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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Duke Don't Dance
by Richard Sharp

A humorous, but audacious and thought provoking tale of the "silent generation."..  
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Featured Book
The Christmas Tree of Tales
by Steve Kerr

The Spirit of Christmas shines out of this enchanting, festive, warm book of short stories...  
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Featured Book
The Nightsongs of Arthur Goodbody
by Richard French

A minor devil plays on the grief of a young widower. Arthur Goodbody reluctantly goes along with him and discovers that he must fight the devil's empire...  
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All Literary Fiction Short Stories

25 Most Recent Literary Fiction Short Stories

The Wedding Ring by Adina Pelle
In Syria, when I was fourteen, my mother and I witnessed a hotel explode at the hands of an angry, vengeful faction. It didnít have much impact on me back then, but later in life, as I searched for an identity anchor in a sea of obscurity, the event popped into my memory as a story that practically ..
The Weeping Tree (final chapter) by Janice Engle(rainbows)
Two brothers find peace at last.The tree weeps no more..
The Wheels of a Century by Adam Powers
A century long bike ride to say good-bye to the girl he loves, does more than test his body. ..
The Wintery Gauze of Dawn by Chaya Rainbird
a moving piece.....
The World According to Bruno, The Shepherd by Blue Sleighty
This is just a short excerpt. This is an excerpt from my new book. I might change the name. Some may find the subject matter quite amusing for various reasons. Otherwise- it is still quite a humorous book. ..
The World of Tabal by j.d. daniels
Domestic violence tale...
There are Trains in Heaven by Kathy Kubik
There Was A Soldier by Bryan Islip
Thereís a lot more come back from Afghanistan crippled than in coffins to be driven slowly down Wootton Bassettís High Street. But how do you get back a life when your body now in ruins has been your temple? Ex-sergeant Macrae wants to do it by himself, for himself. For him no tears, no regrets, no ..
Theresa Jones - by Ian Irvine (hobson) by Ian Irvine (Hobson)
Written in 1998 and published at the New Zealand online literary site Southern Ocean Review, Theresa Jones is a modern day up-date of the Madame Bovary story. Theresa, however, lives in the fictional town of Ongara .....
The World is a Dream by Roberto Martinez
The World is a Dream takes the reader on a journey through the mind of one teenager and his relationship with his mother. A look at characters who they themselves don't know the answers to solving their problems. It's a short story about faith, but at the same time inspirational and as haunting as r..
The Younger Brothers Club by Ken Goldstein
When it came to discussing the war, the boys at New Trier Middle School were divided between those of us who had brothers old enough to be drafted and those who did not. The first group took the war seriously. For the second group it was a far-away distraction; something they'd seen on the evening n..
They've Tossed A Genius In Jail by Patrick Lee
Marvin Fuster, aged derelict, falls in love one night. The next morning he's off to unravel the mysteries of the human gene. Self contained chapter excerpt from my completed manuscript, "The Geneticist"...
This is for your benefit, sweet heart. by J Thill
Here is my summary. Birds, smoke and steak...
This Just In by D Johnson
In light of our present economic situation-dlj..
Thought Process by Sidney Schwab
A story of a surgeon on the other end of a knife -- an attacker's knife. ..
thoughts of my day 3rd september 2003 by Timothy Houlahan
things that I did today..
Three Gorges by Lisa Adams
Octopus Garden..
Three Monks and The Sun. by Travis Taylor
The Sun speaks...
Thy Will Be Done by Joseph Cowley
The father she loved to hate. Whose will will be done?..
Tiger Tales by Jane Baskin
A tale told by a telepathic tiger, name Sadji. He and Jane have been wintering with a misfit motorcycle club in remote Washington state. The bikers, who rarely ride any more, call themselves The Balls of Steel...
Tight Veils And White Whales by Danny Manning
I fell in love. She left me. I followed her. And then all I knew was falling.....
Tillie and the secret she knew by Jerry Engler
Tillie was a dog who didn't want her master to go...
Time Is Not Here For Anyone by Guy Jacobs
