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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Lyin' Like a Dog
by Richard Mason

Lyin' Like a Dog is the sequel to The Red Scarf...  
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Featured Book
The Benevolent American in the Heart of Darkness
by Albert Russo

'The benevolent American in the heart of Darkness' includes three of my award-winning African novels, namely: 'The Black Ancestor', 'Eclipse over lake Tanganyika' and 'Mi..  
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Featured Book
The Wholly Book of Exodus
by Jay Dubya

The Wholly Book of Exodus is humorous adult literature that features adult language, situations and content. It is the companion book of Jay Dubya's The Wholly Book of Ge..  
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All Mainstream Short Stories

25 Most Recent Mainstream Short Stories

View Photo of Service to the Blue Read excerpt from Service to the Blue Service to the Blue by James Marry
Some missions never really end until their finished. A human pack rat picks up explosives on a dead space station and almost gets caught.Almost? Another view of the future with Shut Up in mind...
Shalom Louisiana Sadusky: A Letter from Naomi Cohen by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I would like for us to let bygones, be bygones, because I do not hate you just as I know you do not hate me. ..
Shanti by Laurel Lamperd
A fantasy with an Indian twist..
Shooting From the Hip by D. Vegas
Parts of my life. . . ..
Short For Beelzebub by Bill Fullerton
Inspired by Mel Brooks making fun of Nazis in, The Producers, I decided to try something similar with 500 words of flash fiction based, I'm sad to say, on a real-life event. ..
Short of the week for 11/17/14—'Inscription.' by Byron Edgington
One man's dilemma when asked 'what do you want on your headstone?'..
Sierra's Thoughts: Sierra Williams Journal March.22.07 by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
I've been trying to offer Rebekka Rachel encouragement, but I don't feel I have been able to do a very good job of it. I feel as if she's pushing herself away from me. ..
Signora Petronio by Lucille
Signora Petronio finds her first love..
Skaneateles Ghost Story by Juliet Waldron
I've met a few ghosts over the years. This was the first...
Read excerpt from Skylark Skylark by Paxton Riddle
The fateful meeting of a young, white jazz drummer and a mysterious, beautiful Black jazz singer. Can they make it work?..
Slowed to A Crawl Part Two (Regina's Story) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
"You have a good attitude about this, it's going to serve you well." ..
SLUSH by Laura Spinella
Grady Sommers thought he was doing the right thing, protecting his wife and family from a decades old secret. But the Sommers' lives unravel when Audra Bauer returns to Snow Harbor,bringing with her Grady's secret and the child they had. ..
Small Town Blues by Kate Loveday
When Gail decides to befriend newcomers to the town the results were far from what she envisaged...
Small Town Obama by Cynth'ya
Obama is the vehicle. Indiana and small town America, it's up to us to help create that change...
Small World by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
Beware -- if you write something -- someone might read it! ..
Snow 3: The Lone Ranger by Mark Lichterman
The mountains were steep and treacherous, and the Lone Ranger slipped, slid, and crawled, but eventually made it the quarter block to the corner. “Hummm,” scratching his steel-hard chin, “I’m’a thinkin’ ah better mosey in here for some vittles.” Sliding down a dangerous, precipitous cliff, ..
Snow: 1 of 2 by Mark Lichterman
Suddenly remembering, bolting up, the boy rushed to the window and lifted the shade, but the window was covered with a thick, uneven coating of milky white frost. Holding his mouth an inch from the frozen glass, feeling the radiating cold, he exhaled his warm breath onto the opaque surface. A dime&#..
Snow: 2 of 2 by Mark Lichterman
With a determined look on his masked, square‑jawed face, the Lone Ranger slammed the pistol in the holster then ran up one mountain and down another. He scrambled over a buried car and, standing on the mountaintop, shaded his eyes from the glaring sun of this dull gray, overcast day. ..
