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Featured Book
Run into Trouble
by Alan Cook

Winner of 2009 Silver Quill award from the American Authors Association and named best Pacific West book by Reader Views. Drake and Melody are one of 10 teams entered..  
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Featured Book
The Broken Shore
by Catriona King

A body found on the North Atlantic Coast is linked to another found there thirty years earlier. In the hunt for the killer DCI Marc Craig uncovers people in high public o..  
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Featured Book
The Birth of an Assassin
by Tony Bertot

See how it all began in this prequel to The Heart of an Assassin. The rise of two powerful crime families and the birth of a deadly assassin...  
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All Action/Thriller Short Stories

25 Most Recent Action/Thriller Short Stories

Filet Of Soul by E Detetcheverrie
Suspense with a twist...of lemon and a side of tartar sauce!..
Film shoot of Room 333: The Voice of Terror by Joe
Four days of filmimg - four days of excitement - an outstanding result!..
Filmy erotyczne moim życiem by Jan Scibiorek
- Sorka, iż jestem takowa goła, myślałam, iż w spokoju istnieje ledwie Monika dodatkowo chciałam dowieść, kto ciuchy samemu kupiłam. - Nie krzywdzi – oznajmił. Sebastian na krajobraz półnagiej Patrycji podniecił się coraz w wy&..
Final Dream by Walter Jones
Man the final thought..
Final Report by Lionel Mussell
What 'end' was he talking about? I still hadn't found out when he'd finished his tale...
Finally - a real doctor and a routine schedule??? by Mark McRude
How does a 6 hour car ride to go for a doctor visit sound? 3 hours one way and that is about as long as I can possibly sit in a car for one trip. Finally found a pair of doctors that concentrate on the patient issues instead of the political crap. So far so good........ It only took 2 and a 1/2 yea..
Finally We Are No One by Kaius Tau
A man's heroin addiction and the friendship it affects...
Finance: Banking Crisis in the US? by Lonnie Hicks
Is Banking WorldWide, and in the US, in a Crisis? Let's take a look 11/23/13 Are Rating Agencies Truly Independent? 11/20/13 Are US Banks Solvent? Data says no. 11/20/13 A Two Tier Society? Retail patterns reflect societal patterns..
Finance: Deficit Cutting: Myths, Facts and Politics-Updated: 12/20/13 by Lonnie Hicks
A look at the facts and myths about: Social Security-is the fund going broke? Medicare: Will Its Cost Bankrupt Us? The Military Budget: Is It Really 60% of the Total Budget? Social Programs: How Much Do They Really Cost? Deficit: What Is To Be Done? Updated: 12/20/1..
Finance: Federal Reserve to cut 85b $ support to banks -what will happen? by Lonnie Hicks
The Federal Reserve and how this "over-marketized, over-financialized economy is headed for a crash what can main street do? Let's have a look to clarify things. But a quick summary: It means we are headed soon for another 2008 bank crisis but much worse. True or not true? Let's delve..
Finance: Foreclosure; What To Do About It and When by Lonnie Hicks
Foreclosure: The Bank is not your friend..
Finance: How Bank of America Has Ripped Off Taxpayers by Lonnie Hicks
The best report I have seen on how banks ripped off taxpayers and stole money from everyone in the country. Be sure to watch the video! ..
Finance: The Big Banks-What Are The Alternatives? by Lonnie Hicks
The American Public is fed up and looking for alternatives to big banks. Below are a few ideas being put forward...
Finance: Wall Street: How to Get Our Money Back--Updated 11-6-11 by Lonnie Hicks
How Does the Middle Class Get Back What Was Taken From it by the Banks? Updated: Bank Transfer Day and Greece is being Foreclosed On. What is going on and how will it affect Americans? 11-6-11..
Finance: JP Morgan, and Wall Street-Billions in Lawsuits Coming-9/30/12 by Lonnie Hicks
