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Featured Book
Falklands Deadline
by Ed Zaruk

Mrs. Thatcher’s instructions were concise and clear. "Devote whatever resources are necessary to find this document."..  
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Featured Book
Lucifer's Fire
by Richard Turner

Third Ryan Mitchell Thriller - A desperate mission to save hostages taken in war-torn Liberia...  
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Featured Book
Barracuda II The Return
by Mike Monahan

If you thought the mutant barracuda from Barracuda was horrifying, wait until you find out what’s in store in the sequel! Barracuda II: The Return is a crime thriller and..  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Family Jewels' Excerpt by t green
Here is an excerpt from 'Family Jewels' book...
Family Ties by Stephen Knight
When the wife of Chinese gang leader Shang "Big Jimmy" Lim comes to two-bit street hood Johnny O'Halloran with a different kind of caper that could get him out of Queens forever, O'Halloran figures he's done better than winning the state lottery...
Family Values by Laurel-Rain Snow
A young woman returns home for the holidays, only to find a disturbing scenario unfolding.....
Family, Birth Position, Values and Politics Updated: 10/19/13 by Lonnie Hicks
There have been several books on the issue of whether a child's birth position in the family pre-shapes their values, political views and attitudes in general. We take a look at these ideas adding to the mix the factors of family structure. Lets see what a discussion of this set of factors brings. ..
Fanning a Spark by Heather Fuselier
Something to Think About..
Fanny's Fortune by Geoffrey Watkins
A ficitional account of a World War II bombing run by B-17's (has a fun twist)..
Fare Paid Woodhaven Junction by William Rogers
detective drama new york city fire marshals, arson william rogers, fiction, short story..
Fast Forwarding Love by Rita Hestand
Love comes unexpected sometimes. And sometimes it dosen't come at all. Meet Connie Martin......
fat december by Dili San Jules
what would you do if your fiance is kidnapped on your wedding day?..
Fate Was To Blame by Mateso Kazembe
Kabudula is mocked for failing to have a kid until he impregnates the housegirl.....
View Photo of Father, & Son Read excerpt from Father, & Son Father, & Son by Bradley Fralick
I wrote this one day after listening to this song titled "Father, and Son" by Cat Stevens FATHER &SON I'M sitting here at in my computer, out here in my DOG HOUSE, listening to a CD of CAT STEVENS; the song in particular FATHER AND SON, makes me think of my own relationship with my son CHARLIE..
Read excerpt from Fear Of The Dark Fear Of The Dark by Harbhajan Sandhu
This short short story submitted to the Writers Digest competition is about a little boy lost in the dark night's wilderness...
Featured article in Crime Victims' Report by Diana Harrington
This was a featured article in the Crime Victims' Report, a publication for Criminal Justice Professionals and providers of Support Services. This is the largest journal-type newsletter in this field. ..
Feed by Marissa Da
A vampire story. 'not finished yet'..
Feed (cont.) by Marissa Da
Continuation of Feed..
Feline Brothers by TONY NERONE
The return of Smilodon. ---------------------------..
Fidelity's Reluctance by Kellen Parham
Soap Opra of Love, Lust, and deceit..
Fields of Stone by Roy Edwards
Concerning a troop of Spartans hired out as mercenaries centuries before the Spartans were immortalised at Thermopylae..
Fifteen Factors Which Will Determine Everything in Your Life by Lonnie Hicks
Just for Fun..
Filet Of Soul by E Detetcheverrie
Suspense with a twist...of lemon and a side of tartar sauce!..
Film shoot of Room 333: The Voice of Terror by Joe
Four days of filmimg - four days of excitement - an outstanding result!..
Forever Broken by Jessica Stanfield
Kerri hears something in the night and although she afraid that it's an intruder, she has to go check it out. She is shocked to find out the source of the noises she hears...
Forgive Me by Karen Gammons
Ultimate love that kills..
Forgiveness by Keith John Paul Horcasitas
Forgiveness, Manresa, Retreats..
Forward to, The Great Ship of Knowledge by William Bailey
The Geometric Progression of Technology, Acknowledgments, and The Epiphany, are from the front matter of my first novel, The Great Ship of Knowledge...
Found a Bigfoot Body? What Would You Do? by Linda Newton Perry
Oct. 19, week of A Matter of Time newspaper column. ..
Four by Four Roll Over by James Samdavid1
Four-by-Four Roll Over A true story.. I saw the jeep approaching from two-blocks away and it seemed to be going just a little too fast. I was sitting parked a few feet west of the train tracks in the Chicago Northwestern parking lot, working on a few case reports. I reached do..
Filmy erotyczne moim życiem by Jan Scibiorek
- Sorka, iż jestem takowa goła, myślałam, iż w spokoju istnieje ledwie Monika dodatkowo chciałam dowieść, kto ciuchy samemu kupiłam. - Nie krzywdzi – oznajmił. Sebastian na krajobraz półnagiej Patrycji podniecił się coraz w wy&..
Final Dream by Walter Jones
Man the final thought..
Final Report by Lionel Mussell
What 'end' was he talking about? I still hadn't found out when he'd finished his tale...
Finally - a real doctor and a routine schedule??? by Mark McRude
