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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
A Love Beyond
by Leslie Garcia

AJ Owens confronts a villainous billionaire and Chance Landin, his head of security, to recover her family's stolen racehorse...  
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Featured Book
Somewhere My Love--Somewhere In Time Series Book 1
by Beth Trissel

Can they grasp this brief window in time before itís too late? The blade is about to fall. ..  
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Black Smoke
by Robin Leigh Miller

Paranormal Romance with lots of action, adventure and romance...  
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All Romance Short Stories

25 Most Recent Romance Short Stories

These Are The Moments We All Wish For Chapter 2 by Wyatt Bolton
Now Will has her attention but doesn't know it. We find in this chapter that there is more to Will than meets the eye...
These Are The Moments We All Wish For Chapter 3 by Wyatt Bolton
Now we have a problem as Jordan's boyfriend sneaks out of the hospital and wants some alone time, but there is a catch...
There is no one unique way to make a writer... by Ron Cox
What does buying a Harley, moving into a 1965 GMC truck, and living on the street to pay for the Harley have to do with writing a book? Well, nothing, other than the fact that I was able to structure the story of my first novel around it. I'm a part time hourly instructor for a community co..
These Are The Moments We All Wish For Chapter 4 by Wyatt Bolton
Now something about the past is relvealed and Will can no longer hide it from Jordan. It's friday night what's going to happen next...
These Are The Moments We All Wish For Prelude by Wyatt Bolton
Boy, who thinks that no one will ever love him, falls for a girl who, has been around the block very beautiful and very shy, in turns falls for him in this story of love. ..
These Words Are Meant For You by Lonnie Hicks
They met on the internet through emails and chats by Jennifer Croy
How two people meet for the first time off the internet but through emails and chats..
Thigh Meet by Robin Robminx
A sweet story of possibilities.....
Third times the charm by Tracey Flaker
It took us three tries but we are finally together happily ever after..
View Photo of This Old Man Read excerpt from This Old Man This Old Man by Richelle Putnam
Knight in Shining Armor on a white horse? How about Tom Cruise in a White Mustang? Sometimes a prince turns out to be the frog. This story won first place in Writer's Journal's Romance Writing Competition and was published in their January/February 2002 issue. THIS OLD MAN ..
Thoughts of a Kiss by Crystal Dawn
I wrote this about the first time I kissed my high school sweetheart. ..
Three Super Reviews for Angel of Windword by Maggie Dove by Maggie Dove
Reviews for Angel of Windword..
Thursday Night Roast by Graham whittaker
A story about having your roast and eating it too.....
Tight Jeans by Randall Barfield
He wore tight jeans and expensive cowboy boots...
Tight Jeans (2) by Randall Barfield
Tight Jeans (4) by Randall Barfield
Tight Jeans 3 by Randall Barfield
Time For Us. by Laura Fall
Has come as two hearts become one. ..
Time Is On My Side by october bozarth
This is a little story about a young woman named Selena. She has a date with a very important meteor shower. And nothing will prevent her from witnessing this grand event...except for a monstrous amount of dishes or the gorgeous stranger that materialized in her kithchen...
Tina's Adventure in the Woods by Jennifer Moore
All She Wanted was Alone Time, Did She Get It?..
To Heaven and Back by Trinity Gates
In lust and love with the exquiste Jaqueline, the poet Nicki will do anything to swindle her from her husband. But the lady has other ideas.....
To My Daark Heart by Jordis Lane
A continuation of "In A Dream" sort it first if you wish to better understand. In the style of a letter written to another...
To the Rescue by Teri Thackston
Rescue Fantasy..
Together Again by Don Juan Amante
After Ten Years..
Trapped by Love by Lillie Ammann
A secretary and her boss make an exciting discovery when they are trapped in an elevator...
Treasured by Jenna Bayley-Burke
Marianne Phillips lost so much in the war ? her brother, father, mother. the family plantation, and with it her way of life. Even with so much ripped from her, her pride and self-respect remain firmly in tact. When a man who claims to have admired her from afar proposed marriage, can Marianne trust ..
Triangle by Richard Kallao
Trick or Treat by Lynda Hilburn
