson
Exposed rock layers reveal a lot of information...
It's just not the same by Tony May Sr.
We baby boomers are not what we once were or is it just me..
It's just not the same pt3 by Tony May Sr.
We baby boomers are not what we once were or is it just me..
It's Life by Richard Kallao
original,luck has nothing to what happens to you everyday,thats ..
Everybody's head has got like three personalities it it. That's why we're mixed up a lot of the time. OUR 3 BRAINS ARE ALWAYS FIGHTING EACH OTHER...
It's Not Easy Being Green by David Schwinghammer
Green Hair doesn't seem to be doing the trick for Hank Trutwin...
Trying to LOOK young, even though the years continue to add up, is difficult enough. These 'tasks' need not be completed after midnight!..
It's Tough being a Man by Jackie Brooks
Believe it or not, a man asked me to write this skit for him...
It’s Falling (DHMO) Dihydrogen Monoxide by Sigrid Manon de Nijs
Chicken Little has something to do with Dihydrogen monoxide hoax Dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO), which is is an obscure name for water. This is a variation of a common hoax that illustrates how ignorance of science and one-sided analysis can lead to misplaced fears among environmental activists and..
View Photo of Jack Danger's Tupi Read excerpt from Jack Danger's Tupi Jack Danger's Tupi by Peter Cooper
Jack Danger is an adventurer for hire whose superstitions have cost him various parts of his anatomy-except his heart...until now..
James Bond-Epilogue by Richard Kallao
death can't stop James Bond.........
JD Moye and MuleSpeak by Phil Whitley
JD Moye, my "Unforgettable character", was a sharecropper. He could take any unused field and work it "on halves" with the owner with only the help of his old mule, Buck. But first Buck had to teach JD his language - Mulespeak!..
Jed Thresher and the Haymakers by Allen Murray (AKA Allen Hall)
A musical disaster..
Jesus Heals... Sometimes by Kurt Peterson
Not all are healed by their encounters with Jesus...
Jesus Tells of Abraham Pleading for Sodom & Gomorrah by Kurt Peterson
Jesus tells the story of Sodom & Gomorrah in rather a different form...
Jews Don't Camp by Daniel Brown
An humorous explanation of why Jews don't go camping...
Jo Guest Stars on "Frasier" by Jo Janoski
This piece was for a writing challenge where I was to write myself into my favorite TV program. For those who are not in America, I hope that "Frasier" has reached you by syndication. ~~~~~~~ The scene opens with Daphne dashing about Frasier's apartment, dusting and putting the room in orde..
Read excerpt from Jocularity at the Office Jocularity at the Office by Buster Hymen
Two office mates discuss lawyers and politics...
Joe's Lawnmower by Ann Hawlker
Joe Handi loved to fix everything especially his lawnmower...
Joe’s Bear by Leland Waldrip
Black bears own the night. And some hunters know it. ..
View Photo of Johnny Cochran, Jerry Falwell plan Reparation lawsuit for Aborted Fetuses Read excerpt from Johnny Cochran, Jerry Falwell plan Reparation lawsuit for Aborted Fetuses Johnny Cochran, Jerry Falwell plan Reparation lawsuit for Aborted Fetuses by Ken Kupstis
"If the great-great-grandchildren of Slaves can expect monetary reparation, we see no reason why Aborted fetuses--er, Potential Americans cannot."..
Jokes by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
I am sure that most of the jokes in this compilation had their invention in the halls of schools where kids mill about and entertain each other. One of them (the fly) was brought to me by a high school student here in New Boston. One of them, I wrote myself. See if you can guess which one .....
Joseph Burgers by Phyllis Cunningham
Mario finds himself in an inescapable mess. A silly sci-fi fan fiction...
Journey from Atlantis by Theodore Nottingham
The perilous adventures of the last survivor from Atlantis, filled with zany comedy, metaphysical insight, and wild adventures...
Judge Defends Klan's Right to be Dumb by Kevin Nenstiel
JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI (AP) – In a landmark ruling in a Missouri state court today, Judge Jason McCourt declared that the Ku Klux Klan has a constitutionally guaranteed right to be stupid. “Nowhere in the First Amendment, where it guarantees all citizens the right to gather peaceably, is..
Jug — or — the rigors of military discipline vs. the elasticity of political expediency by Paul Dueweke
JUG is from "MY LIFE AS IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN — a memoir for readers who find memoirs disagreeable and reality tedious". I've surged into the tenth grade, and I have the dubious privilege of being educated daily by Jebbies (Jesuits for those unskilled in such ecclesiastical terms) in a powerhouse hig..
Julio the Bird by Lynn Jett
A funny story about raising kids and birds...
Jumbo Eggs by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
For those of you who believe that the biggest campaign-trail issues are war, employment, economy and immigration, please consider this late-breaking super-controversy. Heck, given enough circulation, this one might be on Snopes by next week ... ..
Junius Flavius Albanius, the cat who invented the letter “u”... by Douglas Skopp
Another in my series, "Little Known Cats Who Have Helped Humankind." I wrote these to relieve the darkness of writing my dark novel, Shadows Walking, about a Nazi doctor...
JURY DUTY by Donna Chandler
How are jurors chosen? Do you have to be alive and breathing to serve? Perhaps not...
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Humor Stories
1. Better Late Than Never. ...
2. A Reluctant Father Christmas
3. Please Don't
4. Big Bird & the fish pond
5. A Man and His Dog
6. Nude-Night-Naughty 6
7. Chapter 3 The Parrot's Tale
8. Duped Net: The Interrogation
9. Drill Sergeant
10. The Elephant
11. The DMV Funnies
12. Got Another Based On Truth Story for you
13. Island Santa, by Owen Thomas (an excerpt)
14. The World of Aposiopesis
15. How I became a writer
16. Shoes
17. Gussie, the cat who domesticated lettuce
18. Junius Flavius Albanius, the cat who inven
19. It's A Boy .... AGAIN!!
20. Nude-Night-Naughty 3

Featured Book
Stilettos No More
by Diana Estill

Wandering through the years between mini-skirts and Mee-maw panties with both eyes squinted, award-winning author Diana Estill laments she's "put up with this thong enoug..  
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Featured Book
Gilbert and Sulliman, and the Curse of the Red Spider
by Mark Sutton

'Gilbert and Sulliman, and the Curse of the Red Spider' is a humorous fantasy novel set, not in some magical and mythical land, but in the heart of the West Midlands. Gil..  
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