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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
Dancing On Water
by Maryanne Raphael

Dancing On Water is the story of a dying woman who examines her life and as she learns to appreciate life she comes to accept her death...  
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Featured Book
by Richard French

Daniel Morley, a painter, and his wife Sonja, a photographer, move to a university campus and find themselves on the edges of a notorious scandal that eventually touches ..  
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Featured Book
Le Rêve, sous l'empire de l'amour
by Antoine Raphael

C'est un roman qui avance comme thèse principale: Le rêve, pris dans son sens le plus large, forme la toile de fond de la réalité. Celle-ci, pour commencer, épouse des co..  
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All Literary Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Short Stories

The Prevention by LK Hunsaker
Flash fiction: Historical..
The Priest by Brendan Gisby
A story from Venice, Italy, inspired by true events...
The Product by David Arthur Walters
Jim Jones shall become the richest man on Earth..
The Promise of Palavers by David Taylor
I am Edmund Jaeger, I am Edmund Jaeger..
The Protective Gates Man by Victoria's Poetry & Voices of Muse
It was suggest that I try my pen at a fictional story matter, so here is my efforts at trying to develope a story topic, and a couple characters......
The Re-Hang Boy by Dee Sunshine
The joys of factory work??!! ..
The Resident by Richard Strachan
Alasdair gazed into the dawn-rising sun from the wide bay windows of the room he had been assigned at the Grierson Hospital. He could see the gently sloping hospital grounds; the wide lawns and the twisting paths that led down to the fenced-off tree line. Forests helped to isolate the hospital from ..
The Resting Place by Sayword Eller
On a carpet of green she lays.....
The Revelation of Lucifer the Divine - excerpt by Quentin Pierson
Short excerpt from first chapter, "Summer"..
The Revelation of Lucifer the Divine - excerpt by Quentin Pierson
excerpt from the fifth chapter, "Winter III"..
The Revenge. by Durlabh Singh
Humorous short story of a revenge of a couple on each other with unexpected results...
The Ride Home by David A
This was an actual event I attempted to recreate through a short story...
The Rule of Nines by Craig Quackenbush
A victim of circumstance finds his way back into the world he long ago abandoned...
The Run by Tim Bonnette
There was a coolness in the air. Abrasive and offensive it held wetness and crept into my T-shirt, causing it to sag. It was early, before noon and the sun hid behind dirty, thin clouds neither of which offered much consolation for the anticipation that I held for the run. The track ran in a..
The Sacrifice by Roselyn Kachuck
An unexpected incident.....
The Sanctuary (Near The Cathedral Of Learning) by Guy Hogan
There is a vibrant bar scene in the Oakland district around the University of Pittsburgh...
The Scent of Loss by Jennifer Polhemus
Eddie is dead and she can smell him everywhere...
The Scent of Provincial Orchids by Randall Barfield
Ambition, dreams and love in the tropics...
The school bully by baz busbe
Jackie had been bullied all through school and one girl Zoe inparticular had bullied her relentlesly, and who should mrs thomas choose to send her down town with, yes Zoe......
The Sculpter by . Crystalwizard
Be careful how closely you pursue perfection...
The Seat of Power by j.d. daniels
Flash Fiction..
The Spring by Katharine Sparrow
Do you believe in fairies?..
The St. Louie Bird Call by Jerry Engler
Our Bird encounters the Teamsters in an old trucking story that shows what it was like to be in St. Louis during a union strike. It also is a commentary on how to live life asking the pivotal question of what would life be if you didn't do what you were meant to do. ..
View Photo of The Storms Of Armageddon  (a passage) Read excerpt from The Storms Of Armageddon  (a passage) The Storms Of Armageddon (a passage) by Nickolaus Pacione
Just a small passage from this Cyberpunk story. The first 3500 words of this beast. This is all I am going to let people read until it is finished. It borrows a lot from the anthology, QUAKES AND STORMS: A NATURAL DISASTER ANTHOLOGY, and it is dedicated to the entire line up of the project. The ac..
The Story by LK Hunsaker