How does a 6 hour car ride to go for a doctor visit sound? 3 hours one way and that is about as long as I can possibly sit in a car for one trip. Finally found a pair of doctors that concentrate on the patient issues instead of the political crap. So far so good........ It only took 2 and a 1/2 yea..
Finally We Are No One by Kaius Tau
A man's heroin addiction and the friendship it affects...
Finance: Banking Crisis in the US? by Lonnie Hicks
Is Banking WorldWide, and in the US, in a Crisis? Let's take a look 11/23/13 Are Rating Agencies Truly Independent? 11/20/13 Are US Banks Solvent? Data says no. 11/20/13 A Two Tier Society? Retail patterns reflect societal patterns..
Finance: Deficit Cutting: Myths, Facts and Politics-Updated: 12/20/13 by Lonnie Hicks
A look at the facts and myths about: Social Security-is the fund going broke? Medicare: Will Its Cost Bankrupt Us? The Military Budget: Is It Really 60% of the Total Budget? Social Programs: How Much Do They Really Cost? Deficit: What Is To Be Done? Updated: 12/20/1..
Finance: Federal Reserve to cut 85b $ support to banks -what will happen? by Lonnie Hicks
The Federal Reserve and how this "over-marketized, over-financialized economy is headed for a crash what can main street do? Let's have a look to clarify things. But a quick summary: It means we are headed soon for another 2008 bank crisis but much worse. True or not true? Let's delve..
Finance: How Bank of America Has Ripped Off Taxpayers by Lonnie Hicks
The best report I have seen on how banks ripped off taxpayers and stole money from everyone in the country. Be sure to watch the video! ..
Finance: JP Morgan, and Wall Street-Billions in Lawsuits Coming-9/30/12 by Lonnie Hicks
Occupy Wall Street are being prodded by several sources to publish a list of demands. Below is the list Michael Moore is proposing. Updated: 9/30/12 How has the settlement with the banks gone so far. Any real impact for homeowners? Updated: 9/3/12 Finance-Industry Insiders now advocatin..
Finance: JP Morgan, Wall Street-Chapter Two-11/27/13 by Lonnie Hicks
A continuation of the JP Morgan-Finance Blog Updated: 11/27/13 JP Morgan knew about the bad loans-here are the points Updated: 11/25/13 Investors Want a Piece of Freddie and Fannie. Oh,oh. Updated: 11/16/13 JP Morgan Chase to pay out 4.5 billion to institutional investors ..
Finance: Occupy Wall Street: The Middle Class & the Working Poor by Lonnie Hicks
This blog looks at the potential of the Occupy movement, why is has sustained beyond what was expected but also I look at what can sink the movement and drive it underground or become diverted and thereby fail. Updated: 11-11-11 What are the five things the movement needs to do today if it ..
Finance: The Big Banks-What Are The Alternatives? by Lonnie Hicks
The American Public is fed up and looking for alternatives to big banks. Below are a few ideas being put forward...
Finance: The European Debt Crisis-9/11/12-Demographics is Destiny by Lonnie Hicks
Us American Taxpayers have just been taken to the cleaners; again 9/11/12 My predictions as to what is going to happen in the European debt crisis. 9/10/12 Food Prices by speculators ie. the banks could spark revolution in many countries globally. 9/9/12 If the ECM central bank is g..
Finance: The World Debt Crisis and the US Debt Situation-Background- 9/11/2 by Lonnie Hicks
Updated: 9/8/12 What solutions are being discussed to the World Debt situation. Video below Updated: 9/4/12 Five triggers which could create a global finance crisis and what to do if it happens. Updated: 9/2/12 For all the talk about the US debt situation and the world financial situatio..
Finance: The World Financial System-How It Really Works: Updated 7/14/14 by Lonnie Hicks
How Does The World Financial System Really Work and How Does It Affect US? Update: The most powerful bank in the World and the history of the single minded pursuit by elites of total control over the masses. Update: Over-Draw at the Bank get banned can't open a checking account ac..
Finance: Wall Street: How to Get Our Money Back--Updated 11-6-11 by Lonnie Hicks
How Does the Middle Class Get Back What Was Taken From it by the Banks? Updated: Bank Transfer Day and Greece is being Foreclosed On. What is going on and how will it affect Americans? 11-6-11..
Finance: World Finances: What Will Happen in 13-14? 10/27/14 Pt 2 by Lonnie Hicks
This is a continuation of the blog of a similar name on this site 10/27/14 Banker Suicides? six videos 9/8/14 Wall Street To Bankrupt Municipalities and Cities in the US. Your Taxes are Going to Go Up 8/23/14 Wall Street Vs. Bitcoin 8/21/14 The Fracking Bubble, the Hou..
Financial Service by sara gardone
Such a wonderful blog....
Finding Sasha by Marsha Caldwell
The most beautiful friendship...
Finishing by Lonnie Hicks
Population DemiUrge..
Fire Flies and Summer Nights by Lonnie Hicks
Fire Flies..
First 3 Chapters of my new Middle Grade Fiction by Tommy Batchelor
This is the first three chapters of my first Middle Grade Fiction Novel. "Lost on Spirit River" is Book One of a Spirit River Trilogy. Please leave comments!!..
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Featured Book
Masters of the Hunt
by Hugh McCracken

Now fullly trained for grim medieval warfare and in their mid-teens the small bamd of once-reluctant time travellers journey back to 13th Century Scotland where age-old f..  
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A Monumental Journey - first edition cover
by richard cederberg

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