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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Pastor's Inferno
by Joseph Langen

A Catholic priest seeks redemption after sexually abusing a teen...  
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Featured Book
The Apple Tree Blossoms in the Fall
by Armineh Ohanian

In The Apple Tree Blossoms in the Fall, Carineh narrates stories of her life in an Iran before Ayatollah’s time. She also recounts tales about her new life in Europe and ..  
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Featured Book
Sang Mêlé ou ton fils Léopold, Ginkgo éditeur, Paris
by Albert Russo

see MIXED BLOOD (in English) included in the African trilogy 'The benevolent American in the heart of darkness'..  
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All Literary Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Short Stories

The Fear of Contagion by Carl James Grindley by No Record Press
The Fear of Contagion by Carl James Grindley was published in The Red Anthology of Hitherto Unknown Writers (No Record Press)..
The Final Ingredient by Christopher Klim
A master chef determines the fate of an employee, while preparing a convicting man's last meal...
The First Hit, An Excerpt from Love Lessons by Terren Grimble
The First Hit, An Excerpt from Love Lessons..
The First Night : Dec. 21, 1955; A R rated Becoming extract by Mark Lichterman
Marsha was the living embodiment of a thousand longing daydreams. Marsha was the hand-held, lingering remembrance of a thousand empty, passionate nights. Becoming can now be purchased as a Kindle Ebook @ $4.95 ..
The First Time by David Horn
A boy loses 50% of his virginity..
The Fish Hawk by Matt Cole
The story of a man sharing his thoughts on love with the only creature that will listen. ..
The Fishing Trip by Marcia Miller-Twiford
A beautiful, sunny day .....
The Flight Home by Caleb Mason
A young man's mother makes her final flight home...
The Flower Girl by Shoma Mittra
A story on the ocassion of Children's Day celebrated in India on 14th November. ..
THE FLY by Richard Sassoon
An old man considers whether or not to kill a fly..
The Funeral in My Backyard by P. G. Shriver
A row of graves lines the fence in my backyard. I put them there. Who's in them?..
The Fury by Marcia Miller-Twiford
This is the story of the end of an affair. A story of respect lost and revenge sought. It may have happened to you, or to someone you know. If not, it still may happen. Be careful how you treat her, or him, whichever the case may be. Vengence can bring your world to an end, and Hell hath seen no fur..
The Gentlemen Purveyors of Mankind's Hallmarks by Matthew Milson
The Gentlemen Purveyors of Mankind's Hallmarks revolves around a group of everyday men who are part of an ancient tradition, meeting once a week in the cellar of a long abandoned building to do extraordinary things, celebrating mankind's greatest achievements. In the story, we gain a glimpse into..
The Gigantic Fall of an Eyelash by Maria Ioannou
interior monologue, 15 pages long, originally written in Greek, represented Cyprus in the 14th Biennale in Skopje for literature, September 2009..
The Girl And The Fox by Louisa Middleton-Blake
This is based on a true story...
The Girl at the Side of the Road by Peggy Duffy
I spotted her when I rounded a bend. She was by the side of the road, in the shadow of trees which line old Route 19, a slow narrow route into town. The road itself has swelled and cracked so many times as to be beyond repair. I use it as a shortcut because there are no traffic lights and no real tr..
The Good Neighbor by Maud Muller
Detroit's Cass Corridor in the sixties was a neighborhood unlike any other. Wayne State University students lived side by side with the area’s impoverished permanent residents as the Viet Nam War raged and racial tension threatened to tear the city apart. The Good Neighbor is a story about how frie..
The Great Barrier Reefs! by Bradley Fralick
This is still not the end of "The Ultimate Dive Trip"..
The Hand Me Down Halloween Mask (from Reality Strikes My Dreams) by Wayne Bien
Harry Brown overcomes his fears to obtain his trainer's license...
The Man Who Ate Dead Crows by George Lowe
The wisdom of the crows. And things are not always what they seem to be...
The Many Faces on the bus by Lawanda Flake
The Pregnant Teen!..
The Many Faces on the Bus by Lawanda Flake
The Drug Addict!..
The marksman by Jerry Gerrish
One of life's experiences through the eyes of a small boy...
The Matriarch by Guy Hogan
Pittsburgh / Flash Fiction / Publication..
The Measure of Time by Jean Sheldon
As the sand slipped through her fingers, it reminded Nicky how the years had gone as quickly. A young girl teaches her that though the sand can measure the length of her life, it cannot measure the quality...
The Messenger by Byron Edgington
Welcome to 2217, and an Arcadian society..
The Hanging of the Greens by Jerry Engler
OK boys and girls. Here's a holiday special whether you're preparing for Thanksgiving or Christmas, guaranteed to give a heartfelt tightening to your throat clear up through your ears. Funny how AD has no classification for darkly humorous historical fiction, so this one simply got called literary..