Flash Fiction..
The Surfer by Deborah Shlian
She stood on the bluff overlooking Santa Cruz beach, smoking and watching as the young swimmer hoisted a surfboard to his shoulder and carried it to the water's edge. Even through his wet suit she could see the ripple of well-developed muscles. Not overdone, like some weight lifters, but perfectly..
The Surprise Party by Ray Fracalossy
Flash Fiction..
The Survivor by Brendan Gisby
A tale of survival from Scotland in the 1960's. Based on real people and true events...
The Swimming Hole by Rae Spencer
The tale of Na'ima, Ahmad and the snake Ilham by Muhammad Al Mahdi
Short story...
The Thief by Mary E. Martin by Mary Martin
THE THIEF by Mary E. Martin. This short story came to me almost like a dream. I am using the 'feel' of it as the basis for a novella I am working on. It's also on my website Please let me know what you think?..
The Touching Death-scene of the Woodwinds by Daniel Boyer
automatic text..
The Toy Phone by James Trevino
True story...
The Train Station by Aneek Noor
This short story depicts the harsh treatment of a youth and takes place in Bangladesh...
The Tree by Dave Moyer
A father must come to grips with his son's leaving while his son must accept that his father does indeed actually love him...
The Trouble with Saints by A. Colin Wright
Why is a statue no longer there? A man with ambitions to be a great lover becomes involved with two very different Italian girls... ..
The Truant by Dibakar Barua
A young man comes of age by eluding the control of his father...
The True Messiah by Dee Sunshine
Christ is already back on Earth, biding his time in a lunatic asylum...
The Truth Is by LK Hunsaker
Flash fiction..
The Visit by Monica Vanzant-Duke
A woman goes home for a special occasion...
The Visitor by Belle Ami
A tribute to the master of words and ideas, Bob Dylan. Thank you Mr. Tambourine Man...
The Voices by Elizabeth Mills
An old mariner sits on the shore, reminiscing...
The Wait by Marie Anne St. Jean
He had not been expecting a letter. The day started out like any other. Wake early, make coffee, read the newspaper. Having retired from the Marine Corps after more than 25 years, he was a slave to routine. Shave, shower - you know the drill...
Read excerpt from The Wait The Wait by Raven Woods
A pending paternity test and being caught in the middle of a strange love triangle has 18-year-old Johnny Austin "Drumcloud" Taylor in a quandry. An excerp from my novel "The Testament of Mattie-Jane."..
View Photo of The Waitress Read excerpt from The Waitress The Waitress by Bradley Fralick
This is the writing assignment for AUGUST '02  on THOUGHT CAFE!..
The Wall by Suzanne Strong
Family conflict, life choices. ..
The Walls Come a'Tumblin' by Byron Edgington
What we believe can influence others' actions, and not always for the best..
The Wand of the Youth God by Mark Lichterman
When seeing Mitchell then, that way, subconsciously the beauty of his youth brought about the indisputable fact of her own age when Rhea admitted to herself, Jesus, I’m forty-five years old! And at that time – as though being with a youth would make her a youth – her son-in-law became the personific..
The Water Jug: A Collection of Short Stories by ami blackwelder
A collection of short Stories that vary from Science fiction, social/cultural, spiritual, and comedic. ..
The Wedding (27) by Gene Williamson
Installment 27 in the Captain Jack series...
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Literary Fiction Stories
1. Bubble Choices
2. Details
3. The Nap
4. Closed
5. IT
6. Beer Neck Flower
7. Bui Doi (The dust of life)
8. Eva Makes a Decision
9. Take Me, I'm Free (Flash Fiction)
10. Counting Backwards
11. 2012: Verge of Destiny
12. Not Much Time
13. The Walls Come a'Tumblin'
14. Self Defense
15. Man Tasting Pain
16. Italian Tale
17. Home
18. Iron Rose - 27
19. The Predator
20. Mr. Kim

Featured Book
Victimes de la tyrannie des instincts
by Antoine Raphael

Tandis que les gens de bonne volonté et les amants de la vérité et de la connaissance font reculer les bonnes de l’inconnu et versent du baume aux cœurs, beaucoup de méch..  
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Featured Book
Mind Travels
by B. B. Riefner

This is a collection of short stories about misfits, geniuses and intellectual snobs always seem to find their way to their heavens or hells. Each story is preceded by a ..  
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