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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Money how to get it, spend it, make it, etc.
by Tuchy (Carl) Palmieri

A book of wit, wisdom, and what not, as it relates to money and the true meaning wealth. it consists of some of the best thoughts and words on the subject of money. It h..  
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Featured Book
Philly Style and Philly Profile
by J.E. Thompson

In Philly Style and Philly Profile, the reader follows Andy Michael Pilgrim from Brooklyn, New York to Philadelphia where he works as a sportswriter in the seventies watc..  
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Featured Book
The Red Scarf
by Richard Mason

A Christmas story set in 1944 told by a 12 year old paperboy. A nostalgic, humous and touching story of a poor county boy's special Christmas...  
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All Mainstream Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mainstream Short Stories

Reflections Chapter Eleven by Tony Nerone
Going To The Bronx Tombs..
Reflections Chapter Three by Tony Nerone
Life In The Single World..
Reflections Chapter Two by Tony Nerone
Going Back To Civilian Living..
Rejection Slips by Jan Richards
When writers get rejection slips...
Read excerpt from Remembering Jill Remembering Jill by H Mielke
Joanie, a technical writer from Detroit, recalls how she and her cousin both wanted to live and work in New York City after graduation. Joanie ended up marrying, have a baby and staying in the Detroit suburbs, but Jill makes to the Big Apple. Joanie also recalls her strange journey to New Y..
Resistence Isn't Futile by Ruhka Aadaya
A way of getting out of the human-race. ..
reTIRED by James Boyle
a man realizes his opinion of his wife..
Review of Abducted Alien by Robin by Chris the Abducted Alien
A review from a reader of my book, "Abducted Alien-A True Story of My Life and United States Immigration."..
Ride in the Moonlight by Doug Hiser
Riding an ostrich?..
Ring of Fire by Laura Spinella
Here's my most recent blog. Thoughts on American Idol and writing. They have more in common than you think!
Rubbernecking at Moe's Diner by David Schwinghammer
Due to unhappiness in his marriage, a man spends most of his time at a diner, where he meets a young runaway girl. ..
Ruby Red by CHANTLER ~
Ruby Red is a book about a young teenage girl who grows up without a mother figure. She use excuses for every problem she causes. Ultimately karma kicks her in the behind when she is kidnapped and raped for refusing to say no to a stranger. Ruby struggles to find her true identity and learns that th..
Sack by Maggie Cobbett
This story was inspired by a newspaper article about an Afghan warlord who kept a man as a human dog to terrorise travellers. While Afghan hounds – ‘tazi’ in Dari, the Afghan Farsi language - are much prized and pampered, lesser dogs are called ‘sack’ and have to fend for themselves. ..
Sadness wrapped in laughter - by: Linda Law by Linda Law
LIttle tidbits collected during my life over the years...sad but funny too....
Salmon and Bullheads by Lucille
About partnerships..
Salute To Working Woman by Lela Cheek
Salute To The Working Woman Sample paragraphs She gets up around 5:00 am ; gets the heat turned on, freezing until the house gets warm. Puts on the coffee; gets breakfast under way-oh, no! Hubby doesn`t know where his clothes are. He can`t find his shoes br..
Schrodinger's Paradox by Carol Rzadkiewicz
When it comes to relationships, the odds of survival are one in two, and those are pretty lousy odds. ..
Same City, Different World by Mark Lichterman
“Well, I ain’t had much opportunity till now, but what in the hell’s this busted ring got to do with understandin’ women?” “Look, Gina’s had the hots for you ever since I told her ’bout you an’ it ain’t gonna be a problem to get her into the sack, but I want everything to go right, an’ you ..
Seabucthorn is Here in the US - Health by Karen Dunn
Tashi 2005 ! Whole nutrition for the family and pets. Personally, after one week I am energized! and ... feeling great. I believe, I found the missing link to better nutrition. It is a whole food in a juice form from one atom-bomb berry. This is not a punch made from a r..