Snow2: Back Alley Peddler by Mark Lichterman
“Hi, Mitchie!” Nick yelled from the high seat of the wagon. “Whoa, Erma!” Thick plumes of vapor streaming from her wide nostrils, the horse stopped on command, lifted her tail, and with a “fart” that he could hear, though Mitchell was about fifteen yards away, Erma deposited a huge plop of steami..
Softball With Girls by Mark Lichterman
Phyllis and Sharon’s standard baseball uniforms were blue jeans and one of their father’s old, short-sleeved, loose-fitting dress shirts open at the collar and, depending on how hot it was, an additional one or two buttons down… A "Becoming" Excerpt..
Some Mother's Child by Debra Purdy Kong
This piece won honorable mention (there was no 2nd or 3rd place) at the Surrey International Writers' Conference in Oct. 2007, and was published in their anthology. I received a certificate in person from Diana Gabaldon and Jack Whyte. Very exciting! ..
Something to Hold on to by Dawn Dellasanta-Swann
An award winning short story about a young mother on a doomed flight and the stranger she has to trust...
Somewhere Blooms a Rose - Repost by Tami Ryan
An excerpt from “Letters to Moonshadow”. The schizophrenic reference is not used in a poetic sense but, rather, a literal one. ..
Song In My Heart (chapter 1 of novel in progress) by Sandy Knauer
If Penny hated everything her mother was—dishonest, abusive, unfaithful, and unfit—why was it such a struggle to keep from turning out just like her? And when her mother finally let her go, why hadn’t she run in a different direction instead of chasing down the same path, betraying herself now that..
Songs the Graveyard Sings by Debra Purdy Kong
When the family matriarch dies, a young woman must learn to stand up for herself if she's to live the life she wants. This story first appeared in Lynx Eye in Summer 2003...
Soul Windows by Jaleta Clegg
Who is innocent? If you could look into a soul, the answer might surprise you, as Jim discovers one sultry desert night...
South Perfect by Jerelyn Craden
Living in a state of mind...
Southern Storm by Mitzi Jackson
*she knew she was wrong lest she felt like she was in her heart of hearts, but she wanted him she wanted to feel what his wife must have felt....she wanted him and God help her for her sins.........
Southpaw by Harold Hester
A small percentage of the US population is left-handed. Their lives are made special because of that fact that they are in fact a bit different then "Righties". This story mearly says what many of us do not consciously realize that actually we are all equal...
Spring Patrol: Sharks by Mark Lichterman
Once, twice, three times. On the fourth repetition the line went slack and the five-gallon can sank from sight for four, five, six seconds before, surfacing, hurdling several feet out of the water, the bronze colored can, violently jerked beneath the waters surface again, disappeared… Till, with..
Spring, 1953: A Jewish Girl by Mark Lichterman
Attracted by her moderately long, honey-colored hair, he noticed the girl from across the large room and, even from that distance, Wonder why she’s sitting alone? could see that she was extremely pretty, beautiful, in fact and… that the girl had large breasts. ..
Staying Strong ( Audrey and Naomi W/ S Tagert) by Michelle Kidwell Power In The Pen
Messianic Mamma says: She's great, I think its because she was down so long that for a change she is feeling great ..
Strawberry Green Springs by Patrick Granfors
Sage sent me a funny commentary last week. This is what came out of it. No idea what to do with it, sort of dorky, but OK how many wines and liquors can you find? Chapter one....maybe..
Sufficient Unto the Day by Lucille
Aging as a team..
Summer 1953: Elsa 1 by Mark Lichterman
Standing knee-deep in the warm, calm water, he watched as a girl in a two-piece bathing suit trudged across the sand. Approaching, he saw that the girl was “put together” just like he liked girls to be put together: big busted, slightly on the meaty side, and not too tall. ..
Summer 1953: Elsa 3 by Mark Lichterman