Natasha slid through the darkness and entered the cold, quiet house. What kind of man arranged to meet for a first date in an old, abandoned mansion? And why did she find that so exciting? She stumbled through the empty shadows, heart pounding, eyes wide. Suddenly, there he was, standing in front of..
Trilling Dalliances by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
Once A Week Bouquets this is going to be awesome!!..
Trishna - Quest for Love by Lalita Vasu
She thought she was faced with a difficult decision ... till she realized she could be friends with both...
Tropical Seduction by Karen McKeever
When you are in the perfect place and your soul mate is sharing the space...karma can be a beautiful thing!..
Truckstop Love Letter by Daniel McTaggart
Truckstop Love Letter is a love story of sorts about someone who worries about love and life. And about how well those two things will coexist. It is a letter sent straight to the heart despite the high price of postage...
Trudy - Romance Short Story by John Marion Francis
There's love in the air in London England. She's a Brit and he's an American. Can the two find away to each others hearts? It's true love in every since of the word!..
True by Joel Windsor
A story about beauty--2005...
True Love Waits by Terry Burns
P class=MsoNormal>B>True Love Waits/B>/P> P class=MsoNormal>"True love waits," is the name of an old song from my younger years, plus more recently a church related program aimed at encouraging young people to hold off and wait for the real thing.  I never dreamed it was applicable to ..
Truth of Vows by Paul Hamm
Dave and Gina have been married for over fifteen years. Now, it's time to move on. Gina knows what needs be done. Dave must realize the true meaning of the the wedding vows they exchanged all those years ago. But is it to late? Will Dave still listen? Or will Gina's efforts to make him un..
Tulips at the Door by hannah james
Read excerpt from Tumbleweeds Tumbleweeds by Bo Drury
she waited for him to come for her...He was not staying...she was on her own..
Twilight-New Moon.Bella's feelings by Richard Kallao
sorry Stephanie Meyer had to throw my two cents worth ...
TWO PLANETS by Liana Margiva
Short Story by Liana Margiva ..
Two Letters by Storyheart -
Sometimes it's hard to make a choice between the past and the present..
Two People, One World by David Brannan
One Man and One Woman live completely different and separate lives, but it’s this difference and separation that brings them ever so closer and builds an unbreakable bond. ..
Two Redheads in Love by Dennis McKay
How chance and circumstance can change the lives of a persistent man and beautiful woman. ..
Two Sparrows In a Hurricane (Original Form) by Graham whittaker
This is what I really wanted! Incomplete sentences, machine gun emotions spattered and scattered. The story is not meant to abide by rules of grammar... it is an emotional tirade!)..
Under a strong spell by Lalita Vasu
I loved you so much and I had to make this choice, but I am glad I did it, because without love, life has no meaning. When love beckons, nothing else matters. ..
Under the Cypress Trees by Cristina Van Dyck
Flash Fiction--Emily and her lover are reunited in an old cemetary, but they are not the kind of visitors one would expect. Or are they?..
A short erotic scene exercise..
Unfinished Masterpiece by Lalita Vasu
Something in her heart told her he had an extraordinary story...
Unfolded Blood by Otilia Tena
A tattoo studio and a love story..
Unforgiven Pleasure by Tempest Knight
Every unforgiven pleasure starts with a kiss. ..
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Romance Stories
1. Romance on the Moondeck
2. Poetry Recitation: Dried Rose Petals
3. no face
4. Love is no accident
5. Whispers of love, shouts of doubt
6. Trilling Dalliances
7. The bordello in the building C
9. Valentine Hearts' & Kisses' Memories
10. Whispers
11. The Newlyweds Chapter 2
12. The Elder's Angel
13. All the world is a stage
14. The Newlyweds Chapter 1
15. The Punishment
16. Destiny's Kiss
17. The Sapphire Ring
18. Entwined Destinies
19. Intoxicated by coffee
20. Unfinished Masterpiece

Featured Book
Rapture Volume 1 - Print Anthology
by Gracie McKeever

Four bestselling, award-winning authors for the first time in one fabulous volume: Emma Wildes, Morgan Ashbury, Gracie C. McKeever and Lara Santiago...Rapture Volume 1!..  
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Featured Book
No Turning Back
by Deanna Jewel

Get drawn into the London setting of this historical romance to join Nathan and Vanessa as they open their broken hearts and try to love a second time. Their journey is n..  
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