Secret Squadron Atomic Ring by Mark Lichterman
Sunlight streaming through the plate glass door reflected on its multifaceted, diamond-like, clear plastic dome. Embossed in the self-adjusting, “one size fits all” gold plated tin ring, around the dome, was a clock face with both hands straight up, at twelve o’clock. A "Becoming" excerpt..
Seesaw: Love/Hate 2 of 7 by Mark Lichterman
Shocked! Thinking, she hit me! Holding his temper. Not wanting to become physical. “Yeah, okay, Marsha,” rubbing his cheek, “but it’s not only for you! He’s my son, too, you know!” Lowering his voice, bending over the crib, feeling the diaper, “hi, Mikey.” But as he began to unpin the urine-drenched..
Seesaw: Love/Hate 3 of 7 by Mark Lichterman
“We had a terrible fight last night…” The combination of the earlier pill and the two she’d taken at 2:43 having left Marsha in a bit of a daze, “and I, uh…” also embarrassed because it was she that had first slapped, then attempted to punch Mitchell. “…hit…” Reclining—hearing what she wan..
Seesaw: Love/Hate 4 of 7 by Mark Lichterman
Careful: Some coarse language and one sexual scene. *************************************** The imaginary chasm of a hundred miles that had separated the husband from the wife the night before, on this night felt as distant as the Atlantic to the Pacific. Though Mitchell was actually less th..
Seesaw: Love/Hate 7 of 7 ...R Rated by Mark Lichterman
On that first night of their first marriage—the only night they could be together before Mitchell had to return to New York and U.S.C.G. Halfmoon—Marsha issued the ultimatum that unless they were allowed to spend the night together, one atop the blanket and—oh, yeah, you bet they would—one beneat..
Seesaw: Love/Hate: 1 of 7 by Mark Lichterman
Sitting alongside her daughter, “I wouldn’t let her get away with it!” lighting a cigarette. “The nerve of your mother-in-law! Telling you, ‘you can’t be that sick’! How the hell would she know how sick you are? If I were you, Marsha, I’d tell her to go to hell! Better yet, I’d tell that gutless hus..
Seesaw: Retrospective; R Rated by Mark Lichterman
Kissing her again, he unbuttoned the three buttons of her coat, and, as though to prolong the ecstasy and the once-in-a-lifetime excitement of seeing Marsha’s—his wife’s—bare breasts for the very first time, he moved slowly, teasing himself into a near unbearable state of arousal. ..
Seesaw:Love/Hate 6 of 7 by Mark Lichterman
On the night of June twenty, feeling the hopelessness and finality of the situation like a lead weight in the pit of his stomach, thinking, at least they’ll set some sort of a schedule for me to see Mikey, Mitchell Lipensky attempted to sleep. As on the other side of the hundred-mile chasm—less than..
Shooting From the Hip by D. Vegas
Parts of my life. . . ..
Short For Beelzebub by Bill Fullerton
Inspired by Mel Brooks making fun of Nazis in, The Producers, I decided to try something similar with 500 words of flash fiction based, I'm sad to say, on a real-life event. ..
Short of the week for 11/17/14—'Inscription.' by Byron Edgington
One man's dilemma when asked 'what do you want on your headstone?'..
Sierra's Thoughts: Sierra Williams Journal March.22.07 by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I've been trying to offer Rebekka Rachel encouragement, but I don't feel I have been able to do a very good job of it. I feel as if she's pushing herself away from me. ..
Signora Petronio by Lucille
Signora Petronio finds her first love..
Skaneateles Ghost Story by Juliet Waldron
I've met a few ghosts over the years. This was the first...
Read excerpt from Skylark Skylark by Paxton Riddle
The fateful meeting of a young, white jazz drummer and a mysterious, beautiful Black jazz singer. Can they make it work?..
Slowed to A Crawl Part Two (Regina's Story) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
"You have a good attitude about this, it's going to serve you well." ..
SLUSH by Laura Spinella
Grady Sommers thought he was doing the right thing, protecting his wife and family from a decades old secret. But the Sommers' lives unravel when Audra Bauer returns to Snow Harbor,bringing with her Grady's secret and the child they had. ..
Small Town Blues by Kate Loveday
