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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Victimes de la tyrannie des instincts
by Antoine Raphael

Tandis que les gens de bonne volonté et les amants de la vérité et de la connaissance font reculer les bonnes de l’inconnu et versent du baume aux cœurs, beaucoup de méch..  
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Featured Book
The Sins of Boggy Creek
by P Lewis

The new preacher is young and naive, but the forces coming against him and his town are as old as time and sly as a serpent...  
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Featured Book
When Horses Had Wings
by Diana Estill

A young mother tries to escape her rural Texas environment and her violent, garbage-collecting husband...  
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All Literary Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Short Stories

The Little Coward by Maud Muller
This is part of a collection of short fiction I have been working on. Would appreciate any suggestions as to how I might find a publisher for stories like this. ..
The Olive Garden... by Dominic Caruso
Maybe it wasn't an Apple! Maybe it was an Olive.....
The Osgoode Trilogy by Mary Martin
Now that the three novels in The Osgoode Trilogy are published, I'd like to post here three or four chapters of each novel [and maybe more]just to intrigue you. You know that Dickens and other authors serialized their work and so, why not now, especially when we have the technology at hand. I h..
The Ossuary by John Gorrindo
Coming to terms with death in Tanah Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia..
The Loaf -1 by Marvin Kirsh
NEWS BULLETIN COURT DECIDES: DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE STREET TO TEAR DOWN THE WALL? Genious chemist, who converts baked dough into a big money column to fix the wall at Wall Street, slams Bottom Rock with a big ink and paper suit for a News backup fraud..claim sta..
The Lone Willow by Lisa Adams
The Long Road by John Borowski
Tragedy, then we move on...
THE LONGEVITY OF DESIRE by Donna Kenworthy-Levy
Our inner self never ages as demonstrated through this fantasy. The outer self often hides the inner reality...
The Losers' Club (excerpt from the novel) by Richard Perez
The Losers’ Club by Richard Perez copyright © 2002 - all rights reserved Novel excerpt 2 — “Up St. Marks Way” On the corner of Sixth Street, ragamuffin skate punks congregated, soliciting funds, while up the block, a wacked-out girl with neon-green ..
The Love of a Good Woman by Ev McTaggart
The best advice my grandmother ever got was from Marilyn Monroe..
The Loved One who Couldn't See by Wendy OBrien
Travels of the Tall Blue Man..
The Lullabye Tree by jinndal Davis
A place of peace, where people come that are tired and weary. People that have no hope, the tree accepts them and gives them rest...
The Man Who Ate Dead Crows by George Lowe
The wisdom of the crows. And things are not always what they seem to be...
The Many Faces on the bus by Lawanda Flake
The Pregnant Teen!..
The Many Faces on the Bus by Lawanda Flake
The Drug Addict!..
The marksman by Jerry Gerrish
One of life's experiences through the eyes of a small boy...
The Matriarch by Guy Hogan
Pittsburgh / Flash Fiction / Publication..
The Measure of Time by Jean Sheldon
As the sand slipped through her fingers, it reminded Nicky how the years had gone as quickly. A young girl teaches her that though the sand can measure the length of her life, it cannot measure the quality...
The Memory Lingers On by Roselyn Kachuck
This is the first chapter of a completed novel. It is believed by some that at the moment of death our lives pass before us and the spirits of our loved ones come for us, leading us through a tunnel of light to the other side. For Anna, living the end of her days with Alzheimer's disease, ..
The Messenger by Byron Edgington
Welcome to 2217, and an Arcadian society..
THE MIMOSA TREE is my very first written story. The language was sanitized so that I could enter it into an EBONY Magazine short story contest. After that , it became the first story in the published, PARENTAL ADVISORY collection known as “Sculptured Nails and NAPPY HAiR”. Enjoy!..
The Missionary and the King by Sandi Bird
Category: Christian adventure and romance. An short excerpt from Chapter 3 of a work in progress...The Missionary and the King. A mission team from the States had just completed a 2 week mission trip in Uganda. They were on their return trip home when the flight was interrupted by..
The Model Woman by Dee Sunshine
A woman has doubts about her relationship. ..
The Moon Does Not Rise Tonight by J.E. Seanachaí
What do you get when you cross the moon with a train?..
The Morning After by Tim Wilkinson
Sometimes the magic of love can be stronger than death...
The Multi-Billion Dollar Strike by Joseph Smith
