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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Miracle Man
by James Skivington

Miraculous events in a tiny Irish village bring out the best - and worst - in everyone...  
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Featured Book
Foot Soldiers
by Paddy Bostock

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Featured Book
The Curse of Grandad Miller, Serial Killer
by Mark Sutton

Someone else has stepped into Brian Miller's slippers.....  
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All Humor Short Stories

25 Most Recent Humor Short Stories

Molly Mook, Landlady of Rowdy Rook by Marc Latham
This literary nonsense anthropomorphic story is told over two chapters in the Werewolf of Oz book. It was inspired by the real Mollymook area of east Australian coastal town Ulladulla...
Mom Versus Computer by shawn underwood
I approach the computer with trepidation, yes it appears innocuous as there is food spillage on the keypads, making it a rather friendly looking piece of hardware...
Monday morning. by Jack Kuperman
Is it a new week beginning already?..
Money by Franz Kessler
A License To Print, Borrow And Pump Excerpt from my new unpublished book "The World We Share"..
Moon Over the Arches by Katie Gabrielle
a silly story about a close encounter of the weird kind and what is that strange attraction of the drive up window and those golden arches at the midnight hour?..
Moonshot-Freedom and Justice and Family Tree Stops Here by Richard Kallao
Moonshot-Freedom Justice and Apple Pie by Richard Kallao
sorry readers been away awhile but your favorite author is back,what is your embarrassing moment and would you tell anyone ?..
Moonshot-Freedom,Justice and Apple Dumplings by Richard Kallao
Moonshot-Freedom,Justice and Blackberry Gumbo by Richard Kallao
Moonshot-Freedom,Justice and Blueberry Pie by Richard Kallao
Mopoke and Morepork! by Ch'erie de Perrot
This is the tail, and feathers, of two cousins. One lives across the ditch (Tasman sea) in New Zealand, the other in Australia.. Now these two winged creatures of the Owl family are distinct one from another as you will see, not just in size or appearance but in....well you read for yourself, I thin..
More Lagniappe by Jean Strickland
Humor from back section of cookbook: "How Mama Made Gravy From An Old Flat Tire... No Sir, This Ain't Your Everyday Southern Cookbook!"..
More Like A Pencil by Joyce Rapier
Oh, for love of pete...where are the genes when you are born? ..
Morning! by Jack Kuperman
Every morning it happens again...
Mornings With 'Buters: Or, How To Annoy My Wife by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
My wife, M'buti Ayala, is NOT the easiest person in the world to wake up in the mornings--she's just NOT a "morning-type" of person. For starters, her blood pressure (which is already abnormally low) makes her groggier than usual--let alone, GROUCHIER--, as she is probably feeling woozy ..
Mosquitoes. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A man decides to do battle with some mosquitoes...
Mother and the house by Randy Stensaas
moving into a new house while dad is gone in the Military proves to be interesting. Mom starts to lose her mind, I mean, talking to herself all the time and re papering a room every day. weird. ..
Mother's-in-law How-to book (erotica) by R. Burrow
MPR Tetimonial by Edwin Larson
A parody of what I heard on the radio today...
Mr Abernethy's Day Out by D.J. Ludlow
It seemed like a routine nursing assignment but Pam was about to meet Mr Abernethy, and that was going to change a lot of things!..
Mr Centipede Strikes Out by John Howard Reid
Here is story number two for my proposed Calendar of Country Club Capers, a series of inter-related short stories revolving around the Jarrico Junction Memorial and Country Club, entitled "Two Votes and Counting"...
Mr. Bishop by Philip Birmingham
An anecdote about my grammar school days..
Mr. Fix IT (Revised) by Mary Lacey, Desertrat
children shouldn't play with things they know nothing about...
Mr. Fusspot Goes To Goa - A Diary by janice matthews
The book is a comedy about a Know-All, Fussy, Happy, Grumpy, Jolly, Two-Faced, Pompous, Hilarious Lovable Prissy middle aged man on holiday with his long suffering wife...
Mr. Fusspot Goes To Goa - A Diary by janice matthews
Update of story..
Mr. Jawbreaker by John Townsend