What can I say, we have all been there, or maybe not.....
Time Stood Still by David Arthur Walters
White Lace was wild about cops...
Time, i and american foreign policy by liaquat razvi
sindhi short story..
Tiny's Tree House by Sandy Knauer
...that might sound juvenile unless you know Tiny was the huge groundskeeper at the prison and his tree house was on the criminal side of the fence .....
To Be Or Not To Be by Barbara Terry
This is a fictional story of a M2F transsexual living her life...
To Catch A Croc by Robert Apold
This is a story told by my father-in-law, who was an Inspector of Education in Panama back in the days when there were no roads or bridges. He had to travel by horseback to visit schools throughout the interior of Panama. This is a true account of his chance encounter with an old man who showed him ..
To Have A Real Mother (from Hold Your Light) by Wayne Bien
Is this what it is like to have a real mother?..
To Leave The Working Stiffs, Epilogue by Zahala San Simone
What would a story be without a moral? ..
To Leave The Working Stiffs, Part 10 by Zahala San Simone
This is part 10 of a series.....
To Leave The Working Stiffs, Part 11 by Zahala San Simone
This is the 11th installation in a series. ..
To Leave The Working Stiffs, Part 2 by Zahala San Simone
This is part 2 of a series.....
To Leave The Working Stiffs, Part 3 by Zahala San Simone
This is part III in a series.....
To Leave The Working Stiffs, Part 4 by Zahala San Simone
This is part of a series.....
To Leave The Working Stiffs, Part 5 by Zahala San Simone
This is part of a series.....
To Leave The Working Stiffs, Part 6 by Zahala San Simone
This is part 6 of an 11 part series.....
To Leave The Working Stiffs, Part 7 by Zahala San Simone
This is part 7 in an 11 part series.....
To Leave The Working Stiffs, Part 8 by Zahala San Simone
This is part 8 of an 11 part series.....
To Leave The Working Stiffs, Part I by Zahala San Simone
I enjoy writing poetic stories...This is the beginning piece of a short story I started a few years ago, as a brief series. I'll post additional pieces daily through it's conclusion. Some folks have found it very interesting...hope you enjoy it as well...
To See Her in Sunlight (Was To See Marxism Die) by Jeanpaul Ferro
A schooled young woman learns a lesson from her old world Italian grandmother...
To See the World in a Grain of Sand by Peggy Duffy
This story tied for First Prize in Tattoo Highway's A Picture Worth 500 Words contest ..
Uncle Frank by Rae Spencer
Won Best of Show in competition on the theme of Chip off the Old Block!..
Uncle Reggie's Study Room by Randall Barfield
I sat down. This was an uncle we never saw much of, but he was the most famous one in the family.....
Uncut Goodies Part 1 by Aberjhani
Notes from the editorial conference on Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World (ISBN 0966235673)..
Uncut Goodies Part 2 by Aberjhani
Live from the editorial board room conference for the novel Christmas When Music Almost Killed the World (ISBN 0966235673) (Original cover art by Luther E. Vann)..
Under The Hawthorne Tree by j.d. daniels
Flash Fiction--Year/1923 Setting/Midwest..
Underdog Anxiety by David Arthur Walters
The Underground Man may be crucified at any given moment...
To See the World in a Grain of Sand by Peggy Duffy
Eighteen years old. How I yearn to see the world, to hop in a van and fly down the highway. Like my mother did when she was my age. Times were different, she tells me. The world was different. There was sex and drugs and make-love-not-war. And there was the Pill. But there wasn't AIDS. b..
To Whom Can I Speak Today? by Iftekhar Sayeed
The democratic transition brings murder to the streets and even homes of Bangladesh. Several NGO directors mysteriously die trying to scrawl a message in blood. Zafar Shah takes it upon himself to decipher the bloody calligraphy. ..
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Featured Book
In the time of the Scythians
by Richard French

Paul Kingsley -- journalist, teacher, father and husband, veteran, story-writer -- fights the influence of a cultish secret society called the Scythians. Unknown to him, ..  
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Featured Book
A Heartland Voice: Just Folks Two
by Jerry Engler

Jerry Engler, A Heartland Voice, humor stories, historical fiction, romance stories, animal stories, Heartland stories, Midwestern stories, Southwestern stories, small to..  
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