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Sept 11, 2001
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Featured Book
The Emerald Rider (Dragoneer Saga Book IV)
by M. R. Mathias

Valiant escapades, wicked battles, and heart wrenching loss await readers in this fourth installment of the bestselling Dragoneer Saga. Hold onto your dragon!..  
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Featured Book
A Distant Bell
by Kate Saundby

The sequel to A Circle of Arcs, this fast-moving historical time travel has been likened to riding a kayak through the rapids. If you were blind and could only see in..  
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Featured Book
Art of the Ninja: Earth
by TJ Perkins

The Chiao village produces the best ninja in the world - even governments still have need of them. Duncan is among the many in training, but his rampant rages threaten to..  
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All Fantasy Short Stories

25 Most Recent Fantasy Short Stories

The call of the screech owl… by Michael Meisberger
The short story prior to the Symphony of war short story.....
The Calling by Lee Garrett
An unlikely hero, a damsel in distress, and flashly action. What more could you want? ..
The Candles by Arthur Petersen
a love story with magic, in two parts...
Read excerpt from The Carnival Wolves The Carnival Wolves by Urpo Lankinen
Two elves follow wander in the depths of the woods to find out the truth about a mysterious magical phenomenon. But the truth ends up being a little bit puzzling... Originally published online in English in February 14, 2007...
The Case of the Dog-napped Princess: An Early Adventure in Sorcery by Jeanne Owens
Sorceress-for-hire Marissa Cobalt plays detective this time around as she's hired to find a stolen show dog...
The Castle in the Clouds by Jo Janoski
A Whimsybuggs Writing Assignment ..
The Caveman by Richard Kallao
The Centipede Shuffle by Richard Kallao
original don't ask why either I just wrote it. ..
The Changeling by Lisa Cannons
Something that came out of the poem with the same name.........
The Comet King by Richard Kallao
Read excerpt from The Coming of the Destroyer The Coming of the Destroyer by Xina
A very short story set in the Roman Empire...
The Coming of the Heir by AJ Kenning
"When the king is infertile, the land is infertile." The land is the king, and the king is the land. The Isles is steadily being devoured by the Ronsardi invaders. The King of the Western Isles cannot have a child. As the king is the land, the king's weakness is the land's weakness. If he..
The Contest: An Early Adventure in Sorcery by Jeanne Owens
Riss Cobalt, sorceress supreme, takes part in a beauty contest in this short adventure taking place before the Kismet and Tell novel...
The Coup by Melissa Crosson
I wrote this one for the same online game (Legend Arena). It won our story contest. Unfortunately I had to cut stuff out of it to make the 600 word max...but it's still a fun little story..
Read excerpt from The Covered Bridge (PG-13) The Covered Bridge (PG-13) by Kim Glassman
(Free Complete Story!) It was around 10 AM, but the sky was black as midnight, and I found myself wishing I’d stop at the last motel...
The Crimson Fox and the Narcissus Emerald by Nicholas Stember
Published in "Tails of Wonder" Magazine, 1993 as "It Takes a Thief..." Copyright 1993 - Nicholas Samuel Stember, First Reprint and Electronic Rights Available Approx. 3700 words long..
The Cross by Richard Kallao
The Crossing by Thomas Watson
Life is precariously perched at all levels..
The Crystal Portal by Brigitte Stotzka
Mianda spent the holidays with her friends Lilly and Cedric. On their way to Askabet, they meet Drake. Once arriving at the school they make their way through the tunnel leading into the valley but, upon leaving the tunnel, the valley is not the same as the one the had left behind. What has happened..
The Cycle of Life by AJ Rodriguez
A story to explain life to children of all ages...
The Cycles Turn - excerpt. by David Toft
Just a taster - hope you want to see more...
The Daewynd Nymphs by S Cardin
The Dauphin of Daewynd has her first adventure...
The Dance by Alilee Matthews
There is nothing quite like dancing. Being part of the sweaty, writhing, hormone pumped mass of bodies in a smoke filled room with dim lights. And the thump, thump, thump of the music not only beating on the air, but vibrating throughout your entire body. Consumed by a fever to twist and shake, to s..
The Dar'kend by Lee Garrett
Half human, half elf, Wellyn opens a long-sealed portal to a much changed Earth.....