Occupy Wall Street are being prodded by several sources to publish a list of demands. Below is the list Michael Moore is proposing. Updated: 9/30/12 How has the settlement with the banks gone so far. Any real impact for homeowners? Updated: 9/3/12 Finance-Industry Insiders now advocatin..
Finance: JP Morgan, Wall Street-Chapter Two-11/27/13 by Lonnie Hicks
A continuation of the JP Morgan-Finance Blog Updated: 11/27/13 JP Morgan knew about the bad loans-here are the points Updated: 11/25/13 Investors Want a Piece of Freddie and Fannie. Oh,oh. Updated: 11/16/13 JP Morgan Chase to pay out 4.5 billion to institutional investors ..
Finance: Occupy Wall Street: The Middle Class & the Working Poor by Lonnie Hicks
This blog looks at the potential of the Occupy movement, why is has sustained beyond what was expected but also I look at what can sink the movement and drive it underground or become diverted and thereby fail. Updated: 11-11-11 What are the five things the movement needs to do today if it ..
Finance: The European Debt Crisis-9/11/12-Demographics is Destiny by Lonnie Hicks
Us American Taxpayers have just been taken to the cleaners; again 9/11/12 My predictions as to what is going to happen in the European debt crisis. 9/10/12 Food Prices by speculators ie. the banks could spark revolution in many countries globally. 9/9/12 If the ECM central bank is g..
Finance: The World Debt Crisis and the US Debt Situation-Background- 9/11/2 by Lonnie Hicks
Updated: 9/8/12 What solutions are being discussed to the World Debt situation. Video below Updated: 9/4/12 Five triggers which could create a global finance crisis and what to do if it happens. Updated: 9/2/12 For all the talk about the US debt situation and the world financial situatio..
Finance: The World Financial System-How It Really Works: Updated 7/14/14 by Lonnie Hicks
How Does The World Financial System Really Work and How Does It Affect US? Update: The most powerful bank in the World and the history of the single minded pursuit by elites of total control over the masses. Update: Over-Draw at the Bank get banned can't open a checking account ac..
Finance: World Finances: What Will Happen in 13-14? 10/27/14 Pt 2 by Lonnie Hicks
This is a continuation of the blog of a similar name on this site 10/27/14 Banker Suicides? six videos 9/8/14 Wall Street To Bankrupt Municipalities and Cities in the US. Your Taxes are Going to Go Up 8/23/14 Wall Street Vs. Bitcoin 8/21/14 The Fracking Bubble, the Hou..
Finance: World Finances: What Will Happen in 2013-2014? (7/22/13) by Lonnie Hicks
Happy New Year? I'll Get Back to You On That. (Do not read this while happy.) Updated: 7/23/13 Wall Street moves to head off financial transaction tax Updated: 7/21/13 How commodity trading by wall street affects your everyday life and started Arab Spring. Updated: 7/20/13 Elizabet..
Findo Gask - Goblin Detective by Trevor Hopkins
Down these mean streets - and these even meaner tunnels - a Goblin must go; tough, street-smart, one whose pride and honour separates him from the dregs, the scum of both worlds with which he finds it necessary to associate. A Goblin with contacts both on and below the surface, and on both sides of ..
Read excerpt from Fireworks explode on the hood of the Squad Fireworks explode on the hood of the Squad by James Samdavid1
Some of the names and locations used here in are fictitious. A true story. Fire Works on the Hood of the Squad It was a bright ..
First Encounters of the Intimate Kind by Jeffrey McCord
Excerpt from Chapter 9 of Undocumented Visitors in a Pirate Sea, by Jeffrey Roswell McCord. In this chapter, the hero, maritime historian Thayer Harrism Ph.D., is preparing his report to U.S. Naval Intelligence on his investigation of UFO and alien contact reports in the Caribbean and South America..
First Time Author by Nancy Carey
The feeling is overwhelming. The sense of accomplishment is awesome. And the reality of holding the book in your hand is tremendous. ..
Five Months: Weekly Newspaper: US and UK Editions-Updated: 2/15/15 by Lonnie Hicks
You can catch up on world news in our weekly newspaper..
Five Past Four by Dave Duggins