What if the entire nation went on strike, due to a multi-billionaire paying them to do so?..
The Mystery of the Artist by Samuel Connelly
A Writing Challenge that I won first place in and was published if Faith Writer's publication. ..
The Nap by Odin Roark
A flash fiction/prosetry exploration: Revelations have their own agendas. ..
The New Land by Patricia Hilliard
Sample Chapter Two of Go To Liberty published February, 2014...
The New Teacher (Circa 1981) by Greg Razran
The New Teacher (Circa 1981)..
The New U by Michael True
Creating and testing new pharmacological drugs and avant-garde behavioral treatment programs may seem overly time consuming but the more short cuts that are taken, the higher the risk becomes that something might go terribly wrong. ..
The night I met Daisy Bates by Norman Firth
In the hot desert night of Australia a strange visitor appears to Christian, a man on a spiritual journey with the ability to speak to animals...
The Nudist: Part 1 of 5: G rated by Mark Lichterman
Not really knowing what to expect at one thirty on a Friday afternoon, I did see a number of scattered blankets along with a number of, really, naked people. ..
The Nudist: Part 2 of 5: PG Rated by Mark Lichterman
Strange, but I, along with most men,I would think, would feel that in a situation such as this, at a place such as Elysium with dozens of nude women of all ages, shapes and sizes... Most men would think that they had died and gone to heaven. ..
The Nudist: Part 3 of 5: PG Rated by Mark Lichterman
The woman dunked herself in the semi-cool water and, water streaming in silver rivulets against her black skin, diving beneath, she swam the length of the pool. ..
The Nudist: Part 5 of 5: G rated by Mark Lichterman
Knowing if I did this thing – because it had happened in the past – if I did take this one step further, Oh, God, but I wanted to! If I went into a room with Lita and made love to Lita, feeling as I was feeling for this lady that I’d met little more than an hour ago... ..
The Odd Journey of Jonas Witherspoon by Michael Timothy
A friend of mine wrote this story and I wanted to share it with you. The Authors name is Mike Albans. I would love to hear feedback from others. ..
The Nudist: Part 4 of 5: PG Rated by Mark Lichterman
Surprised that a woman I met no longer than a few minutes ago was making this kind of an admission. Although, truth be told, standing with ones erection poking onto one’s thigh could tend to make friends of strangers rather rapidly. “Your husband’s ‘fooling around’, that’s why you’re here, ..
The Otter Spirit and the Storm Spirit by Hal Granum
An otter hunters adventure with the storm spirit in the Bering Sea...
The Pact by Martin Ade-Onojobi-Bennett
Debt repayment to a demon...
The Party At The End Of The World by D.J. Ludlow
What does a world do when it begins to realise that there is nothing left for it to do? That it no longer has a purpose or reason to exist? Indeed that it soon may no longer exist at all? What if you had the chance to leave the world you have lived in all your life for a new world - and a n..
The Perfect "10", An Excerpt from Love Lessons by Terren Grimble
The Perfect "10", An Excerpt from Love Lessons..
The Piano by Raanan Geberer
My somewhat imperfect experiences learning the piano from my father as a child, and its aftermath...
The Pilgrim's Shell by Chris Tinniswood
Ray Coomb revisits a tea-shop from his childhood, armed with a copy of Proust and a heart full of grief for the death of his father. He is looking for closure, but what he finds... is a miracle. ..
The Prada Shoes by Alexandra Román de Hernández
Valeria embraces her future while wearing her favorite designer shoes, for she thinks they will make her dreams come true, or will they?..
The Predator by Byron Edgington
Fear dredges up painful memories, some that are hard to see...
The Prevention by LK Hunsaker
Flash fiction: Historical..
The Priest by Brendan Gisby
A story from Venice, Italy, inspired by true events...
The Product by David Arthur Walters
Jim Jones shall become the richest man on Earth..
The Promise of Palavers by David Taylor
I am Edmund Jaeger, I am Edmund Jaeger..
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16. Final Sky, sample chapters
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18. The New U
19. Lest We Forget To Remember
20. Come to the Window

Featured Book
The Apple Tree Blossoms in the Fall
by Armineh Ohanian

In The Apple Tree Blossoms in the Fall, Carineh narrates stories of her life in an Iran before Ayatollah’s time. She also recounts tales about her new life in Europe and ..  
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Featured Book
Pumpkin Hill
by David Seaburn

Six people's lives are changed forever by the startling events that occur at a rural crossroads named Pumpkin Hill...  
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