The Dare: If It Doesn't Kill Me It Will Make Me Strong by Tova Gabrielle
I can't complain I wasn't warned. ..
Read excerpt from The Date The Date by A. Wallace
Jiffy experiences the date from hell when she discovers that her date's name is Vlad, and he believes himself to be a vampire...
The Day I Went Home - Part I by Barbara Terry
What if we could go back in time, and correct something that should have been?..
The Day I Went Home - Part II by Barbara Terry
Will Lisa be able to tell her mother that she wants to be agirl? Will her mother accept her as her daughter?..
The Day I Went Home - Part III by Barbara Terry
Lisa sees the psychiatrist...
The Death of Alice by Cobalt Tealway
Alice's adventures end abruptly...
The Death of Innocence by Stefine Pitzer
An Idyllwild story..
The Death of the Red Man by Stefine Pitzer
An Idyllwild Story..
The Demon by Abdul Sattar
It was too late when I reached the New Hostel bus stop. I hurried towards the long shadowed trees which were on the both sides of the road leading to the hostel. It was already night and light was a rare item to be thought of. There was no traffic at that road and it seemed that this place does not ..
The Demon King of Bergher by Glenn Thater
A warrior does battle with an ancient fiend to defend his castle and his true love...
The Desolator by Simon Haynes
Originally appeared in Andromeda Spaceways issue #6. Trudi Canavan drew the artwork which originally accompanied the story. Synopsis: Join Hurm, Runt and Father Mephistophiles as they struggle to save the hamlet of Yendour from a marauding dragon...
The Death of Bertram Hildegarde by Ralph Nicholls
Following General Amon's ignominious defeat at the encampment of Elgin Wood, Taal Zodo, who has been otherwise occupied trying to complete his absolute enslavement of the world of New Urth/Nor'Ova, returns to Capa City, the city governed by his new urthen nemesis, Lord Grentzen Estabon (yes, it'..
View Photo of The Desert and the Sea Read excerpt from The Desert and the Sea The Desert and the Sea by Trevor Hopkins
Story 6 from a href="">Four Square Less One/a>. The Magicians of the Convocation unerringly converged on one particular spot where the Red Desert met the sea. The most mundane rode on horses, with trains of camels and asses for provisions and servants. Others c..
View Photo of The Devil His Due Read excerpt from The Devil His Due The Devil His Due by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
Herbert Wells can't catch a break in publishing his fiction, until he makes an unusual deal with the Devil. But it's not his soul the Devil wants... This story was my very first appearance in Amazing Stories!..
The Devil Within by Paula Hopkins
A story set in the Middle Ages, and explores the lives and relationships of three women otherwise alone in the world...
The Devil you Say-Not by Richard Kallao
you thought Plan 9 from Outer Space was bad,read on..
The Devonshire by Richard Kallao
The Devonshire part ll: The Hunt by Richard Kallao
The Devonshire part lll: Brothers to Be or not to Be by Richard Kallao
The Disappearance of Pete by Sandra Novelly
What would you do if you suddenly became an alternate life form?..
The Distance by Beem Weeks
A young boy's memories are not his own...
The Dive part l :Plunge. by Richard Kallao
The Divide by john zimmerman
An Intro to a new novel, a spin off from the my current novel project ... comments please..
The Door by Richard Kallao
View Photo of The Door  4 .... Marc  A Fellow of Great Wealth Read excerpt from The Door  4 .... Marc  A Fellow of Great Wealth The Door 4 .... Marc A Fellow of Great Wealth by m j hollingshead
Marc makes an amazing discovery..
The Door part 1...........molly writes by m j hollingshead
"I tell you." He said softly, aloud, to no one at all. "It is pretty obvious this family does not throw away ANYTHING.” ..
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17. The Last Sunset on Gilligan's Island
18. A Goddess Awakens: Chapter 13
19. Of Witches and Wands - Nomadin Chapter Two
20. Elephants and Donkeys: A Fable for Our Ti

Featured Book
That Frigid Fargin Witch - Legend of Vanx Malic Book IV
by M. R. Mathias

The hoar witch and her forest full of malformed creatures await Vanx and his curious group of companions as they try to save the fairy folk and their magical Heart Tree f..  
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Featured Book
Past And Future King
by Warren Mueller

If You Liked The Lord Of The Rings, You’ll Love This Journey Into A World of Elves, Orcs, Wizards, Trolls & Fairies The Past And Future King is the first book of..  
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