This story was originally published in the British magazine FEAR in 1990. It was my first professional sale...
Five Roads by Mark David
The beginning of the Creatures in Time trilogy .....
Fixing America: Part Five by Lonnie Hicks
Part Five..
Fixing America: Part Four by Lonnie Hicks
Part Four..
Fixing America: Part One-8/14/14 by Lonnie Hicks
What Are The Initial Steps? Updated: All Five Parts Now Linked Together At The Bottom..
Fixing America: Part Three by Lonnie Hicks
Part Three..
Fixing America: Part Two by Lonnie Hicks
Part Two..
Flashback - Chapters 1-3 by April Smith
A high school girl named Morgan is plagued by familar "dreams" of a deadly kind.....
Get Lyrical for April Poetry Month with Poet and Novelist Tia Stewart by Tia Stewart
Poem for Maya Angelou for April Poetry Month..
Get That Loot Troop! by Sherelle Wingate
My Favorite Chapter of my second book that is soon to be published. I hope you enjoy, and let me know how you like it!..
Getting Through by Shirley Mitchell
Result of cancer treatment..
Ghost Fight by E Detetcheverrie
What happens when a private investigator runs amock of the supernatural...
Ghost Horse by William Rogers
They're out there. ..
Ghost In The Asylum by Olin Sain
Horror short story..
Ghost of Franksgiving Past by Mary Cruz
This happened several years ago when I lived in Florida . . . . Seems I never really know when Thanksgiving is, so I decided at my age I really should know. I decided to research it and see what I could learn about it. This is the story. ..
Fleeing to Nowhere by Emile Tubiana
When I heard about all what is happening since the new president entered the White House, the tone of the speeches, the direction that America is taking, this brought back memories, which I thought were forgotten forever. I decided to let my readers read some of my experience, to better understand ..
Flight into Chaos by Kevin Grubbe
A French Canadian woman finds herself the victim while trying to help survivors of a devastating hurricane. When you're done, go buy "Hunted by Chaos", the story of Kelly's boyfriend and his dog. It's available here :
Flip Flops to Belly Flops by shawn underwood
A parent versus parent swim event after our kids swim meet produces some admiration as well as guffaws...
Flotsam and Jetsam by Randy Gonzalez
Spy thriller: ------ “If you’re sleeping with your partner,” Blaze Bliss said in a wistful tone, “does that constitute sexual harassment on the job?” she spun in the swivel chair. Adjusted the surveillance screen. The monitor blinked, a remote camera panned, tilted and zoomed in. “Or, is it ..
Flushed-The Story by Lonnie Hicks
Flying the Nest by inka piegsa-quischotte
A short story with a twist..
Flying While Broken by Kathy J Marsh
What happens to friends flying on a damaged plane?..
Folie a Plusieurs by Sam Vaknin
"Then what is mass psychosis?" "A myth," - I said - "assiduously cultivated by an eyeball-hungry media." ..
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Action/Thriller Stories
1. Soapy Hands
2. America's Health Care System: What are the
3. Story-Poem Quartets
4. Story Poem Quartets #2
5. America's Health Care System: What are the
6. History: Psychopaths and Institutions
7. Mr. Period
8. The History of Human Societies: What Are T
9. Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda
10. Illusion's Love
11. Einstein: How do Galaxies Work? Updated 6/
12. The Shamblers - FULL VERSION
13. Where's David, Mommy? - 10th Anniversary H
14. Once Upon a Time at a Barbeque
15. Chaser Excerpt
16. A Reluctant Spy
17. Music I Love-Updated 8/5/15
18. Hooey, the Cat Who Helped Johnny Appleseed
19. The Sludge (Part 12)

Featured Book
The Mexican Swimmer's Final Dive
by Paul Kyriazi

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Designing for Situation Awareness: An Approach to User-Cente
by Betty Bolte

Provides a means for creating the truly user-centered system designs that are needed in today's complex world. Based on theoretical and empirical knowledge on SA, the boo..  
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