He talks to much, and you cannot get a word in..
Mr. Perfect by Lily Alex
A gentle tap sounded at her door, and Dora opened it...
Mr. Smith by D. Kelly
The joys of childhood..
Mr. Wiggles by D. Kelly
Cat + veterinarian = thermonuclear devastation...
Mrs Gerwitz & The Pot Man by Mark Lichterman
The room was jam-packed with furniture of all description; but if pressed for a description, it would have to be ‘junk’. There were piles of bundled newspaper and magazines stacked from floor to ceiling. Sofas, chairs and tables were loaded with indescribable refuse. There were boxes overflowing wit..
Mrs Gerwitz & The Pot Man by Mark Lichterman
Having to walk sideways also, the width of the sample cases barely ‘scraping by’, he followed her into a hot, cluttered kitchen that had the near nauseating, commingled odors of boiled cabbage, rancid oil, fried fish and burnt meat. ..
Mrs. Claus Goes For A Ride by E. P. Ned Burke
Santa's midnight Christmas Eve turns into a bumpy trip when his wife goes along for the ride...
Mrs.Claus Saves the Day by Richard Kallao
my contribution to Christmas..
Mrs.Claus Saves the Day-part ll-Mrs Claus Naughty Nite Out by Richard Kallao
original idea.Mrs Claus's one night stand ...
Mrs.Lillie Mae's Testimony by Marion Dollar
A Church going lady drinks too much wine on a hot day, goes to a church meeting and gives her testimony...
Ms. Needy by Gwen Dickerson
A comedy skit about a writer, a romantically inclined little old lady who is also a compulsive buyer. ..
Ms. North: A Quick Case Study by scott virtes
i>I knew a girl who thought that north was whatever direction she was facing at the time.../i>hr>..
Mucky Duck by Chanti Niven
A look at another of my strange animals. I hope this raises a smile at least...
Mud & Fruit by Buck Stonebroke
A Drink..
Muditation Class by Buck Stonebroke
Arthur 'Don't Call Me Art' Dekko teaches a class...
Murder at the Condiment Museum - an absurd comedy by Aaron Hoopes
The night watchman at the Condiment Museum has gone missing and there is blood on the floor in the Mustard Room. An absurd comedy...
Murphy’s Law by Mark Lichterman
Or, of course, then there was: “Well, honey, this is the first time we did ‘it’ without one.” And you know how that turned out; ‘cause nine months later: Yup, Whatever can go wrong, did go wrong! ..
Musical Chairs by Sandy Knauer
My life ended. That was the only logical explanation..
Musing by Matt Nelson
don't worry..
Mutton Pie by James Burr
Be careful who you meet in bars.......
My Adopted Grandfather! by ravi anbil
MY ADOPTED GRANDFATHER! A Short Story... By Ravi Anbil When my baby sister matriculated from toddling to walking, the first word she uttered was 'maymay' upon seeing the goat often summoned at mealtime so she would, after much fussing, eat the dollops of boiled rice and lentils my mother ..
My Annoying Husband.... by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
More Musings from a Maasai Maiden... [Translated into English from Maa (Maasai) language] August 12, Monday, 10 A.M.: My husband, Roberto, is always trying to butter me up. He says I am too serious; I hardly ever smile, and that tends to drive him ~crazy~!! Can y..
My Cat Hates You. by Karen Lynn Vidra, The Texas Tornado
A teenager lives with a schitzophrenic cat...
My Cheeks were Red with Embarrassment by Susan Gilson
Have you ever done something that made your face light up in embarrassment, but in hindsight, you laugh yourself silly? How's that saying go - "A picture is worth a thousand words." ..
My Christmas Wish List by Richard Kallao
what's your Christmas wish list..
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16. Nude, Night, Naughty 4
17. My Ubiquitous Acquaintance
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19. Nude-Night-Naughty 7
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Featured Book
Funny Side Up - The Book
by al squitieri,sr

"The stories are timely, but not timeless, and close to universal experiences, out-doing many tired elements around today" (Richard Armour)..  
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Featured Book
Jeremy's Little Book of Stalker Greetings Card Messages
by Mark Sutton

For all of you stalkers living in this modern day and age, it can be difficult finding the time to sit down and compose greetings messages for the object/s of your desire..  
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