Careful, sexual situation here. ________________________________________ Their kisses became longer, and in the water, with their bodies hidden from the eyes of those on the now-crowded beach, Elsa did allow his hand to linger on her breast and, completely impassioned by the romantic day, th..
Summer 1953:Elsa 2 by Mark Lichterman
Careful, a bit of sex here. _____________________________________ It was only in the last year, though, at the start of her second year in high school, that she had let one boy unbutton her blouse, unhook her brassiere, look at, touch, kiss, and suckle her breasts… And Elsa Schmidt discovere..
Summer: A Dog? by Mark Lichterman
A half block away, content with the slow pace and their own thoughts, a little boy and an old lady walked hand in hand. Seeing the iceman enter the building, releasing the old lady’s hand, the boy ran to the truck and, standing on tiptoes, grabbed hold of two shards of ice, then hurrying back to ..
Sunset by Mark Lichterman
Mid twentieth century novels: "Becoming" (735 pages) and "For Better or Worse" (733 Pages) (sequel to "Becoming") can now be purchased as Amazon Kindle Ebooks @ $4.95. Or if a Prime member, both books can be read without cost. Sunset is a "Becoming" excerpt...
Read excerpt from Surprise Party Surprise Party by Larry Pontius
When Alice decides to throw a birthday party for Grant the surprise is who's surprised...
Read excerpt from Survival-Life in Cambodia Survival-Life in Cambodia by John McCoy
Years of conflict have wrecked the economy and banking systems within Cambodia. The author stated,"The people are really amazing; always with a smile of welcome."..
Suspicious Moves by Laura Rittenhouse
A short story about a couple who are moving into a new house, both behaving slightly suspiciously...
Swimming and Community by Rosalie Heart
Being connected to community is important. Follow me through my journey to create community in a new town...
Sycophants by Linda Gould
This is the first chapter of a planned sequel to my novel, "The Rock Star's Homecoming." The three college girls featured in the novel move on to adult lives, loves and careers...
T T T T T - Part 9 by Tom Hyland
Welcome to - HODGE-PODGE LODGE! If ANYTHING herein makes you THINK - then I have Succeeded ! Tom. ..
Take Care of Business by Ron Karcz
As a single parent I was faced with a few challenges raising my son, Jonathan. Situations at school was just one...
Talkin' to the Smoke by Odin Roark
A flash fiction look at relationships...
Tarp Jumping Updated August 16th by Graham whittaker
This is a new story in the making. It started off as a short but seems to be making inroads into the field of "long fiction". Tarp Jumping is a metaphor I suppose. In 1989 Moles and Draper made their first Tarp Jump off the "Little Cliffs" two miles south of town. They couldn't affor..
Taster's Choice by M Wallace
Will be included with my collection of short stories: Some adults play like children...these two are no exception...
Telemarketers by Flying Fox Ted L Glines
My phone rang this morning. I thought it was Patty. I answered happily, "Good morning!" There was a pause and a female computer voice said "I have an important message for ..." ..
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Mainstream Stories
1. The Lottery
2. A Virgin Girl
3. Mountain Man
4. BK1: Becoming; 1944#5
5. BK1: Becoming; 1944#4
6. BK1:Becoming;1942 # 1 (Xrated)
7. BK1:Becoming;1944#3
8. BK1: Becoming:1940#2
9. BK1:Becoming; 1940#3
10. Love me or Leave me Chapter 1
11. BK 2 #38: Elizabeth 19
12. BK1: Becoming; 1941#2
13. 1 Old Naked Lady
14. BK2#10 Homosexual XX
15. BK2: #19: Atomic War
16. A Black Girl
17. A Nursing Lady
18. Sufficient Unto the Day
19. BK1: Becoming; 1942#2&1944#1
20. BK2#39:Ending&Begining

Featured Book
The Women of Stormland
by Lois Santalo

How can one person bring himself to enslave another? One way is to denigrate the enslaved person as less than human. Ashley Pennington, of mixed race, knows this trauma i..  
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Featured Book
At Eagle's Edge: A Novel About Our Choices, Our Future And
by Rosemary Patterson

Romance, Environmental novel about a Surfer Dude rescue of a sea lion from a massive Dilbit (Tar Sands Oil & Condensate) spill after huge tankers are allowed to travel th..  
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