The HappyHour by Stephen Taylor
'The Happy Hour:Toronto'sMacheteMurders' is a three part discourse containing Volumes I&II, written as a descriptive and bloody narrative detailing the events of a series of bloody murders, all set within the streets of Toronto...
The Hattiesburg Address by Ronald Hull
A Parody for Our Times (In the spring of 2012 a beleaguered President from Illinois arrived at the scene of the greatest catastrophe of the Class War of 2010-12. After a sleepless night, he had flown in on Air Force One and jotted down his thoughts on a napkin. This is what he said at the..
The Haunted by Sara Cunningham
just a bit of flash fiction done for a contest.....
The Hawker: A Becoming extract by Mark Lichterman
If someone stopped to look at the jumble of second-hand slacks in the pushcart, or hesitated on his or her way past the pushcart, taking hold of his or her elbow, the boy had but one objective: to steer the man or woman through the SOLOMON & SONS doorway that was adjacent the five-foot-wide sidewalk..
The Honey Hunter by SaPAth AnANd
Our country is bogged by ongoing political crisis.Since our first freedom from the autocratic rule,we had our democracy but this democracy meant nothing and did not really relate to the needs of the Nepalese people.The country is not stable.Peace is like a pendulum of a coockoo clock.And the poor ci..
The Horn by K.J. Stevens
Two buddies drinking and driving, exploring the depths of their lives, finding answers in a snow storm. ..
The Hotel Incident by Trevor Hallam
A segment from a work-in-progress called "Edited For Content" about a man on the run from society and himself, and the girl who helps him to discover the stranger things in life. Things that, maybe, shouldn’t be for public consumption. ..
The Ice House by Mary E. Martin by Mary Martin
I think this is the very first short story I wrote as an adult. Interesting that it is in the voice of a child. Having grown up with two older brothers, I know this story, while it never happened, comes from somewhere deep within. The story is also posted on my website which I ho..
The Impermanence of Eagles by Rachelle
The Impermanence of Eagles (part short story, part prose poem) is included in my short story collection, entitled, POSSOONS...
The Interview by elois Masters
One man imagines his Graduate school interview and meets an unexpected guest...
The Irony of the Day by Ed Kline
Reality based fiction..
The Joker by Deep Inder
This story about the life of a writer was published in Forum, A Sultan Qaboos University. THE JOKER By Deep Inder John Turner had s..
The Kaysk by Valerie Perez
This is a beginning of a short novel..
The Keeper by Peter Rogers
The Keeper is an imaginary literary ramble ..
The Keys to Life: Inspired fiction from PISA travel narrative by David Grant
We were to meet at the top of the leaning tower of Pisa. Here he said he would give me the keys to life. ..
THE KISS by Edmund Jonah
The boy wants to grow up and be like his Dad, but it's not the kiss that does it for him...
The Kitchen by SaPAth AnANd
At times traditions and cultures may not necessarily create a harmony. ..
The Last Man Smiling by J. Allen Wilson
A short look into a unseen world...
The Last Nawab by Iftekhar Sayeed
General Harun-ur-Rashid, deposed, has to win the next election. His philosopher-advisor, Zafar, devises the strategy of making a movie about the last Nawab of Bengal, and how he was overthrown by the British. He hopes the audience will draw a connection between the two leaders' shared fate. Meanwhil..
The Last Word by Michael Dutton
A whimsical piece on the craft of writing fiction...
The Last Words of a Genius by Nathaniel Tower
A genius gives his final words while the world waits...
The Life She Wanted by Mary E. Martin by Mary Martin
Have you heard of the "Acorn Theory?" I've just been reading a book by the psychologist James Hillman, called the Soul's Code. He argues that we all come to the world with a purpose to live out and that purpose is contained within the newborn, just as an acorn will grow into a magnificent tree if th..
The Little Coward by Maud Muller
This is part of a collection of short fiction I have been working on. Would appreciate any suggestions as to how I might find a publisher for stories like this. ..
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Literary Fiction Stories
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10. Hunger Pangs
11. Italian Tale
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14. Baggage
15. Come to the Window
16. What Lies Within
17. The Walls Come a'Tumblin'
18. Lest We Forget To Remember
19. Man Tasting Pain
20. Fortune and Men's Eyes

Featured Book
by Batya Casper

A child is raised by her grandfather, and by a grandmother who sleeps her life away in their living-room chair. No one will tell the child who her parents were, or why th..  
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Featured Book
Restless Waves
by Miller Caldwell

May I offer you a Round the World Cruise of a lifetime for the price of a novel? Not only do the seas roll on but two romances,a death at sea, uncovered past lives, h..  
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