When Gail decides to befriend newcomers to the town the results were far from what she envisaged...
Small Town Obama by Cynth'ya
Obama is the vehicle. Indiana and small town America, it's up to us to help create that change...
Small World by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Beware -- if you write something -- someone might read it! ..
The Kicker (Part One) by J.A. Aarntzen
A vicious rumor spreads through a high school regarding the principal and one of her teachers. An obese boy is blamed for it...
The Kicker (Part Two) by J.A. Aarntzen
Tensions run high in the aftermath of a rumor...
The Kindness by Lucy Grey
Somerset longs to return to Baiter, to dip his feet into the calm cobalt waves and smell the sea... the only problem is, he has to some how get out of prison... The paradox remains, he has a loving wife eager for him to return home and a man who is his mirror image, but there lies the problem...
The Landlord's Trunk by Charlene Tess
An old man tries to ruin his grown daughter's once chance at happiness...
Snow 3: The Lone Ranger by Mark Lichterman
The mountains were steep and treacherous, and the Lone Ranger slipped, slid, and crawled, but eventually made it the quarter block to the corner. “Hummm,” scratching his steel-hard chin, “I’m’a thinkin’ ah better mosey in here for some vittles.” Sliding down a dangerous, precipitous cliff, ..
Snow: 1 of 2 by Mark Lichterman
Suddenly remembering, bolting up, the boy rushed to the window and lifted the shade, but the window was covered with a thick, uneven coating of milky white frost. Holding his mouth an inch from the frozen glass, feeling the radiating cold, he exhaled his warm breath onto the opaque surface. A dime&#..
Snow: 2 of 2 by Mark Lichterman
With a determined look on his masked, square‑jawed face, the Lone Ranger slammed the pistol in the holster then ran up one mountain and down another. He scrambled over a buried car and, standing on the mountaintop, shaded his eyes from the glaring sun of this dull gray, overcast day. ..
Snow2: Back Alley Peddler by Mark Lichterman
“Hi, Mitchie!” Nick yelled from the high seat of the wagon. “Whoa, Erma!” Thick plumes of vapor streaming from her wide nostrils, the horse stopped on command, lifted her tail, and with a “fart” that he could hear, though Mitchell was about fifteen yards away, Erma deposited a huge plop of steami..
Softball With Girls by Mark Lichterman
Phyllis and Sharon’s standard baseball uniforms were blue jeans and one of their father’s old, short-sleeved, loose-fitting dress shirts open at the collar and, depending on how hot it was, an additional one or two buttons down… A "Becoming" Excerpt..
Some Mother's Child by Debra Purdy Kong
This piece won honorable mention (there was no 2nd or 3rd place) at the Surrey International Writers' Conference in Oct. 2007, and was published in their anthology. I received a certificate in person from Diana Gabaldon and Jack Whyte. Very exciting! ..
Something to Hold on to by Dawn Dellasanta-Swann
An award winning short story about a young mother on a doomed flight and the stranger she has to trust...
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2. Screwed by the Skew
3. BK1:Becoming;1942 # 1 (Xrated)
4. BK1: Becoming; 1944#5
5. From Bushwick High (Brooklyn) to National
6. Cyber Affair12: 5:55 am
7. Enjoy the PROLOGUE to Philly Style and Ph
8. The Code
9. BK1:Becoming;1944#2
10. BK1:Becoming; 1940#3
11. Enjoy a chapter from A Brownstone in Brook
12. BK1:Becoming;1944#3
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14. BK1: Becoming; 1942#2&1944#1
15. BK1Becoming: 1941 #1
16. BK1: Becoming:1940#2
17. Deviant 2
18. Bk 2 #18: Poop
19. Book 2#4:To Peoria
20. Bk 2#15:Ruby3; Little Rock

Featured Book
Phantoms of Rockwood
by J.E. Thompson

Ghosts, who were young basketball players that died too early, are given an opportunity to return to life. They inhabit the bodies of living basketball players to inspir..  
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Featured Book
The Benevolent American in the Heart of Darkness
by Albert Russo

'The benevolent American in the heart of Darkness' includes three of my award-winning African novels, namely: 'The Black Ancestor', 'Eclipse over lake Tanganyika' and 'Mi..  
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